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A premium, fully assembled all-metal hot-end capable of 300°C printing. Available in 3mm & 1.75mm. Machined and Assembled in the USA.
A premium, fully assembled all-metal hot-end capable of 300°C printing. Available in 3mm & 1.75mm. Machined and Assembled in the USA.
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500° Celsius Printing — $40,000 Stretch Goal!!

Backers, Printers, Friends,

Thank you for a successful Kickstarter thus far with still 24 days to go! As a thank you and as an early release for what would have been featured on Pico 2.0, we are offering you the capability to print at 500° Celsius if we reach funding of $40,000 or more.

We are now offering a high quality thermistor (temperature sensor) which enables Pico to print up to 500° Celsius (932°Fahrenheit). To be clear, this a thermistor and not a thermocouple, which means a plug and play solution with a downloadable temperature table to update your firmware for RepRap printers!

B3 is all about breaking barriers and removing limits. This advanced breakthrough offers you two benefits: First, the ability to print Polycarbonate (PC) at or above 300° Celsius. High speed printing of PC or tuning a good print for PC requires to print just above 300° Celsius; And second, with new materials on the horizon that demand temperatures above 300° Celsius, you and Pico will be the only ones ready.

This option was previously unavailable to us because of the high minimum order quantity associated with these thermistors. Now we have the opportunity to offer this technology and supply a product that is ready for the future, if we reach the $40,000 stretch goal.

We promise this will not increase normal delivery times. You will still receive your items by the estimated delivery dates, but for those who are interested, check out your options below. 


I’ll wait for the new 500° Celsius thermistor: We will send you the brand new 500° Celsius thermistor installed on your Pico. Estimated delivery increases by 1 month
I can’t wait, but I want it!: We will ship your pico with the normal thermistor, then ship the brand new 500° Celsius thermistor when it’s ready for an additional $7 to your pledge (or $12 for 2 thermistors)
Thanks, but no thanks: We will send you what you originally ordered. Estimated delivery stays the same

Please spread the word through the community so we can make this a reality!

Print On, Printers,
Will and Mike

What are stretch goals?
A stretch goal is a funding target set by the project creator beyond the original Kickstarter goal. Stretch goals as a term and a practice emerged from the Kickstarter community as a way for creators to "stretch" beyond the initial, official goal of the Kickstarter project and raise more money (and often make cooler stuff!). Funds are collected whether stretch goals are met or not, as long as the project has met its Kickstarter funding goal.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Chris Thnt on

      Would like to add to pledge " I cant wait ,but I want it!" with an additional pledge of $12 for two 500C Thermistors, but could not find option to do so. Thanks

    2. Missing avatar

      Brandon on

      I have pledged $99 to get a pico, but I want to add a groovemount (without the plate) and make sure I get a flat plate. How do I add this to my pledge? Also I would like to chose the "I can't wait, but I want it!" option to get the new thermistor when available.

    3. Jp LaBonte on

      Thanks, but no thanks only 300 c plus 1 1.73 nozzllllllle plus 1 3.75 nozzle plus 1 groove mount please
      Jean Pierre eng.

    4. B3 Innovations, LLC Creator on

      @Winston Trim:

      We will send you to an order form in a few weeks.

    5. Winston Trim on

      Also unsure of how i can add to my pledge with you knowing what its for, but i am interested in the "I can’t wait, but I want it!" option.

    6. Missing avatar

      Dennis J Dickerson on

      To help you get to your stretch goal why not offer additional pledges for buyers who would like to purchase both 1.75mm and 3mm versions of their Pico Pledge? For example a "Double" Double Extrusion Pico at 2 * $189 = $378 pledged.

    7. Tomi Kalpio on

      I also want to use the option: I’ll wait for the new 500° Celsius thermistor

      How to do it in practice?

    8. Missing avatar

      Thomas Hauff on

      I'm new to Kickstarter so I not up on all the ins and outs of this.
      I don’t understand how to add this to my pledge?