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Please help us take DIY 3D Printing to the next level, support this open source photo-initiated polymer resin based 3D printing system!
Please help us take DIY 3D Printing to the next level, support this open source photo-initiated polymer resin based 3D printing system!
388 backers pledged $513,422 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Dacian Herbei on

      is there anyone interested to buy my printer?
      I barely used it.
      send me an e-mail at
      best wishes,

    2. Brian J. Pierce on

      Gasket kit for projector:…

      Purchase a gasket kit, get $10 off B9R resin, until the end of February.

    3. Missing avatar

      Vg on

      When are the operational instructions are coming?Thanks.

    4. Michael Joyce 2-time creator on

      Resin can now be ordered via our online store. Pricing is the same as during the kickstarter campaign. Order 2 kg and pay the same shipping as for 1 kg. :-) We'll be processing orders once a week, so depending on when you order it will be 1-2 weeks before it ships. That lead time should decrease as we get the kinks worked out of our system.

    5. Devin White on

      Any idea when the resin's will be available for purchase? I'm completely out and itching for more printing. Also when will replacement parts be available? The vat cracked on me. I patched it up but I'll probably replace it and have a spare.

    6. Michael Joyce 2-time creator on

      mah - If you go to the "Edit" feature of the software you can export the sliced data to images and then import images back into the job file format. That should allow you to manipulate the sliced image data any way you wish the send your modified job to the printer.
      Vgurku - Making some good instructional/tutorial videos is high on my list!

    7. Missing avatar

      Vg on

      Michael, thanks for releasing the software, which seems to be working fine(MAC version). Are you going to be posting 'Your first Print' instructional video anytime soon?
      First print posts by those technically inclined (at the forum) are quite encouraging to start experimenting but instructions are scattered everywhere. A video will be really helpful for the rest of us. Thanks again for your hard work.

    8. Missing avatar

      mah on

      @Michael Joyce, I woud like to write a script to help me generate the support structures. Is it difficult to extract and modify the sliced data?

    9. Michael Joyce 2-time creator on

      helder - Current firmware is part of the software install. Every time you plug in the printer with the software first checks the firmware to see it is up to date. If not, the current firmware is automatically uploaded "behind the scenes" so there's nothing special to do. The 'terminal utility' in the software will show the version of the firmware loaded on the printer.
      Maurizio - That is correct. From the "terminal utility" you can turn on the projector and it will display the grid pattern for calibration.

    10. Missing avatar

      Maurizio on

      I ask for a confirm that I well intended the calibration process. I have to mount the VAT, put the paper sheet with proper calibration (50 micron for me) on bottom of VAT and then focus the projector until the image projected matches the printed grid on paper. Isn't it? Thanks for help. Maurizio

    11. Missing avatar

      helder on

      @Michael, FINALLY the good news we all been waiting, good job Michael, and for sure it looks like xmas hehhe
      just a question i notice that time to time you have been updating the repository firmware, my question is we need to this in our machines? and how can we do it?!
      is the update done via the software windows/OS/linux platform you just released or do we need to connect and do manually in the arduino?!

      @Diego thanks for the link, yeah! soon or later these things would happen... i am very curious how things will turn out at the end because can be a turning point of all 3D printing industry. and it seems KICKSTART is also implied, just lets hope Michael have no problems wit this too!

    12. Arturo Pérez Mulas on

      I finally got my kit (just to clarify, it was my choice to have a late delivery :) ). And I just check the inventory, and needed to log in just to say, Michael, how impressed I am of the quality of the parts and the packaging. Thanks once more.

    13. Michael Joyce 2-time creator on

      No problems with the software (other than the time required to implement it). We have the layout and slicing (all built from scratch here) compiling and working on all three OS now. I finished the "Materials catalog" feature which will allow the software to look up needed exposure/overcure times for machine configuration (xy resolution, z layer thickness) for multiple materials. I've stubbed in the context sensitive help system (will take more time to develop excellent help content, but I can release with just the basics explained). A large amount of time is going into testing along each step of the way as well.

    14. Missing avatar

      Imhof Matthias on

      Hi Mike, what about some further words about V1 status.
      It's again one week later, and always no software? I know that you work hard on it, but perhaps there would be peoples which could help if there are problems you can't solve!?

    15. Missing avatar

      johnny_yeh on

      I'm sorry
      I haven't updated, may now have printing software??
      If so, may I ask where you can download??
      ~Michael may I ask, can you share of acrylic resin tank?
      I want to do a few, well coated PDMs for a rainy day??

      Thank you very much

    16. Michael Joyce 2-time creator on

      5am already... again. :-)

    17. Rolf-Dieter Klein on

      Take your time, the update looks great.

    18. Michael Joyce 2-time creator on

      Still working furiously and getting very close. Been falling asleep now around 4-5am and back at it by 11am. Will update later today

    19. Missing avatar

      Imhof Matthias on

      Yippieehh, today it's end of the month, is it too release date of the windows version, Mike?

    20. Michael Joyce 2-time creator on

      It's 4:20am... I love writing software but it's time to get some sleep...

    21. Missing avatar

      mah on

      My models are lined up and ready to go. I can't wait!

    22. Missing avatar

      Imhof Matthias on

      Fantastic Mike
      Seems this will become a great program!
      Is it possible to order new resin already now?

    23. Michael Joyce 2-time creator on

      Imhof Matthias - Working on it night & day! Should at least have a windows version released by then... need more hours in the day.

    24. Missing avatar

      Imhof Matthias on

      Hi Mike, what's stand with software, any news for us.
      Do you think end of this month is always release date?

    25. Missing avatar

      helder on

      @Zachary, thanks for the tip, i am so excited by having this great machine that i under looked the info provided, got it now!
      when i download the files for assembly somehow i only saw the video files so my reference when i was assembly were those files and in those files some info is missing like i said, but fortunately i see that in pdf is much better!!

    26. Missing avatar

      Zachary Brackin on

      For the wires, just look at the HTML or PDF documentation, and match the locations of those wires.

    27. Missing avatar

      helder on

      @ Imhot Matthias, thanks for the info it helps on this end and i do too love grey color

      @ Michael, thanks for the feedback it helps too and keep up the good work,
      one other thing before i connect the power and see if it works, the red wire is " - " and black " + " right?!?!
      i know you are too busy but could you tell me the resin name or provider for me search other properties!?

    28. Michael Joyce 2-time creator on

      helder - Well, you'll have to wait for the software and the instructions if you can't figure out what those two hole are for. Sorry it's not done, taking me longer than I estimated. There were two last minute changes that I've not incorporated into the videos (but are mentioned on the documentation page), sorry.
      Calibration software and instructions are in the works along with the v1.0 software and instructions. Folks are getting ahead of themselves with the beta and some are having good results but other are not, use it at your own risk. The resin is something I purchase (clear) from a provider, I do not know or own the formula. The pigmentation of the resin is critical and must block blue and higher light frequencies. Pigmentation percentage will be open source and of course there will be efforts to provide multiple colors and material properties. There are open source resin formulas already online, feel free to try them out.

    29. Missing avatar

      Imhof Matthias on

      Hi Helder
      The holes in the VAT are for the two silicone hoses of the Resin bottle, if you want to make really big volume prints.
      I too think that it would be better to upload a calibration sheet than to write the calibration tips in the support forum where it is really difficult to find. Not everybody wants to search the tips in the different forum posts.
      I'd prefer the grey color as it looks quite good to present a print.

    30. Missing avatar

      helder on

      I´ve finally built the printer nut by nut, instruction by instruction... i have followed the assemble videos and finally finish it (well almost, i have 2 holes on the right up side of the transparent acrylic resin vat that i could not know what is it for??, i have searched the remain pieces left, yeah some nuts and bolts etc, and I could not see any video or anything to screw or put there?! help...any ideas ?)

      Also i would like to reiterate well done Michael on your effort to be the first on putting something like this beautiful machine, i believe you are a one man band (well with a bit of help i guess at least your daughter?!) so must be hard to think and put everything together. ..

      nevertheless i do have a small complain to make, i found the video instructions most of the times are correct but sometimes bits and pieces are missing or misplaced which leaves us on guessing where everything should be to complete the kit, i think this is something you can correct in future orders and kits you will sell. i also liked to see some extra care you made on cnc aluminum cut pieces...

      one of the things you also can work on and has been said here is "CALIBRATION" no ones wants to wast resin (besides time money is agenda) or damage something if one just plays with, on trial and error guessing, a pdf or a video would be something everyone would like to see or have!

      i have searched around to see in which wavelength the B9 resin is cured but could not see it do you have the specs?!
      i love open source since everyone can improve and make their own personalization, but i could not see the B9 resin formula (i believe is open source right!?)
      lastly and because i believe specially in the beginning 1 liter of resin is hardly enough when i will start to play and print objects, i wonder if you have current other color resins launch plans !??! .. i would like to see the primary colors first and of course the black and white to become a true 3d printing object maker

    31. Michael Joyce 2-time creator on

      Dacian - There are three alternate shaft clamps and some extra screws that made it into the initial kit, no worries there. We've pretty much used up all the UNO's I/O pins so I don't think adding a shield would work. The embedded firmware is done and pre-loaded on your UNO.

    32. Michael Joyce 2-time creator on

      Sorry for the lack of updates, I've been restricting my internet access to allow me to focus better on the software.
      Short answer, expect the software release before the end of the month. I hope it will be sooner... :-)

    33. Dacian Herbei on

      I've finished the build. Yeah!
      I know you will laught but i'm left with 3 parts that I can't find from the video tut where they go.
      Some screws that seem to be meant for the z axis motor, one normal m3 screw and 3 fastening rings.
      I've looked over and over the movies i've built everything. Nothing was missing. I've put together the electronic part. It was pretty easy. Man it hould have really been cool to have some video output but I'm thinking when the software is ready I can add the shield to the arduino board myself.
      I was thinking to customize the front window and pull the wires using the same whole the wires for the sensor use. I'm not sure though if I can stack LCD shield with the B9creator shield but in the worst case I can use this duplicator
      Michael what do you think?
      Anyhow software... Where is the software? I can help. I have 12 years experience in embedded, little or big I can help if you need. Or at least I can test the software since I'm finished withe the construction.

    34. Missing avatar

      Imhof Matthias on

      Hi Mike
      Would it be possible to give us an answer when you estimate to have finished the software?
      I don't want to stress you, but I would like to know when I can start printing with it!
      Is it in some days, weeks or months?

    35. Missing avatar

      Yggdrasil on

      "The support section of the website is still not responding here."

      This could be a cookie issue. If I open the main page, the forum would be reachable again.

    36. Missing avatar

      johnny_yeh on

      How do you do:
      I am a international backers
      Will the full suite, it will take long, I can receive it??
      Because my English is not good, if some of the terms used are not polite, not my intentions,
      please forgive me


    37. Missing avatar

      Zachary Brackin on

      Sylgard 184 is the compound that's on the bottom of the vat, if you damage the coating on the vat then you can buy one of those kits to reapply it.

    38. Jorge Nieve on

      I´m lost , what´s that syglard that are you talking about ?

    39. WalterMo on

      I had forgotten to mention:
      Before you start cleaning the bottom of the vat with an (unknown) chemical, first test the side walls of the vat if the chemical doesn't pit them. Don't use spiritus!
      I had bought a 5 liter bottle of 100% pure ethanol for 14 €.

    40. WalterMo on

      @ Imhof Matthias.
      Some time ago I have coated my vat with PDMS:…

      You need the two-component Sylgard 184:…

      Clean the vat with alcohol, take care that it is dust-free and put it in an exactly horizontal position. Then pour in the mixed components to a hight of about 1.5 mm. It cures in a couple days at room temperature. I had used a digital letter balance to weight out the correct mix ratio.

    41. uɐp loʞos on

      Nevermind. working now.

    42. uɐp loʞos on

      The support section of the website is still not responding here.


    43. Missing avatar

      Imhof Matthias on

      Hi Mike, I know that you work hard and don't want to scramble, but wouldn't it be possible to say us wheter your software and complete calibration of the printer will be finished, what do you estimate, is it some days, weeks, months?

      I think it would be much less troublesome for all the backers to make a calibration update on the b9creator website so that we don't need to browse through the complete support forum to find little phragments of how to's!

      Could you please give me a tip how to make a new PDMS coating by myself, so I can go on with printing tests.

      Thank you Mike!

    44. Michael Joyce 2-time creator on

      mah - let any waste resin, etc. cure in the sun then dispose of it as you would any plastic material.
      Thomas - We switched servers, give it a few hours and try again. It's working here.

    45. Thomas Rufer on

      Well... Seems like the pages over at are finally messed...
      I cannot immagine the link is valid ;)
      "No input file specified. " is the answer...
      (found on the mainpage on the "Support" button shich should point to the forums)
      Also if i "fix" the URL to an error 404 gets thrown.

    46. Missing avatar

      mah on

      How should we safely dispose of excess uncured resin? This kind of thing doesn't seem like it would mix well with the municipal water supply...

    47. Andrew Bell on

      Wanted to post this on the forums but they seem to be down for the moment. I was looking for a good stand for my B9 and I ended up picking up an A/V cart ! It has a cabinet that should be easy enough to make light-tight for resin storage, and the adjustable top has a bit of a lip in case of any resin disasters.

      Can't wait to finally put my B9 together and put it on top! Stupid unrelated deadlines.

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