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Located in downtown Austin, Texas, Red Fly Studio is an established and passionate group founded by game industry veterans.

Located in downtown Austin, Texas, Red Fly Studio is an established and passionate group founded by game industry veterans. Read More
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Throughout the Cosmos, there is a term, a combination of two simple words spoken in over 40 million dialects which bring fear to countless living species.  It is a phrase of warning, of dread, of imminent and ancient destruction.  Entire civilizations have fallen under the label and disappeared from existence like a wisp of smoke on the solar wind.  Ten minutes from now, Earth itself will be marked by these two deadly words – and all we can do is pray for a quick and painless end to everything we have ever known… Welcome to Earth… The next BAD PLANET!

Bad Planet is about an ancient meteorite containing destructive alien organisms crashing down on modern Earth and unleashing hell. Another alien, a lone Phaedon warrior, breaks out of intergalactic prison and appears on Earth to help destroy the malevolent invaders - who are also responsible for the destruction of the Warrior’s entire planet.

The world of Bad Planet is the brainchild of Thomas Jane, spewed forth from a particularly vivid nightmare. Add a dose of Steve Niles, the art direction and inking talents of Tim Bradstreet, and what you wind up with is a modern classic in the making.

Raw Entertainment was founded by actor Thomas Jane (The Punisher, The Mist, The Mutant Chronicles) and in partnership with Eisner Award nominated illustrator/production designer Tim Bradstreet (The Punisher, Hellblazer, Criminal Macabre) they created the Bad Planet comic series.

Kickstarter is the perfect place to make a Bad Planet game successful. It has the same independent spirit that drove the duo to create Raw Entertainment in the first place.

Raw Entertainment has enlisted the help of Red Fly Studio to bring this game to life. Red Fly Studio has worked very hard on the design and structure of the game while at the same time making sure the game stays true to the fiction while offering up some BIG surprises!


•       Genre: 3rd-Person Action/Sci-Fi

•       Platforms: PC (Steam), XBLA and PSN to be added later

•       Target Audience: Hardcore Action

•       Rating: Mature

•       Technology: Unreal 3


Bad Planet immerses you in the role of the Convict, a nearly indestructible Pheadon Warrior battling to save Earth from a horde of rampaging alien Death Spiders that are intent on turning our world into their breeding ground. Visually stunning, deep, brutal 3rd-person combat; tons of collectibles, customizable weapons and equipment; compelling character growth; and epic battles against hordes of alien monsters all combine to make Bad Planet a distinctly amazing experience.


Brutal Combat: 

At the heart of Bad Planet is your epic struggle against the alien invaders which comes to its peak of cinematic intensity amid the rush of unrelenting battle and breathtaking action which is melee combat. You have your strength, your toughness, and a variety of weaponry at your disposal. The aliens have speed, ferocity, and armor to back up their teeth and claws, and there are hundreds of them.  It’s a challenge.

Bad Planet uses a third-person perspective so that you can see the visual glory of your character locked in combat with your enemy, playing out each bite, gouge, stab, throw, and ripping slash between opponents in intricately timed and linked maneuvers.  Only in this way can you see the full depth and immensity of the fight, and only in this way can you create the satisfying experience of true hand-to-hand combat.


Bad Planet builds on its comic book heritage and takes advantage of being a digital title, delivering individual episodes that are complete stand-alone games and stories in themselves that also combine together to create a larger epic adventure you can play through with a persistent character you grow and customize.

Each episode focuses on a new alien challenge, showcasing unique enemies, a full story, and new ways to upgrade and improve your character, and is a stand-alone product available for download through Xbox LIVE, PlayStation Network, and PC digital distribution.


The Convict is a compellingly unique hero; obviously alien and visually striking, he stands out among humans and is driven by an amusingly bleak worldview that comes from having his entire race annihilated in an invasion of the Death Spiders.

Bad Planet’s wild assortment of aliens keeps combat fresh and constantly surprises the player with twisted new aliens and terrifying new monsters. 

Stunning Visuals:

Characters, environments, animations, and fx rival full-price retail title quality.  A screenshot from Bad Planet will be instantly recognizable.



Bad Planet’s main focus is over-the-top, hyper-violent combat that encourages you to shred your way through hordes of grotesque alien monsters. 

Combat in Bad Planet is a unique blend of intuitive controls, dramatic results, and deep mastery that allows new players to pick up the game and quickly have success creating cool, fast-paced, cinematic combat, while allowing experienced players to develop their skill by unlocking deep layers of precision moves that produce incredible flowing sequences.

Different attacks, evades, and counters all blend together to reward you with amazing sequences, even with simple button-mashing, giving even new players the chance to see lots of variation in how the Convict is destroying his opponents. 

In the hands of an experienced player the combat system unlocks many deeper layers of complexity.  Once you master timing and advanced moves you can string them together into very different combos, unlocking dramatic results that take into account the context of the chaos of battle all around you. 

In addition, as the Convict grows in power you can customize him with new combat abilities selected from his skill tree, giving him special counters, attacks, and moves that require special controls and skillful execution, but which unload dramatic results into the fray.

  • Easy to use combos and dramatic, violent finishing moves.
  • Controls are kept simple, while context-sensitive finishing moves and the wide variety of player tools provides depth.
  • Slash through waves of enemies.
  • Smash enemies quickly to build up your combo meter to trigger even more powerful and outrageous moves.
  • Extensive grappling system allows players to grab, throw and get swarmed by hordes of Death Spiders.
  • Grab smaller enemies to rip, throw, and smash them into other foes.
  • Rip the limbs off of larger aliens, or smash their armor and reach inside to pull out vital organs.
  • Smaller enemies can swarm the Convict, clinging onto him in an effort to pull him down.
  • Huge aliens can grab you and crush or devour you unless you can hack your way free in time.
  • Advanced damage modeling lets you crush, kill and dismember enemies in unpredictable ways.  In addition to traditional canned damage animations Bad Planet features dynamic deformation of models and other advanced damage modeling techniques.
  • Death Spiders cut, chop and kill humans in unpredictable and horrific ways.
  • A wide range of outrageous, grotesque and shocking killing moves, from Death Spiders shearing humans in half to the Convict’s devastating finishing moves.


The Convict is incredibly tough and is insanely hard to kill, capable of surviving in a vacuum and well-armored enough to have Death Spiders crawling all over him.  You can use this toughness to lure enemies into hazards like fires that are no threat to the Convict. 

The Convict heals when in the Sun, allowing for some interesting gameplay, with shadowy areas being more dangerous since his rate of healing drops dramatically. 

He also has massive strength, making him capable of hacking through the toughest alien armor with his Powered Axe, ripping the limbs from enemies, or punching into the armor to rip out the enemy’s vital organs.

You can upgrade the Convict by spending hard-earned XP to unlock new and more powerful moves and abilities that you can then use to destroy your foes.

You can also scavenge alien equipment and combine it with human tech to upgrade your weapons or create powerful new tools.  Crafted items make use of found equipment and have a cool retro aesthetic, combing classic American imagery with a new Sci-Fi twist like a 1959 CADILLAC CONVERTIBLE that flies with rocket engines.

Alien Tech is scattered throughout the game and can be gathered to unlock weapon and character advancements, providing a reason for you to explore every inch of a level.

  • Customize and upgrade the Convict and his weapons for a unique identity within the game.
  • Gather experience by defeating enemies in battle, attaining high combos, accomplishing skilled fighting maneuvers, and completing dynamic mission goals.
  • Upgrade the Convict by unlocking new and more powerful attacks and special abilities.
  • Discover common and rare resources and upgrade your weapons.
  • Unique weapon customizations provide new capabilities in addition to simple damage upgrades.
  • Play as different characters as the Episode progresses, enjoying the very different types of gameplay they provide.


Each episode of Bad Planet is a stand-alone product available for download through Xbox LIVE, PlayStation Network, or PC digital distribution. Building on the structure of the original comic books, an episode contains a full story comprised of many chapters, similar to how many comic books build into a single volume, showcasing a full story and character growth, and culminating in the defeat of a major boss or enemy threat.

As in Volume 1 of the comics, episode 1 of Bad Planet the game tells the tale of the arrival of the NEO on Earth, the escape of the Convict from prison, and his attempts to save Earth from the Death Spiders.  From the terrifying initial impact of the NEO that spells Earth’s doom to riding an asteroid during the Convict’s dramatic escape sequence you are plunged into a fast-paced action movie in which you are the star.

At the same time the saga of the Convict isn’t confined within a single volume of comic books, nor is it in Bad Planet the game. Multiple episodes integrate into a larger experience tied together by the consistent thread of your character and his persistent growth across all episodes, growing the overall game and creating links between the areas in each episode.

On its own, Episode 1 contains approximately 2-4 hours of gameplay for a single play-through and is a stand-alone game experience.  You can replay the encounters extensively to gather character growth rewards, extending that duration.

Doing something great is never easy, so it's going to take a lot of hard, hard work. Making a AAA game on a tight budget is difficult, so you need a group with experience and a proven track record. That's where Red Fly Studio comes in.

The partnership between Raw Entertainment and Red Fly Studio is essential to making Bad Planet a success. Red Fly is not a start up. The Red Fly team has decades of experience at prestigious game companies including EA, Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, Disney, THQ, and Origin and are known for their artistic vision, design innovation, and technical expertise. They also have extensive experience developing products based on worldwide brands and characters.

Red Fly Studio will bring the world, characters, and story of Bad Planet to life via the most immersive and interactive of entertainment mediums. A proven and independent developer of video games, Red Fly sees the potential for an epic video game in Bad Planet!

Built on the Unreal Engine the graphics of Bad Planet will push the envelope and by utilizing a fast, gory, combo-based combat system, the studio will create a bold and gritty action game that will be sure to please hardcore gamers and science fiction fans alike!

The World of Bad Planet is so diverse and deep that coming up with additional content will not be difficult. Here are some of the ideas we want to explore!

Play as a National Guard soldier as they confront the crashed NEO in Washington, battling to save civilians from the Death Spiders!  This additional chapter allows you to play through a seminal moment from the Episode 1 storyline, as the Death Spiders emerge and start to attack Washington DC.  As a special bonus, the DC Chapter would include a new playable character, the soldier, allowing you to use conventional weaponry to survive and escape the onslaught as you try to rescue as many people as you can, giving you a cool and different style of combat.

Play through the Convict’s escape from the impregnable alien detention center, Deep Six!  Another new chapter that would be added to Episode 1 is the Convict’s mission to escape captivity.  The Deep Six chapter is not only ideal back-story to the Episode 1 arc, but includes a distinct alien sci-fi environment, new enemies to fight, and new combat tactics as battle is extended into the zero-g vacuum of deep space.

Battle against the Deep Six guards who have tracked the Convict to Earth! In addition to adding new Chapters to extend the Episode 1 storyline, more effort would be spent to create additional interesting enemies for the Convict to battle.  For example, creating the Deep Six guards who trail the Convict to earth to try to recapture him and great mini-bosses to provide epic one-on-one battles.

Play additional characters like Anan and Veronica! As well as creating more enemies to fight against, additional effort would be spent to create new playable characters.  Each character has very different abilities, allowing us to create very different types of chapters and challenges for you to play through.


Raw Entertainment and Red Fly have really come through with some amazing prizes available ONLY for Kickstarter Backers!

* Please check the Rewards section for all the Prize details.

Exclusive Bad Planet Desktop Wallpaper designed by Tim Bradstreet! There's a full color, and a sepia-style artist's edition.

Exclusive "I Support a BAD PLANET" Kickstarter T-shirt, featuring artwork by the legendary BASIL GOGOS (Famous Monsters of Filmland) or your choice of other flavors!

Bradstreet Bad Planet cover art print - Signed!

A giclee, 13"X19" -  printed on Museum quality Satin Matte Archival paper - Weight: 300gsm

Printed with 7 Ultra-Chrome inks - 100 years ultraviolet lightfastness

Bad Planet softcover full color Trade Paperback - Signed by Thomas Jane and Tim Bradstreet!

Brand new, gorgeous color edition of Bad Planet: Volume 1, collecting issues 1-6 of BAD PLANET plus 40 pages of bonus materials, 183 pages! 3D section in Super-Terror 3D! Glasses included!

Bad Planet HARDCOVER Limited Edition Black and White large format Trade Paperback - 147 pages! Signed by Thomas Jane and Tim Bradstreet

A 6 inch CONVICT BUST SCULPTURE! The original prototype (shown here) was sculpted by Stan Winston Studio artist Christopher Swift and served as invaluable reference for the artists that worked on Bad Planet. This bust will be recreated digitally and new molds will be created. The design is subject to change but we want to stay true to this amazing piece of art work! 



The final computer models for both the Convict and the Death Spiders will be painstakingly moved into the pose from the comic below.  From this computer file we will partner with a company to create ONLY 30 statues!

This will be an amazing piece of art and it will be autographed and personally presented to backers by Thomas Jane and Tim Bradstreet at a Bad Planet dinner in LA!

Stay updates for this piece and all the great prizes will be posted here and on the Bad Planet BLOG! 

Please help us to make this game a reality. We have a plan and now we need your help.

We are so very grateful to have this opportunity, and we'll do everything we can to make the very best game possible.

Please become a member of the family by supporting BAD PLANET!



  • Each Episode is its own self contained game. We have a lot of stories to tell with Bad Planet and we cannot tell them all without a very large budget. We want to do something that is of very high quality and do it cheaply comparatively speaking, so doing episodic games makes sense. We also want to keep the IP and control the creative process, that is why we are here.

    Last updated:
  • The simplest way to answer this question is that for what we are proposing it doesn't cost very much at all. Yes, 500K plus is a lot of money, but when you are talking about competing with AAA games graphically and with a new game mechanic, the number is quite low for what you will get. We use the Unreal 3 engine and while we cannot compete with the content of AAA games that cost 10's of millions of dollars we CAN make something special and make it look like a small slice of one of those AAA titles.

    Last updated:
  • We would consider supporting Linux if we exceeded our raise. We would have to determine how much that support would cost us first before it would be something we could offer.

    Last updated:
  • Bad Planet is a 3rd person - over the shoulder, Hardcore, Sci-Fi, Action Title being released on PC via Steam utilizing the Unreal 3 engine. Console support to come after PC release.

    Last updated:

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