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A board game experience, carrying an important message: In war, not everyone is a soldier. Can you survive to see the end of the war?
A board game experience, carrying an important message: In war, not everyone is a soldier. Can you survive to see the end of the war?
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New characters spotlight and more stretch goals!

Posted by Awaken Realms (Creator)

Hey guys,  

Day 2 and almost 300% funded, we are going like crazy! You are awesome as always, a lot of good discussion on the comments section and we really do believe it will help us deliver better game!

So we have unlocked 3 new characters and 4th is around the corner, so it is time to put a little more light on them.

 You are breaking through stretch goals really fast, so time to introduce more of them! 


This stretch goal consist of 5 one-time script cards (after using it, you are throwing them to Waste Bag and they are not available until the next campaign).

Those cards will be gathered in-game as achievements in certain situations (for example – talking with some person or result of decision in reality impact script).

Example: You can play a card “Wait a minute” when the combat is about to happen and thanks to it you are triggering conversation on some topic. Perhaps, if you will follow the conversation, you will be able to ignore upcoming confrontation. Or tell a joke, to make the tension go away. 

Those cards will have additional scripts that will not be inside the book: conversation or choice to make. They can also lead to some very rare and hard to find stories in the script book.

Earn them in game, keep them as ace up your sleeve and decide on your own, when you want to use them.

What next? 

After 4th new character we will have something special for you: Full new game module that will add complexity to the combat. Expect more information about it soon!

Lets keep it up, spread the word and we might as well unlock second module we have prepared and more!

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    1. Paul Marzagalli on

      Hey Robert, thanks for the info! I'm happy to wait longer for figurine and card if it means getting them on equal footing. However, you're right - I'm fine with a card that isn't quite as good too so long as there is a card. What I'm hoping they'll do is, similar to the video game, give us a list of choices to pick to define the character.

    2. Robert McKavanagh

      Also, can we see the base characters like these? I'm curious about them (who they are).

    3. Robert McKavanagh

      @Karsten, you know having a "hot chick" running around in a warzone is asking from a type of trouble one may not be ready to deal with. I'm not saying don't, but consider the repercussions of what you're asking for and what could happen to them. This might get a hell of a lot more "adult" very quickly. Pulling the punch would be a disservice of what this game is trying to do. Just sayin....

      I actually kinda like their average people. As someone who specializes in dog handling/training, I'd like to see that added to the game, making the mutt much more useful. Just my .02

    4. Robert McKavanagh

      @Paul, I asked a similar question early in the boards. The response I got was, they had no problem with issuing the cards, however, they won't be of the same quality (cards) as the other characters due to timing limitations and production demands. Personally, I don't have a problem with that. but that's the just of what I was told.

      My questions to this post: will we eventually see more characters as stretch goals? And assuming we can get player cards for the personal figures, will the be the opportunity for say me to "add on" a mini and card of Paul? Do I only have to get mine, am already planning that provided they are playable, or can I get others as well?

    5. Paul Marzagalli on

      I am interested in investing in the personal figurine, but without a playing card accompanying it, it doesn't do anyone much good. If you clarify that the figurine also comes with a playing card for it, then I will absolutely grab one.

    6. MadScientist

      I'm happy with cardboard token items rather than 3D item miniatures, and cardboard token coins instead of metal ones. The 'reality' of this game is in the story and the rules, not the components.

      Game quality before component quality, excessively luxurious components are just a gimmick.

    7. Karsten ⚔️ on

      What is your position on updates in quality instead of quantity?

      For instance (if the miniatures are not produced by Zvezda), highly detailed, high-quality miniatures instead of plastic blobs? Realistic-looking paper and metal coins as money? Barter and trade mechanisms where money is no longer accepted?

      3D Objects such as walls, doors, stairs, 1st and 2nd floor buildings (see Descent, Space Hulk and the like), barrels, crates? Some eye candy might be a welcome relief from all the text-heavy cards, books, scripts and the like, and attract people for whom the production value is equally important as the gameplay. The more of the game materials are three-dimensional, self-explanatory and do not require text, the more intuitive it becomes to play with them -- and also cheaper when localized versions in different languages need to be produced. So, instead of markers and tokens that read "grenades", a little plastic crate/box with a grenade etched on the sides is far more intuitive and does not require translation. Besides, the dimensions, bulk and weight of objects and necessary transportation devices they require in order to be moved become obvious immediately.

      Try to think of many uses for a limited number of a few items, instead of only a few uses for many different items, in order to foster creativity over object accumulation.

      Instead of a (basically useless) artbook, how about a decent miniatures and scenery painting guide, given that the figures are all gray although the daily routine of the game characters (and many players) is already brown and gray enough?

      An area map of the city on which to move much smaller versions of the miniatures to different locations for more strategic depth and area control of important infrastructure (water recycling facility, power plant, refrigerator warehouse, ...)? Of course, some areas are therefore more dangerous due to the fighting factions trying to conquer them, versus quieter but less 'lucrative' areas and others where pillagers, mobsters, criminals and other unpleasant people rummage the former shopping areas, etc.? Different vehicles to get around, for which only limited spare parts/gasoline/batteries are available and hard to find? The large miniatures and detailed maps can then be used to decide the action that takes place within those sectors.

      If you decide to add more character, though, have at list to beautiful girls and a handsome hunk among them; many miniature painters on CMON and fora seem to have a preference for sexy chicks, so there might be some additional exposure for the game, bringing it to the attention of a larger audience. Moreover, average girls do not mind using a prettier avatar on the game board, but but pretty girls often dislike to be represented by a less attractive character. Within the story, an attractive person might be able to resolve conflicts by using wits and charme instead of violence. Figures of injured/sick men and women might be worthwhile, depending on how much of a burden they represent during the story and gameplay. An injured/dead dog might make for some soul-searching and heart-wrenching scenes, too.

      Most of all though, please invest in gameplay and quality control. Few things are more annoying than having to deal with dozens of FAQs because the rules were not written clear enough or do not provide enough illustrated examples, errata, patches, updates, mods, house rules and the like. Try to think of weird, imbalanced or extreme situations, problems and possible gameplay variants before starting the final print run. Make sure cards do not warp, details (figures and 3D objects) are crisp and sharp, etc. All this will lead to a far more satisfying experience and higher grades in reviews than having 22 instead of 20 miniatures in the end (although a couple more dogs and other animals can never hurt :).

      Quality before quantity, gameplay before gimmicks.

    8. Missing avatar

      DM576 Studios

      How about Character Spotlights for the first 8.

    9. Missing avatar

      ArtSchool on

      Keep it up guys! this is going well...

    10. Missing avatar

      Jens Weiland on

      You are awesome! Looking forward to the new stuff

    11. Awaken Realms 8-time creator on

      Ok, we re-loaded them, should work now

    12. Jack Francisco on

      The top 2 pics are not coming through.