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A board game experience, carrying an important message: In war, not everyone is a soldier. Can you survive to see the end of the war?
A board game experience, carrying an important message: In war, not everyone is a soldier. Can you survive to see the end of the war?
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New Add-ons + special spotlight!

Posted by Awaken Realms (Creator)

Hey guys, 

A lot of you have been asking about Add-ons and today we want to shed more light on the resin add-ons that you can get for our game. 

What is the difference between resin and plastic miniatures? 

Basically, resin offers the best quality on the market regarding details. It is also better to paint, so if you want your miniatures to look good and you have some spare money, this is an option you should go with. 

The resin miniatures will be cast in-house by Awaken Realms, so we can directly control the quality! 

New add-ons! 

We have just added a few new Add-ons: Additional 18 fittings in resin, kids, a dog, a cat and a painted rubble die! 

Please note, that prices for painted versions already include the cost of resin miniatures! 

How to add them...? Just increase your pledge by given value. 

Let's get into more details about the fittings and the rubble die! 


In the game you will be able to build A LOT of things, that will enable you to craft and reinforce your shelter or for example heat it should winter come. Normally, you will have cards for that - but for miniatures lovers, we have created this special add-on, that will help you create a greater immersion for the game. 

You will still need cards for their statistics, but now you will be able to literally see how your shelter grows!

Please note, that only the resin version is possible (plastic would need huge quantities for production). Also fittings from "Orphans of War" are not included. 

the Rubble Die

Now, something very special - a favorite idea from Michał Oracz, TWOM: TBG creator. Please see the description of this die, he wrote in his own words: 

"I couldn’t wait when my personal favorite will finally see the light of day - The Rubble Die. It is something entirely new in the world of dice. Why? Here is the answer:

Ordinary dice share a rule throughout all games: each side have an equal chance of being rolled. So if we take a D10, EACH number posses the same probability of being rolled: 10%. Even if we give a special meaning to a certain result it will be rolled (statistically) once every 10 rolls.

In This War Of Mine: The Board Game we needed a die that would introduce a HUGE diversity in chances, with some being as high as 30% and others as low as 3% for a given side. The solution is almost trivial.

We came up with a totally ASYMMETRICAL die.

It has small and large sides and no center of gravity, it also isn’t perfectly flat, it has bulges and looks like a piece of a rubble or debris with some twisted pipes and damaged home equipment parts sticking out of it, more than a die used for board games. Of course it still has geometry that causes each roll to have a unequivocal, clear result and the die will never stop with no apparent result visible.

In the game’s mechanics this Rubble Die represents a decision to sacrifice some time while searching through a location. We risk more than usual but instead we can find something more. You roll the die. In most cases the roll will mean one of the more probable results but from time to time a very hard VERY HARD to get result will be rolled and with it we will trigger an extremely rare finding or an event.

The description of the symbols on each of the die’s sides will be printed on the cards that will come with it. Let me just add that not all result of the rolls will be to our liking. The Rubble Die brings certain risks with it and VERY RARELY a highly unpleasant adventure "

Ruble die will come originally painted, so that you can see everything clearly! 

We hope that you will enjoy it! 

We also know, a lot of you are waiting for some more details on a few elements and we are trying our best to cover everything - but unfortunately, with the end of the campaign coming, we need to focus on a lot of other things as well and most importantly prepare the Stretch Goals. 

Please note, that there will be a possibility to pick up Add-ons from the Pledge Manager level and there you will have all the information needed! 

Only 4 days left guys! Lets finish this campaign in a really epic style! 

P.S. We are already working on 13th character model, so that soon you will be able to meet the winner! 

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    1. Brad103 on

      @Rollga Honestly, I see a good chance of all of those options being available for them. Both can reduce misery. The cat will likely reduce the damage from rat events. They said the dog has the ability to warn of intruders and be used/sacrificed during combat. As for food...when you're hungry, you gotta eat, i dont see why that wouldnt be a darker option.

    2. Missing avatar

      Rollga on

      So, the cat and the dog can be kept as pets and what they do? Cheer up the party? Guard`s the door? Catch mice? Can be transformed into food when crisis appears?

    3. Rand Chua TL on

      Possible to do a vote to get lower cost plastic miniature vs resin miniature?

    4. Andrew Dickinson

      I'd have to say I'm pretty happy with how they're handling this to be honest. Resin upgrades and additional resin items like furniture are not required to play the game, but are a nice upgrade if you want it/can afford it.

      We're almost at the end of the campaign, so I don't see them making any huge changes now. If you back the basic game you're still getting the same game you were interested in to begin with, but now it comes with a huge amount of new content. Those two add-on expansions are probably the only thing that concern me (might have been better to have them as another stretch goal further down the line instead), but they will still be available at retail later so you can just buy them further down the line. Again, they're not integral to the experience, they're in addition to it.

      I'm excited to see what's next stretch goal wise. As for add-ons, I can't really afford any more now myself. I added on both expansions, the rubble die and the cat. I really want that cat....

    5. Missing avatar

      Harley on

      Will there be an opportunity to buy the Resin models from AR later on?

      I would love to get them but this game is very quickly becoming quite expensive and i don't think i can afford the resin miniatures at this time.

    6. Victor Lamy on

      Many thanks Awaken Realms for contributing to the chat.

      If think Karsten Keese is making a very valid point..

      Also, you have to accept that most of the comments here are constructive rather than positive. Not because we are a just bunch of moaning spoiled babies, but because there is a trend you've got to acknowledge - the cost of these add-ons is objectively just too high.

      You are basically offering 2 experiences:
      1. the core game, rather affordable
      2. the core game with all miniatures and furnitures in resin that is now the cost of Kingdom Death Monster.

      Because between you and me, I don't know that many of us who would just pick and choose some minis or furnitures to add to their pledge if not put away by the prohibitive cost.

      You've got to listen to us, maybe our concerns do make sense..

      Upgrading minis and furnitures is very much what a Kickstarter stretch goal is about (especially as you guys have already made the investment and bought the machine and need big volumes to make it viable), a locksmith app game is more of an add-on..

      Take good care

    7. Minghua Kao on

      Here are some articles for people who don't understand the difference between making figures through resin casting and injection molding ("plastic). The subject is easier to discuss when you understand what is involved.


      In short: you have to produce enough figures (AR - how many is that for you?) to make injection molding affordable, else you have to go for resin casting.

      Details: Injection moulding means steel mould instead of rubber. This means no undercuts are possible which means fewer details. Explanation on undercuts:

      AR: how about the idea of releasing digital files for 3D printing? This is also something you could consider if there are not enough people interested for resin casting them.

      By the way, for those missing the chair: here is one at thingiverse. :)

    8. Awaken Realms 8-time creator on

      Resin is great for smaller quantities, as well as very cool material for painting. We also have our own cast facility, so we can be sure of the quality, production deadline etc.

    9. Jonas Vestergård on

      I don't get it. Why are you so obsessed with resin? Almost every other board game kickstarter has ALL of their add-ons in plastic. And now you're even making a dice in it?

      Seems like a terrible idea. Regular dice wear down over the years. A resin die will be completely unusable within a year or two.

    10. Cerealkila Mike on

      I love the idea of the rubble die. Its a bit pricey but whatever, my only concern is that die tend to fall off tables and resin is not known for its strength.

    11. Awaken Realms 8-time creator on

      It has some rules, but it will not add a lot to game. More of a special rules that you will be able to use him for.

      As for the dice goes - please, treat it more of a cool gadget then something important to gamplay. Btw. dice is in resin and comes painted - thus the price.

    12. Missing avatar

      Jonathan on

      I'm in the same boat Dein, GBP to CAD means this game would get very very expensive very fast. Would like to know how integral the dice is

    13. Missing avatar

      Fred Brand on

      On a cat question. Is it like vanity pet or it will add playable content?

    14. Awaken Realms 8-time creator on

      Hey guys,

      Few answers on most popular questions!

      Will my resin models brake if I drop them on floor?
      Most resin model would ,but we designed TWOM models as a single pieces without any fragile parts sticking out so they should be more durable. Just right now I dropped the miniatures from a table on the wooden floor couple of time and not a single piece broke.

      Why add-on models are so expensive in comparison to core game, why resin not plastic?
      Plastic have very high entry cost - tooling etc. and it usually takes really big quantities to start. With add-ons that are not essential to game, we do not think it will be a case.

      What is cat all about?
      He will have similar place in game as the dog. You can find him and keep as a pet. This middle IS NOT essential, if you will not have it, you will stick with cardboard consequences token.

      Rubble die - why it is expensive and was it tested?
      It is made out of resin and hand-painted by AR artists - thus the high price.
      Regarding the tests - we have produced it and it works as intended. It will not give you perfect rate values, but this is the whole point of this die - make it a little unpredictable.

    15. Rick Garcia

      Whoa! Damn. If I wanted to upgrade all the miniatures to resin, it would be approximately $250 dollars. Not to mention, the farmers expansion hasn't been unlocked yet. I wonder if we can add this at a later time in the pledge manager.

    16. Missing avatar


      I share Midians concerns/questions about the cat. I would like to add it to my pledge but would it be usable as is? Are there cards in the game for it? etc...

    17. Lax on

      "It has small and large sides and no center of gravity"
      thaaaat would mean it has no mass ? man, what a revolution indeed !

    18. Gladys Ho

      Was just adding up all the costs of the add-ons I want and finding that the price of this game is drastically climbing out of control!

      I like the idea of printing my own miniatures if we can buy in (at a much cheaper cost) the digital files. @Minghao

      Want to know more about the rubble die too please!

    19. Jonas Vestergård on

      @Mikolaj completely agree. Would love to have the furniture, but the Price is just ridiculous.

      Just make them in plastic, i'm sure they'll sell well if the Price is right. Kickstarter stuff always do.

    20. Mikolaj Sobocinski on

      Sorry for going rough, but don't give me this shit "furniture must be done in resin"...

      Those pieces can be done in plastic like the rest of the figures, so just do it...

      Or are you turning the whole game into a card-trading-system shit for elitist buyers?

      You've got one of the best board games ever, with a massive support from fans, so take care of us just like we are taking care of you right now, right here :-)

    21. Missing avatar

      snon on

      "Given the exaggerated prices for all add-ons (...CD and bags as well as the fact that the tactical maps are not even cardboard, but paper)"
      same as pepeuf -this was exclusive Edition stuff in the beginning

    22. Missing avatar

      snon on

      "And by the way, £8 for bags ? £8 for a map ?..."
      You forgot, that Awaken opened These up for all as to pay for add-on, in the beginning These were exlcusive Edition exclusives. So a higher Price is more than fair.

    23. Greg W. on

      @Awaken Realms
      The Rubble Dice comes with cards. Does that mean that this is a special addition to game play when choosing to dig through the rubble?

    24. Missing avatar

      Adam Costello on

      in a game demo they got a card that brought in the dog and they had to make a token or use a proxy token. I assume the cat works the same way if you find it

    25. Tyler Anthony Edwards

      Is there rules for the cat before I pay extra for it? Or is just for the coolness factor?

    26. Missing avatar

      Moot on

      It could possibly cause a space time anomaly as well as the blowing of minds.
      My cat had no center of gravity, it kept coughing itself up in a fur-ball.

    27. Ike Hamon on

      The rubble die blows my mind! Freakin awesome.

    28. Missing avatar

      Moot on

      Does the die really have no center of gravity? 8 quid is cheap if it's true.

      With consideration and respect,

    29. Alfonso Vitela

      i have painted Resin, i have painted Plastic.. not that BIG of a difference.. specially in 32MM scale... unles you really mess up the plastic on purpose.. WITH THAT BEING SAID>....

      will the resin be available later if we see it Needed?

    30. Greg W. on

      Rubble dice is cool looking, but I'm assuming it just replaces a standard dice in the game.

      There must be mechanics for the cat...right?

    31. MadScientist

      Tell us the statistics of the die. And how much for an unpainted rubble die?!

    32. Zaid Fouquette on

      These are gorgeous but far too expensive for me. I hope in the future, after release, you can partner with someone like Stone Skull, Tavern Decor or Kevin Rau to release them at a basic (as opposed to premium) cost.

    33. Missing avatar

      pepeuf on

      I would love to enjoy this game with the furnitures (i was actually hoping for more), the dice and why not even the cat, but it's £62 more. That would double my actual pledge, far beyond reason, and that for a few models...

      The prices are suddenly seriously sky rocketing. What happened ?

      And if i don't want to have plastics characters and resin furnitures i will have to spend even more money to have a more conherent set...

      I think most of us are more interested in objects or characters that really bring something to the game, than in the materials they are made of.

      Would love to see plastics set of furnitures and cat.
      It is fine for the dice, having a good quality dice is important but really £8 for a dice ?
      And by the way, £8 for bags ? £8 for a map ?...

      I still think this Kickstarter, the core game, is really great, but a lot of us will with no doubt feel a big frustration because the price to get the entire package have incredibly increased.

      What a shame

    34. Minghua Kao on

      Nice idea but outside of my budget. Euro - Pound rate is not that great. How about offering digital files of the furniture for a lower price for backers with a 3D printer? Though being a miniatures sculptor myself I'm inclined to want to do all sculpting myself. :D

    35. Melimew on

      Plastic add-on for half of the price would be awesome!
      I'm sure there will be a great demand for it :)

    36. Vojtas on

      There's no armchair, guys.

    37. Midian on

      Glad to see that there is some sort of purpose for the furniture, but this post still leaves me with a ton of questions.

      Jona's questions pretty much summed up my questions.
      "What material is the die made of? Has it been tested to check if the uneven probabilities work as intended? I mean thoroughly tested?" Also, how does the die impact the gameplay? & can you explain by what you mean by, "special rules,?" Is it used for dice checks? or has its own mechanics that affect gameplay in all of the games? I understand that you can use it in all games but need a bit more info on how important, since this game is starting to become pretty spendy. I need to figure out what is imperative for me to purchase.

      Alan's question was similar to mine.
      "Is there rules in the game for the cat?"
      Also, wil the cat come with cards for game play or is it just for looks? Is that the final sculpt or look of the cat? Not trying to be rude, but it looks a bit more like a creature than a cat. I am very interested in adding the cat, but want to be sure if its up to the same standards as the dog familiar & that its able to get some play time, as well. Otherwise it is pointless for me to buy in.

    38. Jonas Vestergård on

      @Karsten that's very true. I've studied behavioral economics, and there are many studies that show the behavior you mention.

      Whether the creator is consiously exploiting that, is another question entirely. Personally I don't think so, but the add-ons are priced pretty high.

    39. spmarcil

      Would love the furniture models but way too costly. Alas, I am sadly going to have to skip getting those unless cheaper plastic versions come available (I know it has been stated this is not going to happen).

    40. Karsten ⚔️ on

      The whole point of pricing the product in £ British pounds instead of €URO was that psychologically, people tend to spend more if the numbers are low, even when they rationally know that the currency is more expensive. There comes a point when that changes (in case of the former Italian Lira, for instance, where one got used to spending dozens or hundreds of thousands every day), but only at very high face values.
      Given the exaggerated prices for all add-ons (not just the miniatures, but CD and bags as well as the fact that the tactical maps are not even cardboard, but paper), people begin to realize that this could become a rather expensive pleasure. Depending on how the shipping is organized and who is going to handle it, some customers will also have to calculate customs tariffs and import taxes -- and if shipping is done by courier services like Airborne Express, DHL, FedEx or UPS instead of the national postal services, the messenger services charge a second time on delivery, on top of the prepaid shipping fees in the pledge manager.
      When taking into consideration that there are retail copies to be sold later on, which will increase the quantities per mold even further, wouldn't it make sense to offer those game materials and stretch goals that require high numbers to be economically viable as stretch goals? All current backers plus later retail customers will surely warrant the production of 10000 sets, and with some creative marketing, a little excess or maybe even some more can be sold as bits or as components for other miniature games, given that they are pretty generic.
      Thinking outside the box, one could also imagine a vote on increasing the cost of all pledge levels by £15 or even £20 GBP, and for that, «Memories», «Incidents» and all miniatures would be included -- no ifs, no buts, no bullocks and much less confusion.
      Depending on how the vote goes, the additional amount might very well outweigh the drop-outs but will most probably result in additional backers, too, who are currently confused by too many options and variations, high prices and a feeling of missing out on too much. In other words, stimulating a feeling of getting more bang for the buck might result more profitable than provoking an impression of last-days-money-grab. :-)

    41. Mellekai

      @creator: Now I really considering the whole game in resign. The die is a must buy for me. Thank you to bring this fresh design to our attention.

    42. Missing avatar

      Deinonychus on

      15 canadian dollars for a die... :) No thanks. I would have been tempted if it was not for that price.

    43. Philip N. Mazzone on

      Not a fan of the furniture models, so will pass on those... But definitely a fan of that cool sounding Rubble die, so Ill be adding one of those ! Great concept !

    44. Missing avatar

      snon on

      Ellen Wobrak
      So to get all the furniture have to spend a lot more

      & orphans fittings are not included, so another bunch will surely follow later in addition.

    45. Missing avatar

      Punisher on

      Does anyone know if buying the cloth map (8£) will help the gameplay in any way?

    46. Nakano

      @Jaime No due to expensive tooling cost. I don't think the game really needs plastic furniture version. Sure those are cool, but not essential to play the game.

    47. Jaime Perron

      Will the furniture be made available in regular plastic?

    48. Missing avatar

      Staffan Hansson on

      @creator. Same question as Tobiasz and others, about the odd dice and cards. Please do also give an example on when it should be used in the game - and how that would differ from not having this odd dice and cards.

    49. Arakin... Tis but a flesh wound!

      Ok been just watching updates and now I'm lost.

      1. Where on earth has this cat come from and what's the point? I know we have a dog, but what's so special about the cat?

      2. My mouth opened super wide at the dice... Then I realised it was £8 for just ONE dice!!! Please tell me it's April Fools day and this is a joke? I would expect at least 3 dice for that price and would actually like to get more than just that. They are super cool looking, well and truly unique, but I want to get a set of 6 for £10, not one for £8 (I don't even care about the cards, the dice as a bundle would be nice... An affordable bundle that is).

    50. Jonas Vestergård on

      What is the material of the die? And has it been testet to check if the uneven probabilities work as intended?

      And I mean thoroughly testet?