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Foil cards unlocked! Frost Giants #2

Posted by Awaken Realms lite (Creator)

Hey guys! 

You did it! You have unlocked all 3 foil cards - obviously there will be few more to come, for every PvP faction and well... Maybe something more ;) 

Right now there is last SG from Undead Realm before us, lets get it! 

 As for foil cards, some of you have asked about the quality of it. Normally, when you print cards you have 4 colors - for foil cards you need a special machine that is quite expensive. Fortunately, our cards manufacturer, have it and we were very satisfied with the quality sample we have seen! We hope you will be too ;) 

 Frost Giants #2 

Last time you left us a lot of really great feedback regarding Frost Giants art direction. Here is what Krzysztof came up with, painting further 2 of most popular concept arts. 



 This concept is not yet finished (without colours) but we hope you will get the general idea. Please - let us know in the comments, which art do you think should represent Frost Giants as the main art! 

Generally, from gameplay perspective, we are looking at making Frost Giants more of a control faction, that will have huge, very expensive monsters (Giants). If you have some ideas about the mechanics - make sure to mention it as well ! 

Also - here is also yet another SiegeStorm review! Check it out 

Ok guys, we got 11 days more to go! Lets make then count and gather as big SiegeStorm community as possible! 








And time for our lame meme of the day by David 


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    1. Missing avatar

      Mitcharello on

      And that meme is not just a meme, but th harsh reality XD

    2. Missing avatar



    3. Anestis Kozakis

      I love the look of 1!

    4. Kim Kjærgaard Jensen on

      1 for sure, 2 doesn't even look like a frost Giant, and 4 out of 5 factions already have a hot woman represent them (why does every woman in fantasy, regardless of race have to be "sexy"?, Frost giants shouldn't be sexy), would be nice with some variaty

    5. Missing avatar

      Rob Haworth

      1 - 100%, awesome sketch.

      I like sketch 2 as well, but should be for a different faction

    6. Missing avatar

      Catherine Amy on

      I'm kind of disappointed with the number 2 artwork. Any way we could have a female frost giant who actually looks monstrous and frozen like the number 1 artwork and not just like Elsa..

    7. Corey Hastings

      That is such a close call! I think #1 just edges out #2, only because the second one is more reminiscent of a sorcerer than a giant.

    8. Eugene Khoo on

      2. But I'd like both cards to be in the set

    9. Missing avatar

      Joshua Sangiorzan on

      Number 1. We need power. They are called frost Giants after all

    10. Missing avatar

      Sam Winward on

      1, definitely 1. Looks so bad ass.

    11. Missing avatar

      hidden traitor on

      love the iridescent color of the ice on frost giant 1, btw - hope that goes into the final art!

    12. Missing avatar



    13. Missing avatar

      Daniel Pallos on

      1 for Frost Giants.
      No. 2 is also a great concept sketch, however is closer ti something like. Valkyrie faction.

    14. Guðberg Haraldsson

      Number one all the way, number two looks great but as a first image to get the feel for the giants it's the first one

    15. Dexoh on

      1 is clearly the better sketch. Hope the community will realise this.