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Analogue gaming station with expansions of high quality board game prints. Web App catalog with games & variations. PLAY.TWEAK.SHARE.
Analogue gaming station with collections of high quality board game prints. Web App catalog with games & variations. PLAY.TWEAK.SHARE.
Analogue gaming station with collections of high quality board game prints. Web App catalog with games & variations. PLAY.TWEAK.SHARE.
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    1. ADEPTS CREATIVE INDUSTRIES 2-time creator 6 days ago

      Thanks for your feedback!
      We will communicate all as soon as we'll get the answers.
      There's no higher priority as fulfilling You all with initial product.

    2. Ann Lord 6 days ago

      "NB! For those native English speakers who don't understand idioms, here's an explanation"..."Please learn more"

      There is no reason for snark on your end. If people felt there was better communication, no one would have commented. Using an obscure idiom to explain the delay wasn't helpful.

    3. ADEPTS CREATIVE INDUSTRIES 2-time creator on

      Guys, keep up the positive vibes!

      Our team is working towards the desired result, both, the analog and the digital components ( are in the production. The latest news is that the new packaging box prototypes first version was ready today and needs the second iteration. After that, it will be passed to the manufacturer and only then the estimated ETA can be announced (the agreement says that production is done in 40-45 days after all elements are confirmed).

      A full update will be communicated as soon as all the necessary info will be received!

      NB! For those native English speakers who don't understand idioms, here's an explanation:

      ->> soft fire makes sweet malt.
      One's impatience can ultimately ruin a project. When malt is prepared, it is burned, but if it is burned too much, it will not have its desired sweetness.

      Please learn more:

    4. Ann Lord on

      Your update from yesterday is a bunch of gobbledygook. What does "Beware, soft fire makes sweet malt!" even mean?

      The update seems like someone who isn't an English speaker would post.

      Just give us some clear and concise information please.

    5. Demithyle the Exalted on

      Wait, what? What the heck does that marketing gibberish even mean?
      If you intend to make the packaging a part of the play area then you're late to that game. I know of at least one board game that utilises its box as the game component. The longer this goes on for, the more this looks shifty.
      External packaging integration into the game was never advertised in the original campaign from what I recall. Don't add features nobody asked for, that will only delay your product. The delivery is already late and you're openly admitting you've gone back to planning stage just now to redesign the external packaging... Get real now.

    6. ADEPTS CREATIVE INDUSTRIES 2-time creator on

      We are happy to hear you get impatient to play and tweak with BEAD GAME.
      You are right - it's gonna be probably the most amazing one!
      And yes, the project will use affiliate marketing, its a great way to spread the word.

      The update is planned as soon as we will have a clear timetable from our partners.
      The production status and "unsuccessful" packaging examples will be included.

      Beware, soft fire makes sweet malt!

    7. E Henley on

      This is going to be the most amazing cardboard box ever. Apparently this storage box will give the user an unparalleled “experience” beyond simply physically having and playing the game/s. I’m curious to know what special features the box includes. What are the complications?

      You previously stated the actual boards have been completed with laser cutting. Game prints are ready. Glass beads, Dice. So all that’s left is packaging. Correct?

      Expectations only get higher with prolonged delivery dates.
      Can you share photos of progress and concepts being worked on?

    8. Cang Ling Yee

      Guys, it looks like you are trying to come across as impressive but with the multiple delays so far, it sounds very very hollow. You are talking like MLM guys.

      What we want is clear communication and it can be communicated in a very simple manner by answering these questions:

      1.) Is the manufacturing completed?
      2.) Has the logistics been booked?
      3.) What is the expected window of delivery?
      4.) If you are still prototyping (heaven forbid), what exactly are you designing and what is your timeline for each milestones?

      Facts please, we are not here for flowery language and vague communications about how everything seems to always take "too much time".

      Not loving the experience, completely unsure I will love the end result too.

    9. ADEPTS CREATIVE INDUSTRIES 2-time creator on

      The whole construction concept is changing! Our solution is not a standard board game packaging as we aim to deliver You a new kind of board gaming experience. We have involved local packaging construction professionals to create a new prototype and production specification as each step with China manufacturers takes too much time. You will love the result!

    10. Demithyle the Exalted on

      Wait so we've overcome the design and assembly of the plastic boxes and are now struggling with the packaging? Surely the answer here is to just use thicker cardboard? Colour me confused.

    11. E Henley on

      Thanks for the detailed update. :)

    12. ADEPTS CREATIVE INDUSTRIES 2-time creator on

      Thanks for keeping the pressure up! The issue is with the packaging box. The initial specification did not work out (the box was too soft, the velvet coating could not be fitted in) We strive to get a hardcover alike result. Last news arrived a day ago that another 2 options (with gluing cardboard layers together) were not feasible and production team is still looking for a solution.

      As we aim towards fulfilling you with a high-quality product, these issues are consuming time on our way. We are eager to make the production process quicker, still, please, understand, that we are not the factory ourselves and the quality cannot be sacrificed just to make things quicker. We'll update you as soon as a valid solution will be proposed.

      The good news is that our in-house team has almost finished the re-building of the online apps minimum viable product. That is another important component in the BEAD GAME concept!

      Check it out here:

    13. E Henley on

      The Dragon Boat Festival holiday in China was Monday, June 18th this year...Was there an issue with the Laser Cutting process? Your update on May 21st made it sound like manufacturing was taking place and it was only a question concerning shipping that was adding to the delay? Now it's Quality Assurance which implies manufacturing has either not begun or some have been completed but not all. Can you provide more detail in your updates as to where things are currently and what the QA issues are specifically? Looking forward to the final product. Thanks

    14. ADEPTS CREATIVE INDUSTRIES 2-time creator on

      There is a QA issue and the factory is looking for a solution, a response is expected after the dragon boat festival holiday in China. We'll keep you posted!

    15. Missing avatar

      Rick Casarez on

      Any update on this?

    16. Demithyle the Exalted on

      No worries guys - so long as you keep us in the loop as to the current goings on, take as much time as you require :)

    17. ADEPTS CREATIVE INDUSTRIES 2-time creator on

      Hey everyone! We are making progress on manufacturing. Everything is finalized, we are just eagerly waiting for the delivery just like you. However The Bead Game will not be delivered in the first weeks of June because when production finishes, the logistics and delivery is a separate process which will take extra time. If only it was possible for our team to deliver The Bead Game personally to your door, we would do it!

    18. Missing avatar

      Laurence Rotschke on

      Any status-update?

    19. Jeremy Saunders

      I bring forced to move in the next 2-4 weeks, is there any chance of shipping during this time. Btw we are hosting a convention here in Birmingham that features kickstarters and we have several game designers who do kickstarter and attend To show off their games. I'd love to have the set for that as well as my other yearly event you already know about. Btw I'm one of the individuals that helps run the gaming rooms for the convention. JUNE 8-10

    20. Missing avatar


      You never posted that update. What's up?

    21. ADEPTS CREATIVE INDUSTRIES 2-time creator on

      Hey everyone! We are still going for the June ETA. Right now everything is going smoothly, a lot of work is being done behind the scenes. Expect a more detailed updated this week. Oh and happy Easter!

    22. Missing avatar

      Kenneth on

      Any updates on the project? Haven't heard from you in a while...

    23. Missing avatar

      Scott Briggs on

      Have you reached a point where you could give us an expected ship date?

    24. Demithyle the Exalted on

      Looks like we're finally in the home stretch. Would that mean the boards will start arriving June/July time?

    25. ADEPTS CREATIVE INDUSTRIES 2-time creator on

      Dear backers. Thanks for your questions!

      After 3rd try to get quality product without mold trails and ejection pins, the decision is made to produce the plastic box & game boards with laser cut technique that has shown the best visual performance so far.

      An update will follow with more details and ETA.
      We strive to start playing with you ASAP!

    26. cRuEllY

      Any Update?

    27. Demithyle the Exalted on

      Another voice of disappointment here. Was actually excited when the last update hit my inbox only to find out there are more delays in sight. At this stage I have to wonder whether this project has any money left that it took in funding.

    28. Cang Ling Yee

      Yep @Lilly, echoing your disappointment too, and that we seem to have no end in sight too
      (looks like we are back to where this project is last September)

    29. Missing avatar

      Lilly on

      I really regret backing this one - anybody with me? I know manufacturing can be complicated but this is getting ridiculous. It's not like there are finicky electronic components to produce.

    30. Missing avatar

      Wendy DiCaprio on

      I'm getting a little frustrated, and actually to the point that I have lost excitement over this product. Frequent updates at this point would be appreciated, considering how long it's been.

    31. Missing avatar


      Any update? It's been a while.

    32. Demithyle the Exalted on

      Excellent news on the progress - hopefully this one actually delivers :)

    33. Paul on

      I understand the delay, don’t worry I’m still confident that you will deliver a great product! Hopefully it’s before Christmas, but if it’s later then it’s still fine by me. Let the positive energy flow, you rock!

    34. ADEPTS CREATIVE INDUSTRIES 2-time creator on

      Hi, guys. Sure, it seems very easy but apparently, it's not. We have done all quoting again and found an experienced manufacturer. Still waiting for the refund from previous. This week is a holiday in China, hopefully, next week we'll have an agreement and more details on ETA to share in the update. We want to fulfill and make you playfully happy asap!

    35. John Eric Holmlund on

      We're not putting a blender on a cooler here, let's get this done. And let's start with an update.

    36. Demithyle the Exalted on

      So I see there are no reactions to the production revelation... Any chance you can tell us where exactly we're standing with the process now? This project shouldn't have been as complicated as it's turning out. It's basically a plastic box with inserts for various games - how hard can that be to produce? So... Where are we with the new manufacturer search and what is the current ETA on delivery?

    37. ADEPTS CREATIVE INDUSTRIES 2-time creator on

      @Krzysiek Piwowarski Thanks for your question.

      Yes, we got positive confirmation this morning. Should receive some photo samples soon. Waiting for the news on all the other parts of production, like hot injection molds have to be ready anytime soon. Will update accordingly. Have a great day

    38. Demithyle the Exalted on

      Hey guys, did you manage to find a company that would produce prints with sufficient precision? How is the production progressing?

    39. ADEPTS CREATIVE INDUSTRIES 2-time creator on

      @MadJo Hey! We'll have an update for our backers this week. There is still some work to do, but everything is going forward, so stay tuned :)

    40. MadJo

      I can has update? End of July just passed. Wondering where we are in the process.

    41. ADEPTS CREATIVE INDUSTRIES 2-time creator on

      Thanks for the follow-up. The game production samples are estimated for mid-August, QA is carried until then with ca 85 game designs on ca 300 print cards. We're so much looking into sharing the play experience with you asap

    42. Demithyle the Exalted on

      Meant the shipment charge - the game was charged for ages ago obviously.

    43. Demithyle the Exalted on

      Just got charged for the game but we're still nowhere near the shipping date from the sound of things. What gives?

    44. ADEPTS CREATIVE INDUSTRIES 2-time creator on

      @Enlew. The shipping & charging is carried by Backerkit. Your account was manually adjusted to give you second shipping as a bonus. If there is any inconvenience it will be sorted out, no worries! Please send a message

    45. Missing avatar


      So I was charged twice for shipping two games. Both to same address.

    46. ADEPTS CREATIVE INDUSTRIES 2-time creator on

      Hey, everyone! We would like to let you know everything is moving along. Having the manufacturing done in China is really challenging, especially if you don't have anyone there in person overlooking operations, but nonetheless positive progress is being made. Stay tuned for an update by the end of July :)

    47. Demithyle the Exalted on

      3 months isn't long by KS standards - just saying. They did say in their last update they were doing QC tests of the product.

    48. Siripon Mongkolkunwat on

      The apparent lack of communication and the long overdue deadline look like a really bad sign.

    49. Missing avatar

      Michele Vicchitto

      Hi, I'm also trying to check on ETA on shipping.

    50. Demithyle the Exalted on

      Hi guys, how's the production process coming along? Any ETA on when you'll start shipping?

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