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Customizatable dynamic card game with tons of deck possibilities and combos. Fast to learn, dynamic but deeply strategic.
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Undead Realm / new social SG! / Suplement pack

Posted by Awaken Realms lite (Creator)

Hey guys! 

In this update we have prepared a lot of new info for you! 

  • Vote results 
  • Eastern egg: Social Stretch goal! 
  • Elaboration on card rarity and solution 
  • Lets create new faction together! 

Lets start! 

Vote results 

Winner of our vote is.... Undead Realm with its undead unicorn art! We have already started unlocking it! 

 Loosing AI faction is right now available as an 5GBP add-on! 

Social Stretch Goal

Well, we also created a little small social Stretch Goal to celebrate such a great start to SiegeStorm journey! Please welcome Kickstarter exclusive cards! 

They are meant as a small Easter eggs and a joke, but they indeed will be Kickstarter exclusives and we hope they can serve as a cool reminder that you were a SiegeStorm backer on Kickstarter. 

There will be 4 cards for basic PvP factions, each with different art. We hope you will enjoy it! 

To unlock it we need to share THIS post 300 times! Lets get to work! 

Cards rarity 

At the beginning of campaign an interesting feedback showed up - since we don't want to create TCG and random boosters, why do we even have a rarity system? Also - if we allow using 4 cards in deck building it will be really annoying to buy multiple games just to have few cards or search for them on second hand. 

We wanted to put a lot of thought on this topic to get back to you with a good answer. First of all, as Awaken Realms lite team we were playing a lot of games like Magic, yu-gi-oh! or Pokemons TCG and many others and while we have a lasting sentiment to those games, we understand that the way those games are structured, might exclude a lot of people from it. 

We do not want to make a game, where you need to keep constantly paying a lot of money to stay in the competitive stage. 

But on the other hand, we really like the rarity system - it bring a lot of cool options and great atmosphere, where you get attached to some of the cards. It is hard to explain really, perhaps it is build in us due to the sentiment to the games we played, but when you are deploying rare creature on the battlefield it is just so satisfying! 

Before we will present you with a solution, we want to make one thing really clear: 

In current decks you have PLENTY of deck-building options, customization and a lot of fun to have, especially including co-op and solo play. 

But we understand that some players might want to take deck-building to another level and have all the option possible, this is why we would like to introduce PvP supplement pack! 

In newest version of the deckbuling rules you will be able to add 2 copies of Elite / Champion card and 4 copies of Soldier / Veteran cards. PvP supplement pack will consist of additional cards that will give you all the deck-building options for an reasonable price!

But please note, that we recommend this pack only to hardcore SigeStorm players ;) 

We hope this will be a solution you are happy to see! 

Lets create new faction together! 

Last but not least: time to get creative! This is a Kickstarter campaign and we want to prepare with you totally new faction, from the ground up! Our team will be working based on your feedback. 

Lets start with overall idea and aesthetic direction - we got one idea from the comments already that we really love! Steampunk gunslingers. 

But we want more, so lets brainstorm! Bring the ideas on! 

P.S. Time for our lame meme of the day - Author AR_Jordan [bot] : 3 

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    1. Missing avatar

      Mike McKay on

      For those of us backed Lords of Hellas that got the intro decks, some of the cards only had one copy: Angel of Justice, Archangel, Frost Dragon, and Dragon Lord. The PvP packs says it has 2 copies of Elite and Champion cards, but that would only give us 3 copies of these cards, so it doesn't fully solve the issue.

    2. Renato Salinas on

      A djinn faction, an Automaton one or a deep ocean faction :D

    3. Jacco Kamminga on

      Egyptian mythology based deck. Mummies, scarabs, egyptian undead etc

    4. AR_Jordan Collaborator on

      Rafael about 2 hours ago Report spam
      Carnomorphes. ;)

      - HA!

    5. Lily

      I suggest mystic canines, such as barghest, black dog, cerberus, cu sith, hellhounds, inugami, and sirius. Also, I really like Greg Broxterman's and Nakano's suggestions of adding fantasy into the steampunk to keep with the theme.

    6. Rafael on

      Carnomorphes. ;)

    7. Skuba on

      Bears!! We want Bears!!
      Epic bears with BFG ( Big f... Gun )... Chainsaw!! Riding Dinosaurs!! And Dragons!! * In Boromir's voice* Robot Dinosaur Dragon!!
      Something Bearful!!

      Also since you like meme a lot you could consider adding a faction about it.. Pun inteded. You coul call them the Memetians !!1!!

      Aaaand better stop now b4 going total bs!!

    8. Genio on

      different types of geological formations (i.e. volcanik, sediment, transformed). Rocky looking but different than usual elementarys. Non humanized. Rather like pure rock formations of different types, shapes, colors etc

    9. Metallaio on

      Aliens. Steampunk is olready been done. If you like gunslingers look at grimslingers game ;)

    10. Vassilis Bertos on

      something with Sci-Fi theme. like netrunner, shadowrun crossfire...fed up with Fantasy themes , dwarfs,elves,dragons,...thnx

    11. Missing avatar

      Daniel Jones on

      Animated and self-aware discarded adventurer equipment.

    12. Missing avatar

      Daniel Jones on

      A deck about kickstarter game developers, and most of their actions somehow involve the incorporation of the undead somehow.

    13. Missing avatar

      Daniel Jones on

      A deck based around constellations, with various starlight powers that form cool conjunctions.

    14. Missing avatar

      Daniel Jones on

      Vengeful Butterflies and Bloodthirsty were-Rabbits

    15. Missing avatar

      Daniel Jones on

      Epic Tauric Creatures

    16. Drew S

      Pretty sure others have mentioned this but I think it's cool when publishers put references to their other games in whatever they're currently designing. An alien themed faction like Nemesis or cybernetic ancient Greek monsters like Lords of Hellas would be fun.

    17. René Schultze

      Please no steampunk... :(

    18. Scott Stefanik

      @Ed Gass-Donnelly

      +1 to gunslinger clerics!
      Like the Gramaton order from the movie Equilibrium. They had their own martial art, the Gun Fighter Kata.

    19. Brian Dennis on

      Steampunk Ninjas. Cyberpunk lucha libre. Animal Pirates. Super heroes.

    20. Jaydra Dawn

      I would echo David Gregg's suggestion of adding another tier or so to how many copies of a card rarity can be included, it would be a good way to emphasize a rare card's status. That said, I'm sure playtesting will help figure that out.

      Thanks for avoiding the booster packs. I've given up playing games like that. As fun as it can be to pull a rare/ mythic-rare in MTG's case, that enjoyment really does end the moment you need to buy food, shelter, and really does only favour those who never take a break and/ or have massive disposable incomes. I'm not ready to make a card game a lifestyle again.

    21. Missing avatar

      I like board games on

      Sounds good and that would work pretty well with goblin techs. They might sacrifice some weaker constructions to get the parts to build up a big one?

    22. Devlin Cousins

      Would love to see something like a puppeteer faction that allows you to control opposing factions. Love the steampunk gunslinger idea. Easy sell :)

    23. David Gregg

      I like Jordon Trebas' idea about a deck that sacrifices weak critters to bring out the big ones (reminds me of Yu-Gi-Oh). Would work well with Steampunk too if you theme it toward small bots being scrapped to reconfigure into larger monstrosities.

    24. Missing avatar

      I like board games on

      Think you guys got something wrong.
      You will mostly need the core Box to play solo because as far as I understood you play with one PVP deck against at least 1 Solo-Deck or 2 if it's a boss. And once it comes to Co-op you'll need the other PVP deck so your mate can join.

      And if those cards have the quality of a normal tcg like Yu-Gi-Oh! this is not expensive.

    25. Greg Broxterman

      i love steampunk but it's often done in a lazy/generic way.. but i think pairing it with a fantasy theme like most of the rest of the game would make something unique and awesome. like steampunk golems, or titans (why would titans need steampunk tech? lol)

      also another upvote for David Greg's rares comment. i'll play co-op more often, but am a completist, so i'll be on the fence.. if the price comes down and completes a nice system where 4 rarities match with 4 quantities, i'll be likely to bite!

    26. Jordon Trebas on

      I'd like to see a faction that matches the epic scale of the first two factions: angelic light side vs demonic dark side. What about something like Titans in Greek mythology, though modified for this universe? A neutral faction that is either not interested in this eternal war or maybe they are interested in destroying everyone/everything? Could be something like cheaper weak minions that can be destroyed by their owner to fuel the arrival of beefy titan cards?

    27. Gamborg on

      Upvote for David Greg's comment on rares. Also steampunk gunslingers is a pretty easy sell for me ;)

    28. Raveland District on

      Dwarfs Champions in defence with War machine and other inventions. Or a Viking inspired deck. It will be amazing!!!

    29. Raveland District on

      Dwarfs champion in defence with War machine and other invections. Or a viking inspired deck. It will be amazing!!!

    30. Mario

      I like the idea of a mechanoid/steampunk deck- especially making it a dark faction- evil dwarves (gunslinger idea) and their mechanical constructs, or some kind of evil tinkerer and army. I think it would make a unique faction with what is already created.

    31. Missing avatar

      Łukasz on

      I thought about monk/assasin/ninja deck. A faction that will base on fast damage, speed, dodging and slowing down opponents. They could have mix of abilities:
      - steal (i.e. destroy, steal or lock oponent mana crystal)
      - sneak/rush (i.e. can be deployed in the middle or "jump" over other card to get faster to oponent)
      - trap and slow down abilities (i.e. oponent cannot move one card this turn)
      - dodge or deflect damage
      Optionally a bit of magic - healing herbs etc :)

    32. David Gregg

      As a fellow ex-TCG'er and deckbuilding game designer who's been burnt by LCG's in the past: THANK YOU for offering the PvP supplement! I do agree with the others that the price is a bit high, so I'd like to offer a suggestion that also ties into the rarity system:

      With self-contained games like this rarity usually exists because it ties into the game in some way such as cards that target only rare cards or limiting how many of different rarities can be in a deck. You've gone with the latter route, which is fine, except there's basically just 2 tiers: commons allowing 4 copies and rares allowing 2 copies.

      My suggestion would be to limit deckbuilding to 1 copy of champions, 2 of elites, 3 of veterans and 4 of soldiers. This way there's a reason for 4 rarities AND you can reduce the number of cards in the supplement which would also bring down its cost.

    33. Mashing

      I'm not interested in PvP at all. I'd rather see a pledge version that only includes the cards required for solo/co-op play. As it stands now (unless I"m mistaken) there are quite a few cards I cannot use for solo/co-op.

    34. Missing avatar

      John K on

      Good supplument but expensive for kickstarter.
      Also I can't understand "why" you must include rare cards and so on? What most people ask is a fair system for all, and not a "Non-TCG game with TCG characteristics"

    35. Missing avatar

      Matthieu Dertilis on

      Good Idea for the PvP supplément, but it's honestly too expensive. It doesn't serve any purpose if you don't take the core game, and it skyrockets from 35£ (with add-on) to 50£, for no new fards, so it's 10 cents per card which is a lot compared to the material cost (no design or testing cost at all), especially when you NEED to buy the other components beforehand. I sincerely suggest a maximum of 10£, don't forget you're doing this to avoid the greediness effectivement of CCGs... And that without it, it just feels that core game is incomplete... Just my 2 cents.

    36. Marco Grillini on

      I support suggestions about Goblin Steamgeneers and Elder Monstruosities :-).

    37. Megamanred on

      A Clan of Vampires, using thier powers and necromancery to steal life, raise dead, weaken foes.

    38. Raf Bie on

      I'm guessing that we all know and love heroes might and magic 3. Maybe we should get some out of their factions? This is: castle, bastion, fortress, inferno, necropolis, dungeon, fortress, citadel, elemental gates

    39. Css on

      I would like to see some sort of merfolk faction...but i also love Lovecraft stuff, so i would vote for a Cthulhu/Dagon/Deep ones theme (it's like merfolks, but darker and cooler).

      Steampunk samurais would also do it for me :p

    40. Missing avatar

      I like board games on

      what about some metal stuff? Some weird machines built by goblins, so there are gonna be goblins with their mechanical bricolages. Maybe even some AI robots?
      But no fancy stuff, some scrap metal, a not so nice looking goblin like the pay-to-win-card but ofc less spruced up.

    41. Llez

      While not a faction I also like the idea of Berserkers, hurt yourself to hurt your enemy! Also applicable to blood magic I suppose.

    42. Nakano

      Alternatively Steampunk Phoenix and Steampunk Dragon/Dragon Tank could be high level enemies in this potential new deck.

    43. Marco on

      As for the faction: I love Trickerion, so I would love some sort of magician-society, maybe victorian, or maybe some Technomages like in Babylon 5. Something like that. :)

    44. Maciek on

      I wish SiegeStorm became a TCG card game in the future. Do you consider such option?

    45. Missing avatar

      McEve on

      Why always dragons? A phoenix is so much cooler than a dragon.

      So I vote for a phoenix deck.

    46. Manolis [BGS] on

      Maybe something like dark samurai? Seems cool to me

    47. Kyle Denna on

      Sorry, feel I should explain that a bit. Drunken as in "the juice having been drunk" causing them to lose color because it's a children's book series where there is a vampire bunny rabbit that drains the juice of vegetables causing them to be vampiric as if their blood had been drained.

    48. Missing avatar

      Iamcrazyninja on

      How about a samurai-ish faction?

    49. Kyle Denna on

      +1 for drunken fantasy vegetables if that means we get a Bunnicula reference and all the vegetables are vampiric, color-drained white-grey veggies :D I love those books. I know that isn't the intent of the suggestion but I have to put up my hand if that's what we get.

    50. Justin Rockwood

      How about nanites or small insects that group together into a collective hive mind? Or Were-animals (wererats, werewolves, were elephants, were tigers, etc.)