Help Wanted

by Baca Forrest Games

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    1. Sambo Virak Touch

      Hand them out. People love free shit!

    2. Andrew Lechner on

      Hand them out. You'll get a lot more hits than misses.

    3. Jason Hartloff

      I want one... I'll be there!

    4. Baca Forrest Games 6-time creator on

      Ya, the more I think about it the more I think it will be fine and I am just being a perfectionist for my creation. Jason if you see me come grab one! Ill be handing them out like candy.

    5. Andrew Ramseyer on

      Forrest I have a solution. First off I have a a college party raging outside my place so you can get them so drunk they won't be able to see the line and if that doesn't work I have a box of tissues to wipe your tears away. :)

    6. Andrew Ramseyer on

      Or just give out the cards and don't worry about it too much. But inform them that there is a new problem card in the works "Someone at a printing company can't do their job right and screwed up my game" lol

    7. Baca Forrest Games 6-time creator on

      Lol, love the solution cards usage!