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***SOLD OUT*** Yo La Tengo, The Clean, Jeff Mangum, and more play a benefit for Chris Knox.
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Thank You's, Scalpers, Roster Additions and Jewish Noses...

Posted by Ben Goldberg (Creator)

First off, and really this before anything else, THANK YOU for your pledges and purchases. Yesterday was an exhilarating day. I don't think I've ever had so much fun for twenty minutes - my "fun time" is usually a lot shorter.

Secondly, you'll all be happy to know that our pal Lee has apologized, which is much appreciated. He is still not getting his ticket, but it was nice to do so. I'm fully aware of the eBayer selling tickets to benefit Nepalese children (???) - currently in the midst of a long-winded discussion with them on the topic of ethics - and rest assured the resulting purchaser of said ticket, not to mention the original buyer, will not be allowed entry into the show. Hey, to make it clear, we have all your names! We have final say on who will ultimately receive entry, and we can easily identify anybody who tries to scalp these!!! It doesn't take a genius to identify those who make an attempt, and it quite obviously does not take a genius to think he/she can make a profit off this benefit.

Next, I would like to announce a few additions to the roster! I'm happy to announce that New-Zealander-Turned-New-Yorkers The Mad Scene (with our beloved Hamish Kilgour, Lisa Siegel and WFMU's own wünderkind, Brian Turner) and Coasting (featuring Fiona Campbell, who was in a stunning band called The Coolies), as well as stand-up performer Rachel Feinstein (she just had a special on Comedy Central last week - if you don't know her, look on YouTube - very very funny). More to come too.

As a final word, anybody worried about how to pay, when to pay, all that. We're processing things tomorrow, so do not "slit" your "wrists" as a dramatic Brooklyn Vegan commenter posted - everything will be worked out to as close as everyone's satisfaction as possible.

We are working out numbers right now and figuring out if we might have a few extra tickets available. No promises, but keep posted here for updates - and we'll make sure to let all the usual places know. You will know when I know, so if you're considering asking before you read about it here, just imagine me (I'm 5'10", brown hair, Jewish nose, wearing a Wye Oak t-shirt today) shrugging as your response.

Thanks again!



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    1. Michael Southwick on

      I would also be happy to make a huge donation should any ticket be unable to be used... can't believe I missed the boat on this, I would give anything to be there!!!

    2. Matthew Stecker on

      I'd be happy to make a very healthy donation to the project if any ticket turns up, or can not otherwise be used.