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A board game experience, carrying an important message: In war, not everyone is a soldier. Can you survive to see the end of the war?
A board game experience, carrying an important message: In war, not everyone is a soldier. Can you survive to see the end of the war?
9,627 backers pledged £621,811 to help bring this project to life.

5 000 backers celebration - lets make 13th character together!

Posted by Awaken Realms (Creator)

Hey guys! 

You have asked for some special promo card for 5 000 backers and we deliver! 

We would like to involve you in creating the 13th character for the game, it will become the next Stretch Goal. This character will get an additional background story printed on a promo-card . This character will be created and proposed by you! 

What we need is a brief description of the thing that defined this person BEFORE the war happened. 

If you have a Facebook account, you can post your story in the comment HERE

 If not, please comment under this update and we will also take this into account. 

Also - a new video review just came out and it is really well done, it shows the spirit of the game perfectly, you can check it below! 

Final 6 days! Lets keep going guys! 

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    1. Gabriel C.

      Dunja - reclusive cat lady
      *Hopefully we can unlock the cat mini :)

      Dunja had a fairly unremarkable childhood, she grew up in a loving family, enjoys hanging out with her friends during her spare time, and dreamed of one day becoming a famous actress. She graduated high school with average grades and enrolled in the drama program at the local university... but 3 years ago, just prior to her graduation, her life was turned upside down in an instant when she was viciously assaulted during her walk home from a late night party. Dunja became severly agoraphobic as a result, sealing herself inside her apartment, conducting her entire life from behind a phone and computer screen with her cat "Muffin" as her only companion. When the war first broke out, Dunja tried ignore the conflict happening outside her window, convincing herself that it would all be over soon. But when her apartment building was hit and destroyed by a mortar shell, and she ran out of food and other supplies, she had no choice but to (try and) overcome her fears and venture out into the world in order to survive...

      "Oh God... such wide open space... I'm getting dizzy... have to go inside... oh Muffin, where are you? Don't run off now, cause I can't come find you..."

      Based on her physical & mental characteristics, Dunja would likely translate to a character with a low "Prowess" (1) & average empathy (4 or 5) scores. Because of her fear of open space and unfamiliar surroundings, she receives a large penalty when scavenging (receives -2 exploration card whenever they are drawn (or -1 card if drawing only one), which respresents how slowly she moves). She will gain -1 misery however when in the presense of her cat though (so hopefully this mini gets unlocked).

      This would be considered an advanced character as it would make the game harder due to her limitations. But hey it's the 13th character afterall ;)

    2. Missing avatar

      Fred Brand on

      Old Lena Yavornic
      Cat lady on a wheelchair. Grumpy, wise person who lived past previous civil crisis and her beloved husband, Colonel Radko Yavornic who was known patriot. She is a true leader, something I missed in a PC version. Respect Your elders.

    3. Humble crusader on

      Patrick- viccer
      Patrick grew up on the streets and quickly turned to a live of crime. Getting heavenly involved in gangs, violence became the centre of his life. In order to get of the streets he had a short but brutal career in the speacil forces where he sufferd a serious injury. After this he found God and took a oath to turn away from violence for ever. He became a pastor for his local church. However when war breaks out will he beable to jeep to his new faith or will he turn back to his life of violence.

    4. Rand Chua TL on

      Name: KATSUMI RAN
      Age: 26-29 (Don't ask her age)
      Job: Head Maid of an Rich Household
      Background story: Was an poor orphan girl when young, suffer as a street kid, did some dirty jobs to earn her keep. When her boss die due to a job gone bad, she nearly got caught to be sold as a slave. Her life changed, when she manage to get into a maid training school to start anew she also new to her name to present name. Due to a great deed she done. Her rescuer is also her master. He the one that help her got into the school and paid for everything and later employed her. Been working as a maid for ten years, to became the head maid.
      She was doing her best to finish her job her Master gave her. (destroying of sensitive documents) By the time she finish the job her, she got away just in time as soldiers arrive at the mansion. The transport (a car) use to bring her to the international airport had broke down along the highway, (run out of gas due to holes in the fuel tank) She did her best to avoid being caught by both the rebel and gov forces due to some of the things she knew.
      She hide herself and travel slowly to the city by foot to get food and shelter. The Mansion where she work for had been took over by the army. She know she can survive this and return to her master, even if she need to kill.
      She know all basic maid work, plus cooking, cleaning, management of staff, a few language. (To attend to guests) Know self defense skill to handle problem with. Complete gun course training to better serve her master.
      Prowess 4
      Empathy 5
      A Like children and take care of them.
      B Would kill evil person with no remorse, dislike soldiers.
      C If Wounded would need a day to rest to recover one wound.(Due to some course she took)
      The inspiration below
      Black Lagoon Episode 9…

    5. Awaken Realms 8-time creator on

      Fast update guys!

      We WILL be doing a voting between the best stories we think they are, final choice will be once again in your hands ;)

      We really THANK you for you amazing involvement, so many stories! A lot of them really great! We could not ask for a better community, you guys are a part of this project and we are really proud of having you here with us!

    6. Missing avatar

      Staffan Hansson on

      @Creator. I am convinced that I speak for a majority of the backers, when I ask you to arrange a voting for the 13th Character. The voting should preferably be made between 2-3 different characters, that you all think would have a wide support among backers. My suggestions would be: a Nurse, a Hunter, a former gang member. We all want the 13th character to be widely appreciated among a majority of the backers.

    7. Missing avatar

      Humble Vampire Badger on

      Character, Eugenia, Age 64, pensioner of typical, hardy “babushka” mould.
      She grew up as eldest of several kids on a farm but volunteered/volun-told to emigrate and find better paying work/send money back to support family.
      She worked as a maid for a diplomatic family, friend of a friend helped arrange a position, then worked in a factory, using her sewing/tailoring skills, and creates most of the wardrobe at home from her own designs/ spare materials found in the factory. As a side line she cooks/sells dishes from her home village to local events/ gatherings/ food banks
      Personally she is thick skinned, jolly and a strong believer in religion. She was introduced to and fell in love with a language teacher and taught her to speak 3 languages. Her two kids have moved abroad and visits are infrequent, however she helps nephew/nieces from her home to settle/find work. But age is catching up with her and arthritis in the wrist and weakening eye-sight is slowing down the sewing and cooking and her faith is now challenged following the passing of her husband.

    8. Osama Elmasri on

      I wish this 13th character to be a brother/sister or wife/husband of one of the existing characters.

    9. Amarice on

      "If this is their idea of 5000 backers, I gotta be here for New Year's."

      I haven't played the game or read other backers posts, but this is my brief idea...

      - Female
      - Cat lover
      - Spiritual healer
      - Background: she knew the demon of war was coming, she is able to feel someone's emotions, she feels the pain and suffering of others like her own, at the same time she can heal and calm negative emotions, she feels when a person has evil intentions or a loving heart, she "wakes up" positive actions in people and "cleans" aggressive and damaging behaviors out, she warms the hearts of everyone around her, she receives the looks and curiosity from people, she is beautiful and charming, she has faith in the present, she is already creating a better and bright future for us, she knows we can end war and suffering in a time when the light within the hearts of nowadays children will bring peace and freedom to humanity...

      It is not an easy role, but from that description I think some stats and skills can be created for the game. Besides, the game already have a stat called "spirit".

    10. Missing avatar

      L.Berdowski on

      Some of my ideas and those mentioned below that I like, no backstory
      - nurse/med student drop out - healing
      - masseuse - could help with fatigue
      - call girl - morale booster
      - a thief - stealth, more backpack space

      And it has to be a woman, to even the pot

    11. Ludvig

      Like several others, I would also appreciate the new character to be some kind of minority/LGBT/elderly/handicapped/etc. The more balanced and varied the roster the better. :-) I also think that the new story should be applied to a woman.

    12. Missing avatar

      Karl Frank on

      Also some religious type like a nun might make for a very interesting character. Not sure if this might step on too many toes however.

    13. Missing avatar

      Karl Frank on

      What exactly can be done/can't be done with that survivor? Will he/she just be more or less a promo like the create one in your likeness ones? Or will it be a full blown survivor with his/her own part in the memories expansion for example.

      If the latter I could imagine that a prostitute could be an interesting (even if a bit 'risky' choice).

      Anita came from a poor family. But life for her and her siblings was ok. They may have envied some other families, but they made the best of what they had. That changed when their parents died in a terrorist attack some years ago. As the oldest kid, this left Anita with the heavy burden of taking care of the family. At first she tried to come by with some babysitting and similar low payed jobs, but soon it became clear that the money wouldn't suffice.
      So one dark night Anita decided to sell her body. At first it was horrible, but she did it for what was left of her family. And some alcohol helped to ease the pain. Later it became easier, Anita even tried to help some of the new girls with their problems, evolving to something like a motherly figure in the brothel, even if she was one of the youngest. She considered leaving returning to a normal live many times, but each time she returned.
      And then the war came and the bombing started. Afraid of the invaders Anita fled 'home' only to find her brother and sister missing. Where did they go? Were they safe? Who did take them? She didn't know. Anita searched half the town for them before she had to give up havin escaped death or worse narrowly not only once. So now she takes shelter in this ruined building with some stranger and hopes for this nightmare to end.

      I imagine this character to be a quite strong personality as she has seen quite some hardship in her life. She will be competent with lots of things (maybe a general +1 on all rolls) and tends to play mither bear with her people. On the downside she sometimes (C) has flashbacks of her time as prostitute and looses morale/needs alcohol to reduce the pain. Or she might even lack a classic downside, but her memories from the past a are particularly harsh and all of them negative.
      On the other hand depending on the choices (karma) in the game she might have one of the happiest epilogues as she finally makes the transition into a respected life.

    14. Missing avatar

      Khem on

      I don't have such a complete suggestion like the others, but I had some ideas. My main point would be that I definitely would love to add some multicultural aspects to the game. So far, we have only white protagonists. I think that's a bit monotone. As long as this scenario doesn't play in North Korea or Iran, every other country should have more or less immigrants. So why not add a character with African roots? Or how about an Indian lawyer who can more effectively talk his way out of situations. Even on the black&white pics of the character decks or on the miniatures themselves the physical difference should be noticeable, of course even more when painted.

    15. Jack Futty

      "P-p-please, all I need is a place to stay. I'll sit in the corner and you'll hardly know I was there. I lost both of my brothers in this madness and now I just want to make it out to see my mother one more time. She's sick you see, and seeing me before she passed was her last wish.
      "Now stop your sniffling and pick your jaws up off the floor. You buy that? Great; that's why you should let me stick around. A soft heart is putty in my hand and you're going to need someone who can earn some extra sympathy points."
      Anne "Bonnie" Young had to look after herself and her sister from a young age after their mother ran out on them and their father drank himself to death. Bonnie took to the streets and begged for money, but found sympathy in short supply and people with assholes that would pucker up before Bonnie could even ask. Knowing that their lives were on the line, Bonnie learned to get creative. She ran shell games, she sold fake jewelry on the streets, fake tickets, and she ran long cons that even the most cold-hearted sharks around would be envious of.
      When Bonnie's sister was old enough to realize what they had been doing to survive, she left Bonnie in disgust and was taken in by child services. Bonnie hasn't seen her since, and has learned to close herself off to others to survive. Nothing mattered other than making enough to get by an avoiding a run in with the cops or a dissatisfied "customer."
      That is, until Bridget showed up. Bridget was a former street urchin who had found a ticket off of the streets and become a psychologist. When they were younger, Bonnie and Bridget had crossed paths and clearly Bonnie made an impression because Bridget sought her out. Bridget was looking for others who spent their lives living off the street and was trying to raise awareness to the homeless problem while simultaneously helping to get those people off of the street. Bonnie played along for a while, looking for a pay day at the end of the road, but the longer she spent with Bridget, the more it was clear that she really did care. For the first time in her life, it seemed like she had purpose.
      That is, until the war began. Bonnie was having coffee with Bridget when all hell broke loose. The streets were chaos in a matter of seconds, and the two were separated. It wasn't until several hours later that Bonnie found the scumbag who was pawing through Bridget's wallet right over her corpse.
      And just like that, it was all gone. Bonnie was back in survival mode, but she knew she would never survive this war alone. It was time for her greatest long con yet…

      (NOTE: These stats are just approximations; I'm just using what I've seen as a guide so far)
      Anne "Bonnie" Young
      The Con-Artist
      Empathy: 2
      Prowess: 2
      Inventory: 5
      Ability: When Bonnie is bartering, treat the value of each item in the group's inventory as 1 higher.
      A: If there are more men than women in the group, raise Bonnie's Misery by 1.
      B: If there are more women in the group than men, lower Bonnie's Misery by 1.
      C: Roll the die. Discard an item from the supply with value equal to the number rolled. If a 0 is rolled, discard the item from the supply with the highest value. (Bonnie is stealing from the supplies!)

    16. Scott William Sexton

      I like the idea of an elderly woman, but she should do something unique that doesn't feel out of place. What if she were a shrewd trader, like she had spent the last 50 years haggling over the cost of potatoes and grain. The problem with taking her out to trade though is that she can't carry much weight and would be useless in a fight.

      Another possible character that would be realistic and fun to explore, would be a religious figure (priest, oman, clergy of some kind) who has lost their faith and is struggling with the notions of faith and redemption in a world where such things can get you killed.

    17. Karsten ⚔️ on

      @ Chiky Scares You: nice little story excerpt.
      @ Shannon:
      The relation between men and women is 1:1 on planet earth, but not among the players of board and PC games, and even less so when it comes to dark and gruesome settings, complex simulations, strategy- or wargames. When looking at the people who drive the discussion on this KS page, participants of female gender are few and far between, and the same goes for every other forum or game review site out there, be it for physical or digital games.
      While there is principally nothing wrong with having more female characters, imposing the cost that adding the respective miniature incurs only makes sense if there are also more female players to use them. Given that the relation of male to female players is probably closer to 8:1 than to 8:5, what would be a step in the wrong direction is debatable.
      Moreover, there are no individual actions/decisions, because TWoM is basically a single player solo game with baton passing mechanism. All characters are treated as a group, not individually. Nevertheless, in case there should ever be 'girls only' playing sessions, many of us support your request to provide a sixth female figure, but just for this ('girls only game night', however improbable that may be for a game like this) and no other reason. This is a perfect opportunity for female players to put their money where their mouth is: if you think more women want to play this game, get them to pledge and as soon as the relation of m/f players is 1:1, rest assured that the nice guys from Awaken Realms will give you 8 or even 9 female miniatures with pleasure. ;-D
      Until then, the safest bet to get the sixth female miniature consists in having your own face sculpted as an avatar (see add-ons). A little more expensive, but such a noble cause as womens' lib on the gaming table surely warrants the investment, especially since it makes your copy of the game unique and will be the envy of your BFFs. You can even get custom characters for them as well. :-)
      «But the boys get ...» I hear you scream. So what? One more character, if we don't get our own, will not represent most of the 4200+ male backers any more than the previous seven. If we don't like any of them, we want another one of ours as much as you want one more of yours. Again, since the boys make up the overwhelming majority of the gaming community, what would be the wrong direction is debatable. Except for Anglo-Americans, nobody else in the world will get the game in their language, for the very same reason of not being enough in numbers. Tough luck in a tough world, but this is a tough game.
      Nevertheless, a lot of male players have suggested female characters, not to turn even this KS page into a battlefield for gender wars (as if women hadn't perfected the art of complaining without suffering enough in the western world, whereas those who have reason to complain have bigger fish to fry), but because they thought it would suit the story or gameplay.
      That and nothing else should be the criterion for selection, not yet another scream about imaginary discrimination. There is unfortunately plenty of it, but hardly among those who can burn £100 GBP on a bit of cardboard and plastic. Given the relation of genders among players (which is the one that counts when it comes to playing), you are already overrepresented in the box. :-)
      The aforementioned facts non-withstanding, your humble servant seconds your request for a sixth female character and has already submitted one before your heroic call for justice, albeit admittedly not a serious one. The world is serious enough and this is just a game. :-)

    18. Greg W. on

      I support the idea of a female character who is older. Most of the existing characters are still in their prime.

      I suggest Nessa, a woman in her late 70's, who is a pensioner. She has lived though a lot of history and is tougher for it. Her husband has been dead for 20 years. They had one child which she raise as a single mother. Her son was an ambulance worker who was killed by a sniper. Her daughter-in-law fled the country early when the conflict was building, taking her young son and daughter (Nessa's Grandson and Granddaughter) to America where they live with the daughter-in-law's relatives. Tessa had no way to get out and has been struggling to survive, since she shelling forced her to leave her residence. She is tough and wise, but lacks stamina and strength due to her age. I think she'd be a very interesting addition to the game...

    19. Missing avatar

      Shannon on

      Defiantly another female character we already have already 7 (male) to 5 (female). Making it 8 to 5 is moving in the wrong direction. Last time I looked outside the world was essentially 1 to 1.

      Glisselda was born in Graznavia, but her parents and her moved to the United Kingdom when she was eight. She spent the next 20 years in the UK eventually getting a computer science degree from college. After a few years her employer started sending her to Graznavia since she spoke the native language, her parent's had insisted she learn it.

      Glisselda made a number a number of trips Graznavia over the next few years to help open up the country’s markets to western companies. Glisselda was worried about the increasing instability she notices on her trips, but she assured herself it was just the usual instability caused when an ineffective command drive economy changed to a market driven one. Her parent assured her as well, Graznavia hadn’t has a war in 50 years. Everything would be fine, and it was until it wasn’t.

      She didn't notice how bad it had gotten until her company started pulling their employees out. She arrived at the airport just as the shelling of it started. Glisselda was not trapped in country that was her birth place, but she only vaguely new, and with a skill set not designed for surviving in a urban war zone.

      Character stats (based only on what I have seen in preview videos and articles, having not played the board game yet. February 2017 is so far away.)

      Prowess: 2 (she has had some self defense classes, and enjoys target shooting with her 22 at the local pistol range.)

      Inventory: 4 (3 or 4 look like the average caring capability. I chose 4 because its and even number.)

      Empathy: 5 (Middle of the road)

      Ability: During the new idea phase the, if Glisselda's total negative state (the circle with the slash through it on the character state tokens) is less than 5. The party draws 4 cards rather then 3. They still only get to chose one new idea.

      A(50%) No effect.
      B(30%) Habit: discard 1 coffee from storage (must also possess one water in storage) or raise Glisselda's Misery by 1.
      C(20%) If 2+ books in storage lower Glisselda's Misery by 1.

    20. Chiky Scares You

      Name: Jerry Stewart
      Ocupation: Former Convict/Murderer
      Background: While transporting convicts to a new prison, all of them dangerous murderers, the bus of prisioners was attacked and crashed. A fire started shortly after, and the few surviving prisioners of the crash began to yell in horror to Lucius Fargold to free them and save them.
      -Officer please! You have to let us out!
      Lucius, still dazed, looked to Officer McClain, the driver, whose face was completely desfigured by a bullet. He looked back to the prisioners. They didn't have seatbelts, and some of the corpses were almost touching him. And the he noticed it. The fire was spreading rapidly and it was just a matter of time before it consumed the whole bus.
      -Officer! -screamed Jerry, shaking the metal grill that separated him from the officer.
      Lucius stood up and, without hesitate, unlocked the door.
      -Stewart, back off! Don't try anything stupid -ordered Fargold opening the door.
      Jerry took a step back and let the officer in.
      -You! -screamed the officer to a couple of survivors at the back of the bus-. We have to get the hell out of here!
      -It's John, his leg is trapped!
      -God damn it! Is anyone else alive?
      -I don't think so -whispered Jerry, looking at the corpse of Nathan right next to his feet, his only friend in prison.
      -Come on, Stewart, help me get them out.
      Jerry stood there, silent, looking how the fire was consuming already the back of the bus. There was no time left, he had to escape. In a split second, he passed right next to the officer, who couldn't react on time, opened the bus's door, and stepped outside.
      Right in the moment he turned his head to the bus again, after runing a couple of meters, the fire reached the gas tank and a huge explotion sent him in the air right to a car. Aching, he managed to get back on his feet. He was a free man in a war time now. His crimes from the past could have been forgiven if he had helped Officer Fargold, but he couldn't. And, even if he did what he did so long ago to protect Sasha, he still needed to be redeemed. Maybe in this war of him, he could find redemption.

      (sorry if i wrote something wrong, not english native)

    21. Karsten ⚔️ on

      @ Artem Holubiev
      You might want to pick a different conflict for the youth of your character. If your gentleman is 80 when the game will be released in 2017, it means that he was only 8 years old when World War II ended, too young both to have fought as a partisan and to marry after the war -- unless his Rutka and he waited for another 15-20 years after 8 May '45 before tying the knot. ;-)
      Has anybody suggested a callgirl yet? Would sure boost morale and she might be very convincing when negotiating with hostile characters, too. ;-P On the not-so-bright side, might result in jealousy within the group, as the women will envy her genetic assets and the men might fight over here. She might go to great lengths to prevent her former economic activity from becoming known and rather play the damse in distress to find a protector, but on the other hand be willing to do what it takes to survive, independent of whether that involves friend or foe.

    22. Pierre-Adrien Beauplet

      Vassil is a boy in his late teens. Born in a modest family, he had a pretty normal childhood until the pre-war economic crisis began, causing his father to lose his job as a metalworker. Vassil's life grew harsher every year, as commodities once readily available became scarce. Eventually, his family could no longer afford much besides basic food.

      It was around this time that Vassil entered high school, where he met some new friends. Among them was a very vocal group that denounced the corruption in the government and organized protests. Vassil had never cared much for politics, but he started attending because he felt that it was the one way he could do something.

      When protests turned into fights with the police, many students gave up, but some of Vassil's more radical friends convinced him to fight back. He started carrying a baseball bat around and throwing stones, It was only a matter of time before he was kicked out of school, which only pushed him further towards violent activism. He then shaved his head and learnt how to make Molotov cocktails.

      After several encounters with the police, Vassil was finally arrested. Since he was still underage, he was not sentenced to jail. but sent to a countryside reinsertion camp instead.

      After initially describing the place as "fucking hippie bullshit" and shunning the staff and the other teens, Vassil met someone unlikely: the gardening instructor. Vassil had spent all his life in the city, so he had never had the opportunity to work the soil. It was hard work, but it gave him time to think about his life.

      Unfortunately, Vassil had only acquired basic notions of agriculture and woodworking when the war broke. The orders were to remain safe in the countryside, but Vassil escaped to find the people who mattered most - his family. When he got there, the place was reduced to rubble, so he decided to use his skills to stick around and survive until he could find his parents.

      In game terms, he would be a reasonable scavenger, good fighter, some basic crafting and food-growing skills, but low empathy, almost no patience and a tendency to violent behaviour and outbursts. Despite his tough look, he is still a very lost teenager

    23. Missing avatar


      damn it. @Gabriel C I wanted to suggest a "prepper" type as a character.
      Although a character like that would make the game too easy.
      I think we should make it someone who merely *thinks* he is prepared.

      As a result I give you this :

      Name : Arnold
      Age : +/- 50
      "Everyone had known him as 'the madman' before the war.
      Always preaching about 'the end' and how the Lord would save us all from impending doom.
      Behind his back we laughed. Silly man. Life is good. Why worry ?
      Truth be told we should have seen it coming too.
      For all his madness and ranting the signs were there for all of us to see.
      And now we've paid the price."
      Last night you heard the usual shooting and then a scream of someone who sounded strangely familliar. opening the door of your shelter you see him limping.
      Do you invite him in and offer what little help you can offer as a way to make amends ?

      Physical appearance : average; live on the streets was tough before the war.
      Traits :
      - paranoid :
      He always suspected something was up. He tried to warn, but we didn't listen.
      Maybe that's because we were in on the plot to end his world ?
      (above average alert when guarding)

      - morale sink : while he may be grateful for the help you're giving hem he isn't showing it.
      And he most certainly won't let you forget with that "I told you so" look on his face.
      Or maybe it's your own guild that's making you feel more miserable as his very existance reminds you of the warnings he shouted at anyone before the war started ...

      - preachy : can be a bit of a morale boost to religious folks, but even they can't always handle his rather negative attitude.

    24. 3 Minute board games on

      A refresher, for those who aren't familiar with the current characters from the original game, so we can get a different character

      Boris is a big strong guy
      Pavle is an athlete (ex football player and fast)
      Marin is a handyman, fix it type guy
      Arica is a thief, street kid (Stealthy)
      Bruno is a chef
      Cveta is a primary school teacher and good with kids
      Emilia is a lawyer (slightly ammoral and logical)
      Katia a journalist (negotiator)
      Marko a firefighter (and expert scavenger)
      Roman an ex soldier (Good fighter)
      Zlata is a musician (morale booster)
      Anton is an old guy (not great in a fight)

      If your idea looks too much like one of these, chances are it wont get picked. Seen some great ideas in here so far though

    25. Missing avatar

      cadrian on

      @Michael Clarke That's true, I just like what this sort of character could offer, and since it's up to us to create it, why not go outside the box. I guess her past could be different and still offer the same sort of skills, but I thought the "gamer" part is a nice touch.

      Anyway, I enjoyed writing this and reading what other people have been writing. Thank you guys for offering this, and even outside any stretch goals.

    26. 3 Minute board games on

      @Michael Great idea, but that is very similar to Cveta's back story, she is a primary school teacher, has the "loves children" trait, and is rubbish in a fight.

    27. fred on

      Maria - "The gamer" This war of mine is set between 1992-96, Way before being a geek was cool, the internet was slow for those that bothered and the only people that made money from games were the ones selling them.

    28. Missing avatar

      cadrian on

      @Ryan Mulkey

      Much appreciated :)

    29. Artem Holubiev on

      Nicolai - he is now at his early 80th. He faked his passport, adding several years to his actual age to join army during World War II. He was wounded and made prisoner of one of nazi concentration camps, but succeeded to escape in half a year of enprisonment. He was hiding in the woods and mountains when a squad of "partisans" found him. Till the end of WWII he was a valueable member of the squad, mastering self-made explosives and causing major damage to Nazi troops on railways. In partisan squad he met his destiny - Rutka. They got married after the war and had a happy, peaceful life for long-long years until now...
      Once again sirens woke them up in the middle of the night, like in those old, frightening times... Sounds of explosions and firearms, screams on the streets... With Rutka hiding in the basement of their house, Nicolai now has to gather all his remaining strength and skills to make his way through the city to find out the fate of their only son Piotr and his family, especially their grand-daughter Boguslawa...

    30. Xavier

      He was a 43 year old computeur engineer and the Doctors found him a lung cancert. Now he as to survive his illness and the war. Maybe is body is letting him down but not is willipower and inteligence.

    31. Filip Řehák on

      Kristiina- nurse
      She was working in the city hospital for few years. She wanted to become a doctor but she hadn't money for school. When the war started she didn't leave the patients behind and she kept the hospital open with other brave doctors and nurses who didn't run away. They were helping to everyone and shared the little what they had. But unfortunately the hospital was destroyed by bombardment because the army thought that they were helping the rebels. Majority of staff and patients was killed. Luckily she survived. Now she is looking for a shelter. She can easily heal the wounds (better chances of healing), she can prepare some meds and bandages from basic ingredients and herbs. Also she managed to take some hospital equipment with her while escaping.

    32. Missing avatar

      Ryan Mulkey on

      I like the idea of Maria - "The Gamer".

      As an engineer, she would prove useful to the group even without the Orphans of War expansion being used. And when the expansion IS used, she would be instrumental in keeping the kids morale up and meeting their needs. I think she could make a very interesting character for the game. The idea of a motherly figure who works best being helpful to others rather than fighting would be a nice addition.

      Great idea, cadrian!

    33. Bazz

      Escaped convict Colton Krycek busted out of prison 1 year ago and is still one of the worlds most wanted men. A petty criminal who has been in and out of trouble with the law since he was 16 Colton eventually found himself convicted for double homicide two days after his 25th birthday.
      Innocent of the crime in question Colton rebelled fearcly against authority and found himself serving a 25 year sentance at one of the world most toughest and notorious prisons.
      Coltons fiery temper and impudence soon earned him many enemys inside and two years into his sentance he escaped with his cell mate and friend Barry Amell.
      Both men are still at large and considerd highly dangerous.

      Colton and Barry were laying low when the city they were hiding in was torn apart by military conflict, desperate to escape the city they braved the roads at night only to become seperated when a military convoy they were attempting to steal was attacked by a group of angry vigillantes.
      Barely escaping with his life Colton remains hopeful that his friend Barry is still alive and somewhere in the city.

      Colton does not like authority or being told what to do, he can handle himself well and is lethal with any kind of weapon. He is determined not to go back to prison and will do whatever it takes to remain free. Colton does not trust people easily and is constantly torn between self preservation and doing whats right.

    34. Minghua Kao on

      How about a couple instead of a single person? Two people bound emotionally with each other which affects their actions but also reactions depending on what happens to the other.

      You could create a new set of characters for this of two people whose skills complete each other. Or you could use this as a rule extension with a special card to link two existing characters this way. The couple then benefits from the card when they are together (better resistance against depression for instance) but also get penalties when separated or either one gets injured or dies.

    35. Gabriel C.

      Tretton - beggar
      *("Tretton" means 13 in Swedish - inside joke)

      Some people seems to get everything in life, others gets by, and then there's Tretton, who seems to fail at absolutely everything he tries. He repeated grade 12 multiple times before dropping out of school and have never held a steady job for more than a couple months. For the past few years now he had been unemployed and living on the streets as a beggar - so being cold and hungry is nothing new to him. When the war broke out and the world falls apart, it just seems like yet another day for Tretton - except with the city now made up mostly of empty streets and fallen buildings there are actually more available "shelters" than ever before.

      "Nothing have ever gone my way in life so it's just my damn luck that the city I'm in became a war zone. Oh well, it's just like any other day for me except I don't have to beg for money anymore cause they aren't worth nothing... well that's a plus at least (laughs)"

      Although Tretton is physically weak ("Prowess" score of 1) he is "blessed" with a "happy go lucky" personality and nothing seems to get him down - he have a high "Empathy" score (7?) and receives a bonus when trying to raise other characters' morale. Tretton does not enjoy conflict and as such receives a penalty in combat or when dealing with other hostile NPCs - one exception is he receives a bonus if he ever tries to run away from combat. Finally because he's unskilled and prone to failure, it requires +1 material whenever he tries to build any "fittings" (player choice of wood, component, or whatever material required) which represents the raw material wasted.

    36. fred on

      Wolfdog pt2 Choose another survivor at the start of the game, they choose your name and positive effects from interacting with you. other survivors will need to gain your trust before gaining benefits and may need to tread carefully when arguing with you.

    37. DrMoignon on


      "With difficulties, people need a little something to dream. I'm the one here to help! Before the war, I had a small room where I was growing some plants... for happiness therapy! And since I love to share, I sell some for a short period. Well, in fact, it was shortened by some thugs who didn't like competition. I still have aftermath of this "buisiness conference".
      You probably think that I'm not very useful, but guess what? if you need something, I might know the right guy. War is cruel, but there's always place for traffic."

      In short, Adrian was a drug dealer who get caught and beat. By his past, he could have something like:
      -Permanently Injured: Can't run too fast
      -Trading skill (used to sell his production)
      -Good with plants (A bonus to grow plant in the shelter)

      But that's just a suggestion... And can be changed at will :p

    38. fred on

      Wolfdog - Chance to catch Random small animals for food (rats+1, rabbits+2 etc) and/ or mood boost to other characters. Higher chance to detect looters, defence value is higher than unarmed so good to start. Can be taken on raids for a small bonus to attack and easier to intimidate enemies, locate loot.
      Cannot carry guns, or build improvements, requires toys to be built periodically or mood loss, chance to turn feral if unfed or mood gets too low.

    39. Kiecoo on

      Josif Novak
      Once one of the best neurosurgeons in the country, extremely intelligent and full of empathy. Ambitious and hardworking he never founded a family, because the job was his whole life. He had the world at his feet, now crippled by shrapnel during the bombing of the hospital. He cannot cope with all the deaths he could at least try to prevent, if not for a fragment of steel which shattered his shoulder joint, leaving a terrible chronic pain and paralysis. Now in his early forties even though he feels useless, he is still trying to help others whenever alcohol and painkillers do not overshadow the ideals of the not so distant past. He knows very well that even if the war comes to an end, his previous life is permanently lost.

    40. QuestsofLegend on

      No good with back stories

      If we already haven't got one. How about someone where the war breaking out has actually been a good thing for them. Their life was in ruins before the war, and now the war has broken out this has become an opportunity for them to either

      a) become a leader
      b) take advantage of those affected by the war

    41. Michael Bernhard on

      We've got children in this game, so a woman, formerly working at kindergarten, would be very usefull.
      Perhaps she had children too, but lost them in the war. She still hopes to find them after the war is over. And of course she can cook much better than others. She refuses to use weapons. The war is hurting too many people without her getting involved.

    42. Missing avatar

      Lore Willemse on

      Should be a woman, never enough women figures in games. Go equality!

    43. Gabriel C.

      Alexei - survivalist

      There comes a moment in everyone's life when they realize that everything in life, their possession, their loved ones, everything they hold dear can be taken away in an instant. Alexei experienced this moment 5 years ago when his family was killed and his home destroyed in a tragic house fire that happened in the middle of the night. Since that fateful day, he had worked obsessively to prepare for the worst, to ensure that in the moment when "shit hits that fan" again that he would be the one to make it through alive. When the war broke out, and the world around him turned to hell, he knew the day he had prepared for had arrived...

      "I kept telling everyone to prepare, cause you never know when things will go wrong and it's too late to do anything about it. People say I'm crazy, that I'm overreacting, that what I went through before was just an accident and I'll never go through that again. Well look who's got the last laugh now, hahahaha..."

      Alexei is a "doomsday prepper" and a loner. He's physically fit and a skilled hand-to-hand combatant (trained in krav maga). Due to these traits, he have well above average "Prowess" (perhaps 3 - just slightly less than those with formal military training) but because his main concern is his own survival and is therefore a bit antisocial, he does have a low "Empathy" score (perhaps a 2 or 3) and is unable to boost other characters' morale because he is simply "not good with people". Because he is well prepared, when this character joins the game, players are immediately rewarded with 3 canned foods and 2 electronic parts. And because of his survivalist training, Alexei receives bonuses when trying to make herbal medicine and when bandaging wounds. Finally he have a high "Inventory" count (maybe 4 or 5) because of the large backpack he always carry with him, making him an ideal candidate for scavenging.

    44. Catalin Gheorghe on

      Pat Murfy, used to be a handyman and now suffering from schizophrenia, is one of the few survivors after the O.S. Asylum. After the bombing he managed to his fried Sun Arden and grab as many meds as possible. His partner died because of severe bleeding and the shock affected him severely.
      He knocks at the door of the safe-house slightly wounded, having only little food and a few doses of medicine.
      While medicated he behaves rationally and manages to build fittings in a more efficient and faster manner. If he lacks medication his condition kicks in and given the recent events he has witnessed turns him in a violent and uncontrollable person. He could use either his bare fists or weapons around the house and attack other survivors, he can try to destroy the fittings or even hurt himself.

      A: If one of the survivors gets wounded during the night get one misery
      B: If somebody died or one of the survivors killed somebody the image of his friends death kicks in and randomly attacks one survivor or tries to trash a fitting
      C: If there is no medication for him he randomly attack a survivor or trash a fitting

      Looking forward to see who will be the mysterious new survivor :)

    45. Scott William Sexton

      I'm trying to think of an archetype who isn't already represented by the other characters in the game. What about a motherly figure? Perhaps a social worker/psychiatrist type or even something as simple as a stay at home mom?

      The character would be strong at helping to stabilize other characters' health (mental and physical) but would have high empathy as a weakness.

      Another cool option would be to have a "mother bear" type character. Think of the character Carol from the TV version of "The Walking Dead". Essentially, she would be a character that could be very dangerous only when protecting "her people".

    46. Matt on

      +1 @ Brad103 and Dallan.: "unlucky 13". Maybe someone who was homeless before the war. (since the characters seem defined by their previous professions, he would offer a contrasting narrative) ...or a Special Needs character of some sort: but that might get too specific with whatever their disability is...

    47. fred on

      A character loosely based around a foreign journalist like Robert Dulmers, ability triggers with the radio and possibly npc's to glean info about future weather or events.
      Captured while taking pictures and writing reports that could be damaging. witnessed many prisoners being mistreated and executed. Escaped when a shell went off near the cell they were being kept in.
      Apethetic to other peoples emotions and killing and therefore cannot boost other peoples morale. Randomly sleeps poorly due to the things he has witnessed.

    48. nerdvsgame on

      Tekla - local politician:
      This war was not supposed to take place in this city and as a local politician I tried my best to calm the waves. But only when it was too late... I have to admit that I was trying to exploit the differencies that split our people in the first place and therefore I am a gear in this machinery of war. I know this: things can't be undone. So I decided to stay in this city to do some good, but I just want to survive. Just like you. Just like all of us!

    49. acidfix on

      Drop-out medic student.

      Enjoying life, she did not care too much about study and school. Life was to be enjoyed. No worries about tomorrow... just another day.. doesn't matter too much... she thought... The only reason her medic study was started, was because she wanted to please her parents somehow... She picked up a few things during the rare classes she attended... just enough to fool her parents when they asked her something... and then... that tragic day when ... the day soldiers came... suddenly... sick... wounded...dozens of people around here need medical help... had she only attended more classes! But she did learn some things! In the darkest of hours... she may have her purpous!

    50. Nathan McCullough

      Kaisar - A radio operator during the war, Kaisar was relieved from duty when a shell exploded in the command tent he was stationed. The explosion sent shrapnel of the radio into Kaisar's face and torso, leaving him severly scarred and blinded in one eye.

      Kaisar can't lift anything heavy and has bad depth perception making him a bad fighter, but he is a caring soul and is good at listening to others.