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Customizatable dynamic card game with tons of deck possibilities and combos. Fast to learn, dynamic but deeply strategic.
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Foil cards! All-in pledge and new game mode!

Posted by Awaken Realms lite (Creator)

Hey guys! 

Today in the update we have quite a lot of cool new for you. First of all, we would like to introduce new batch of Foil cards, that will help unlocking current Stretch Goals! 

If we are successful, by the end of the campaign you guys are going to have 8 exclusive foil cards that we will choose together after campaign! 

1 of each faction (excluding Frost Giants) and 3 that we will choose! 

We will also think about making some special, alternative arts for those cards to give them even better visual aspect! 

We hope they will be additional help in unlocking Gunslingers faction! 

Here is also a new WIP art Krzyztof made for Gunslingers faction - hope you will enjoy it! 

New add-on and gameplay mode

Ok, so we have teased a little add-on that will quite significantly change the game. 

One of the thing we have thoroughly tested during campaign is mixing 2 factions and making deck from that. It work amazingly and creates waaay more option and combo potential. Yeah, it seems like an obvious thing, but we were really surprised how well it worked and added a whole new game layer!

One thing that is needed for that mode are card sleeves, that will cover the back of the card - so being 100% honest, if you already have printed sleeves, you can easily use those. If not, you might consider this add-on as they will be quite useful! 

Also, upon your feedback we have been testing 3 and 4 player gameplay. We still need to run some additional tests, but we feel that we are quite close to getting the formula right. 

We will have more info about that in the next update! 

As for the Language versions - we will let you guys know the final decision at the final 48 hours, so that you will still have a lot of time to react! 

Gameplay all-in pledge 

Having said that - printed card sleeves will be the last add-on that we are going to add, so we are ready to make an All-in gameplay pledge for all of you, who would like to have EVERYRTHING SiegeStorm have to offer in terms of gameplay! 

Ok guys! We are at the final days now - we have Gunslingers before us and hopefully even more to come! 

Lets keep it moving, lets spread the word about the game and make a great last days!  

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    1. Michal Ciemniewski on

      Sure, just change Your pledge!

    2. Gábor Somogyi on

      Do you have a shipping quote for the All-In pledge level?

    3. Missing avatar

      Kuba Skibiński on

      * I am not much in ;)

    4. Missing avatar

      Kuba Skibiński on

      @Michal Ciemniewski
      aahh, OK then. Thanks for answer. This will be my first big card game, so I am much in.

    5. Michal Ciemniewski on

      No. Foils are cards with special reflective (like a gasoline drop in a water) finish. This is only on one side. Opponent will not be able to tell.

      Foils are a Way to make cards unique. This is what many card game companies does. Simplest way is to Google it. Many pictures of Magic, Pokemon and other foiled cards.

    6. Andreas Kilb on

      well that means.... I am All-In now :D

    7. Missing avatar

      Kuba Skibiński on

      what is all about this whole "foil" cards? What for? I do not get it... individual cards with diferrent quality - Will this not affect the recognition of a given card?

    8. Missing avatar

      Mitcharello on

      Speaking of Sleeves @Corey Hastings +1 at all

    9. AR_Jordan Collaborator on

      Bartek about 5 hours ago Report spam
      Why excluding Frost giants?

      - I can't say. It's a giant secret.

    10. AR_Jordan Collaborator on

      Rodaballo about 5 hours ago Report spam
      I don't understand this new level of pledge. I did the 30 pound one and added some for the frost giants.

      Do I need to change to this 70 pound one to have everything? Or is this new content? This is confusing for me, I thought I was doing it fine to have everything as a single purchaser.

      - You would have a ton of content with just the core box. Everything in the all-in pledge is optional add ons. It just groups them together.

    11. AR_Jordan Collaborator on

      Tseyer about 5 hours ago Report spam
      Will the shade players faction be included in the All in pledge?

      - they cannot be

    12. AR_Jordan Collaborator on

      Dennis Burgess Superbacker about 5 hours ago Report spam
      If I upgrade my pledge to the all in will it change my backer number?

      - no, just don't cancel. Changing is fine.

    13. Missing avatar

      François on

      Why not make all the cards the same art/colors on the back so we could just buy clear sleeves, and be able to replace them if needed in the future?

    14. Michal Ciemniewski on

      Your backer numer is safe. Have no fear.

    15. Corey Hastings

      I agree with a lot of what has been said. Things I would like to see:
      1) A gameplay all-in for previous AR backers who already have the Seraphia and Styxia decks.
      2) Single colored sleeve option in order to sleeve all of the cards, so we will not have to swap sleeves when building new decks. Either this or make all of the backs of the cards the same, so we can just sleeve with clear sleeves. I would prefer the latter, since these sleeves are covering up any art you put on it anyway.
      3) Reduced price on the sleeves. That's a rather hefty price for only 100 sleeves.

    16. Meleffie on

      Paweł, you'll get the 24h bonus for free only if you are 24h backer. In other case you'll need to add it manually in PM and pay for it. This way it works in previous AR game.

    17. Missing avatar

      Rodaballo on

      Oh, I see. Thanks @michal for the explanation.
      After reading this on the computer it became clearer.

      Then All In It is :)

      Hope I kept my <<3408 backer number and I get the shades as well.

    18. Missing avatar

      Smoose on

      +1 for Anthony's suggestion.

    19. Michal Ciemniewski on

      NO! Your number will stay the same.

      Faction boxes including core box consist of 54 cards. You get 34 as a starting deck and the rest for BASIC deck building. PvP adds more card copies. Most cards in faction boxes does not have maximum number of copies. So... If You enjoy deck building then get PvP as well. If You like pre-designed decks with a small pool of extra cards to work with then You are fine.

    20. Missing avatar

      Paweł on

      With all in i will also get 24h bonus?

    21. Troy Vallance

      "Pay to win" to be exact

    22. Troy Vallance

      are the "win" foil cards included?

    23. Meleffie on

      I am glad you are testing 3/4 players mode :)

      I hope that in PM there will be more options for sets. That one presented today is not for me...

      And I also miss for foiled giants...

    24. TheSirSpence on

      I too would prefer to choose 100 white or 100 black sleeves

    25. Paul Cartwright

      I have to agree with Bartek.

    26. Arthur on

      Another vote for choice of color white/black than both. I too would rather sleeve with same color all decks, and would upgrade pledge from transparent sleeves to however many the total estimated card count of a particular color (black).

    27. Missing avatar

      Bartek on

      I'd prefer Frost giants over gunslingers... Vote between these two factions was in fact vote between picture with boobs and picture without. When both graphics was show i knew which one will win. And now because of that we've got to miss foil card for giants? No kidding.

    28. Michal Ciemniewski on

      @Kevin Harasymchuk
      50 sleeves per pack is standard. Or 100. You will need 34 anyway as a deck consists of 34 cards so You have more than You need. You can keep the rest in the box.

    29. Brian Dennis on

      I'm ALL IN BABY!

    30. Michal Ciemniewski on

      Frost Giants will not have foiled cards at all?

    31. Nakano

      @Rodaballo You can just increase your pledge manually if you don't want the all in pledge package. (Actually all-in doesn't seem to come with 24 hours early bird special and need to be adjusted manually.) These new gameplay elemens from add-ons list might interest you the most:
      * Frost Giants £7
      * Wild Fairies £5
      * Shade Slayers £5 (unless you backed during 24 hours)

    32. Nakano

      @LantreduDragon Yes. Just change your pledge level.

    33. Kevin Harasymchuk

      Why would you add a 50 pack of sleeves when the PvP packs are 54 cards? Should at least add enough to create the 2 decks. Having to buy 2 sets just for the extra 4/8 sleeves seems wasteful.

    34. Melissa S.

      +1 for @Anthony's suggestion!

      @Dennis Burgess No as long as you don't cancel your pledge your number stays the same.

    35. LantreduDragon on

      I committed to the "Legendary" pledge, is it possible to turn it into "All in"?

    36. Missing avatar

      Bartek on

      Why excluding Frost giants?

    37. Llez

      While I like the art on these card sleeves, I'd like to sleeve *everything* and have the option to just mix and match, without worrying about sleeve colors. Any chance of getting just black/white packs?

    38. Missing avatar

      Rodaballo on

      I don't understand this new level of pledge. I did the 30 pound one and added some for the frost giants.

      Do I need to change to this 70 pound one to have everything? Or is this new content? This is confusing for me, I thought I was doing it fine to have everything as a single purchaser.

    39. Missing avatar

      Dennis Burgess

      If I upgrade my pledge to the all in will it change my backer number?

    40. Missing avatar

      Tseyer on

      Will the shade players faction be included in the All in pledge?

    41. Anthony

      Can there be an all-in pledge specifically for prior AR game backers that excludes the starter set we already received/will receive with lords of Hellas/edge downfall?