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Next faction! Steampunk Gunslingers #3

Posted by Awaken Realms lite (Creator)

Hey guys! 

First of all - we have unlocked yet another Stretch Goals and we are approaching first Foil card - lets keep it going! 

 Steampunk card #3 

First of all - thanks for all the great feedback yesterday regarding the art - Krzysztof implemented a lot of that and will probably add some more work to it. 

But today we want to highlight Work in Progress done by another member - Adrian, author of layouts of SiegeStorm cards. He made his first draft of Steampunk Gunslingers faction - please note few things:

  • This is work in progress 
  • Card name / rules are total work in progress. We just added something, so that it will not be empty ;) 

We are counting for your feedback, as usual - let us know what you like and what not! 

New faction - frost giants 

Another one of the idea that you gave us in the comments that we particularly loved and though were not done are frost giants - or in general a faction loosely inspired by Norse mythology! 

Krzysztof have made few concept arts for you too pick from - again, those are just very rough ideas and shapes, please let us know which one do you like most as the main art for the faction! 

 Language versions

A lot of question in the comments are in regards of language editions of the game. While we cannot give any definite answer at this time, we would like to let you know that we are not ignoring those request. We are just in talks with our partners, but those decisions are often not that fast. 

We will keep you informed as soon as we will know more! 

New reviews / play through 

Check out some of the new SiegeStorm videos! 

And for Polish speaking backers:

Thanks guys for being here with us, sharing your feedback and support! 








... And our daily lame meme is.....

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    1. Missing avatar

      John B

      2 or 4. Takes in that Norse grit and power.

    2. Missing avatar


      Draft for a new stretch goal : 3D plastic tokens?
      The paper will be damaged quickly.
      I would just buy them.

    3. Missing avatar


      That Steampunk faction looks like it is trying too hard. Like some sort of art that would be on some off brand sleeve protector.

      It is well made, but it doesn't invoke a sense of "cool".

    4. Missing avatar


      1 then 4

    5. Brian M

      4. Or 1; more elemental. "Big human" is just boring!

    6. Raveland District on

      OMG number 2 please

    7. Raveland District on

      OMG number 2 please

    8. Mike Wieczorek

      2 or 4

    9. Zigor on

      Number 2 for me

    10. Missing avatar

      larpowiec on

      first of third(1 & 3)!


      Regarding language option +Spanish

    12. SMYR


    13. Angy on


      I absolutely prefer the Nordic faction be inspired by tradicional representations, and the #2 seems to be the only one who this applies.
      (#1 and #4 seem to me too monster like, #3 too human like, and #5 has a look like an insect?!? )

    14. Griz


    15. Benjamin Walter

      4 -> 2 -> 1 -> 3

    16. Mark L


    17. Missing avatar

      carey on

      Two is by fair the bast

    18. Nathan Camp on

      I like number 1 and 2

    19. Missing avatar


      2 or 5

    20. Fraid on

      Number 2 ! The other ones don't look like Giants.

    21. Missing avatar

      Daniel Pallos on

      Frost Giant No. 2
      In regards to the gunslingers card I think the wing like backpack makes the gunslinger a bit too overcrowded with detail. Maybe it would make sense leaving it out. For the back of the card I would make the spikes on the cog a bit bigger to really stand out as a cog. Or put another 1-2 cogs of different sizes linked to the current one.
      It is great how you involve the community in these choices and really make fast and excellent sketches :)

    22. Corey Hastings

      I love the changes made in the artwork for "Miss Execute." My only comment on that is still on her right arm. The positioning of the wrist/gun is much better, but that forearm looks like Popeye's, and as I mentioned before, it looks like the arm would not even connect to her should blade. Fix those two issues, and it will be perfect!

      For the Frost Giant, I like number 2 the best.
      I am not sure what number 1 is, Number 3 is a close second to Number 2, Number 4 looks more like a boss you would be fighting, and Number 5 looks very Sugar Plum Fairy to me.

    23. Markus Leisner on

      2 and 4 looks good.

    24. Jarek85 on

      2 looks great

    25. Brent Rose

      On 'Miss Execute' - The right wrist looks great now and in a more natural position, but the right arm itself looks like it belongs to someone standing behind her off to the right.

      I am really liking the artwork in the game - I think this will be fantastic.

    26. Meleffie on

      more than one way*

    27. Meleffie on

      The man, who is cooler than the rest (more in one way) :D