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An unlikely story of spirit, defiance and beauty from the most contaminated place on Earth
An unlikely story of spirit, defiance and beauty from the most contaminated place on Earth
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New York 5.17, Philly 5.22 & last week's Ukrainian Premiere - Inside the Zone


Hello Backers!

And heads up East Coasters...

NYC: Tomorrow night, Manhattan! The film is playing as part of the Stranger Than Fiction doc series at IFC Center, 7:30  Details:

Philadelphia:  Screening just outside Philly, Jenkintown Details: Sunday May 22nd at 2pm - located at the Ukrainian Educational & Cultural Center 700 N Cedar Rd, Jenkintown. Details:

Last week we had the film's Ukrainian premiere inside the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone- with the film's central characters. A very emotional experience. See the first report here, on our FB page.  

- Team Babushka

5.16 Chernobyl Zone. Maria, Maria, Valentyna & Hanna (& film team Marina, Eleanor & Holly)
5.16 Chernobyl Zone. Maria, Maria, Valentyna & Hanna (& film team Marina, Eleanor & Holly)

March screenings! Boston/Salem, Prague, D.C. & more....


Kickstarter supporters! 

The Babushkas Of Chernobyl continues its award-winning festival run with these U.S. and international screenings, Spring 2016.

SUN VALLEY FILM FESTIVAL, Idaho, March 3rd, 7:45pm - TICKETS (dir. Holly Morris in attendance, Q & A) 

SALEM FILM FESTIVAL, Massachusetts, March 5th, 5:45pm - TICKETS (dir. Holly Morris in attendance, Q & A) 

ONE WORLD FILM FESTIVAL, Prague, March 10th, 14th & 16th - TICKETS

D.C. ENVIRONMENTAL FILM FESTIVAL, Washington D.C. March 21st, 7:00pm - TICKETS (dir. Holly Morris in attendance, Q & A)



“​A​ beautiful film​.​​” - George Johnson, The New York Times​ 

“An affectionate, stirring documentary.” - The New York Times- Women In The World 

“A haunting and strangely uplifting documentary.” - The Hollywood Reporter 

“A portrait of a place and its people who are like no other.” - San Francisco Examiner . 

“A haunting and provocative movie, powerful and poignant and, frankly, unforgettable.” - The Chicago Tribune 

“Potent, immersive….incredible depth and access.” - Indie Wire 

“A testimony of love, compassion and solidarity.” - Huffington Post 

“A celebration of the triumph of the human spirit.” - Lucid Culture

Thanks Backers. Hope to see you on the road!

Holly with her dad Johnny Morris at recent Siskel Center screenings.
Holly with her dad Johnny Morris at recent Siskel Center screenings.

Chicago Screenings this weekend! Babushkas of Chernobyl


Hi All - 

Since so many of our Kickstarter supporters are in the Chicagoland area we wanted to post about this weekend's screening at the Gene Siskel Center.  See details below, and today's great coverage in the Chicago Tribune. Holly will be doing Q & A after both screenings; and there's a reception for all after the Sunday 5:00 pm show.  

Happy New Year from Babushka HQ

To get tickets for Jan 16 or Jan 17:

Upcoming Screenings


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World Premiere, Jury Prize


Hello Kickstarter Supporters! 

We’re pleased to report that the The Babushkas of Chernobyl's world premiere at the Los Angeles Film Festival was a great success; the film won the Special Jury Price for Directing, and garnered great reviews. See below. We were very happy to meet some of you at the premiere! Keep an eye on for the latest on our Fall screenings. We will post details just as soon as they are available.  Also, many of you are due to receive the film directly – stand by for that in the next few weeks. Thanks as always for your support & patience.

-The Team at Babushkas HQ

The Babushkas of Chernobyl Wins Special Jury Prize for Directing at the Los Angeles Film Festival, with the following: 

The special award in directing goes to the filmmakers who displayed extreme courage to tell the story of a group of forgotten people, with skillful and respectful tenderness and intelligence. The subject matter, the story arcs and the soulful lensing of a time that has stood still and will soon disappear altogether if not for the brave and determined eyes, ears and heart of the directors of this film. It is with great pride that the Los Angeles Film Festival honors this film with a special award in directing for lifting the scarf and allowing us the chance to meet, fall in love with, and ultimately mourn The Babushkas of Chernobyl. - Los Angeles Film Festival

“A haunting and strangely uplifting documentary.” There may be no tougher people on the planet. Profiling these unlikely heroines who somehow manage to thrive amidst radioactive contamination that would prove terrifying to anyone else, The Babushkas of Chernobyl proves a haunting sociological study…. The filmmakers, who actually had to revolve their duties so as to avoid too lengthy exposure to the deadly radiation, clearly have a strong affection for their indefatigable subjects. Viewers are likely to feel the same way. After all, who can resist the babushka who happily toasts, "Goodbye, brains…see you tomorrow!" before downing a shot of vodka. - The Hollywood Reporter

“Potent, Immersive” ‘The Babushkas Of Chernobyl’ Carves Out Home On Contaminated Soil… The film is in fact a potent, immersive conflict of Ukraine’s past and present - and comments on and cuts through the nature of the region, providing incredible depth and access to a situation that anybody who’s hesitated before leaving an old neighborhood can believe…. Of all the vantage points possible in documentary film capable of transporting the viewer to rarely seen spots and circumstances, the rooftop of a Chernobyl apartment block is one of the few – still – to retain an exclusive air… - Indie Wire

The grandmas in this piece of art will make you reflect about life and death...they prove that humans and nature can coexist despite the tragedy that left Chernobyl forever dead...“A testimony of love, compassion and solidarity” - and proof of our ability to be self-sufficient despite our age. - The Huffington Post “Picking up the well-deserved Documentary Jury Award at the 2015 Los Angeles Film Festival is the life affirming “The Babushkas of Chernobyl.” These women are on their own, and their zest for life, even in this radiation-filled landscape is surprisingly charming…..a portrait of a place and its people who are like no other. - San Francisco Examiner 

 “Affectionate….Endearing.” - Variety

“A fascinating documentary” of a plucky bunch, fading more from old age than any apparent radiation sickness...“A wonder to behold.” - LA Daily News “Incredible” - Voice of America “A celebration of the triumph of the human spirit.” It’s also a chilling study in the psychology of denial. It’s a surreal, funny, and very disturbing portrait of the strange characters who’ve gravitated to the deadliest place on Earth. - Lucid Culture 

 A powerful look at how deep we build our roots and how important it is for us to feel like we have somewhere to belong. “A deep, haunting, and incredible story....The film essentially captures the last light of a dying species, headstrong women defiant to no end and not wavering in their conviction, no matter how dangerous that can be.” Crazy, or justified, that’s your call to answer, but what’s not up for debate is their will to move on in light of seeing mankind’s worst. - Chrome Yellow 

 Young men calling themselves “Stalkers” sneak into the exclusion zone to revel in its decrepit beauty. One of them calls the ghost town of Pripyat a “post-apocalyptic romance.” To them, the past is something other than reality. It’s a story or a legend. To the babushkas, it’s “as vibrant and immediate as the rising sun.” The Babushkas of Chernobyl beautifully and nobly captures the moment in time that these two worlds overlap. - Battleship Pretention