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Next level competitive miniature Board Game for 1-4 players from creator of Neuroshima Hex and Cry Havoc.
Next level competitive miniature Board Game for 1-4 players from creator of Neuroshima Hex and Cry Havoc.
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Language versions production and Dawnfall KS Reprint!

Posted by Awaken Realms (Creator)

Hey Everyone!

We will start with showing yet another review of the game, this time from one of the biggest reviewers, Tom from Dice Tower. The Edge Dawnfall have received Seal of Excellence and very positive review! 

In that regard - we are getting A LOT of questions about the possible re-print of The Edge Dawnfall or possibility to buy it. We could not be more happy to see so many positive reviews and hype around the game – this is the biggest game we have made so far and it took a lot of time, effort and passion to make it happen.

Having this small introduction, time to cut to the chase:

Reprint of Dawnfall will launch on Kickstarter and most probably will go live in October!

Before launch we just want to be sure that language editions from first KS will be shipped to backers and people who did not completed pledge manager on time will receive their games as well.

We wanted to ask you what you would like to see more! We have listed few most popular requests, but please do add to the list!

  • Bosses expansion in plastic with PvP rules
  • Terrain expansion in plastic
  • Plastic 3d shrines and crystal pools
  • More units for each faction

What more would you like to see in Kickstarter reprint? More lore books (art books, comic books, collection of stories), campaigns (different factions vs each other, multiplayer campaigns etc.)? Let us know! We are waiting for your feedback!

Please also remember to rate Dawnfall on BGG page as more reviews will really help us promoting this game and crafting The Edge universe further!

Language Version Production

All language versions are already in production! We should have production photos in next update.

We plan to finish production of paper components on 4th of October and start confection then.

Shipping of language versions should start on 10th of October and take 5 days but please allow around 1 week for unexpected delays.

Late pledge manager backers

We continue to send notifications to all backers who missed pledge manager. If you are KS backer and you missed pledge manger please contact us via:

If you already contacted our customer support and finished your order we are already preparing it. We will start shipping all those remaining late English orders on 24th of Septemeber.

BGG battle report winner

In previous updates we have announced small contest for submissions of Edge battle report.

We had some amazing entries and overall over 20 battle reports! Big thank you for everyone who participated in contest! If you missed this contest because you did not had your game yet or simply did not have time, don’t worry, we will be launching more of similar contests ;)

We have read all battle reports and there were so many great jobs that it was really hard to pick just 3. But after longer consideration we decided to pick follwing winners:

Ian Floyd -


Maciej Piasecki  -


Jannik Presberger  -


We will contact winners via BGG but if you are a winner you can also drop us email at:

Thank you for everyone taking part in this contest. You have created amazing quality battle rerports and we are so happy you are enjoying the game! We will definitely make one more contest like this before reprint to give everyone who did not get their games yet to have a shot at a free resin boss! ;) 

Missing game / components

We also would like to remind that we are shipping replacements for missing/broken pieces. If there is something wrong with your english language order just contact us via:

We want to make sure everyone gets their games or missing components shipped before a reprint :)


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    1. Sven on

      I would love the most to see the Darkness properly balanced for PvP.
      Apart from that:
      More units for the factions for variety.
      Playable (plastic) bosses and the addition of a Darkness Boss,

    2. Francesco Vivaldi on

      I like to see a new campaign for 4 player and new units for faction, anche a new faction !
      would will be very good to see a mercenary faction, with possibility to add mercenary model to normal factions

    3. Wakle Skade

      I agree with many of the others that the timing of the reprint seems too soon. Personally I would rather see it early next year. That way we could have more time to play the current game and develop a larger fan base. I would love to see more "hero/commander" type units added to the factions so we can add more of a role playing element to the game.

    4. Thorlight

      Reprint in October seems a little weird. Thats the world biggest boardgaming event Spiel in Essen.

      Think some would hold cash back if going to that event. Ladt year 220.000 whent so no small numbers.

      And no Gencon is bigger but Spiel in Essen is exlusivly boardgames not anime, video games and other things ;-)

    5. Rew King on

      It's good to see things progressing but really wierd to see reprint announced while still waiting for a pledge.

    6. Amarice on

      - All plastic models made in HIPS.

    7. Missing avatar

      Bussinger Roland on

      I would love seeing differently designed gaming boards and/or instead of using cardboard, print it on a "mousepad" mat (a mat using rubber with a felt printable surface). Such mats are nowadays very commonly used for tabletop games of all shapes and forms. For transporting purposes, but also for preserving purposes, mats might come in quite handy since cardboard always suffers from usage, whereas the mats are from my own experience quite indestructible.

    8. Jeff N

      I would love to pickup some of the terrain and boss expansions in a reprint campaign!

      If you can make any of those in plastic, to bring the cost down -- I'd be very interested. Was just a bit to costly to get most of those in resin...

    9. Kickstarter Addict

      Still haven't gotten everything and they are already launching a reprint, that's ridiculous!

      And how are we to order replacement pieces if we don't know what's included? Where's the contents list?

    10. Bruce M on

      Might pick up another faction
      But more units would be good

    11. Dennis Reed

      As a War Chest backer, even though they can be expensive to ship, if it's possible, I'd like to get smaller boxes that are easier to store. Maybe the various Conflict boxes, or faction-specific storage. The big box is really impressive, but takes up a shelf all its own.

    12. olivier CARLOT

      Language packs
      New units
      A new faction
      Boss in plastic

    13. Michael Barnhart on

      I would love a reprint of the instructions so that it takes care of all the changes that have been made since. Correctly naming the units is one of them.

    14. Destiny Horizons

      When is the game being sent out? I haven't received anything yet.

    15. Steven White on

      Will there be an option for backers to just buy all the new stuff. I don’t want to buy all 6 factions again just to get the new bits.

    16. CaGeRit

      Just had a thought. 100% armchair game design combining 2 > campaign/scenarios, new units and the third dimension.
      Make 3d terrain bridges that could be used to bridge two game boards. There could be some cardboard in between the boards which represents a massive impassable chasm or crystal formation. Also add units which enable movement of other figures across larger distances (demonic portal, dvergar tunneler, chapter crawler, some kind of flying critter for reborn which can pick up other units, etc.) create scenarios for the larger battles with more players.

    17. Missing avatar

      Sieber on

      More scenario for normal game.(without campaign)

      A way to do a campaign between all factions (even the same maybe) with evolution.

      More information about the world.

      A way to have a third dimension, maybe with hills, bridge or wathever. 😋

    18. JiveP

      Still waiting for my missing items and for the replacements for my incorrectly delivered items :-(

    19. Lorkaii on

      As far as i love confrontation game, a lot of friend prefers coop games.
      so i would love to get :
      1st - A new coop Campaign, playable 2-4 factions
      2nd - A least one totaly new unit
      3rd - New way to play existing figs : news cards with new ability and new profiles
      4 th and so - décors, shrines and other plastic things

      Bosses are great, but i play a lot of other conf games, and big figs Always create great imbalance.
      Think about keeping the game balanced and short. Nothing that add complexity or time would fit me.

      Anyway, also think about localisation of your add ons. Its already a shame that some of my french game stay in English...

    20. Amarice on

      - A Darkness faction "core-box", a box of the "standard" Conflict-box size that contains all Darkness models, including Prime Shadow and Father of the Sun (and its expansion content).
      - T-shirts.

    21. CaGeRit

      +1 new campaign
      maybe designed around 3/4 players with multiplayer battles

      Make the father sun add on available again, missed that in the first campaign.

      I’d love to see some new models.

      Plastic bosses are interesting, but I’d rather see them playable in the regular game as opposed to a solo encounter.

    22. Amarice on

      Do all boxes have a dedicated place to store sleeved cards (~90 microns)? If not, add it to the list.

    23. Missing avatar


      Are the language Versions of the game already in the shiping hub and You only have to add the Cards etc? If You got to ship it first noone will receive his game until december…

      And that would be really not nice if You plan a Reprint for october

    24. Agreave (carpets ARE required) on

      I agree with those saying about previous backers getting a ‘new stuff only’ type of pledge but I wonder if this is feasible? I also think October this year seems a bit soon, have peeps really played all the factions etc, I can obviously see why you’d go so soon for new backers-it’s good business-does this also mean no retail option will be offered as quite a few peeps dislike KS? :)

    25. Derek Pearse on

      Regarding re prints the following things I would have liked to have seen and I believe are missing

      1 : a easy to read 1 player co op campaign tutorial

      2: art work on models for the purpose of painting guides including some specific lure ie what there Home planet is like desert, barren, rainforest and so on “rather than dark concept designs”

      3: boss model building guides

      4: I would always welcome more story driven reading material battle for Eld-Hain was a good read

    26. Thorlight

      Yeah offer anything new to previous backers in a separate pledge please.

    27. Amarice on

      Are you considering any tweak to the rules? For instance, for the 4 players version of the game, there were backers in BBG suggesting a little tweak to the rules when playing 2v2, I think it was.

    28. Zwergfell on

      +1 @David Gustafsson

    29. Missing avatar

      M.M. van de Sluis

      Be nice if anything new comming to the reprint be available in a seperate pledge and any corrections to the booklets and cards to. Im interested in more faction specific shrines in plastic though. But anything extra be cool. 👍

    30. David Gustafsson on

      More campaigns that open up for other factions to meet each other sounds really nice!
      Since we got 3 factions in the base pledge in the last KS I wouldn't want to have to buy a new box containing 1 faction I already have though...

      Also if you're adding new material to factions that I already have I would like to be able to buy only those of course...

    31. Simian scion on

      I'd love to see an errata pack correcting some cards :)

    32. Luke Robinson Mee on

      3d shrines and cristal pools would be great as well as different faction vs faction campaigns.
      Can't wait to get my replacements so I can start to play. The game is just amazing.

    33. Missing avatar

      Finbar De Toms-Scott on

      Would love more lore as I really enjoyed reading into the world. Really needs more proof reading though as the book was rife with spelling errors and words in places that just didn't fit. Also pleeease give an explanation as to why the Angels Of Death are in game given what happened in the book :P

    34. Jordan Dyksley on

      How do first backers get the pvp rules etc without having to repurchase bosses? Hope there is some form of upgrade pledge eventually.

    35. Paddy

      A returning Backer pledge level would be welcomed I'm sure.

      Be it a level that includes any additional material new to the reprint, or just a 1 dollar pledge which will allow access to the new Add-ons in the pledgemanager.

      As happy as I am with my warchest,I'd hope I wouldn't have to rebuy the entire box to get any additional materials that would be introduced