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Exclusive one off prints of the best 100 shots from over 1000 posts of my ongoing daily photo series depicting the lives of Londoners.
Exclusive one off prints of the best 100 shots from over 1000 posts of my ongoing daily photo series depicting the lives of Londoners.
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I started the MYLDN daily photo feed in 2012 – the aim was to show the diverse citizenship of London and reveal one picture at a time the magnificent melting pot this city was.

What I always loved about my hometown was being able to encounter and observe so many different communities and cultures. Almost every race and nationality was represented here in some shape or form. It felt like travelling without moving. This ongoing photography project was designed to show that multiculturalism could and did work, at a time when they said it  couldn't & didn’t, and I hoped to show through my photographs that London was the living proof. 

I was also looking to find an avenue where I could channel all these photographic observations that I had amassed over the years. The MYLDN series gave me both a platform and a purpose. The city and the teeming life within it had always been my main inspiration and to this date I have never left my home and not found something or someone worth capturing.

Over the years I have been documenting this city it has changed massively and much of its population has been decimated by the relentless ravages of gentrification, pushing out almost everyone but the very rich and the very poor. It used to be a very inclusive city but it has now become an exclusive one and that has changed the dynamics of the city completely; once a city driven by culture it is very much now a city driven by commerce. 

Buildings that used to house communities are now just commodities, bought for investment purposes only and way beyond the price range of most of the working population of London.  This city has a chronic housing shortage and when you look across the horizon all you can see are cranes building luxury flats no-one can afford to live in. it is tragic and painful to see and it has resulted in the centre of this vibrant city losing a lot of what actually made it great..the people.

I started this photography series because I was this city's biggest fan and loved everything it represented but have had to watch and subsequently document 'Old' london and its inhabitants disappearing and "New" London rising up amongst its ruins. 

For better or for worse, I will always continue to photograph this city and its inhabitants.  I was born and bred here and it is woven into every fibre of my being and it still delivers as a constant source of inspiration. There is still so much about it which is great and  have not given up on London but it becomes harder and harder to survive here.

I have used the #MYLDN series as a platform to highlight the transformation of this great city and its population and now hopefully, this collection of prints will exist to do the same, only in the real world rather than in the fleeting online ether. So that they might exist as evidence for the future and an attempt to preserve what once was but might no longer be...

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Risks and challenges

The aim of this project is very simple, its intention is to get these photographs, that have only existed in the digital world, into the real world. The consumption of an image on the internet is very short. A second to see, a second more to swipe. Its existence is so transient that a moment later it is as if it had almost never existed at all.

I have other photographer's works on my walls at home and I look at them every day, They are part of my life and I wish for no more than for these prints to get into people's homes. In fact, into your home. This IS the project and the primary goal of this kickstarter.

We have become so used to consuming images at such a volumous rate in the digital domain we have forgotten that to truly absorb an image we must spend time with it. To live with it and to be able to hold it in our hands. To let it seep slowly into our sub-conscious so that it becomes a part of us.

My other aim is to sell unique yet affordable art. Every print will be a 1 of 1 unique and exclusive one off. Never to be replicated. Never to be owned by anyone else. You will be the only person in the world with this print.

In the digital it is all about the numbers. How many hits did you get? How many likes? Everything is judged on how many people consume it. This is the opposite. Its value will be in the fact that there is only one of them and it will only ever be seen by one person. You! Well, and anyone you show it to. And me of course, I've already seen it, and Alex Schneideman from Flow Photographic, as he printed it, and maybe Jack who works there too but that's it!

As I will only print a single copy of each photograph your selection will be a lucky dip. Your print will be picked at random. But what's more fun than a lucky dip? And to make it possible to be able to sell at this price I need to print 100 which is why I need to sell all 100. This is the challenge.

Hopefully you will be very happy with the print you receive. If not, maybe hold on to it, and wait till I am dead famous or dead and/or famous and it might be worth a bob or two..

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    Your print will be picked at random from one of a 100 photographs selected.

    You will be the only person in the world to have this print. And it will always be the only one in existence.

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