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B/S publishes Graham Isaac's latest work, an exercise in non-linear narrative, fictional personal mythologies and nostalgia smashing.

About Babel/Salvage

Babel/Salvage is a non-profit engine for artistic and literary ingenuity and community involvement located geographically in Seattle, Washington. Focusing on new and contemporary work and its antecedents, we seek to promote creative outsiders, experimenters, innovators and inter-disciplinary savants from all walks of life.  We want to change the world. We are ambitious. We have no funds. Support us.

About the Book

Filthy Jerry's Guide to Parking Lots serves as a comprehensive guide to every single parking lot in the world, detailing their nuances, functions, and idiosyncrasies -- if you know how to read. 

 If read simply as a piece of literature, it is a dual chapbook of short prose and poetry combining the character-driven flash fiction of "Filthy Jerry Gets Paid," with the observational prose poetry of "All Things Return to the Rite Aid Parking Lot." 

 Simultaneously a labor of love (Filthy Jerry's gotta get paid) and a whirlwind endeavor, FJGTPL is an exercise in non-linear narrative, fictional personal mythologies, and semi-autobiographical nostalgia-smashing. At ten pieces in "Gets Paid," and twelve in "Parking Lot," this collection keeps up a brisk pace, straddling the line between surreal and straight-forward, covering the topics of plasma donation, lutefisk, architecture, the Melvins, chili, God, poor hygiene, monsters, and roadside diners.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

The funds raised here will accomplish a few things. First, we will be able to acquire the International Standard Book Numbers that make selling a work of literature easier. You can look at the price breakdown here:

We aim on purchasing ten; thus, supporting this project will also support future projects. We hope to not have to do a fundraiser for every book we publish!

In addition to purchasing ISBNs, additional funds raised will go toward printing and promotional costs. $350 is a minimum amount necessary to acquire the ISBNs and print a very limited, tiny run of Mr. Isaac's book. The more you give, the more we can get this engine churning.

Our biggest foreseen challenge will likely be marketing and the seemingly simple act of getting the book into stores. The author and the publisher both have sold in various bookstores around the Puget Sound, including Eliot Bay Book Company and Left Bank Books.

Additionally, designing and printing a book takes time, especially for a small opperation of only a few people. Mostly, the funds raised here are to get the ball rolling and create enough books to fulfill our promised rewards and have a few copies in stores (we have a tiny amount of cash for printing stashed away already, but could always use more).

Another challenge, of course, will be to sell the book, online and in stores, so that we can print more and work on future projects. The ISBNs will help, but we will have to mostly rely on the grunt work of the author and the publisher as well as the sympathies of our friends in the Seattle literary community.

For the curious, here are some more details:

The Process:
1. Design the Book. It's all written, and we're right now designing the layout.
2. Early promotion. We have one event planned for in mid-November and will have a book release party when the time comes. We will keep you updated.
3. Printing. A small run will be printed after the KIckstarter but before the release party. More printing will be done as money and demand necessitates.
4. Promotion (Part 2): Expect a low-tech, word-of-mouth campaign along with the usual Twitter/Facebook/Wordpress circus.
4. And then... a sequel?


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    Make Mr. Isaac write a poem! Give him a subject, a list of words or a stringent set of rules. He'll do it. We'll make him. The poem will then be published at, and possibly elsewhere. We'll send you it to you electronically as well.

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