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New Stretch Goals! Steampunk Gunslinger #3

Posted by Awaken Realms lite (Creator)

Hey guys! 

First, we will start with our work on Steampunk gunslingers art. Krzysztof have worked with a crazy tempo today, taking into account all your remarks from the last update.  

This is still work in progress and we will work on it, but we would love to hear your ideas at this point! 

 Let us know if you like it and what would you change ;) 

Additional Stretch Goals 

First of all - we have unlocked Kickstarter Exclusive Easter egg cards and as for now they will be added to every pledge! 

We have also been reading your feedback on the comment section and a lot of you highlighted, that while perhaps those card are quite funny, they will never be used in game and it is quite a shame. You would like to get something that will be exclusive for the KS, and that you can actually enjoy while playing with others. 

You have also highlighted, that spaces between Stretch Goals seems to far and a bit out of reach, At AR Lite believe that they will be easily unlocked during the whole campaign and much more. But on the other hand we can understand that perhaps indeed the steps might look like too much, so we decided to add some special treats for all the backers! 

Right now, the foil cards are place-holders, we will choose them after KS ends together from each faction. Currently we have to unlock: Kung'lai, Styxia and Seraphia foil cards! 

Those cards will be KS exclusives, as we feel that they are aesthetic upgrade special for people who participated in the campaign and no-one from retail will be "missing-out" game-play content. It is also really hard to add foil cards in retail (due to price restrains). 

We hope that you will enjoy it! Ok, this is it for today!  

Lets spread the word  about SiegeStorm and get some new people on board! 







... and our daily lame-meme by our AR_Jorda_BOT

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    1. AR_Jordan Collaborator on

      Iñigo Martínez about 19 hours ago Report spam
      What about translations? It's something that has been heavily asked, and heavily ignored, but still there is no official statement.

      - We are talking with partners, but nothing to report yet : )

    2. AR_Jordan Collaborator on

      Travis ward about 19 hours ago Report spam
      Does anyone know if I buy the legendary x6 pledge and a 24hr backer, that I’ll also get x6 shade slayer add-ons for free?

      - Yes you will

    3. Guido on

      this reduced SG gap is a significant message that you sent to all the backers . Thanks to listen us guys, hope the best for this project

    4. Missing avatar

      izah on

      Nice Work Krzysztof , i love it!

    5. Tony Ripley

      Nice job on the art. Feminine without going overboard.

    6. Corey Hastings

      I am loving the direction of the art! A couple of notes:

      1) The head and arm sizes are disproportionate, as they are much smaller in comparison to the body and legs.
      2) The head just seems to be angled too much to her left. This is just being nit-picky, though haha.
      3) The right arm is extremely awkward. The arm doesn't even seem like it would connect at the shoulder blade based on the angles, and the very weird angle of the fun direction in comparison to the arm direction makes it that much more uncomfortable to look at.

      Other than those points, it is looking great! :)

    7. Brent Rose

      -- "Let us know if you like it and what would you change ;)"

      Really like the art and I think it fits well with a steampunk theme.
      A few things :
      The chest looks a bit off. Not complaining about size, but something seems off-balance/off-angle there (if that makes sense), maybe a bit too far forward.

      Also, the right hand looks to be holding the pistol with a 90 degree pivot at the wrist. Perhaps the elbow should move out of sight to her side and you could make the forearm, wrist, and pistol more along a line, while keeping the pistol side view.

      Like others, I like the augmented arm. However, the arm/augment area below the left should could stand to be accented a bit to make it more visible. It took me a second to realize there was a human/tech joint there.

      Loving the art and hope there's lots more to come.

    8. Thomas on

      Voted for this chick and still like her most :)

    9. Nakano

      @Travis That's correct. Quoting FAQ: "You [...] get 1 free 24h reward for each pledge that you have."

    10. Missing avatar

      Iñigo Martínez on

      What about translations? It's something that has been heavily asked, and heavily ignored, but still there is no official statement.

    11. Vadim Deylgat

      Hats off to Krzysztof for coming up with such great artwork in such a short time. Love the steampunk theme!

    12. Metallaio on

      I love foil cards! Sadly I don't like the steampunk theme at all.

    13. Missing avatar

      Travis ward on

      Does anyone know if I buy the legendary x6 pledge and a 24hr backer, that I’ll also get x6 shade slayer add-ons for free?

    14. Richard on

      The art is great. Colour palette matches the steampunk theme beautifully, and the augmented arm seems chunky and antiquated enough to fit without it being too sci-fi. (Love the multi lens scope system).

      The foiled card exclusives as stretch goals is a great idea.

    15. Daniel Korbely on

      This picture is awesome. I am in love 😍

    16. Víctor de la Torre Hortelano on

      There is no Hat D:, I liked the hat's version

    17. Juri Han

      I don’t mean to be that person but, it looks amazing but I only picked number 3 because I liked the idea of her having a hat :) otherwise looks amazing, love it

    18. Kasper Sleepy con Valley

      Should she have a metalic eye or something like that?

    19. Cnd on

      It is fantastic, but I agree that it's wrist need to be corrected.
      Good work!

    20. Michal Ciemniewski on

      Foils a KS exlusives are Perfect. Something extra that does not limit deck building options for retail buyers.

      There will be one foil card per faction? And we will vote which one per fsction will be a foil one?

    21. Kasper Sleepy con Valley

      Wow you are talented. This is so great :) Even thoug I liked the green better, this is just Wow. And i like that the gun is on her hand or maybe a part of it ;)

      Maybe this could be a print in A4 or something, for a social SG more. Maybe :)

    22. zebra Matt on

      Looks great!

      Although there's something wrong with her right wrist...

    23. Paul Cartwright

      Now that I like, a lot! Fantastic art.

    24. Nakano

      She didn't have those Butterfly wooden(?) wings like I hoped in concept art. Oh well, maybe it didn't fit for steampunk setting.

    25. Markus Leisner on

      Wow, awesome. I really like the art.