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Customizatable dynamic card game with tons of deck possibilities and combos. Fast to learn, dynamic but deeply strategic.
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Last day!

Posted by Awaken Realms lite (Creator)

Hey guys! 

A very short update ;) We are at the last hours, still got some Stretch Goals to unlock, but we already have 3-4 players mode and all Exclusive foil cards! Good job everyone! 

Final hours are upon us and let us use them to the best! 

PvP supplement 

There was one thing that you did not liked from the last update - information that PvP supplement will not include Gunslingers and Frost Giants. 

We sit down to the table and re-calculated everything and we found solution to that. Overall, Gunsligers once unlock should fit the cards in PvP suplements (we will have 150+ cards there! But do to the printing restrains, sometimes adding 2 extra cards might get you to a next printing sheet that will make you a lot of additional costs and 50 more cards).

As for the Forst Giants - we will actually add them to the expansion, so that all the factions will be equally competitive for those who wished it and "Gameplay All-in" will actually be an "all-in" without any exceptions!

We hope that this solution will satisfy all of you ;) 

Oh, speaking of Frost Giants - here is one of the new concepts (Work in progress) done by Krzysztof - hope you guys will like it! 

Ok Guys! Thank you so much for being with us through whole this campaign. Your feedback, your input, your enthusiasm... well, even your memes... they were all great inspiration to the team. 

We really do hope that together we will create a great community! To the final hours of SiegeStorm! ;) 









Lets give the last lame-meme to Kamil ;) 


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    1. Michal Ciemniewski on

      So... Gun slingners' extra card copies will be added to a PvP supplement and additional Frost Giant card copies to their own box. Amazing! Really well done.

      And Yes. The giant looks like. Trollblood.

    2. Missing avatar

      Bartek on

      And where is Frost Giants foil card?

    3. Steven Crane

      Sorry but I'm still rather lost as to what this update actually means :( I dropped my pledge earlier today from the All In because I couldn't justify the extra money so I'll check back in the morning (11pm here in the UK) and review the situation

    4. Awaken Realms lite Creator on

      @Jason - sorry, it is late and my brain is tad tired ;) Yes - Gunslingers once all unlocked, will get all additional copies to make all deck option possible in the PvP supplement ;)

    5. Manolis [BGS] on

      I didn't understand either mate don't worry.

    6. Missing avatar on

      We unlock 5/9 of gunslingers, what will you do with that?
      We will get 5of every 9 cards from this set?

    7. Missing avatar

      Jason L on

      Oh wow, so Frost Giants expansion will have more than 54 cards, since it has enough to complete "playsets"? That's awesome.

      It might be a language barrier, but I don't understand "Overall, Gunsligers once unlock should fit the cards in PvP suplements": So to clarify my understanding of this update:

      Once the gunsligners unlock, gunslinger cards will be added to the PVP supplement to allow you to have full "playsets" of 5 factions (4 from the legendary pledge boxes, and the gunslingers from the stretchgoals.)

      Because of printing restrictions, instead of adding frost giants to the PVP supplement expansion, you'll be increasing the number of copies of cards in the Frost Giants expansion so that when you get that expansion, it'll have a full playset for the Frost Giants.

      Did I understand correctly?

    8. Philipp Reuther on

      I really hope that we get every Strech goal. I would even take the Gunslingers as an Add-on :D

    9. Benjamin Grimonprez on

      The ice giant looks like a IceTroll from Warmachine-Horde ^^