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Customizatable dynamic card game with tons of deck possibilities and combos. Fast to learn, dynamic but deeply strategic.
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3-4 player mode! / Last 3 days!

Posted by Awaken Realms lite (Creator)

Hey guys! 

Today we have quite exciting update for all of you, but let us start with few art Krzysztof managed to create for the Fairies AI and Gunslingers PvP factions ! 

Please note that those are Work in Progress and the final thing will be much better! 

 New supporting Stretch Goal - 4 player mode 

A lot of you have asked us during the campaign about the rules for the multiplayer mode. We have sit down and tested different approached and so far the most fun version were "free for all" type of game.

This mode will be based on the motive "last man standing". You will be able to play in 3 or 4 players. Each player will have track on his right and left side. Players will create a deck of 34 cards.

Here is a graphic illustrating how 4 player game would work like. 

Important thing to note is that passive abilities will be working ONLY in on track (not two of them).  You will also draw 3 cards instead of 2 to have more options to play.  

We drafted some first rulset for this kind of play and we were surprised that it worked very well even without huge rules modification from the base game, but we will probably change it here and there during harder testing and development. If you have some ideas, make sure to give them to us in the comments!  

Overall, fun factor is really high here, as you need to negotiate a little bit above the table, try to balance your right and left track and keep checking what your enemies are doing. 

The only problem with this mode is bigger downtime, but you have more time to think on what to do next turn ;)

As you can see, this mode will need additional 2 tracks, so we decided to make another supporting Stretch Goal at 150k GBP! 

You also had few questions about printed sleeves add-on, let us answer those! 

First of all - for PvE (solo version) it is not really important to have them on, so if you are planning playing only this mode, you might consider not getting them (as they will be only aesthetic enhancement). 

For PvP they are used to cover some information from your enemy - what cards do you have on your hands, on the top of your deck etc. 

If you decide to play this mode, both players must hide their cards backs - this is why we offer this as a bundle. We also feel the 50 of them is a perfect amount, since we have 34 cards in the deck and 16 space for sidebar cards you might want to switch after knowing your enemy deck. 

Final days

Ok guys! Final days are upon us! We have already unlocked first cards from Gunsligers faction and a lot of exclusive foil cards - lets give our best and spread the word about SiegeStorm further. Lets make 48-hours push and unlock all those Stretch Goals! 











Also, here is some new lame-memes for you created by SiegeStorm community  (this time Colin!) ;) 

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    1. Joost Nauw

      @Daniel very interesting way to think about this. Adding more stuff to a game makes you think about cancelling... So weird.

    2. Missing avatar

      Daniel Jones on

      @Paul, I keep getting the opposite impression. The longer the campaign runs, the sloppier it gets and the more the game looks half-baked. I was really excited at first--the union of card games and variable player powers always piques my interest--but now every day I lean closer toward cancelling my pledge.

    3. Nakano

      This multiplayer play mode looks interesting!

    4. Michal Ciemniewski on

      Funny thing - even on tournaments (other card games) transparent sleeves are forbidden so I would go for full colour sleeves. If You want Siegestorm sleeves consider (if this is even possible) to get few sets with a friend and split white/black between You two.

    5. Paul Cartwright

      3 and 4 player is just the icing on the cake, how much more can you squeeze into this game! I do like the sound of competitive team play 2v2 as suggested by Will though. This game keeps getting better!

    6. Missing avatar

      François on

      One major reason on backing this game on my part is the deck construction aspect. I don't want to be constantly sleeving and unleeving the cards just because I'm customizing my deck or the card gets switched to between decks, so having all the cards looking the same makes sense for me. I can understand it would not be possible to get the back art/color all the same as others already own base sets. But de la then this kind of makes clear sleeves useless with multi-factions deck construction in mind. But then having to switch between black or white themed sleeves gets cumbersome. So, I'd prefer to be able to get either only black sleeves or only white sleeves. Otherwise, I'll probably just skip on them and get plain black sleeves later.

    7. TheSirSpence on

      I still think that we should have a choice of all black sleeves, all white sleeves or mixed. Also have you considered doing packs of 102 sleeves so that we can sleeve three 34 card decks, with one pack.

    8. CheerfullyGrimm

      question. in a 3 or 4 player games, are the support cards usable for both lanes or are they only for/affected by a single lane and that opponent?

    9. Michal Ciemniewski on

      I guess we have missed a word about 1v1 format with a mix of 2 factions per side in a sleeve part (decks built from 2 factions).

    10. Will on

      Also it would be nice competitive Team Play. 2 vs 2. :D

    11. Will on

      I add my pledge for a 3-4 coop version :D But so far so good!

    12. John Plou on

      I agree with Metadna. I would love a 3-4 coop version :D
      Also, you said solo PvE doesn't need the special sleeves, but does two player co-op need them?

    13. METADNA

      Well done guys ^^ alos hope a coop vs AI 3-4 players version too if possible