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A board game experience, carrying an important message: In war, not everyone is a soldier. Can you survive to see the end of the war?
A board game experience, carrying an important message: In war, not everyone is a soldier. Can you survive to see the end of the war?
9,627 backers pledged £621,811 to help bring this project to life.

Language versions update / shipping info

Posted by Awaken Realms (Creator)

Hello everyone! 

Today we have prepared big update on state of language editions, including giving you more info about our partners and samples of translation quality. 

But before we will start on that, a few comments regarding last shipping news of English edition: 

- Exclusive editions should ship this week (we are waiting for last component - signed art book  by 11 bit studio team - but it should come within 1-2 days to shipping facility) 

- 12 and 13th shipping zones will be shipped this week 

- Part of custom characters will be shipped this week, another part next (we need some additional info from some of you, so if you ordered custom miniature, make sure to check your SPAM box!) 

- Remaining orders are shipping this / next week (orders that were addressed to P.O. boxes, missed by packing facility etc.) 

- Orders with Pledge Manager filled after 23th of March is shipping this / next week 

Meanwhile we will be sending you any lacking elements / components you might find - remember that if you will get some, to write us at!  (thous it might take few days before we respond). 

OK! Now lets get to language version. 

Language versions 

First of all, we finally want to share some more information about our partners, who teamed up with us and Galakta to work on localized versions of the game – thus, thanks to them, we can offer these localized versions to you as part of our Kickstarter Campaign. 

The companies responsible for the localized retail editions are:

  • Asmodee GmbH (German Edition)  
  • Edge Entertainment (French and Spanish Editions)
  • Galakta (Polish Edition) 



These are one of the biggest (if not The biggest) publishers on given markets. Thanks to that, you can trust their skills in doing a great job with localizing games. That is really important in case of a game like This War of Mine: The Board Game, as localizing such a title requires a lot of work with text, and quality of translation is crucial in this game.

The translation process of above mentioned editions is on track - some are complete in full, while some still need some additional work (mostly the Book of Scripts). Soon we head up into production – which will take several weeks.

Since now we have most of the localized content for the core game done by our partners, we already started working on the Stretch Goals and Add-ons in different languages. We couldn’t do it earlier, as we want additional content to match the core game. Despite the fact that these additional materials are not a part of the final retail edition core box, we got some help from our partners with working on these.

All Stretch Goals and add-ons comprise about one-third of the core game, thus we expect to have everything translated within 1 to 1,5 month (meanwhile core box production will be finished).

Stretch Goals / Expansions production takes 2 weeks tops so we expect to ship language edition in late October / Early November. 

Around 95% of those orders are within European union we will be able to ship them at fast rate and once we will get them - we hope to ship all of them with UPS in around 2-3 weeks. (UPS shipping takes 2-3 days within europe from getting tracking number)

We understand that the wait is hard, but we don't want to rush the translators in their work, as in this game it is especially crucial to catch the mood, rules and flavor of the game right. We trust our partners and translators working with us to do a top quality work. This game is one of the biggest translation project in Board Games history due to its huge content (only book of scripts from core box have 1 000 000 characters!).  

Translation samples

Below you can find samples of translations in every language. You can click on image for full resolution! 















We will continue to update you every 2 week on the progress! 


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    1. Missing avatar

      Sergey on

      So guys, you don't answer to my mails, I write here.
      I'm from Russia, Saint-Petersburg. Everybody from my home have have been playing the game for mounts. But my game is in San-Paulo. Ye, right. It is not Russia, It's not Europe, it's America. I wrote to gamefound: may be it is wrong track number? Nothing. I wrote: in this track number I see that parcel go to Brazilia. Nothing. Nothing support. I had only one answer, for one mail: I want my money back. The answer was: we wouldn't cancel order because the parcel he's already shipped. To another person, to another city, to another country.

      What's the hell, AR? If such troubles will be with LoH... I don't know, It's not support, not serious relations with backers. It's just money.

    2. Jan Kador

      Any updates on the german edition? Read on the Asmodee forum that the german version might be buyable in Essen and i would be very upset if I supported this game but get it after everyone else!

    3. Esteban

      Still waiting for a game or at least a shipping notification

    4. Mark Dryden on

      Still no game. No reply to latest email request for update. Over two weeks since this update was posted. Can you please update the patient and longsuffering backers who helped make this game a reality and concentrate on getting the product to our doors please??!!

    5. Héctor Snchz Mts on

      In my life I had found a company that worked worse than this one in KS. The worst communication I've seen, slow, uneducated, do not reply to e-mails, have treated the backers of translations as if we were backers of the second, hiding information that they would take more MONTHS in sending the KS, in a clear example of HOW NOT TO ORGANIZE A PRODUCTION PHASE.

      Incredible, you leave in good place to the disaster of Dark Souls and SteamForged Games.

      And you asked for education to your backers in the comments when you are the first that you have not respected us, and you continue without doing it, that we have been ungrateful for a month, ungrateful.

      Thanks to you and SFG, KS will be a niche platform during your life, and hundreds of projects will not be fulfilled because people are suspicious of YOUR FAULT.

    6. Héctor Snchz Mts on

      15 days without any info.... maybe it's time to track our CORE games???

    7. Missing avatar

      Krzysztof Sakwerda on

      @Awaken Realms Any update on exclusive edition shipping? It really has been a while...
      I am still hyped for the game and would like to play it as soon as possible, but at the same time I am more and more worried about lack of update...

    8. Missing avatar

      Hanspeter Ziegler on

      I backed with custom characters and was expecting to hear some information 2 weeks ago. I already responded to the email for additional info required. Can I please get an update?

    9. Rafael Gutierrez

      I'm just checking in, not worried but with the hurricanes and all, how is it going to affect the shipping of the games to the USA?
      Specially were I live Florida!!!

    10. Spaak on

      Its been now over a month since my order's shipment "started yesterday". Another week since I have emailed you as instructed below with a screaming 'IMPORTANT' in the headline. No reply. You were doing such a great job for almost the entire campaign and afterwards but sadly all of this is now overshadowed by the complete failure to communicate properly and address issues promptly. It took you ca 18 months to build a solid reputation and only 1 month to blew it. Congratulations.

    11. Héctor Snchz Mts on

      SIX MONTHS to translate a game. EIGHTEEN MONTHS since we paid for it.

      Some ppl told to you "Good job guys". Now I understand why Trump win the presidencial carreer in USA, the world is full of idiots talking with other idiots on internet.

      Very dissapoint with you, wondering if I'll got the game for 2018.

    12. Missing avatar

      Yaron Davidson

      @Roman - In the same boat here. That's a bit less than $20 as the actual VAT, but then ~$56 for their brokerage fees in releasing the package from customs (which would have been 0$ if this was sent as regular/tracked mail).

      When I saw the low shipping cost in the pledge manager I was sure it means this will be sent in the mail, and not with a courier, otherwise I would have avoided adding any add-ons to stay below the VAT threshold. Seeing this from UPS came as a nasty surprise.

      @AR - Also, for whatever reason the earlier email messages from UPS listed the sender as "REALMS DISTRIBUTION SPOLKA Z O.O" , which really didn't ring any bells or allowed to easily figure out who even sent the message (I have it listed in 0 emails or KS updates from anywhere). Just the recent SMS notification to schedule payment+pickup mentioned "Awaken Realms" as the sender.

    13. Roman Peselev on

      I'm from Israel and ordered base+memories+incidents. UPS asks me another 75$. AR sort it out please

    14. Ren Lim

      @Awaken Realms,
      Thanks for responding to me here at last, at least I'm [slightly] more at ease now that you've replied, and will look forward to your update. :)

    15. Missing avatar

      Humberto Eduardo

      The Spanish ones looks very interesting and professionally made. Is it possible to get them digitally? Or maybe buying the cards, books and maybe even the map in Spanish since we have the rest of the game and tokens already.

    16. Rafael Gutierrez

      I'm sorry but I don't understand, when do we start getting the games?
      I'm in the USA and I can't make the tails of what you're saying the timeline is for the supposed shipping dates.

    17. Christopher Daley

      Except I am not sure why you are still asking me to email you. Why am I in charge of the communication? You already said you would email me weeks ago and didn't. Now you are telling me if I don't get a tracking number (which I am fairly sure I won't) email you again. Except say important because you know that is the magic word. I thought it was important a month ago when I first emailed you.

    18. DanWolf on

      Hey guys, you're doing a great job. German translation is just another proof. Asmodee is a good choice, I think. Man, just can't wait to get this game in my hands...

    19. Blair Leggett on

      Any updates for backers who purchased alternate box art?

    20. Missing avatar

      Filthy Monkey

      I'm in The Netherlands and have received nothing. To be expected or something went sideways?

    21. Missing avatar

      François Scerba on

      Nice job guys ! I have a lot of EDGE games and they are real good quality. So good news for french (and spanish) guys.

      The translation looks pretty good. Only one very small thing : is the apostrophe sign the right one? I am no specialist, but seems weird to me... Wikipedia says we must use unicode U+2019. Is this right?

    22. Missing avatar


      Good job! Thanks for the update. German translation looks professional.

    23. Julien Pierlovisi on

      Thanks for all your good work and updates about our versions :)

    24. Baylock on

      I'm ok with the waiting.
      What I'm not ok with is the fact that you told us first that the people who asked for a translation would have to wait mid September.
      And in almost mid September, even though there is nothing new under the sun, you tell us that it would be for, at least, mid November.
      This doesn't look like transparent to me.
      I was totally ok in the beginning because I could tell why it was the way it was and why you told us that at that very moment.
      This time, it just seems you didn't take your responsibility and waited for the last minute to add three months to the bill (because it doesn't seem that in mid November we'll get it all neither).
      Giving the names of the translators feels now like a way to give us a bone to chew while dropping that bomb.
      Receiving the game later is ok. Receiving it, at least, 6 months later is not.
      I really hope you will not sell this game before we all receive our pledge or I would be very pissed.
      And it looks like you are going to.

    25. TheWay on

      Great work guys!

    26. Vladimir Koval on

      @Awaken Realms
      Hello, how long we should wait till you finally ship games to Ukraine?

    27. Salvador Bernadó Sala

      We asked for translations and you've worked to get the best translations.
      It's annoying to wait so long after the game has been released in english but, I know that when I receive the game I will be very satisfied.

    28. Manuel Kellner on

      @Awaken Realms
      WTF still 2 month to get the german version. So i move in mid october. where i have to change my adress ? only in gamefound ?

    29. Evgeniy on

      @Awaken Realms
      Hello. This update does not provide any information about shipping to Russia and Ukraine. Will it comes this week along with shipping to 12 and 13th zones (as mentioned in previous update)? Or something changed and we need to wait a little bit longer?


    30. Awaken Realms 8-time creator on

      @Ren Lim
      By tomorrow we will know everything (we are in constant contact with UPS). Either way we will know everything by tomorrow and send email to all backers affected by this.

      Lost orders are shipping today / tomorrow. If you will not get tracking by then - please send email over with IMPORTANT in the topic of the email

      Yup, you are right - we learned our lesson and all our future KS will be most probable divided into shipping waves.

    31. rcresnik on

      I fInd it kind of funny, that people who payed the most (exclusive/premium/additions with addons) get their goods last..
      I get it that not all components were made at the same time.. but you should still be better to your premium users.
      If nothing else you could at least offer them multi wave shipments (either free, as a premium bonus, or at least payable).

    32. Christopher Daley

      My favorite part of this update was the part where they said they would get back to you in a few days. It is now going on 2 weeks since they told me they lost my order and would get back to me in a few days. It has been over a month since I first contacted them. I would gladly take my money back at this point but no one ever responds to that request either.

    33. Ren Lim

      @Awaken Realms
      I'm surprised this update did not address the UPS issue faced by backers from Singapore.
      Please kindly advise, we are all quit concerned at this point with all the silence surrounding this.

    34. Missing avatar

      Piotr Wieczorek on

      Are U %#$ kidding me :) late October / Early November fro Polish version ??
      I live in Wrocławe hmm i guess I storm Your office :) for my game ! :) Bross

    35. Husker Dan

      First, it's great to get an update, but as a one of the "collector's editions" who hasn't received the game yet, or any tracking information, I find the update very confusing. 12th and 13th zones?!? In simple language when should I expect my game? Not being critical, just looking for clarity, thanks.

    36. SMYR

      Very glad that Asmodee is doing the german part. A great company with lots of experience and many many good translations to show of (Mage Knight to name one)

    37. Ansatsu

      And...still nothing in the US despite my pledge meeting none of the caveats listed above.

      Great job, guys.

    38. Todd Ferrullo on

      @Awaken Realms: So if we answered your email a week ago (with no response from you however if you received it) about the "missing information" on the custom character can we expect our games to ship this week (or will it be next week)?

    39. portcullis on

      Whilst I'm pleased that AR have stuck out a pretty difficult time during which -- myself included -- has been plagued by vociferous complainants, it's really disheartening that I'm still having to wait ANOTHER month [by the time it gets here] after shipping began for my copy of the game. OK some of it has been my fault for using my parcel locker address [which I still haven't found any reference to GF's inability to send to them in the updates, perhaps somebody could help me out there], especially when GF has had my parcel locker address on file since July last year. Now that I have provided an updated address, I have to wait another four weeks for delivery for something that should have been ready to go when the updated address was provided? It really is not good enough.

      First and last time I will back an AR campaign.

    40. Joshua Romeo

      Im in australia, no tracking number yet. What should i do

    41. Andreas Ahlgren

      Thanks for the update. I, however, am still a bit worried since my pledge was english - collectors (I don't have a PO-box or funny address)... and still no tracking and just "verified" in the pledge-manager. But I guess I'll just hang in there for a little while longer...

    42. Rôletabille

      Nonne Bouvelle !

    43. Awaken Realms 8-time creator on

      Actually we hope to send everything in that time (including expansions)

    44. Enrique Salvador de la Rosa on

      I ordered the spanish version, and knowing now that EDGE is the one taking care of it I can stay at ease. I have many of their translated board games and RPGs, and I've never had any tranlation issues. The stuff shown on this update looks really good too, take your time, I will be leaving some days free at Christmas to play the game (accounting for shipping and everything else).

    45. Missing avatar

      Karl Frank on

      Oh and the German translation looks really good from the samples given IMHO

    46. Missing avatar

      ArtSchool on

      Thanks for the update! Edge is a very solid company, so we trust that the Spanish/French versions of the game will meet the highest quality standards.

    47. Missing avatar

      Karl Frank on

      So base game only will be late October / Early November while the game with expansion is planned around christmas time? Is that correct? Oh well - later then I hoped for, but I concur with all others. Better wait till Spring and have a perfect translation over getting it sooner and have ambigious terms.

    48. JediMaveric on

      The Polish version looks fine. The wording is kinda clunky like Chłód minus Deski = 4 but I guess it's the fastest way to write it on a small card. Works for me.

    49. Awaken Realms 8-time creator on

      Please write to us at PM with your Order number from GF (or Kickstarter email) - we will check it!

    50. Awaken Realms 8-time creator on

      If you will not get any tracking / news from us after 2 weeks from today - you can storm us with emails ; ) But do not worry, after that we are investigating every case individually and we will be more "free" so it will take way faster then now