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A  mobile speaker like no other. Inspired by the oldschool ghettoblasters of the 1980s. A DIY kit made from recycled cardboard and German engineered audio technology for powerful sound.
A  mobile speaker like no other. Inspired by the oldschool ghettoblasters of the 1980s. A DIY kit made from recycled cardboard and German engineered audio technology for powerful sound.
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Behind the scenes, iPhone 5 compatibility, Shipping date

Posted by Studio Axel Pfaender (Creator)

This rather lenghty post will explain why there is another delay and why that is actually a good thing for you.

iPhone 5

Rumors about the iPhone 5 keep coming in and it seems likely that the headphone jack moves from top left to bottom left on the new iPhone.
So it turns out that it is actually a good thing that we are behind schedule! Thanks to the delay I was able to include an additional audio cable outlet in the cardboard body. So I dare say: The Berlin Boombox is iPhone 5 compatible

This is what I've been busy with lately

• Components
There has been a lot of back-and-forth with my supplier until we got final samples of all components.
I am happy with almost everything and just placed the order for the speakers, amplifier, battery holder and knob.
Only the 3.5mm plug on the audio audio cable is still too bulky and the cable not flexible enough. There's no way I can make a compromise here. This means l will have to wait for a new sample before I can place the order.

• Cardboard construction
I had to change a lot of small things here and there on the cardboard construction. For example the battery compartment on the back, because the boombox now runs on 3 instead of 4 batteries. This meant further itinerations of working models which had to be tested with the latest components.

• Layout
Every change in the construction means that I have to adjust the graphics. Additionally I had to sit down and rework the quick and dirty backside layout and make sure that it is in accordance with product labelling guidelines.

• Speakers
As mentioned in an earlier update we upgraded the speakers. Unfortunately these new speakers are much heavier which meant that shipping costs suddenly exploded. We worked a lot on a solution to this pronblem, because for the kickstarter pledges I calculated with pretty shipping costs and I didn't want to loose money with kickstarter after all. Luckily the guys at MIVOC managed to offer me speakers with neodymium magnets instead of ferrite magnets. This means less weight, but same sound. This process lead to quite some delay.


• 80% of the hardware components are in production
• Cardboard construction is finalized and the final working model with graphics is in production.

Next up

• Packaging 
I am looking forward to receive samples of the packaging with this week.Then I can design the packaging graphics

• Audio cable 
A new sample should arrive within this week and I will hopefully be able to place the order.

• Manual 
I have to start designing the user manual, which will be on the backside of a nice folded down poster.

Shipping date

I am really sorry but there's no way I can keep the last estimated shipping date of August 20th. I need to ask for your patience and hope that this updates give you a sense of the many things that I have been dealing with. Most problems have been solved now, and I can't imagine anything to appear, but honestly you never know.
So, barring any unforeseen circumstances I will definitely ship the Boomboxes in September.
But as I said before, thanks to that delay you will have a Berin Boombox that's iPhone 5 compatible:)


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    1. Studio Axel Pfaender Creator on

      Nathan, check the latest Update, #17

    2. Nathan on

      Hey there, it's been some time since the last Update... Eagerly awaiting the Box, can you give an update? :-)

    3. Studio Axel Pfaender Creator on

      Thanks everyone for the nice comments :)
      Concerning shipping payment, I will include info about that in the survey (which I will send soon)
      thanks again!

    4. Missing avatar

      Lesley Scott on

      Dear Mr BB, I really appreciate your updates and can see that the whole manufacturing/ designing thing is quite the process! It must feel so good to have invented something so clever though and thank goodness for serendipity. Plod on, it will get there. Oh, I need to ask... I hadn't paid for the postage in my pledge, what should I do?

    5. Aaron J. Peterson on

      Yeah, it's a devil being a stickler for details, please don't stop! All I'd want to make up for the delay is the occasional update, which you've done excellently. Carry on and thank you!

    6. Missing avatar

      Lars Eckardt on

      I don't mind the later shipping date at all. Just make that BB as good as you can.