The Backwards Rider Show - Tour

by Leslie A. Slowley

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CA$ 0.00 pledged of CA$ 300,000 goal
By Leslie A. Slowley
CA$ 0.00 pledged of CA$ 300,000 goal


Try this hands on: Backwards Live Board Game
Try this hands on: Backwards Live Board Game
Re-Cycled Paper Arts-Workshop
Re-Cycled Paper Arts-Workshop

Welcome to the official Launch of The Backwards Rider Show at Buskers|s Solar Community Center.

Improvement has been made on our current version which now gives everyone a realistic experience of what the moment will be like on a daily until those interested in seeing the groups and or individual invited on the Backwards Rider Show, Tours. 

Interest and intentions to support new contestants in the Wholistic Lounge - a make shift establishment.Sign-On/ In/ Up sheet on the social network (ei. fb/ blogger etc.) are pre-launch renditions. 

Hey Star Kids, Parents! Look what we have you in mind...

Backwards Mobile
Backwards Mobile

My series of chosen exercises successful step are proven and historical. 

  • Live Art Performances/  Spiritual Anthropological-Oracle Readings.

My name is,

  • General Assembly 
  • Hearing Impaired, 
  • Peoples living with disabilities, mental and physical. 
  • Disadvantaged Children
  • Low income households
  •  Visually Impaired,..
  • I must admit I am a bit of a modern day cosmic voyager.
  • Poor in spirit
  • Freedom of Movement, Speech and Expression . 

This presentation as it is written now will give potential investors an exact outlook of what one see on the screen where images will transpire on a ground level as I reach the financial goal.

Cut the chase, find and connect with Backwards Rider Enterprise (virtual tour online for those who just cannot be in the area) on this current green project immediately! 

Private (Investors) Function Watch live streaming coverage! 

Choose from Current Financial Options.

Pay as you go, per view channel. 

Back order from a library of DVD/ CD's from previous a Backwards Presentation & Shows.

Be with us next time as support at Buskers|s Solar Community Centre - make shift Wholistic Lounge off of Commercial Drive at Mc Spadden. Smudge Booth.


1. Quidditas

2. Enterprising Women Making Art

 3. Abraham's Metaphysical Book Store

 4. L'Atelier Home

 5. The Window Community Art Shop

 6. East 4th Vintage


 8. Davie's Flowers

 9. Heather's the Flower Shop

10. 4 Brothers Pizza

Front Row Seat Tickets!  Comes with a Magical Wand...
Front Row Seat Tickets! Comes with a Magical Wand...
Send Fresh ART to Friends, Family Members and Associates!
Send Fresh ART to Friends, Family Members and Associates!

Our outreach post for the new spiritual global community based on the concept of Light Rays. Ushering the Golden Age of Aquarius the International Children of Light! 

Lets us all (whoever all is), begin your day as a fresh start within the Backwards Rider Power Program (Orientation Sessions) participate in which ever exercise(s) you feel necessarily suite you!

On the day we launch yes together, make this a day to remember because this is a huge part of your presence of I AM. 

In no way are you bound or obligated to stay with the group as you must know you may opt out or remove yourself from our Mailing List or Social Network. 

At this moment the Backwards Rider AKA the Backwards Rider Show is using Facebook to gather the first few support from viewer like you!

Launch this new spiritual community as friends of the redeemer, Backwards Rider.

I love you all, Enjoy!

Backwards Board of Directors breaks and shifts in consciousness of the reality in 1 hour... 

Here are some move counted for table top tasks, in house and field trips begin and look like this


1. Normal Birth Delivery - Backwards Baby Stroller

2. Moonwalk 

3. Backstroke 

4. Escalator 

5. Elevator

6. Transgender

7. Back Flip

8. Stationary Bicycle

9. Slide

10. Sled

11. Skateboard

12. Train

13. Backwards Riding

14. Bus (Standing Room Only)

15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 

26.Remember/ (Sense Memory) History

Nature: Humming Bird

Risks and challenges

Human Resources. Graphic Design Illustrations

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