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Please help us take DIY 3D Printing to the next level, support this open source photo-initiated polymer resin based 3D printing system!
Please help us take DIY 3D Printing to the next level, support this open source photo-initiated polymer resin based 3D printing system!
388 backers pledged $513,422 to help bring this project to life.


It's great to see all the assembled B9Creators, I appreciate the photos folks have posted over on the support forum.  

It's also great to see everyone's tips and suggestions.  The support forum has been very active and that's a great thing for our developing community.

I anticipated having the software ready by today but it's not.  Between time spent fielding assembly support and getting ready for my tip, it's not quite done yet.  And I really NEED this break.  So I promise to hit it hard as soon as I get back and get it done!  

Thanks again for the support and your patience.


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    1. Michael Joyce 2-time creator on

      Update coming soon, not finished yet but getting very close.

    2. Philip Gao on

      Please provide update on software! We are waiting for software to try out the machine!

    3. Walther Mathieu on

      JFTR ... we declared our pledge of $ 2675,- (€ 2154,92) as "value" and customs charged € 409,53 (Germany).
      It may be a good idea to have a "commercial invoice" with the package, since that's what customs expect.

    4. Brian Stott on

      Any software updates coming soon?

    5. Missing avatar

      Maurizio on


      I've a serious issue with italian custom that only Michael can solve: after a week of emails and calls I've send all I have: email with payment by Amazon, the resin's invoice, declaration that $2675.00
      are: $1800 for kit 3D printer to assemble+$147 for shipment +$84 for resin+$644 for software that I haven't yet.

      THEY SAY THAT THEY WANT THE INVOICE with $1800+$147 for shipment !!!

      They say that otherwise won't leave the parcel.

      I'm praying Michael for sending me the invoice!


      P.S. anyone in Italy received the machine?

    6. Hugo Miguel C. A. F. Silva on

      Yggdrasil, i'm also in Berlin!!!... but i got the printer already on Friday :)

    7. Missing avatar

      Yggdrasil on

      I've got my printer in Berlin today :-)

    8. Thomas Rufer on

      Returning back from boys-camp and i got the packet-invitation, YAY! :)
      Will not be able to pick it up till friday, but easy...

      And yes: The value declared was just shy of 1800$ also the NON-UPS-way just worked perfectly and i only have to pay 213.40 swiss francs for customs which is really a moderate toll-tag.

      101% happy with the way it went till now. Now the building on the weekend and then.... Oh the suspense! The first print! :)

    9. Missing avatar

      helder on

      thanks Michael it was the final piece of info i needed to know to get my hands on what i think is a truly wonderful machine... i just have to wait a couple of more days to go to customs on Monday heheh

    10. Michael Joyce 2-time creator on

      Helder - Delcared Kit value $1799, shipping ~$180 ($1799 did not include shipping, resin, software, online support, etc. )

    11. Missing avatar

      helder on

      IMPORTANT to all international backers, for the ones who received the printer already i would like to know how much was marked by "Michael Joyce" ?? did he declared ".... a $2675 reward will be invoiced at $1843..." "1843???" i ask this because finally i received the letter of portuguese customs saying the printer has arrived and of course they ask how much i pay for tax purposes... i expect to at least around 25% of the printer value declared, but i would like to know if Michael declare a lower price or is the normal price before i go to the customs...

    12. Missing avatar

      Suijin on

      Ah, good olde software. Learning more about drawing things myself and beating my head against the software wall (it is not soft as the name implies).

    13. Missing avatar

      Maurizio on

      Leonardo, are you in Italy? They ask me for the invoice, too but I haven't. Did they ask you for invoice?

    14. Missing avatar

      plattard on

      Hi Mike,

      I've received my B9creator today in Japan. No problem. Thank you for the good packaging.

      ---to Leonardo Meccia: I had to pay for the customs 5700yens (about $70) and the value of the printer was mentioned on the customs declaration $2500. If this can help.

    15. Leonardo Meccia on

      hi Michael, I need help! the shipment is stopped at customs and they asked me the value of the goods and the description, what value and description that I can give to pay little and have no problems?

    16. Rolf-Dieter Klein on

      Yes take your time, and do some regeneration - I know how important this is especially when programming.
      Your assembly instructions just were too good, so we finished to early (my is ready also, just wonderful the best build yourself kit I ever got !).

    17. Missing avatar

      Voussoir on

      You certainly have earned some time off!! Enjoy your break and come back refreshed! Your software will probably be a lot better if you take a breather before finishing it.