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A board game experience, carrying an important message: In war, not everyone is a soldier. Can you survive to see the end of the war?
A board game experience, carrying an important message: In war, not everyone is a soldier. Can you survive to see the end of the war?
9,627 backers pledged £621,811 to help bring this project to life.

Language versions official announcement

Posted by Awaken Realms (Creator)

Ok guys,

You have asked a lot about the language versions and we have heard you. First let us talk a little on the subject:

Doing language version is not only cost of translation, but also it is whole different print, that will have its own issue. As you probably know – the bigger amount of same things printed, cheaper the price. This is why language version is problematic from creators perspective, because they tend to have higher cost in production. We really don't want promise anything on this campaign that will not be deliver or will slow down the process. 

But we hear you and fully understand – this is story driven game and not everyone is fluent in English. So we have prepared a solution for you. Language version will be made IF there will be at least 500 games in given language.

 So now it is up to you –spread the word about the project to your friends and get as many as you can to back here and you will get a language version (and more stretch goals to that !).

Please note that translation will include ONLY core box – not art book, stretch goals cards etc.

If there will be 1 000 copies of the games in given language, then we will also translate art all stretch goals. 

Hope this solution will work for you! Let us keep on going and spreading the word about this ambitious project!

Also, new stretch goals will be shown soon! Lets keep it up! 


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    1. CappCorp on

      495 backers with Canada and France combined (277 + 218), any chance it adds up to 500 boxes with 6X box pledge ? :D

    2. CappCorp on

      It would really be nice to have official figures and evolution regarding this.
      Also a lot of questions are unanswered, I hope they will be at some point

    3. Missing avatar

      olivier ledeuil on

      You are right to be curious. My assessment came from Nakano's post on 12th of May...
      A post I read too quickly I confess. I WAS WRONG.
      That's why I need a french version Dude ;)

    4. CappCorp on

      @olivier I'm curious, where do you get your numbers ?

    5. Missing avatar

      olivier ledeuil on

      On 12th of May, 482 french backers. I can't imagine no french version James !

    6. James Bishop on

      I know I'm not the only one to ask but French speakers really need to know if their will be a french version if there 500 box and how many french speakers has pledge at this time To have an idea to motivate french speaker's troops! ^^

    7. Missing avatar

      Marian on

      I beg you, please translate the whole game or leave it be - translating of the core game won't do it, for reasons mentioned below. I think the additional kickstarter campain for language localization or even better, the inclusion of other languages (for the game AND for FUTURE add ons) as a stretch goal would be a great idea. Mixing up different languages for such an immersive game won't work for me (and, I bet, many others) because the language switching will always be a hard break in the story flow, which will hurt a lot if happening at the wrong point (e.g. after a memorial trigger). Please, translate everything (please please please :D) or leave it be, it won't work mixed.

    8. Stefano Marra on

      Hi guys,
      Are there any chance to get the italian language as an option in the possible languages?

    9. Missing avatar

      Charollais on

      Hello everybody,

      I would be also happy to see the French as an option in the possible languages.

      Best Regards,


    10. CappCorp on

      The project looks really great, but not investing directly into additional languages is a poor choice IMHO.
      Not all sales will be done on kickstarter, the massive amount raised in a few hours clearly indicates how motivated the customers are for the game and the retail sales will benefit a lot from being available in different languages.
      Keep in mind that the kickstarter page for this project is clearly english speaker oriented and that a lot of interested customers will only see the game in stores and buy it from stores, at it has already been the case for a lot of successful games funded here.
      I really hope this reaches out to the creators of the game and they study a bit more their translation policy before the end of the campaign, it would clearly boost the sales both here and on retail.

    11. Melimew on

      I would like to have a french version for sure, if we unlock it ..
      Is it gonna be a option for the language at the end ??


      Need italian version

    13. Missing avatar

      SHIN, HYUNSIK on

      Would you please include Korean Language the available list of translation version if the backers exceed over 500 backers ?

    14. Karsten ⚔️ on

      The suggestions below were necessary considerations in response to the publisher's plans as to how they would go about different language editions. The easiest method of dealing with the issue, however, would be the following:

      «Next stretch goal at £175,000 GBP: Fully localized versions of all game parts and materials, including any future add-ons and expansions, in French, German, Italian and Spanish».

      At the end of the Kickstarter, let people choose which language they want and that would be that. :-)

    15. Karsten ⚔️ on

      Letting people choose which language they prefer if translations of the current material AND FUTURE ADD-ONs are not being guaranteed to be complete is the smartest approach, especially given that the current number of backers makes it unlikely for other idioms to pass the 1000 heads benchmark.

      As other people mentioned below, we can help with translations (English, Spanish, French, German in my case, on a perfectly professional level, two more as draft) so that a professional, sworn translator would merely have to proofread for final corrections and small adjustments.

      Alternatively, how much is the extra cost of translations? You could add another «sub-Kickstarter» per idiom, so if enough money is donated to the French cause, for example, they will get their version, no matter how many people their headcount results in. :-)

    16. Karsten ⚔️ on


      Folks, if you are going to produce different languages only partially, please DO NOT automatically send people a particular version based on their shipping address! Let them choose in the pledge manager instead which language they want!

      Having only the core game in one language but the rest of the materials in another is idiotic. Either a game comes in a particular language or it does not, mixing different idioms makes no sense at all: if somebody needs the core game in his mother tongue, having additional materials in another language is just a kick in the teeth. On the other hand, if they can handle the additional modules, cards, etc. in English, there is no need to have the core game in another language. In a nutshell, somebody either understands a game or they don't, understanding only half of it helps nobody.

      In a globalized world, we travel, work abroad, migrate, flee civil war and droughts, whathaveyou. We make friends in other countries and from other cultures and often, we speak a language different from the country we live in. Second, in a multi-national or multi-cultural group, French or English might be the common denominator, although we all live and work, say, in Italy. Consequently, it makes sense to simply let people choose which language they prefer, not impose one on them based on their shipping address.

      First, we need a choice whether we want a half-baken hodge-podge of different languages for core games and add-ons or not. Therefore, the first question needs to clarify this:
      => «In case your preferred language is available for the core elements only, which is the order of choice that you prefer your game in?»
      [1] English [2] French [4] German [5] Italian [3] Spanish

      «In case ALL game elements are being translated and you receive a fully translated version of all add-ons. expansions, stretch goals, etc. Now AND IN THE FUTURE FOR LATER EXPANSIONS, what is the order of choice for the language that we should send your game in?»
      [3] English [1] French [4] German [5] Italian [2] Spanish

      There might even be people who buy more than one copy of the game, for instance one for playing with their children and parents in their mother tongue, another for playing with their international friends who all speak English or French as a second language (or for sending one to another country as a birthday present), so you want to make sure that the language can be chosen for each ordered copy individually.

      At the end of the Kickstarter and design process, when all dice have been cast and rien ne va plus, let people know which languages received enough orders for a complete translation Now AND FOR FUTURE EXPANSIONS, and which languages would merely result in a potpurri of nonsense mixups, because people might choose differently once they know their mother tongue didn't make it. Therefore, the pledge manager should make it possible to make final changes to the preferred language before the games are shipped.


    17. Missing avatar

      snon on

      Hm isn't ledgemanager far too late for something like this?
      Counting backer countries may also suboptimal.

      Maybe you'll should add this early in the campaign at least french, spanish & german version perks
      - "below" a visible divider "-nonEnglisch versions:" from the current perks
      - with a large "currently you will get an english version, but with 500/1000 backers game box/+SG will be professionally translated.

    18. Pipe LLanos on

      @Awaken Realms I think my comment have more relevance here. loved the VG version, can't wait for this to happen. If you need any help translating to Spanish I do part time work doing just that, I'm Canadian but Spanish is my mother tongue. It would be a dream come true helping you guys! Free of charge!

    19. Nakano

      I think for this campaign it's best to focus the English release. It seems making translations working budget wise seems unlikely. Getting 500 backers for a language might be very challenging during a campaign if compared to data from Masmorra's Top Countries:
      * United States 5,430 backers
      * Canada 840 backers
      * United Kingdom 735 backers
      * Germany 664 backers
      * France 482 backers
      * Australia 457 backers
      * Spain 361 backers
      * Italy 176 backers

    20. Missing avatar

      M.M. van de Sluis

      Well if it is possible make a template for doing own translations. I sleeve my cards mostly anyways and translate to my own language. If its to expensive to do language versions maybe do templates to help people on there way to make there own language cards. Just a idea �

    21. Mathieu Cavert on

      Why not do an add-on for the translation. Maybe only 5£ are necessary to compensate price!
      Need French version!!!

    22. Yuri Alvarez on

      Thanks for doing this! Hope Spanish gets to 1000 :) Otherwise I prefer to be it fully in English.

    23. Ulrich Ilg on

      I would also say that the first priority should be to get the english version as error free as possible before thinking about language versions...

    24. Missing avatar

      lefebvre eric on

      french version of script and journal will be good !!!!

    25. Missing avatar

      Jotabe on

      @Beaumesnil : I am in total agreement with your idea, I think the same thing. It allows AR to keep a good price and lower the number of backers needed for translation and allows us to have version in our language available. Nice option, I think

    26. Missing avatar

      Beaumesnil on

      @Wiebke Walbaum : he will know because in ur profil you put ur country, i think so.
      I have a question about the traduction, the problem is only the cost for printing/editing or also traduction ? because, in fact if i have the .pdf i can print it and it will reduce the cost :)
      I hope its clear, i'm not fluent in english :D

    27. Wiebke Walbaum

      Oops you already answered that. My mobile isn't smart with the comments :D

      In pledge manager this would not be so cool, because if German fails to hit 1000 I'd rather take it all in English instead of receiving an game part English part German...

    28. Wiebke Walbaum

      How do you know which language we want before pledge manager?

    29. MAJBrown22

      I thought this was going to be about the add-ons...

    30. Missing avatar

      Sidwick on

      I'm from Germany and I would still opt to take the English version.

    31. Missing avatar

      Emanuele Porcellato on

      yeah, as Jotabe suggest, you can make the core set in english and just do a instruction pages for each languages... It will be useful and easier to do.

    32. Missing avatar

      Jotabe on

      And I think: the higher cost is the translation or the print of small groups language by language?
      Because another solution could be to have the non-english versions available on print and play and the core box is still in english. Is it a good idea?
      Not sure I'm clear, I could developt if needed :)

    33. Missing avatar

      Emanuele Porcellato on

      Italian too, please

    34. Missing avatar

      Grisbi on

      Snif, here's go my dream of a french version...
      But yeah I understand you budgetary constraint. It's just weird to do a partial translation (without the SG cards) at 500 backers and the full one at 1000. Even if I could I think I would not choose a partial translation.

    35. Lone Token

      +1 Karl Frank an Jotabe

      I'm from Quebec so I'm a French in an English country.

    36. Awaken Realms 8-time creator on

      Hey guys,

      Please do not worry - we need an estimation for a language, we know that there will be few people who will like to get English version. You will be able to pick version at Pledge Manager. Perhaps we will also think of a smart way (and not confusing to the new people) that will be able to count that accurately during the campaign.

    37. Missing avatar

      Umcio on

      Is there a way to declare a chosen language? I'm natively polish, although I'd prefer an english version to play with my english-speaking friends:)

    38. Missing avatar

      Fred Brand on

      This is genius! I love it! tak trzymać!

    39. Missing avatar

      Jens Weiland on

      Great! I hope for enough Germans ;)

    40. Leonard Raaymakers on

      Sounds fair enough. Looks like people are going to do some serious sharing! ;)

    41. Missing avatar

      Karl Frank on

      How are you going to determine how many boxes there are for each language? Just backers from a country speaking primarly that language might be a bad metric.

    42. Angelripper on

      So how do we select the language to see how many are allready in for it? Maybe some new pledgelevels???

    43. Missing avatar

      Jotabe on

      Hello. Thank you for the effort! Any chance for a french version? not said in this update :(
      And how will you count the 500 copies? For french, for instance, it's coming from France, but also Belgium, ... And some of Canadians speaks french too.

    44. Gabriel Merin Cubero

      It works for me. But how are you going to control how many people want each language? Are you going to create some sort of list for each language?

    45. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Ovenden

      How do you know if someone wants a language version? I for example am based in Poland, but I want English.

    46. Mellekai

      I want my copy in English please. :)

    47. Missing avatar on

      Um....I want!!!!!!! korean language .....

    48. Amarice on

      Yeah, baby!