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***SOLD OUT*** Yo La Tengo, The Clean, Jeff Mangum, and more play a benefit for Chris Knox.
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Our first scalper

Posted by Ben Goldberg (Creator)

Hello Everyone,

The first person caught who has attempted to scalp is a man by the name of LEE SHAKER. His email is He has the amazing nerve to try and make personal profit off a benefit where a lot of people are busting their asses with the sole goal of helping somebody they love.

Needless to say, he has been removed from the list and has no ticket to sell. Anybody else caught doing this will be removed just as easily, and we will be constantly vigilant up to the day of the show to make sure you are.

Lee's name is easily searchable on Google, try it.

Anybody else who scalps will be similarly announced.



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      Catfish Delish on

      Actually, I was talking about what Matthew Stecker said in his previous comment, but nice rant.

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      Ben Goldberg 2-time creator on

      i love you Catfish! You're making this fun!

      I presume you're referring to the eBayer who has decided to scalp a ticket and claims, I quothe, "All precedes made through the selling of this ticket will go towards funding a Non-Profit Organization in Nepal." Since everything you read on eBay is reliable, I did indeed pause a second to consider how wonderful it would be to see a unidentified "non-profit organization" based out of Nepal receive some funding from somebody selling a ticket they're scalping to a benefit show. But, then I was given pause, as I considered how this saintly human being is jumping on top the hard work we're doing here to promote this show and see it successfully pulled off so that everyone who attends has an evening they'll always remember. It's a great approach, and I immediately started looking for fundraisers online so I could purchase items and then resell them in order to send money to charities I personally prefer, Nepalese charities more than any.

      It was then I realized the ethical quandary this presented, not to mention the tackiness of my taking advantage of somebody else's work for my own gain (I mean, come on, I wasn't REALLY going to give any of the money to charity - duh!), so I relented. Luckily, we have this upstanding citizen, who had the gall and will to go through with attempting to do just that. I was amazed this person has found the time, seeing how busy they are selling tickets to Beach House ($129) not to mention Brooks & Dunn ($437 - "INCREDIBLE SEATS") "Here is somebody that cares about other people," I thought. And then I made a mental note to insure that the ticket they are purchasing is revoked, and they are left having to explain to whomever wins the bid that they actually don't have the item that person has won. Although this may affect their feedback negatively, I feel compelled to do it.

      For the children.

      Of Nepal.

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      Catfish Delish on


    4. Matthew Stecker on

      If anyone has a ticket they can't use, I'd be happy to donate $400 to the project for the ticket, which I will use myself, plus pay cost. Would this be scalping? A person gets the ticket taken off of their hands at cost, and the project gets a healthy donation.

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      Catfish Delish on

      I'm fully aware that Chris Knox isn't the mastermind of this event, and I do not agree with scalping in general. I also appreciate the difference between scalping tickets for this event and scalping tickets for, say, a regular Nickleback concert. I still find public shaming distasteful. You did a good enough job of preventing scalping with this benefit that scalpers will be caught or discouraged. I salute you for that and also for publishing my comment even though it disagrees with you.

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      Ben Goldberg 2-time creator on

      Oliver, your commentary is succinct and much better said than I could have ever hoped. One thing I will add is that Chris and his family are not involved with this event. I'm organizing it, along with friends, I'm handling all the work involved, and the only way Chris is participating is by receiving the money raised. Thus, Chris is not using "hype" to raise money. He just happens to have a group of fans who can create hype through their participation in helping him. It's kind of like when you hear that Paul Rudd is chilling with Owen Wilson to help get him back on his feet - the act carries no personal gain but rather the hopes that a person you care about in need gains. I fully stand behind the public outing of scalpers both ethically and politically. If you don't feel scalping is a bad thing to do, you are more than welcome to become Lee's Facebook friend.


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      Oliver on

      Catfish Delish, thanks for your comment, which I disagree with wholeheartedly. The "economic conditions" you speak of as defined by this project are not to blame; the blame does lie with the individual(s) who attempts to resell his/her ticket at a higher price than he/she paid for personal gain. That has nothing to do with economic conditions forcing or influencing anyone's hand - it's a conscious, individual decision made by the seller. When it comes to "taking advantage" to "make a little cash" by the organizer of this project vs the scalper, actually these two individuals are very dissimilar. This is because it's about motive, not ends. The motive of the project organizer is to make money as a nonprofit benefit for a sick friend. The motive of Lee Shaker is to make money as a for-profit benefit for himself.

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      Jason Mitchell on

      I agree with Catfish Delish. You said the tickets were non-transferable and you're within your right to revoke them (although those trying to transfer tickets without scalping seem to be permitted to do so), but this scalper making a personal profit on the benefit does not negatively impact the benefit or the charitable goal. Call him out for being a scalper if you want, but the organizers of the event knew full well that this problem would exist; if this event were held at a larger venue, much more money could have been raised, and by holding it at a small venue (with an attractive lineup and this ticket price), this sort of thing was inevitable. I'm excited and not a fan of scalping by any means but give me a break.

    9. Ben Goldberg on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

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      Catfish Delish on

      I will not be joining this torch-and-pitchfork mob. I am weighed down with disgust. Scalping isn't the most honorable thing to do, but to place blame solely on the scalper and ignore the economic conditions that lead to the practice is ignorant. You're taking advantage of the fact that people will pay an exorbitant price to see a bunch of bands (OMG JEFF MANGUM) in order to make money, and while that's not an inherently criminal idea, it's not too dissimilar from a guy using the hype of an event to make a little cash. I looked up Lee Shaker earlier and he doesn't seem like a rich entrepreneur, but like all of us, he lives in a capitalist society. Public shaming? Give me a break. It is hardly an excuse to respond the way you did. I love Chris Knox and his music, but I have been turned off from the idea of this charity.

    11. Matt Paley on

      I have a friend who was crushed to miss his chance this morning--if you catch anyone else, i'll gladly up my pledge to 150 for 2 tickets...

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      Eric Wayne Norlander

      How did he expect to sell at "ticket" that is nothing more than your own ID?

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      Thomas on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

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      steve on

      there's another one on ebay

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      Ryan Murphy on

      Nice. If his ticket is back on the market, I would gladly double my $75 pledge. Just saying.....

    16. Missing avatar

      Oliver on

      Haha, AWESOME. Thank you thank you! Nice try, Lee Shaker of, douchebag scalper.

    17. Missing avatar

      Judes on

      Well done - this guy deserves the public shaming.