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Ridiculous Problems, Hilarious Solutions. Help Wanted is a party game for mature adults with an immature sense of humor.
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    1. Andrew Ramseyer on

      I am colorblind and I have to say green/red may be a problem if that was the only difference, but with a different design and text on each deck it would not be a problem. Can I suggest that maybe place the "Help Wanted" logo in a different location on each deck? Like keep the placement like it is on one and move it towards the top on the other. Personally I like the idea of having a "problem" on the problem cards, but I do have to say I like the drawing of the viking guy better than the current drawing on the solution card. What do you guys think?

    2. Nicolas Theriault-Langelier on

      I don't know why I saw green when I looked at it last time. What I meant is that I like to current "Problem" card but I would make it a "Solution" card. And change the current "Solution" card for a "Problem" card with a new drawing of a problem. Don't need to go all epic with dragons and stuff. Only a stick figure with a nail in the forehead could do the trick.

    3. Kahuna Kevin on

      Sorry accidental posting...

      Maybe shrink the Help Wanted Signs, change card specific text to plural: Problems and the other to Solutions, removing text "Cards"... We already know they're cards!

    4. Kahuna Kevin on

      And may e shrink the Help

    5. Kahuna Kevin on

      Agree with switching problem to red also.

    6. Daniel Goodroad on

      I'm in agreement with red swapping to the "problem" cards. Red feels like a problem is coming. I personally dig the grey..just swap that to the solution. So for me, just swap the colors. Red/green is the exact color scheme for Apple to I think that would be a poor choice. This color scheme looks great to me.

      I also agree that the problem card should picture a problem.

    7. Lizzie Taishoff Sweigart on

      Only thought on red/green is that it might be a pain for colorblind players.

    8. Kelly Johnson on

      Card backs look great

    9. Baca Forrest Games 6-time creator on

      I will talk to our graphic designer tomorrow about Green/Red backs, he is a bit of a stickler for color, and I am wondering if the Green/Red woulst clash with the rest of the box * Or if that even matters*.
      As for putting different images on the backs of cards it wouldn't be feasible, because when the manufacturer makes cards they lay *Atleast ours does* 110 cards per plate, so the only way it would be feasible would be to have 220 problem cards which is way to many.
      Thanks for the great suggestions though, keep them coming!

    10. J. H. Kirkham on

      Here is another idea. I'm not sure how many cards will be in the deck, but, you could also do a variety of card backs for each type. Pick say 5 warriors like these for the solution deck, then 5 problem illustrations for the problem deck. Just for variety. If you have 5 different backs for 30 or more cards, you wouldn't be able to guess the problem/solution cards by the back.

    11. Nicolas Theriault-Langelier on

      Also, I like the green/red ratio on the current problem card. I feel it's balanced.

    12. Nicolas Theriault-Langelier on

      For my part I would convert the Green card back as a solution card with the viking/spartan on it and put the problem card with the red background and something in need of solving/slaying.

      In my mind: green = solution, red = problem.

      And I think it's the same for a lot of people.

    13. J. H. Kirkham on

      I really like the solution card back. But I must agree, the problem card back needs to have an actual problem, like a monster attacking, spaceship crashing, or even a zobie horde heading at you. Just my thoughts...

    14. Lizzie Taishoff Sweigart on

      Love the solution card! The problem card back, I agree, doesn't really match. Either a monster or a dragon or something fierce and in need of slaying.

    15. Baca Forrest Games 6-time creator on

      Ha. Love it, Plus it makes a lot of sense as well. I will run that one by Eric our artist. What do you guys think of that?

    16. Kahuna Kevin on

      The problem card graphic should have a monster chewing on someone's head.

      It makes the Solution sword guy make more sense... Like he's there to rescue someone from peril.

      Just my 2 cents.