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$5,314 pledged of $10,000 goal
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$5,314 pledged of $10,000 goal

Puzzles, Riddles, and Features Beyond the Demo


First of all, I want to say thank you for getting us to the 25% mark! We've still got a ways to go, but I am very optimistic. According to Kickstarter's statistics, 80% of projects that reach the 20% mark are successful. And it's all possible thanks to you!

It looks like this just a typical ARPG.

As you know, I've been saying that Saga Heroes is not an just a typical action RPG, but as you also know, the trailer and demo do not support my claim. This is because of budget constraints and priorities in creating a minimum-viable-product. We classify the demo as a pre-alpha build, which means that not all the features of the game are built yet. In fact, it means most aren't! We felt that we could properly develop a combat system ready for Kickstarter, but not intriguing puzzles, a compelling story, or other adventure game features. I promise, that doesn't mean that they're not coming!

So what sets it apart?

When describing the Saga Heroes, I try to focus on the adventuring aspect of the game. To me, adventuring means exploring a world and discovering new things about it at each turn. We are attempting to give players an experience that is not focused around combat; we're trying to tell a story with more than just dialogue. The music, the environment, the lighting. They all tell a part of the story.

We are also working on some fun puzzles. Our plan is to create interesting puzzles that you will solve by using the environment around you, items you've found on your adventures, and the amazing blob of goo in your head called your brain. We are still in the prototyping phase of most of the puzzles, and are trying to find a balance between fun, cleverness, and difficulty. We would love to have amazing puzzles like the adventure games of old, but without the whole, try-it-once-and-if-you-do-it-wrong-you-die aspect.

An example puzzle

This could be the very first puzzle in the game, and is a work in progress. Feel free to post your feedback in the comments!

To leave Alia Village and continue your quest in the woods to the north, you'll need to open the town gate, but the guard tells you the gate doesn't work anymore because the windmill stopped turning during the last bandit attack (which we'll have a cut-scene for). The guard says he won't go into the cellar under the windmill because he heard evil sounds, but gives you the key after you offer to help. While in the cellar, you'll investigate a few broken things and then ask for some help from the townsfolk. You end up finding a hidden dwarf cave through various rumors and he finally helps you fix the windmill.

There will be at least one puzzle in each zone, and some will be spread out across multiple zones. Some will require you to use the environment, some will have you get help from the townsfolk, and some will require some big thinking.

If you don't want any puzzles, and just want to hack things down, we are considering a brute force override option for all puzzles!

Let us know what you think by commenting!

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