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Ridiculous Problems, Hilarious Solutions. Help Wanted is a party game for mature adults with an immature sense of humor.
361 backers pledged $11,000 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Baca Forrest Games 6-time creator on

      Christian, its not just you it's my webcam. I'm not sure why it does that.
      For the card back colors we tentaively still plan on sticking with grey and orange, because it was pretty evenly split about Red/Green Vs what we currently have, and also thats allready the colors for apple to apples, and I dont want to piss off the color blind :P. We do plan on nixing the Sparta guy/Viking though. However, if a different color layout comes around and tickles our fancy you guys will be the first to know.

    2. Christian A. on

      Why are the update videos a mirror image of the originals? Is it just me or does everyone experience the switched video?

      Also, are the background colors on the Problem and Solution cards remaining the same? I remember earlier comments about switching the colors.

    3. Baca Forrest Games 6-time creator on

      Thanks for the support Sambo!

    4. Sambo Virak Touch

      Sweet. I think it would be cool just to see how your game has evolved. There's also something sentimental with personal things.

      Regardless, I think everybody needs to learn how to ask for help once in a while (no matter how ridiculous the requests are) and maybe this game can help them do that. I got your back. Lets get this funded above and beyond the goal!

    5. Baca Forrest Games 6-time creator on

      No, we hadn't thought of that. However, if anyone wants one I would be more than happy to just send them out one when the game gets shipped.

    6. Sambo Virak Touch

      Cool story bro. You guys are awesome! You ever consider giving your prototypes cards away as a dollar reward or something? I'm sure some people would like the historical value of them.