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$30,110 pledged of $95,000 goal

New Shuriken Review

We've got another great review of Shuriken, this time from Superfly Circus, which you can read here. Be aware that there is adult language in this review.

Highlights include:

"I really dig this game, as did my cadre of ninja warriors who played it with me. We played it as a 2-player and 3-player game and it played well with both, although I think I favor more people playing as there's a lot more "screw you" going on, let alone more decisions to be made on whom to take out, and when."

"Seriously, though, this is a really, really good game."

"Short version: every person here at the Circus gave it a big thumbs up, and I was told to spend my money on getting a release copy when it ships. So, there you have it - I'm buying into it, and I don't buy many games that aren't Heroscape these days, and especially not Kickstarter games, so it must be pretty #*$king special."

We are always thrilled to get a good review and a backer all at once!

And in case you guys missed it (since I didn't include it in an update) Shuriken was also reviewed over at Purple Pawn.


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    1. Scott Bender
      on July 17, 2013

      So I got in on this yesterday. I wish there was a good way to get more exposure, though. I really think if more people knew about it things we be going faster. I did my bit by posting on facebook Have you considered trying to get an endorsement from Dr. McNinja?