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Customizatable dynamic card game with tons of deck possibilities and combos. Fast to learn, dynamic but deeply strategic.
Customizatable dynamic card game with tons of deck possibilities and combos. Fast to learn, dynamic but deeply strategic.
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    1. InsaneDevM on

      Will the PvP supply include the SG factions?
      Or may we get a PvP supply II ?
      Or even an All-In Pledge with playmats etc.?

    2. David R. on

      Pls tell us about the language-options!!

    3. Angy on

      I'd also like have more information about language version. I am interested in a Spanish version.

      An important aspect in favor of Awaken Realms are the language versions. It's been an deciding factor when I pledged all-in for Nemesis.
      I even consider it a distinctive characteristic in AR campaigns, compared to other publishers, that helps to construct an maintain a solid fan base.

    4. Missing avatar

      Nicolas Broin on

      Undead realms needed 40k£ for 24 cards. I'm a worried about how much money will be necessary to unlock the next stretch goal that will be a 54 cards PvP deck.. Maybe I will find a good surprise toomorrow. wait and see .

    5. Matteo M on


      It's exactly what I said. I think they had much time to balance the decks Seraphia & Styxia, but those decks seem to be pretty unbalanced anyway. Because of this I'm quite worried about the balancing of the other decks. I need to know they're going to fix it to pledge this game.
      I really love the mechanics, I want to be clear, but the balancing needs to be the most important thing in a card game

    6. Missing avatar

      Joshua Sangiorzan on

      Can you please tell us about language versions? A week ago you told us that you are talking "right now" with your partners about language versions. One week later and no answer. I assume that means no language versions?
      Please be transparent about the subject.
      Whoever wants also an answer regarding language versions post so in the comments that Awaken Realms lite sees the need for a clarificiation

    7. Missing avatar

      Tyler Delph on

      I'm seeing a lot of comments about Seraphia being overpowered compared to Styxia. Has there been any consideration into further balance testing these decks, or do you think they're balanced as they are now once players get the hang of these decks and playstyles?

    8. Missing avatar

      Sebas on

      If i pledge for two legendary packages will i get the stretch goals for both games?

    9. Missing avatar

      Matthieu Dertilis on

      Wins* not Windows, damn autocorrect

    10. Missing avatar

      Matthieu Dertilis on

      As they are right now, Seraphia Windows about 80% of the time. (15 years TCG player here with about 30 hours on SiegeStorm). And I'm talking about 34 cards deck, because I think it would be even worse for Styxia in a longer game. There are only a few broken cards in Seraphia (protective field !!!) but being able to protect them and heal them back make it very hard for Styxia tout get the upper hand, + cheap removals for Seraphia and no reliable/efficient way to remove a creature in no man's land for Styxia. Can be easily fixed by 2-3 cards though, it's not a full "matchup counter". I'm just hoping they do make these few changes.

    11. Amarice on

      @Andres, yes.

    12. Missing avatar

      Oscar on

      @AR you told it's a lcg, do you plan to have an unlimited number of expansion released every week or month just to earn money or there will be just the necessary expansions released from time to time?

    13. Andres on

      Hey there...will there be a Spanish Version?

    14. Andres on

      Next SGs pleaseeee

    15. Kim Kjærgaard Jensen on

      I have read that Seraphina is better at first glance, simply because it is easier to play, but once you get more used to the game Styxia becomes a lot better than it initially seems like. Can't say if it is true though, have yet to try the game myself

    16. Marian Leifert on

      @Matteo M My buddy and I assume that the decks are currently good belanced. We try some diverse strategies with booth fractions and the styxia has always a good chance to win and so they do. But we think it really depends on how you play and you have to manage your deck well against a specific Deck and Playertype. And we also think that is one point of a lot fun in the game. After your play a round you want to adapt your deck new on the strategy of your enemy :)

    17. Nakano

      @AR_Jordan See if Awaken Realms could try to work with a real time game project next. Something similar to Space Alert where movement and actions are handled with cards. "I take care of this platform, can you shoot those alien ships?" (radio silence to follow, no one is allowed to talk.). Most real time games seem to require moving components on board real time and fast rolling dice while doing so and it doesn't seem as nice.

    18. Amarice on

      @RiOs, yes, they will announce it soon.

    19. RiOs on

      Hey there...will there be a German Version?


    20. Missing avatar

      Jarek on

      @Mr. Sticky Pants

      In Poland is now 9.08 am,

    21. Panos

      @Nakano Thank you. Good to know

    22. Nakano

      @Panos Yes of course. All PvP decks (like Seraphia and Styxia) = Player decks. And All PvE decks = AI decks.

    23. Panos

      Can i play solo with Seraphia and Styxia?

    24. Nakano

      @Pants Graphics artist has a day off. Apparently a stretchgoal update incoming within the next 24 hours.

    25. Mr. Sticky Pants on

      When do these guys get up? SGs need updating.

    26. Matteo M on


      About balancing.

      Ok, I'll never have 100% balanced, but in 10 games Seraphia won 9 times vs Styxia.
      And not only in my games, there are other players think this.

      Balancing must to be a central topic in a card game, more than in a board game, and I need to be sure about this. If a faction is so strong against another I think it's not a good thing :(

    27. Michal Ciemniewski on

      Oh... Giants +1. Fits the theme of the game more.

    28. Michal Ciemniewski on

      @Jon Mercurio Knight

      Games cost money. Sure. Thing with CCG is that You never get the same for the same money. Rarity means You have to buy more to get better chance to get better cards. You choose what You want in LCG format. Pick packs You need. Sure You pay for it but cards You get are guaranteed. You know how much You have to spend to get Your deck. And power of a deck is not based on Rarity system.

      @AR NICE place! I wł test the game and maby run a tournament in my local store.

    29. Paul Cartwright

      Yeah can't wait to see what's next!

    30. Amarice on

      Unlocked for real now. Looking forward to that update tomorrow.

    31. Amarice on

      My vote for a "made in Poland" product.

    32. AR_Jordan Collaborator on

      Hey next update and stretch goals are coming tomorrow! Graphic artist is off today!

    33. AR_Jordan Collaborator on

      Where does the Steampunk Gunslinger and Secret faction fit in to all of this?
      Will they be expansions for the 24 card Solo or 54 card PvP?"

      - They will be next 54 cards PvP faction (that you can also use in PvE)

    34. AR_Jordan Collaborator on

      Are the Gunslingers and Frost Giants stretch goals or add ons?

      - We will make a vote - one will be SG, another add-on ;)

    35. AR_Jordan Collaborator on

      For solo is the boss part of the 24 card deck count or an additional card? Does every solo deck have a boss?

      - Currently - yes and yes, but it is open for change, so we will see in the end!

    36. AR_Jordan Collaborator on

      If you don't mind sharing, are you guys producing in Poland or over seas?

      - Not yet 100% sure. Both options are open so far ;)

    37. AR_Jordan Collaborator on

      Hey, guys, will there be a PnP version of any coop solo pack for playtesting after the campaign end ?

      - Sure, after campaign will end we will want to develop the game with the community!

    38. AR_Jordan Collaborator on

      I noticed Seraphia Deck >> Stixya Deck and I'm not the only one. do you think is that balanced?

      - Well, you never have 100% balance, but at our tests - yes we feel it offers more or less balanced experience, but the play styles are very different.

    39. AR_Jordan Collaborator on

      Art book details? Size? number of pages?

      - It will be most probably B5 size, around 30-40 pages. Thou it can be a subject to change ;)

    40. AR_Jordan Collaborator on

      Panos Superbacker 22 minutes ago Report spam
      Hello. Can somebody explain what the deckholders do?

      In addition to what Amarice said, you could just carry around your battle deck without all the other stuff.

    41. AR_Jordan Collaborator on

      George Gillaspie 27 minutes ago Report spam
      If I get 2 core boxes would I get stretch goals for both?

      - Yep!

    42. AR_Jordan Collaborator on

      George Gillaspie about 1 hour ago Report spam
      @AR Jordan is there any chance we might see some plastic or acrylic tokens as future stretch goals?

      - With Siegestorm, all things are possible.

    43. AR_Jordan Collaborator on

      Michal Ciemniewski about 2 hours ago Report spam

      Do You @AR Lite plan to run tournaments in Poland/WW? IS this game competetive enough?

      - Well, it would be a waste of having our own bar and not having tournaments!

    44. Paul Cartwright

      @Jon yeah I can agree with all that, and as you said LCG's are definitely the way forward.

    45. Amarice on

      @Panos, they are boxes of the size of a full deck so you can store and carry each deck separately while having them protected.

    46. Panos

      Hello. Can somebody explain what the deckholders do?

    47. Jon Mercurio Knight on

      @Paul, not really completely different, but the LCG like format definitely gives all players more of a chance at the same card pool for around the same price, since individual card prices won't tend to fluctuate... though even in that format, it can become prohibitively expensive if the game releases expansions at regular intervals, as Netrunner did.

      Paul, with that clarification, though, and the change, yeah, that makes sense and I agree with the change. TCG is a very out dated release system. I'm all for more of an LCG kind of release. If he had just said that, I'd have had no issues.

      Michel, calling CCG pay to win and not calling LCG the same is not very accurate. While I agree that LCG is better for the players, you still need to buy whatever sets required to make your competitive deck, including sets with more powerful cards. The TCG/CCG format is just more expensive, because of the collector side of that business and the rarity of individual cards, but you still have to pay to get the sets for LCG, you are just paying less overall.

      The only difference is the format of release and I very much agree LCG is the way to go these days.

    48. Missing avatar

      George Gillaspie on

      If I get 2 core boxes would I get stretch goals for both?

    49. Missing avatar

      George Gillaspie on

      @AR Jordan is there any chance we might see some plastic or acrylic tokens as future stretch goals?

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