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We are shooting a short film in NYC about the dreams that keep this city awake, and the work that puts us to sleep. Is it really worth it? Read more

New York, NY Shorts
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We are shooting a short film in NYC about the dreams that keep this city awake, and the work that puts us to sleep. Is it really worth it?

New York, NY Shorts
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With the help of my wonderful team we have created a great project that all of us believe in. Our short film is called "In The End" and it explores the idea of when our "dreams" come true, is it what we really desired? Right now, we are in pre-production and my AD Nazim Uddin and I are are still piecing together the whole puzzle to help create a film that conveys a strong message to the viewers, but also lasts a long time in our memories as we make it.

The film is going to be made, mainly because I have met some AMAZING people out here in New York City who are willing to give their time for the sake of a passionate crew and an intriguing idea. The problem is I cannot pay the crew what they deserve with my bus-boy budget, so I am asking you EVEN MORE AMAZING people out there, to help us out:)

I have created a youtube webumentary about the last 30 days before we start to film (check out part one (kickstarter series).mov or type in John Commare). This basically will chronicle the whole of all you generous people donating your hard earned dollars to help us out, and us discussing the successes and adversities as the production starts. I will also continue footage during the shoot so if anyone is interested to see how their money is panning out, yall can check in. The "hook" of the webumentary is that we film the message or update in one cut, one try, whatever is said, is said. I think this will show everyone who we really are as people, and what we are really trying to accomplish (it will almost be a movie in its self).

Those who donate will receive shout outs during the webumentary and also receive tokens of our appreciation i.e. copies of the DVD, my iPod, Coincidence Film stickers, gift certificates, and other random prizes.

Sounds like a win win! Also...quick thought....has anybody coined the term webumentary yet? If not...I JUST DID!

Please help, or please watch. My friends and I already have some tricks planned up our sleeves to keep yall laughin' and enjoying the ride. Heeerrreee wweeeee goooo!


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    $100 reward

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    A Coincidence Films sticker (were on the rise!:)) DVD copy of "In The End". And a "thank you" credit.

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    $500 reward

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    A signed copy of my first movie I have ever written, or created "Swirl". The last one available! Collectors...! A Producer credit. "In The End" DVD.

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    $1,000 reward

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    My iPod with over 7,000 songs of diverse genres. A Co-Producer credit! Gift certificate to an NYC restaurant. AND a signed copy of the DVD by the whole crew!

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