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Ridiculous Problems, Hilarious Solutions. Help Wanted is a party game for mature adults with an immature sense of humor.
361 backers pledged $11,000 to help bring this project to life.

Update 5: 69% Heheh, Game Progress, Promotional Cards Questions, and Stretch Goal Announcement.

Posted by Baca Forrest Games (Creator)

Hate Videos? Heres the Cliffnotes

-The game is mechanically sound and what we are currently mostly working on is Artwork and choosing the best manufacturer out of a few we are talking with.

-The Promo cards are In and look great aside from a noticeable issue on the front of the cards. What do you guys think? Should i still hand them out and just explain to everyone that the error is not indicitave of the final product, or not hand them out because it might scare away potential backers who think "These guys screwed up Promo cards, I dont trust them with my money"

-If we have not reacher our goal by next Wednesday I will be announcing the Second stretch goal *Its absofreakinglutely Amazing... For real!* before I head to Gencon.

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    1. Baca Forrest Games 6-time creator on

      Lol, love the solution cards usage!

    2. Andrew Ramseyer on

      Or just give out the cards and don't worry about it too much. But inform them that there is a new problem card in the works "Someone at a printing company can't do their job right and screwed up my game" lol

    3. Andrew Ramseyer on

      Forrest I have a solution. First off I have a a college party raging outside my place so you can get them so drunk they won't be able to see the line and if that doesn't work I have a box of tissues to wipe your tears away. :)

    4. Baca Forrest Games 6-time creator on

      Ya, the more I think about it the more I think it will be fine and I am just being a perfectionist for my creation. Jason if you see me come grab one! Ill be handing them out like candy.

    5. Jason Hartloff

      I want one... I'll be there!

    6. Andrew Lechner on

      Hand them out. You'll get a lot more hits than misses.

    7. Sambo Virak Touch

      Hand them out. People love free shit!