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Customizatable dynamic card game with tons of deck possibilities and combos. Fast to learn, dynamic but deeply strategic.
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New Stretch Goals!

Posted by Awaken Realms lite (Creator)

Hey guys! 

You have chosen - next stretch Goal is new shiny Gunslinger faction! 

 For all those new to the Kickstarter, that might worry about unlocking this Stretch Goal as a whole - lets not worry ahead of time! Usually, there is big 48 hours rush at the end of the campaign and A LOT of things get unlocked during that time. To be honest we hope to unlock even few more things! 

Also, we will probably add few more special exclusive foil cards to unlock this awesome new faction! 

Frost Giants are also from now on available as an add-on! Whole, new 54 cards PvP faction. 

To add it, just add 7 GBP to your current pledge! 

Language editions 

We are reading a lot of comments about language editions and we just want to respond to it - first of all, we are not trying to lead anyone off course. 

This is just very hard topic. Translating the game is one thing - but making lasting relationship with a partner, so that SiegeStorm will be promoted and supported in given country is another deal. We definitely want the second model and we want a really strong partners, to make sure SiegeStorm will see a lot of promotion and events. 

Problem is, that those kind of talk does take time and while we are trying to do our best, honestly we have no idea if we will be able to confirm it by the end of the campaign. 

Please note, that to make any language print possible, smallest number of copies is 1 000. Currently, we have in the "community" tab 400 German backers, 230 French, 200 Polish backers and a lot of those backers might back English edition. 

So at this point we cannot promise you anything, while we are putting a lot of effort into talks with the partners it takes time. On the other hand, the way Kickstarter works - if there will be no positive news about language by the end of the campaign, you can always withdraw your support. 

The best way to help cause of translating the game is, well... Just spreading the world around SiegeStorm as much as possible! This increase the chances, that language partners will want this game.

Overall game balance 

Some of you are also writing some fears about the balance. Well, this topic is always tricky, as without seeing how you guys are playing, we cannot asses the balance in a deck-building game. We had hundredths of Styxia vs Seraphia games and while they play VERY different, we found them really balanced. 

Seraphia is easier for a new-comer, but we found out that if you make Styxia deck you have an amazing combo potential, especially for early rush. 

All in all, we are in the process of hiring new people to our test team, who will have responsibility to create huge testing process of SiegeStorm. We will also love to share PnPs with you guys, so you can take part in testing new factions! 

Ok guys! This is it for today! We got 8 days left, lets keep it rolling! 

In  few days we will prepare for you a very small and cheap add-on that will bring A LOT to SiegeStorm ;) We are quite excited about it! 

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    1. Missing avatar

      Thiery Sébastien on

      Michal Ciemniewski +1 but they did that on LoH and Nemesis too so it's not the first time but I'm 100% agreed with you.

    2. Laurent1975

      Totally understand the language problem, except that "and a lot of those backers might back English edition" is definitely not true. Let's cross fingers!!

    3. Missing avatar

      Monsieurzin on

      Really hope there will be a french version to play with non english speaking friends and back this game.

    4. Andreas Kilb on

      I fully support Joshua Sangiorzan arguement.
      $1 backers need to invest into a full pledge to give potentional languages versions a future.
      As a german, i am fine with an only english version :)

    5. Michal Ciemniewski on

      I agree that one 40k gap split into several smaller streaches gives no excitement. Why? Unlocking SG one by one gives us nothing unless we hit the final one. I would rather See one 169k unlock SG and several smaller like more foiled cards or something. Alter art for those foils...

    6. Missing avatar

      Daniel Jones on

      I don't understand how this is supposed to work. If the entire faction isn't unlocked, would you ship the game with only some of the cards for it? Would you negate the "unlocked" stretch goals and not ship any of the faction? Would you cover the missed stretch goals and ship the whole faction?

      None of those options is ok. Either make the entire faction one stretch goal, or don't make it a stretch goal at all. It does no good to say that the entire faction ought to be unlocked. If you're so confident--confident enough to risk all of the bad options above--why break it into 9 individual goals? Are you just trying to pad your stats?

    7. Michal Ciemniewski on

      Well... I an from Poland and I want my cards in ENG. ')

    8. Michal Ciemniewski on

      @Manolis [BGS]
      I read on a general comment section thaymn Yes. PvP will get extra cards for New factions.

    9. Michal Ciemniewski on

      @AR Lite
      'Also, we will probably add few more special exclusive foil cards to unlock this awesome new faction!' - add as what? New SG.? ADD ONS? In-between AG?

    10. Jarek85 on

      @AR you are right, and its fair, but 200 backers from Poland wait for polish language version until they change their pladge to retail legendary pledge, a lot of groups pledge were created for this case. But we will cancel it if we will not find here polish localization.

    11. AR_Jordan Collaborator on

      Brian Dennis 4 minutes ago Report spam
      Also, you forgot the meme :(


    12. Will on

      That s nice. I ll be glad to intensively playtest the game. Right now I play about 6 games per day only with the base game that has Styxia and Seraphia and I m having a lot of fun (eventhough I have to power down Styxia s main cards because stealing, discarding and forcing to sacrifice made the game too frustrating for Seraphia, even if Purge Doctors killed me in the end). Styxia reminded me of the Magic the gathering control decks that were awesome to play but truly frustrating to play against. In fact, many friends decided to quit magic after facing my control decks that made their games impossible to play as I was constantly taking their cards, countering their abilities and returning their cards to their hands. Maybe it would be nice to add some cards to Seraphia that can counteract effects at least at passive abilities. The Griffin Cavalry and the Protective Field passive abilities are nice but still you can mess a lot with the player´s hand and resource decks without needing to attack their tracks or play off turn. Not to mention that sacrifice doesn t affect a specific card in the opponent track so negating an ability that targets a card wont work as a counter effect. Anyway, so far so good, so keep the development of this awesome game and maybe a multiplayer set of rules so I can share it with my group as well.

    13. AR_Jordan Collaborator on

      Megamanred about 2 hours ago Report spam
      Will we be able to get addons after the campaign? Like with Backerkit or will we need to add the extra funds now?

      - Everything will be available in the pledge manager too

    14. AR_Jordan Collaborator on

      Paweł about 2 hours ago Report spam
      @Manolis I hope you are right i'am new on KS, because of this game btw :)

      - Well then welcome, and thanks for the support! At Awaken Realms, we always say regarding stretch goals, "don't worry about it." Even if by some chance we didn't make it, we would figure something out. : )

    15. Brian Dennis on

      Also, you forgot the meme :(

    16. Brian Dennis on

      Could you guys do a pledge thats has ALL the extra Packs? I would love that!

    17. Paul Cartwright

      I think everything you have said is perfectly fair. Also I'm very happy with the frost giants only being £7.00. I was expecting at least £10.00. I'm very intrigued about this mystery add-on, I'm all in for sure!

    18. Missing avatar

      Joshua Sangiorzan on

      This procedure Awaken Realsm suggested themselves in this update

    19. Missing avatar

      Joshua Sangiorzan on

      Regarding Language Versions:
      The best thing to help Awaken Realms Lite to realize language Versions is to pledge money. I read many comments about that some backers pledged only 1$ waiting for language versions. I would reccomand those backers to do a full pledge. By this the companies working with Awaken Realms lite will see that there is a big interest in the game and maybe translate it. If in the end there is still no confirmation for langauge versions you always can take back the pledge.
      I want a german version but pledged 100$ just to support Awaken Realsm Lite that they have a stronger argument for the partners they work with. So please all 1$ backers who wait for language versions support Awaken Realks lite now and give them a voice. in the end you still can take back your pledge if the langauge versions do not come.

    20. Meleffie on

      Hmm... cheap addon which brings a lot to ss... I am intrigued :D

      Actually I was thinking about personalised sleeves. You made wonderful reverse in ysra and khung'lai decks and now you will downgrade them (which I also like :)). So it could be possibility to use that more datailed reverses in personalised sleeves. But I don't know anything about producing and costs of it, so I don't know if it would be cheap addon ^^

      About language editions... If there (omg, I don't remeber how conditional works :D) be polish edition, I propably will chose it, but if there does not, I won't be sad too much... Maybe event I will feel relief, because I have seraphia and styxia in english, so english edition will fit to them...

    21. Akryphjel on

      @awaken realms
      If you are searching for a German partner that translates and distributes your game with success, try to contact the guys from corax games They successful translated games of lucky duck games, trickerion and other games from Kickstarter.

      Would be great to get this beauty in German language and perhaps they can even rise the number of backers.

      Good luck in the next days. Looks fine so far.

    22. Kethrian on

      @Paweł Many people looking to back things like to hit the Remind Me button, which means they will back only when there's less than 48 hours before the project ends. Those last 2 days often rival or even exceed the backing amounts from the first day.

    23. Missing avatar

      Diaz-Arriola david on

      Thanks for the honesty, for me English is not a problem but for my friends it is so if no french version, I won't back the game 😥

    24. Missing avatar

      Christoph on

      Imo the language discussion is overrated. I mean, of course i‘d be happy with a german version, but reading the rules and the text on the cards seems to me, that it‘s not overextending at all. So, i feel pretty relaxed ;)

    25. Nakano

      @Mark You have misunderstood, but it's understandable. PvP deck term confuses a lot of people. PvP deck simply means a Player deck.

    26. Manolis [BGS] on

      @Powel yeah i thought you were new. It's common to break these stretch goals last day even last hour.

    27. Missing avatar

      Mark Carter

      So, a PvP faction can't be used in solo games? Perhaps a rule tweak is in order, but in any case more solo cards would be nice.

    28. Megamanred on

      Will we be able to get addons after the campaign? Like with Backerkit or will we need to add the extra funds now?

    29. Missing avatar

      Oscar von Jentze on

      I hope the language question doesn't bring too much heat and distraction to you, asking for all the different languages at the initial release can surely be daunting. I'm sure most are fine with the english version though!

    30. Dexoh on

      Gunslingers are you kidding me!?!?! Who would take that over frost? Losing my faith in the community. You might as well make the next pvp faction SG a soy boys deck.

    31. Missing avatar

      Paweł on

      @Manolis I hope you are right i'am new on KS, because of this game btw :)

    32. Manolis [BGS] on

      @Powel we will definitely hit this goal. Usually the last day the games go almost as good as the first hours l. This means that a campaign usually goes well only first 2 days and last 2.It is like the 80% of the money these days if not more

    33. Manolis [BGS] on

      If I buy the supplementary box with the cards will there be extras also from the new factions?

    34. Missing avatar

      Paweł on

      Imo it is to much we will not get this SG :( Does it mean this set will be not full? Or it will be able to buy rest of the SG in pledge manager?