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Next level competitive miniature Board Game for 1-4 players from creator of Neuroshima Hex and Cry Havoc.
Next level competitive miniature Board Game for 1-4 players from creator of Neuroshima Hex and Cry Havoc.
Next level competitive miniature Board Game for 1-4 players from creator of Neuroshima Hex and Cry Havoc.
3,608 backers pledged £498,745 to help bring this project to life.

Update on all fronts!




Adrian here. Last udpate we summarized a last year of our company and today we wanted to do the same in detail for our game - The Edge Dawnfall. 

In short we are extremely excited to share an update on all fronts. First we will tell a story of development and earlier versions of Edge. Our writer - Krzysztof Piskorski will say few words about our campaigns and for a first time you will be able to read them in their full glory. Michał Oracz will bring us a faction elite spotlights. I will talk about short story of Edge development and production progress together will mass production photos including spotlight of all remaining plastic models. We hope that you will enjoy it and be as much excited us we are.

Influence of Nemesis, Lords of Hellas and other projects on Development of the Edge

But, before we proceed with Edge update we first wanted to again tell more about our other projects and how they influence The Edge. 

We would have lied if we said they have no impact on The Edge but in reality its quite opposite as some of you may think. 

When we launched the Edge Dawnfall we were quite inexperienced team with very high hopes and unrealistic expectations. During kickstarter passions were high and we have promised tones of content: components, miniatures, scenarios, game modes etc. Only after that we realized how much insane amount of work will have to be done to fulfill our promises. Well, we can finally say we did that and much more. 

This game is few times bigger than Lords of Hellas, we have countless pages of exciting scenarios, 7 unique factions that each one could be a subject of new game a whole growing universe that will be further developed and much more. We have worked so hard to bring this game to where it is today and we can finally see a light at the end of the tunnel. 

This amount of work and dedication would not be possible without other project that kept our company growing, kept bringing new people and new ideas to The Edge. When we finished The Edge kickstarter there was 6 people in our development team, now its almost 30. But with such a team its impossible to develop only one project at once. 

When we finished our kickstarter after few months all of our 3d models were ready and we needed new work for our 3d designers, same goes for part of our 2d designers and some other parts of team. That's why we created few development teams. While Michał Oracz was designing Edge we team up with Adam Kwapiński to make Lord of Hellas. 

After main work on LOH has been done we had again to start new project and we were very happy to have an opportunity to work on Nemesis. This time we got a whole ready game by Adam Kwapiński and Rebel and we only had working on perfecting it and bringing new models, art and new additions. Again progress on gameplay and story of Edge remained uninterrupted. 

 With whole TWOM project and LOH first wave finishing shipping in next few weeks as well as Edge paper components soon going into production we need to launch new project to keep a steady workflow. Nemesis will launch on kickstarter on 17th but as Marcin is developing this project with dedicated crew our Edge team full focus remains on the Edge. 

Short story of Edge development 

For most of you, your journey with Edge started on October of 2016 but its story goes way back. Me (Adrian) and Marcin started developing Edge in April 2014, almost 4 years ago. Back then Awaken Realms was just two of us. The very first units we have worked on were Marcin's Angel of Death from Chapter and mine Berserker Alpha from Faceless. 

We were slowly building up Edge universe and units to finally kick start Edge project with resin models and skirmish game exactly year later in 2015. We knew how to make nice models but had not much experience in making a game. After few months and few turns of events we ended up cooperating with Michał Oracz and we couldn't be happier about it. We knew that our project of love was in perfect hands. 

We knew that for Edge Dawnfall we wanted to make something really special, something we could be very proud and something that would continue to grow and live. And for that to happen a good game is not enough. Since then Edge went through countless changes. Before we launched Edge Dawnfall, we had a very positive feedback from playtesters and reviewers but we kept looking for improvement. 

Today Michał send us a picture. They say a picture says more than thousand words. In this case picture of thousands of cards says more than 1000 words ;) Its a photo of previous versions of cards and rules that Edge went through to be what it is now. 

We see there is some discussion about state of the project and causes of previous delays. The reason is really simple, as we already stated we needed amazing game. Whole game is designed around gameplay, all cards designs, arts, scenarios, even models and sizes of bases. They are also interconnected and can't be made without another. In order to proceed with work we needed a strong core gameplay that took a most of time to complete. 

Once ready we were able to put more and more people on this project and this is were would could accelerate our work. For months we had a team dedicated to Edge project and that team grows now with every week just as our excitement to see everything coming together. 

Story Update by Krzysztof Piskorski

If you follow our updates, you already know we're putting tons of work into campaigns and scenarios for The Edge: Dawnfall. Well, it's time for you to have a full look at what took us so damn long to build. We’ve decided to give you two entire campaigns (Reborn vs Faceless and Rha-Zack vs Dvergar) in their current state, without layouts and illustrations, and before the final edit - just the way play-testers are working on them right now. That's over twenty unique scenarios with hundreds of story scripts that provide incredible replayability, all tied together into one massive narrative.  

You may have cringed at the 'incredible replayability' thing, as it looks like a typical Kickstarter exaggeration. Well, in this case, the proof is before your eyes. Simply open any of these scenario books and keep scrolling. As you can see, each campaign employs close to 30 stickers, used to track player decisions and gameplay choices. That's thirty different ways you can permanently impact the map, the heroes, and the events. Then, there are script-based choices, optional scenarios and alternative epilogues. For example, in 'Rha-Zack vs Dvergar' story, four battles may be approached in any order, and the sequence you fight them in changes multiple things.  

But there's also another, additional level, and I believe we haven't mentioned this one before (correct me if I'm wrong). You see, all four major campaigns - 'Chapter vs Demons', 'Reborn vs Faceless', 'Rha-Zack vs Dvergar', 'Darkness' - tie into each other, sharing some heroes and story events. While each is a stand-alone entity, there is a lot of narrative cross-pollination. If you ever have a crazy idea of playing them back-to-back, you and your opponent would experience an incredible, multi-chaptered epic that's long enough to put many CRPGs to shame.  

I like to see these campaigns not as stories, but as complex machines since they all required a very close cooperation between game designers, testers and content creators to assemble. Building these mechanically intensive narratives was one of the most unique and fun challenges I had in all fifteen years of my professional writing career. I hope they will bring you many hours of sweat and tears, and add a lot of value to the great game that The Edge: Dawnfall is shaping up to be.  

One last thing: I'm not a person who could say much regarding the final shipping dates and delivery time-frames, but I assure you we're working hard to have all English story booklets finalized and fully tested by the beginning of February. Please keep in mind that completing several major campaigns, containing over 50 scenarios with hundreds of scripts and over 70.000 words of text, is a mammoth task. And since every scenario can change based on the previous decisions, testing the whole lot requires well over a hundred skirmishes. In short: big things take time. However, as we're nearing the end of our work, I'm quite confident it will be worth it.

We have prepared FULL CAMPAIGNS for you to see - they are before all waves of proof reading and yet a subject to small balancing, but they are very close to being finished. Be aware this is of course one massive spoiler ;)

Faction spotlight (By Michał Oracz) - Elite squads 

 In today's update with so much info we will try to keep faction spotlight little shorter than ususal. We focus this time on all faction elites. Each of six faction has its own Elite squad (part of stretchgoals). 

When preparing faction for game we can decide to take Elite squad in place of any other squad - however those are very powerful units. Just having them on bigger bases grants us advantage already, so in order to have them in our army we need to pay additional cost in terms of sacrificing 1-2 victory points (depending on Elite model). Of course if other players take them, VP can turn equal. 

Warcrawler is self propelled rocket launcher, an only unit in game that can one shot even a boss but when destroyed it leaves behind a very precious minerals. Berserker Alpha gathers Power tokens that can turn in any moment into very powerful attack and additionally it can't fully die, if temporarily killed it comes back to life. Ancient Guard can immobilize enemy in thight grip while efficiently hiding itself- for Reborn an opportunity to immobilize enemy next to Thickets is extremely valuable. Purge Doctor can blaze anything on its path in flames of his weapon and overcharge it by increasing its power without any limits. Bloodsmiths are units very closely connected with Son of Khyber - they assists him in fight and can rapidly accelerate Demons victory. Source Blades like true ninjas can take two turns in a row and if close to Crystal source they automatically become a deadly weapon. 

Please note that this card design is not final and was only used for playtesting, we are finishing polished versions with color art and soon will update final design.



Production progress 

 First of all I wanted to write here about our company production process that is quite different than usual. We make all plastic and wooden components in China while all paper ones here in Poland. We also do all shipping from Poland directly to all bakers either via UPS or Postal Services. That way we do not need to send everything to production at once, we do not have to wait after production of paper components 1-2 months for games to arrive to destination continents to be sent then out to backers. 

All plastic models has been in tooling for over a year, and in mass production for few months. 

All wooden tokens and crystals are already on their way to us and you can see them below. 





All dices are already in production and will be shipped to us along plastic models. 


 As we needed more time for development of game we spend extra time on changes to models. We have made a lot of changes to bases of almost all models and worked on stability and sturdiness. 

Almost every single model is not just glued but also pinned to base. We have also went through at least 3 iterations of Angel of Death and Infinit Angel and we are now satisfied with stability. We have changed Infinity Angel cloud to make it more stable and added a very long pins that go from feet through it and we added a rock to Angel of Death and long pins as well. 



As they have to be tooled from scratch and we had to redesign a lot of plastic injection moulds for additional pins it added over 30 days to production process from last Decembers estimate for plastic production. 

Nevertheless all models except Angels has been already cast and are now in assembly process. Everything will be shipped to Poland before Chinese New Year. 





Also check out not yet published photos of Father of the Sun, Shadow prime and other SG and tokens.








We have also done a scale comparison between our Edge  Lords of Hellas models do give you sense of how big they are :)





Just as reminder production of all resin bosses, resin terrains and resin models has been finished few month ago. They are now waiting for hard plastic bases and paper components.

Proofreading, Testing, Paper Production and deadlines

We are now working on faction cards wordings and starting to prepare our files for proofreading and printing. We really hoped to share with you a final polished card layout for all factions today but we still need few more days to finish it. 

Art of the Edge

We have also spent a lot of time to make sure cards will be memorable. This is why we crafted some arts, that will help you connect cards with its gameplay implication - and also make cards overall way more beautiful. 

We went with more serious tone and colors but in the end we are very, very happy with the results! Check out some of our favorite ones! 



























 We also have put and keep putting huge amount of work into play testing and balancing as we are nearing completion a two separate play-testing teams. And we will continue to polish balancing until files goes to print just to make sure everything will be perfect! 


Almost 6 months ago we have announced project delay with estimates of English version to be shipped in January/February this year. We want to say that whole team is very dedicated to keep a deadline of end of February shipment and we will work very hard to meet it. To achieve that we still have almost 4 weeks to send all files for printing and 6 weeks for arrival of models from China. Although in best case scenario it would be possible, based on our experience still so many things can go wrong. 

Looking realistically at current development process and amount of work that still have to be done we want to apologize for further possible delay in terms of 4-8 weeks. 

We hope that such vastness and depth of extra work that went into this amazing game will compensate for that and we can already say that we have also prepared a little secret gift for you as a token of appreciation and patience. 

We hope that our game will exceed your all expectations and make your wait worthwhile. 

Just as always if you are not happy with further wait and want a refund we are very sorry about that and we understand it. You can contact us at and we will sort out that refund for you.

Not yet published features 

There are some questions about yet not revealed info such as 2v2 player modes, terrains, bosses, smaller campaigns etc and we just wanted to confirm that there is nothing to worry about , we are wrapping them up and they will be all part of following updates :)


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    1. Missing avatar

      kevin o-vl on

      @ AR_Jordan; thats great news =) can`t wait to start playing the campaign ;)

    2. AR_Jordan Collaborator on

      @kevin o-vl

      we are discussing it, please remember that we have a very big development plans for the edge , if something like this happens it will be definitely to push story forward instead on watching same conflict from different perspective :)

    3. Missing avatar

      kevin o-vl on

      i love campaigns, so far we have chapter vs daemons etc... , but will there be future campaigns like chapter vs dvergar?

    4. Missing avatar

      Tim Evans on

      @Fabian Roth Clearly I have misunderstood. The kind of cash I have been pledging is not micro in any way for me. I am fully aware of time to tool up, develop, test, R&D etc since I have run a company that produces items for two decades. However if I were to take over a year to produce a new product and then tell my potential customers to wait half as long again I would have no customers and this bearing in mind they are not funding the development to production, I am.

      However I digress. You are correct. Kickstarter is not the place for me. Awaken Realms has certainly clarified that for me and will be the last time I back anything on this system. It is clearly a rich mans game where the punter can afford to lose cash without comeback of any kind and far too rich for my meagre income. Thank you Awaken Realms for the education.

    5. Fabian Roth

      @Tim Evans: Clearly you have misunderstood the concept of kickstarter. This is not a shop where you just go and buy things. A pledge is a microinvestment. And as any investment, it might pay off, be delayed or even fail. If you back on kickstarter, you need to be aware and okay with the fact that EVERYTHING is estimates, the delay even might be years. Otherwise, kickstarter is not the place for you.

    6. Missing avatar

      Tim Evans on

      @AR_Jordan So at my level of backing withdrawl now would set me back £60? Thanks for the information. It will certainly colour my approach to Kickstarters in future. However if this does not start to deliver in April the loss might well be worth it to retrieve the bulk of my cash against a game that does not deliver as stated.

    7. AR_Jordan Collaborator on

      From @Sulker

      Will translations also be delayed?

      - yes

    8. AR_Jordan Collaborator on

      From @JohnDoe

      The Father of the Sun looks quite fragile on his feet... did you make tests that there will be no issue with it, as it was with the Angels?

      - He actually have pins that keep him to the base. From the copies we got there is no reason to think he have any problems.

    9. AR_Jordan Collaborator on

      From @Shaun

      I want info on the 3 player and 4 player game where it's *not* 2v2 - where it's a battle royale. I've asked about this months ago when the VP track was shown clearly and it wasn't clear how the VP track would work. Was responded to with something along the lines of 'we have ideas about how this will work, keep an eye on future updates'. Has this been abandoned?

      - No it is not. It is in work - we want to show you something that will be properly looking and balanced. A bit more patience ;)

    10. AR_Jordan Collaborator on

      From @Tim Evans

      Any refund will be 100% of the money taken?

      - 93% (minus KS provision and bank fees. We would love to give back KS provision as well, but Kickstarter does not offer this option :/ )

    11. Missing avatar

      Tim Evans on

      @Lila So you are happy to continue backing projects that are years overdue. Nice that you can clearly afford to do so but not everyone is. Everyone is entitled to a viewpoint that has put money in the pot for this game. Got to ask then. Did you back AvP? When I backed this game there was a video showing fully developed game play. There were assurances that the figures would be of the highest quality they could source. There was a schedual of the time taken to reach each production goal fully laid out. This is not about just paperwork but the entire production of the game has gone right off the tracks on every timescale goal. Meanwhile the same company diversified their portfolio of games and are completing other projects from Kick starter that launched after this game and yet will complete before it by some margin it would appear. Are all the other projects you backed making games whilst still delaying the project you backed years ago? How many times will you let a company kick the can down the road on delivery before you draw a line? I backed this KS with a lot of cash at full resin level. To me that is a major investment. I expect that investment to deliver without repeated moving of the goalposts. I do not think that I am being unreasonable. Place this outside KS for a moment. If a company you engaged to paint a fence shall we say constantly put off doing so would you take your money elsewhere? To me no matter how pretty the pictures they show here are the fact is that everyone who accepts more and more extensions to delivering the goods is accepting service that is not meeting its own goals and encouraging the company to place this game on the backburner as often as it likes. The carrot of money clearly is not working. In which case the whip is the only option.

    12. AR_Jordan Collaborator on

      @Olle Wallner If you go to Awaken Realms website and make an account you can download a free comic from the first Edge Kickstarter campaign.

    13. Lila

      I really don't understand people are complaining about a few months... hell I have projects that are years overdue..
      And this project as a no show?? they've shown cards already made pieces including mass produced models! This is clearly going to get sent to us backers! So a few months so that everything is crisp and we don't have to get a 1.5 version which fixes stuff later on is good by me. So unless you've decided you no longer like the look of the game I don't see why people are threatening refunds...

    14. Jason on

      I appreciate the how much information was provided in this update. I'm glad you've put so much time into the rules, cards and campaign. I'm excited to play this, but in the meantime I have an overabundance of games I need to play.

    15. Missing avatar

      Sulker on

      The truth is that I feel somewhat disappointed with this. Another delay, of 2 months. That's not a few weeks, this was the first KS I enter and there are times when I regret it. Seeing that the production is delayed 2 months. Will translations also be delayed? Please do not make the mistake of Dark Souls.

    16. George

      I don't mind the delay, too many games coming anyway. But please double check shipping addresses before mailing.

    17. Elgracka

      The art is great! You should make it in to a comic book series

    18. Lars Weber on

      This delay is more than justified. The updates are coming and the content is great. To read that you are now able to provide work for 30 people is awesome! It feels good to be part of this.

      As I always said. Rather take some time and make sure the game is bot just good but great justifies any delay.

    19. Missing avatar


      Updates like this give me confidence that the delay is more than justified.
      I'd rather have a late game that is good than one that had to suffer in quality to make a deadline.

      Besides ... I've had plenty of kickstarters arrive in the last few months already.
      Keep up the good work :-)
      We need you to work on expanding that universe once this game has shipped.

    20. Missing avatar


      The Father of the Sun looks quite fragile on his feet... did you make tests that there will be no issue with it, as it was with the Angels?

    21. olivier CARLOT

      Rulebook please even not finalized

    22. Paul on

      I have so many KSs arriving in the next few months a delay for this one is a non-issue. At least the updates are regular and full of information, it certainly doesn't appear that the process has stalled.

      Keep moving forward and keep us posted.

    23. Fabian Roth

      1. I don't mind the delay. Keep on making an ambitious and great game and it doesnt' matter if it is delayed. You have my full support.
      2. Everything in this update looks fantastic, from gameplay to art. Awesome!
      3. Please include the community/backers for at least one round of proofreading! This includes grammar, errors but also the clarity of the rulebook. You have a great community that is pretty good at spoting mistakes. Use this to your advantage! Not using the community for rulebook/grammar feedback was a big mistake of other first time projects like Conan by Monolith, etc. Don't fall into the same trap!
      4. Please get an english speaking native for the final round of proofreading into the team.
      5. Keep up the great work!
      PS: Upgraded my order to a war chest - thanks to this update! ;)

    24. xfelalx on

      Great Update.

      I still have not finished the PM, because i need to know if the boss and Terrain-Expansion will be translated.

      As long as PM is still open i am fine i guess :)

    25. Iain Davies on

      Actually, it might just be a young woman :,D it looked like a little boy in the email

    26. Iain Davies on

      While this update all looks promising... iiiiis that a child labourer in the picture?

    27. Naiko Hatesyou on

      Man those minis and artwork look fantastic. Excited to get this in hand!

    28. Larson McCade on

      Not unhappy about a delay - which I think is now a foregone conclusion. I much prefer a better game that people will be talking about (in a positive sense) and playing for years to come. It really is looking fantastic.

      And I want info on the 3 player and 4 player game where it's *not* 2v2 - where it's a battle royale. I've asked about this months ago when the VP track was shown clearly and it wasn't clear how the VP track would work. Was responded to with something along the lines of 'we have ideas about how this will work, keep an eye on future updates'. Has this been abandoned?

    29. Missing avatar

      Tim Evans on

      4 to 8 weeks more... maybe. If we are lucky... That is not a few weeks btw its a few months. Can AR now actually sit in the chair and tell us hand on heart and no more guesses that despatch will be made in April at the very worst? Because the 4 to 8 weeks places this at the end of April and is quite an extension. I do want the game and more particularly the models/figures. What I don't want is to be on the receiving end of a never ending excuse of continued development that never delivers. Right now it looks exactly like that. I hope you take on board that you have not delivered this game and should therefore hold off launching yet another game until you have. Oh and clarify here please. Any refund will be 100% of the money taken will it not? Pretty update and only just stops me asking for my money back as no doubt it was designed to do.

    30. Erik Harring on

      Most of us understand you want to keep your employees so you have to start new projects.
      Keep up the great work guys/girls. :)

    31. Amarice on

      Thanks, please consider a storage solution for sleeved cards inside the Warchest.

    32. Awaken Realms 6-time creator on

      Thanks everyone!
      @Agreave (sofa cushions ARE required) Could you please explain what do you mean by "no fixed game system" ?
      @Amarice we will cover that in next update :)
      @Dan we will keep it open for few more weeks as we are producing more copies then required

    33. Omid TF

      Wow you do an amazing job, really excited to see the game and you are doing really the best updates this kickstarter has seen! Really happy being part of this kickstarter! Thumbs up!

    34. Missing avatar

      Luke Smolinski

      I'm extremely happy with how tings are turning out. A few more weeks of delay is fine with me, just keep making the game awesome!

    35. Missing avatar


      Any news regarding the PM deadline?

    36. Jeff N

      Awesome update -- thank you for sharing so much info. I know these updates are a project in themselves, especially ones with this much content. They are greatly appreciated!

      Great to see so many of the parts of this game. The card artwork at the end is really fantastic. Some of that art really deserves to be somewhere in a larger format vs. just being relegated to card backgrounds. Kudos to the team.

    37. Amarice on

      Thanks for everything, what about translations? Who will be doing them?

    38. Agreave (carpets ARE required) on

      Hmmm, more delays and still no fixed game system-really starting to think a refund is the best way to go here!

    39. Ken Cunningham on

      Biggest KS update I have ever seen!

    40. Sebastian Liedtke

      wow what an Update!!!!!