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Customizatable dynamic card game with tons of deck possibilities and combos. Fast to learn, dynamic but deeply strategic.
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Steampunk gunslingers #2

Posted by Awaken Realms lite (Creator)

Hey guys! 

Welcome Monday! We hope that it will be a start of a great week for everyone! 

We have almost unlocked most recent stretch goal and very soon we should unlock whole Undead Realm! Here is recent art we have created for this AI faction (still WIP, should be better overall!)

After that, we have prepared for you something special, that few of you mentioned and we think you will enjoy a lot! But lets not spoil that for now ;) 

Meanwhile, let us continue our work on Steampunk Gunslingers art! 

Krzyszstof have prepared 3 different more detailed version of the form you have choose. Right now we should focus on some details as well as colors. Let us know which one you like most! 

 Let us know in the comments, which one do you like most, so that we can follow that direction! 

We have a lot of time left - lets spread the word about SiegeStorm! 

Ah, also - 2 lame memes, as we did not put the one last time : / This time, we will make this up for you ^ ^ 


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    1. Missing avatar


      2 - just for the color scheme Green and bronze/copper work very well together in my opinion.

    2. Apokrisis


    3. Connor C. McKee on

      Another vote or #3 here.

    4. Christophe Tresch

      #1 is my favorite

    5. Víctor de la Torre Hortelano on

      2 is the best for me, but I like 3 a lot to. We need top-hat in our steampunk fellas :D

    6. Missing avatar

      Rimtech on

      2 or a mix of 2 and 3. I like the backpack of 2 and the huge weapon and golden details. But the cloth of 3 are better.

    7. Missing avatar

      hidden traitor on

      3 (or 1 if change the bra - it looks too silly, like air bags / parachutes - but the rest is awesome)

    8. Missing avatar

      Brad Hakes on

      2. The third is a great second choice

    9. Drew morgan

      Number 3

    10. Angelique Krencius

      I like 3 the best, but 2 is a close second.

    11. Nathan Camp on

      I like number 3.

      Although I like the corset design of number 2 the best :)

    12. Missing avatar

      Erica Pettit

      I like 2 the best. I don't like 1 at all.

    13. David Gregg

      2's clothes and color scheme, but more muted like 1's skirt
      3's gun
      1's air tank

    14. Missing avatar


      1 or 3

    15. Missing avatar

      I like board games on

      @Alex guess what you meant are less clothes...
      Sorry for being salty but I can't figure out any style differences between those 3 except my the colour and less or more clothes. All 3 looking pretty obvious anyways and yeah guess you know what I mean. Maybe there's an option to get a sample less focused on dreams of a 13yo grow up but more on an adult and not starving target.
      Hate it to wright strait forward but I don't like the way those options and choices of users go...
      But I like the idea and playstyle of the game, though!

    16. Missing avatar

      Teresa Shields

      2, it is much more fitting of the theme

    17. KuantumSuicide

      1 or 3

    18. Missing avatar

      Alex Ramajo on

      All the designs look amazing but the 1st one have something special! 1!!!

    19. szww on

      They all look equaly fantastic, so I will go for #3 just because I like that green colour scheme