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***SOLD OUT*** Yo La Tengo, The Clean, Jeff Mangum, and more play a benefit for Chris Knox.
***SOLD OUT*** Yo La Tengo, The Clean, Jeff Mangum, and more play a benefit for Chris Knox.
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Recent updates

The Final Cut

It's incredible to think that one month ago - give or take some days - everyone reading this gathered together at Le Poisson Rouge to watch a show, or forgot to come, or tried to sell their tickets and had their names removed.

Today, one month later, I was able to send Chris and Barbara a wire for $49,513.80. The amazing thing is, that's not even all the money. There's a bit more too that just needs to be approved by boards and staffs and computer programs before I can get it into my bank account and send it over. So, I can confidently say we're going to break the $50,000 level. Jerry Lewis is so sucking me off right now!

I have never fully put together a thank you list, mostly because I feel like doing one will inevitably leave someone out, and I feel like I want to thank each and every person who contributed to that night. My personal experience - running back and forth between backstage, upstairs to the ticket line and through the audience - was something akin to what taking Saliva must be like - except it was even better because everyone had seemed to exchange their drugs for hugs!

For the scores of people who have clicked on shaky and furtive YouTube videos of the event, you can take pride in knowing that you were able to actually see the performers, understand the lyrics and hear the music. Lucky you!

If you are interested in learning updates on Chris, including of the minute news on the pure gold paperweight he plans on purchasing with the money we're sending over, you can read fellow show goer Roy Martyn's blog here:

Thanks everyone. I hope we meet again in the red fish of our dreams....

-ba da ben

One Day Away, One More Scalper Down

Everyone offer a moment of silence for Julie Steinberg, whose attempt to sell her ticket on Craig's List was unfortunately thwarted. She will not be present with us tomorrow night.

But, in good news, everything is on schedule and moving along nicely! You know, I think things are actually going to work out! They actually are going to work out ok! The show might actually be fun!



Food at LPR

Yes, there will be food there!

Here is the club menu:

In addition, we will have New Zealand vegetarian meat pies courtesy of DUB Pies - who are graciously donating the food to raise some more money for Chris. So is New Zealand's Gunn Estate, who donated some Sauvignon Blanc for us to sell.

You'll feel like you're in Auckland, only it will be more crowded.


Show Time, Camera Policy, Cool Runnings

Hello Everyone...

The days creep closer and closer to the day when we all will be together in momentary bliss. A few things I just want to make sure everyone is aware of so I don't get yelled at the day of the show...

• DOORS AT 6PM; SHOW STARTS AT 6:30PM - We had to make things a bit earlier to fit everyone in. So, while originally we were thinking 8pm as the start time, we aren't any more! Nope. The show is starting at 6:30pm. We are aiming for everything to be finished by 1am.

• IF YOU WANT TO GET IN BEFORE 6:30PM ARRIVE EARLY - There will almost definitely be a line, and there will almost definitely be a delay in getting people in through the first hour or two. So, if you show up at 6:25pm, don't get all pissed that you're not inside by 6:30pm.

• WE ARE NOT GIVING OUT SET TIMES - They are changing daily, sometimes hourly, so if we put them up, they'll end up just being wrong anyway and you'll be all angry. So, better you have no idea when people are playing and come to the whole thing, right?

• NO CAMERAS OF ANY TYPE - NOT EVEN CAMERA PHONES - Like previously stated, please do not bring your cameras with you, because that will just cause trouble. Obviously, phones are necessary. So please keep them in your pockets. Do not photograph the bands while they play. Do not film the bands while they play. We've turned down some pretty incredible offers to record this for various outlets so that you can enjoy the show unencumbered, so - hey - don't be a dick. Just soak it in, let the glory of the moment wash over you, and then spend the rest of your life reminiscing at how great it was that you are alive and were there.

• IF YOU NEED TO REACH ME, EMAIL ME - I'm at If you have any concerns, let me know.

-ba da ben

Payments Being Processed

The time has come. Your credit card payments will be processed today, and later today you will be receiving an email about that, as well as asking who your plus-one name is if you ordered two tickets. You are required to give us your plus-one name by Noon EST tomorrow (Friday).

You are required to give us your plus-one name by Noon EST tomorrow (Friday).

You are required to give us your plus-one name by Noon EST tomorrow (Friday).

You are required to give us your plus-one name by Noon EST tomorrow (Friday).

If I haven't mentioned, you are required to give us your plus-one name by Noon EST tomorrow (Friday).

This is an extremely strict time request. Get on the horn and figure that shizzle out!

Your plus-one will be required to bring ID, much like you will be, to gain entry into the event.

We won't be exchanging names. Sorry to be a pain in the ass about that, and everything else. If any of you are looking for an explanation as to why there are all these rules, please see our FAQ at this link: