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Adventure, survival co-op Board Game set in unique grim world inspired by Arthurian Legends. Unforgettable experience for 1-4 players
Adventure, survival co-op Board Game set in unique grim world inspired by Arthurian Legends. Unforgettable experience for 1-4 players
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Final 24 hours!

Posted by Awaken Realms (Creator)

Hey guys! 

This is it - final 24 hours of Tainted Grail campaign. Thank you all for being with us. We have prepared last update in this campaign... So it will be quite long ;) 

This was amazing journey for whole Awaken Realms team and we do hope it was interesting for you too! What can we say... the support and funding you have provided for this game is just amazing. We are currently 4th biggest KS project EVER! So obviously Ewa had to make a small comic bout it... :D 

Today we have following topics for you:

  • All SGs unlocked! 
  • Thebalt miniature
  • 4h character from Age of Legends 
  • last 24 horus MEGA FAQ

Lets get to it! 

All SGs unlocked! 

We did it guys. As for now, all Stretch Goals are unlocked and will be added for free to each and every game. We tripled the content and added A LOT of digital prizes as well! 

 Basically this is it. We cannot add anything more at this stage - we would much rather want to keep what we have on time and in great quality then over promise things, that would make it problematic to deliver. Economy of scale can get you only this far - while prices drop down significantly from 1k to 20k copies - from 20k to 40k, they almost do not change at all. 

We also did not wanted to add any "artificial" SGs like an App or quality updates. We will do those one way or another, does not matter what funding will we reach at this point ;) There was also awesome community idea of alternative Menhir Sculpts that we will use for sure! 

We hope you will not be disappointed with us! 

Thebalt minaiture 

Another miniature joins the party - check out Thebalt! As usual, please note this is WIP and might be a subject of change ;) 

 The fourth traveler joins the party

We can also share a Work-in-Progress art of our last character, Duana the Dreadspeaker. She comes from a wild tribe that arrived on Avalon in a flotilla of primitive long boats and rafts. Witches – wise women who communed with powers older than any living creature – were always an important part of her society, until the tribe was converted by the servants of the All-mother and bowed before king Arthur. The reign of witches officially ended.

However, the new religion proved to be just a thin veneer. At day, the tribe prayed to the All-mother in a towering wooden temple, but at night some men and women were sneaking off to consult witches with problems the official religion couldn’t solve.

These problems started to multiply as soon as the tribe ended up on Avalon.

Eager to prove the old ways were better, talented witch Duana was stretching herself thin. As the pleas for help came more often, and the situation became more dire with Fore-dwellers and Wyrdness threatening to push the tribe into the sea, Duana began to reach out towards powers and forces no other witch was brave enough to contact. For some time, she managed to keep her community prosperous and safe. But soon enough, the effects of her rituals started to become plainly visible, and a host of evil spirits began to surround her everywhere she went. Finally, after one particularly gruesome night when the entire village couldn’t sleep due to her tormented cries and dark shapes swirling above her home, Duana was banished. Such was the reward she received for sacrificing herself to help her tribe.

Bitter and disillusioned, she chose a life of solitude on the border between the lands of humans and the Fore-dwellers – until by chance she saved three travelers, the survivors of a disastrous human expedition...

Gameplay-wise, we wanted to offer Duana some interesting choices, inspired by her background. That’s why her primary ability is the Dark Pact. She knows how to call unspeakable things for help, but this always takes a toll on her. Dark Pact action allows Duana to gain a point of Terror to restore 1 point of Health, Energy or Magic (to herself or another Character).

Her negative trait is also centered around her powers. Being haunted by a Tormenting Presence, Duana must make an offering each night to appease the evil spirits. She has to spend a point of Food, Wealth or XP during each rest – or she’ll lose 3 Health.

Final 24h Q&A!

Ok guys - we promised you Final 24 hours QA and lets do it with a bang! We have made probably biggest QA seen in an update, so we hope it will answer at least some of your concerns ;) 

We gathered almost 80 popular community questions we’ve decided to answer before the campaign finishes. Please keep in mind these replies had to be brief to cover as many topics as possible. We couldn’t delve deep into big topics such as game design of various systems. There are also some things that we simply don’t know yet.

Q: Is the shipping EU or US friendly? 


Q: Any news about Canada friendly shipping?  

As mentioned before, we don’t know which fulfillment service we’ll use for Canada. However, we guarantee the game won’t be shipped with any delivery service that would incur heavy brokerage fees. Our contingency plan right now is to use National Post shipping. We will do everything we can to keep things Canada friendly. 

Q: Is the Artbook different from the one shipped with Nemesis?

Yes. It will be larger, it will have more pages and it will include the art from the entire game and all its campaigns (the Nemesis promo artbook contained only the art from the prototype).

Q: Will the game see retail? Are “Monsters of Avalon” or “Red Death” expansions going to be available later?

We don’t know. We usually negotiate retailer deals well after the campaign. Please keep in mind some of the products (such as the “Monsters of Avalon” miniature pack) are not a great fit for retail environment and might not be picked up by distributors.

Q: Are language versions going to be available in retail?

As mentioned in the previous question, there are no retail deals in place yet. We simply don’t know at this point.

Q: Can you add monster standees / monster markers to the core box? Unfortunately no. The core pledge was calculated to contain bare necessities required for play. The basic option of simply using the Encounter cards works quite well in that regard.

Q: Can the entire island fit on the playmat?

No. There are too many location cards to fit on any playmat of reasonable size. The add-on playmat only fits as many Locations as you can light up with 2-3 Menhirs. If you keep going in one direction you will eventually have to re-center the cards – though that shouldn’t happen often.

Q: I don’t like the playmat art!

As mentioned in the playmat add-on section, this art is just a placeholder. Playmat will have an original art with an exploration / discovery theme

Q: Does Niamh have story in all the campaigns?

Yes. Most characters have many character-specific interactions in their own campaign and none in the others. Niamh has less of them, but they are found in all of the campaigns and they come together to explain her origins and lore.

Q: What will be shipped in the first wave?

Guaranteed to ship in first wave: Core box (both Sundrop and plain), Sleeves, Notebook, Coins. May ship in first wave (if we manage to make it on time): Donkey pack, Playmat, Niamh. 

Q: Can you ship “Echoes of the Past” in the first wave? I’d really need it for my first campaign…

When the core box ships, Last Knight and Age of Legends campaigns will still be in development! That’s why it’s impossible to ship an add-on including detailed stories of characters from these expansions earlier.

That being said, we’ll try to release the beta content for four core box characters + Niamh in advance, as a downloadable file. That way you should be able to gather your first achievements before the full add-on arrives.

Q: Tainted Grail is produced in China. Why is the freight in China so expensive?

Our fulfillment section researched various shipping option and this is actually the best quote they received for registered shipping & handling in China.

Q: Can you add all-in pledge without a sundrop? Or an all-in gameplay pledge without the minis?

Every pledge and optional buy we add increases the complexity of the logistics, and the savings we pass on in all-ins come from having a larger number of identical pledges. Having multiple all-in packages would unfortunately defeat that.

Q: Could you share more information about fully painted minis? Price? Quality?

The samples and the pricing will be available later, in the Pledge Manager. We don’t have a fully painted minis or the quote at this point.

Q: Which company / brand is making the sleeves?

We are the producers and will make sure the quality of them will be perfect. They are produced directly in a Chinese factory that supplies multiple known brands.

Q: Will we get a male universal traveler?

Not likely. We cannot add more content at this point, and we feel that having too many add-on characters written into the stories would only anger backers who don’t have these characters.

Q: Will the PC game be co-op?

The gameplay and scope of the Tainted Grail digital is still in early development. But it won’t be a full multi-player recreation of the boardgame. While there might be some co-op functionality, we aim for more of a single player experience.

Q: What about the spring campaign? Will you ever finish the cycle?

There’s no fourth full-sized campaign and it was never planned :) In three core campaigns all stories we wanted to tell are told, and all questions worth answering are answered. Besides, a spring map wouldn’t be as distinct from the summer map as winter and autumn maps are.

Q: There were some QA problems with some of the smaller Nemesis miniatures. Are you addressing those?

We’ve already addressed the problem in Nemesis updates, live streams and FB group. There was indeed problem with one hero miniature (Soldier). The faulty soldier mini is being replaced free of charge. For Tainted Grail, we will have additional production checks in place to prevent QA problems. We also continue to refine our sculpts and manufacturing process to make everything better and better! 

Q: How big are the minis of Monsters of Avalon?

Some are the same size as player characters (Angry Mob), many are around 50mm, and some are almost Menhir-sized (60-70mm Reclaimer).

Q: Why not have 100% individual Combat & Diplomacy decks for every character in the game?

Impossible due to amount of cards and unique art it would require - with 13 characters we’d need to create, produce and test 1040 (!) Combat and Diplomacy cards (and that’s just one of many systems of Tainted Grail). Not to mention that most of those cards would be fairly similar, as there are only so many ways in which you can make a basic “Defend” or “Reposition” card.

Q: Some of your character minis are slightly different than their arts. Are you going to fix that?

While we’ll try to make them as close as possible, we never aim for a 100% reproduction between the art and the miniature. Minis need some of their features to be exaggerated in order for them to be recognizable on the table. We believe that miniature presentation comes first.

Q: Can the dials become part of the Menhirs (like in HeroClix)?

No, because dials have also other uses. They are - for example - used to track some quest objectives, placed under dying Characters in coop, or tossed like a coin. It needs to be detachable. 

Q: Are Guardians also used in solo? In the prototype they aren’t.

Yes, there will be Guardians in solo mode, but they will arrive in later Chapters and there will be less of them due to balancing reasons. 

Q: Could you number all the carts to make it easier to box them and divide them into respective sets / expansions?

We’ll look into it. But the expansion cards will also contain icons or layouts that make them clearly distinct from the core box cards.

Q: Will we see the different Rulebook versions over the coming months? Are the rules going to change?

Yes, we will continue to polish, improve and test Tainted Grail, as we did with all our previous games. Any further rules evolution will be clearly communicated in the post-campaign updates. We also plan to update the Rulebook after larger production milestones. The final Rulebook layout will be quite different from the current WiP.
Q: Are there going to be language versions of the digital edition? What about companion app voice-overs in different languages? 
For now, the only announced language for the companion app and digital game is English. This might nautrally change. Both are in very early stages of development. 

Q: Any further expansions planned? What about an RPG setting or a book? 
For now, we’re 100% focused on creating the content for the base game, all stretch goals and expansions. It’s impossible to fit anything more into this production schedule, and any further plans will be announced after shipping the second wave. 

Q: How does the quick save system work?
It’s still in development. Right now, it revolves around a special plastic insert, but things may still change. 

 Q: Can you have multiple saves at the same time? Yes, but the Quicksave system will hold only one saved game state. This means any additional saves will be more time consuming to create and set up. 

Q: Does the Sundrop option cover 3 minis from the Red Death expansion? 

Q: Are they all guardians? 

Q: Is the Fore-dweller mini from the core box a guardian? No. He has a special gameplay function that’s revealed after a certain Chapter. 

Q: If you order the sleeves add-on, will it include sleeves for the Donkey pack, Niamh and both gameplay expansions? Donkey pack and Niamh are included. Red Death and Echoes of the Past are not. 

Q: Will there be a way to change the difficulty? Or any way to play the campaigns with characters not intended for them? 
Yes. Apart from the standard game mode, we will offer a hardcore mode (increased difficulty) and a free play mode (where you can mix and match any characters with any campaigns and archetype decks).

Q: Many commentators say it’s impossible to meet your deadlines. Do you really expect to deliver the second wave in 2020? 
Yes. We already did games with an enormous amount of content (Edge: Dawnfall, This War of Mine) and we learned many valuable lessons. We’re also expanding the team for Tainted Grail. While unforeseen delays may still happen, we aim to meet both 1st and 2nd wave deadlines. 

Q: What about the language edition delays? Do they come 3 months later for both waves? 
Yes. For translations, both first and second wave will be delayed by approximately 3 months from the final English edition sipping date. Please note that the language edition delays are also depending on the performance of third party translation providers. They may change. 

Q: Can you pick the game up locally, in Poland? 
Unfortunately no. The games are shipped from China and we have no stock in our Wrocław headquarters, except for boxes used for testing and components used for replacements. 

Q: Can we buy extra dice sets? 
Maybe in the Pledge Manager. Dice are not an important part of this game – there are only two, and both are easy to replace. 

Q: Will the digital edition include the first campaign or all campaigns? 
 At the start, it will be based around the events of the first campaign. Other stories might come later as expansions. 

Q: Will the digital edition include all content of the boardgame? 
No. It will be an adaptation, so there might be differences in the flow of the story and various systems. 

Q: Will the companion app offer a full voice-over of all texts found in all three Exploration Journals + expansions? 

For now, we’re aiming at a partial voice-over. We are not sure how many we will be able to cover! 

Q: Which content (core and add-on) will fit in the core box? 
The final box and inserts are not yet designed. However as the add-ons almost triple the number of cards and models, holding them in the core-box does not look possible.

Q: Why not make all creature Guardians? 
 We want to have hundreds of Encounters – and having hundreds of unique sculpts is not possible. Besides, Guardians are the roaming terrors of the land. A Rabbit or a Vagabond do not match this description well. 

Q: Who’s going to make the translations? What quality can you expect? Do you have translation samples? 
We’re still choosing translation partners for this game and no text is translated yet, as the core game is still in development. However, you can expect at least the level of Nemesis / Lords of Hellas language versions, so please check them out in your language. 

Q: In which language is the game being created? Will the language editions have to go through two translations (Polish -> English -> Final language)? 

No. The game is being developed in English and all content is created in English from the start. The prototype that was praised for great writing by many reviewers was actually written in English and then polished by native speakers. 

Q: Will you consider Sundropping characters in their archetype colors? 
We’ll work on the samples and see how they turn out. 

Q: Will the Red Death expansion story stay the same after all of the campaigns? 
Mostly. Travelers from different ages arrive in Homelands at the same point in time, though they have different missions and motivations, as explained in their intro letters. 

Q: Will the Red Death contain story entries for all 13 Characters? 
No. Instead, it contains story entries for teams coming from three different campaigns (some events change based on which campaign you’ve played before the Age of Legends). 

Q: Do we select wave one or two shipping at a later date? 
Yes. You will be asked to pick your shipping option and cover the shipping cost in the Pledge Manager. 

Q: Any chances for the Arthur mini? 
We’re thinking about some additional collectibles for the Pledge Manager, but there’s nothing to announce at this point. 

Q: Can you change the Pledge level in the Pledge Manager? When and how long will it be open? 
Yes, you can edit your pledge in the Pledge Manager. It opens approximately 1-2 months after the campaign and we are not sure how long it will remain open. There will be a full update dedicated to using the Pledge Manager later on. 

Q: Do group pledges receive only one digital game copy? Or as many as there are core boxes? 
You get one copy per core box. Therefore, group pledges receive six copies. 

Q: Is Russian language going to be added? 
We cannot confirm any additional language versions right now. 

Q: Can we expect the journal hard-cover add-on you’ve considered? 
Not during the campaign. Maybe in the Pledge Manager, if we find a good priced solution. 

Q: Will plastic Dials / Coins receive a Sundrop? 
No. They were not designed to be Sundropped. We’ll make them from a plastic that looks good without Sundropping. 

Q: Where’s my badger? 
What about the red death cow? Well, we really like hidden secrets and community-suggested cameos. But we bury them appropriately deep in the game not to spoil its general tone and feel 😉 

Q: I’d like to read some books of K. Piskorski. Are there any translations available or planned? 
Generally the US book market is not too interested in translation of European SF&F. Out of dozens of great Polish fantasy books from last two decades, only Andrzej Sapkowski’s novels were translated, and they gained serious tractions only after the Witcher games. Right now, the only available translated edition for Krzysztof’s books is in Russian (his “Shadowgraph” was nominated to a Fantasy Book of the Year award by the largest Russian SF&F magazine, Мир фантастики). But as they say: where there’s a will, there’s a way. Krzysztof has his own plans in that regard 😉 

Q: What about the promised .pdf standees? 
They’re coming! Should be available some time after the campaign. 

Q: Please post the number of cards and dimensions per Act and Add-on. 
Sure! But, important - there is a small possibility those sizes might change during development in a very marginal way. Nethertheless we for 100% fit we recommend sleeves you can purchase in our campaign. 
There are three card sizes in the game: A – 45x68 - Mini European, B – 63x88 – Standard card game / CCG, C – 80x120 – Oversized, Dixit-size. And now for the numbers Core box: 100 A + 576 B + 72 C The Last Knight: 30 A + 250 B + 64 C Age of Legends: 30 A + 250 B + 64 C Niamh: 30 B Donkey pack: 6 B Echoes of the Past: 52 B The Red Death: 50 A + 96 B + 32 C Total for all-in: 210 Mini European, 1260 Standard CCG, 232 Oversized. 

Q: Will there be color deviations between Sundrops from wave 1 and 2? 
Sundrop is a manual process. There might be slight differences between sundropped minis from the same wave or event the same production batch. But we are keeping them minimal. 

Q: Will you please make a sleeve option just for the action cards? 
We offered the sleeve add-on for all the cards because of their number and variety of their sizes. Action cards have a standard size and there’s not that many of them, so it’s very easy for players to buy the sleeves themselves. 

Q: Would sleeve option fit into the insert? 
We still don’t know. We are trying to design boxes in a way that accommodates this, but because of extreme amounts of cards, the fact that they will double their thickness after sleeving, and the fact that box inserts also need to work for the Open & Play and Quicksave systems, it will be really challenging. 

Q: Any chances to get other Awaken Realms games through the pm? 
Unfortunately no. There are however many local distributors around the globe offering the retail editions of This War of Mine, Lords of Hellas and the Nemesis, so you might want to check those. 

Q: What's the size of the donkey cards and the legendary actions from Echoes of the Past? 
CCG standard, 63x88 mm. 

Q: When you connect a sequence with mana, do you lose that mana point or get it back after the fight is over? 
Every time you use Magic to connect a key, you need to spend this point of magic. However, there are ways to gain Magic back (for example, Maggot can receive up to 2 points through Meditation). 

Q: What about other platforms for the digital game? 
Digital Tainted Grail is coming to PC (Steam) first. Any other versions will be considered after we have a working Early Access product. 

Q: Character tattoos – are they going to be sculpted or elevated? I’ve seen both versions during this campaign! Can you remove them entirely? 
All the tattoos will be slightly sculpted (indented). The final result should be less pronounced that what you’re seeing on the render. Unfortunately, offering a second version of plain minis for painters is not possible. 

Q: Can you help & support a community workshop in order to create future submaps & sidequests? 
Yes! We’d love to have some community created content and we’ll do what we can in order to facilitate this (such as releasing “empty” card layouts). 

Q: Are you planning one big box to hold every part of the game?
Not at the moment. We will probably make one box for all SGs thou. 

Q: Is the adventure map a spoiler? 
No. It’s meant to represent the general geographic knowledge Characters have about their island. It contains no secrets and many story-related places are not on the map. 

Q: Can you tell us more about the miniatures gameplay? How often do you expect to see multiple Guardians out at the same time? 
Guardians grow more common as the campaign progresses, but there are very rarely multiple of them on the map at the same time. It is impossible to give specific ratios and times as this part of the game is still being tested and rebalanced. 

Q: Are 60 base items meant to last throughout all the campaigns? Why are there no new items in Last Knight or Age of Legends? 
Items deck only includes common, mundane items (Rope, Lantern, Rusty Sword). They are found in all three ages of the game. Any special, powerful or rare items are found in the Secrets decks. 

Q: Is Diplomacy less useful than Combat? 
There’s an asymmetric balance in place between them. There are more combat-oriented Encounter cards, but interactions found in the Exploration Journal itself are more often Diplomatic. All in all, we’ll try to make both game styles, decks and Attribute groups just as useful. 

Q: When playing solo with one Character, do you have to develop both sides (Combat & Diplomacy) equally? 
 Having some competence in both Combat and Diplomacy makes the game more enjoyable if you have only one character. But if you want to, you may stick to your guns and go all-in on Combat or Diplomacy – some parts of the game will be very challenging, but we’ll make sure everything is doable. 

Q: The Save Sheets show a certain number of checkboxes. Will there be more in the game? 
Yes. The save sheets shown on the campaign page are from the prototype. They contain statuses for the first 2 Chapters + some statuses that will be attached to later Chapters. There will be much more in the final game. 

Q: How are the quest markers used? 
 Some quests ask you to put a certain marker on a dial to count down time, count some special quest resource or progress. 

 Q: Any plans to offer extra Archetype decks for house rules, free play & experimentation? 
 We’ll see about that. Maybe in the Pledge Managaer. 

Ooook guys! This is it! Thank you all! 
Final 24 hours... Lets make them count! 

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    1. Missing avatar

      Ivan on

      Thebalt looks great, no need changing in my opinion, just focus on Duana now. I'm very eager to play the game.

    2. Jocelyn Pouget on

      so if the sleeves only cover core and SGs, what are our options for paid expansions? buying a second sleeve bundle sounds too pricy for few cards...

    3. Missing avatar

      Damien on

      Love the look of the witch! Very nice balance : ageless and both repulsive and charismatic.
      +1 on getting at least digitized journal in different languages, if not possible to have multilingual voice-over. I play with both English speaking groups and all French groups, so would really be a huge huge plus to have the text in English and in French!!

    4. Missing avatar

      Daniel Weßling on

      And... sorry to add... another stretch goal.... app in more languages ;-)

    5. Missing avatar

      Daniel Weßling on

      Also there are no more stretch goals... how about a free .pdf / .epub of the novel from K. Piskorski in different languages (or at least in english)?

    6. Missing avatar

      stefano on


    7. BraveLitle on

      If i don't need to read with my intermediate English from book or scenario,chapters

      but instead my app companion reads it for me and i just put card number and my choice this will be like best feature ever!!!!!!!!!!

      How cool would be that?

      Hope i explained well what i mean.

    8. Dean on

      Thebalt mini looks amazing. Very pumped for Tainted Grail, and I can't wait to earn and learn all of its secrets

    9. Missing avatar

      Jason Anderson on

      @Sean You are not eligible for Day 1 Backer unless you pledged on the very first day of the campaign.

    10. Thomas M

      Thebalt looks great!

    11. Missing avatar

      Michał Sopa on

      @Sean - it means that you backed the project in the first 23 of the campaign. If your backer number is below 19330 you are a day one backer. As far as I know the only thing you get is Niamh hero, which you can get for 8GBP I believe, if you didn't manage to back the project so early.

    12. Missing avatar

      snon on

      The 2 Play-Add-ons are boardgame and therefore will come translated -see faq #2- Game fully translated

    13. Missing avatar

      Matthias Beha on

      Congratulations! I hope you can use the additional money to ensure, that every content gets also a language version of the provided languages, for example the add-ons and app. Guess this is the best use of it! :)

    14. Missing avatar

      Enrico on

      Thanks for the big Information dump.

      Please do anything possible to stick to standard card sizes. I can see a business case for producing a "unique" standard but no other real gain. On the other hand it would be really painful for people like me (money/wait time), getting the sleeves afterwards because the standardized ones do not match. I also would hate having sleeves lying around I can’t use for any other game.

    15. RevGra on

      Will we get the Exploration Journal as PDF in multiple languages? I.e. can I get the game in english language, and use the german Exploration Journal PDF if playing with folks more comfortable with german language?

    16. Thomas Simmel on


      many thanks for the detailed FAQ. However, one thing is still unclear. In the FAQ you describe that the sleeves are NOT included for the add-ons; in the £280 reward overview "All in" is "Premium card sleeves for all cards". This is there without any restriction, so I expect to get the sleeves for ALL cards in the game. Can this please be corrected ?

    17. Missing avatar

      Sean on

      What's day one backer mean from grail pledge because I want it all

    18. JK on

      ... unless of course that's a mask, Baldwin IV-style (which it seems more and more to be the longer I look at it), in which case I retract my previous comment. The main reason I preferred the more closed-off hood was that it reinforced an air of distance and tragedy, but a mask does that just as well if not better.

    19. JK on

      Quite like the Thebalt mini for the most part, but I'd like him even better if his hood matched the art more closely. Anyone else feel the same?

    20. Missing avatar

      Ignacio Da Riva on

      Amazing job with this KS!! Congratulations to the team at AR!!

      Thebalt miniature is awesome!

      My question about the sundrop for the Read Death miniatures has been answered. I suppossed it also includes Niamh for early backers

    21. Balloongineer

      What is wrong with Caolin's hip/leg angle? Looks like the artist composited 2 different poses and forgot to change the hip...

    22. Rico S Mario Melchert on

      Now that’s how to do an update.
      Both questions “answered”. :)

    23. Missing avatar

      Michael Kruse on

      Fantastic campaign! I'm really looking forward to this!
      I hope AR will decide against storing the SG's in the same box though. Each campaign should have its own separate box with its own amazing art.

    24. Yodamaster on

      Hi. Thebalt looks great but i'm a little disapointed by the app only for the English people.

    25. Missing avatar

      Dean Whitman on

      Thebalt looks great!

    26. Missing avatar

      Keith on

      Congrats on such a successful Kickstarter!

      Any thoughts to having the mobile app be able to be used to save your games? Then you're not reliant on only a single, physical save ability. The app could potentially save as many gaming sessions as you want!

    27. gddhwk on

      @AR I posted this in the general comments a while back, but I think it may have gotten lost in the overwhelming number of comments.

      I wanted to provide an idea for the app:

      I think it would be really cool if the app would have a way to input what characters you are playing with. That way the character back story from the echos of the past could be listed only if you are playing that character and after you have done the activity at each location. That way we as players aren’t seeing a list of “objectives” that we try to rush out and accomplish.

    28. Guoccamolé

      @Awaken Games: TY for locking the campaign down to avoid over-extending. The campaign is already gargantuan, and I think everyone will be gobsmacked with delight if you deliver everything with Excalibur level quality. So thank you for setting a cap on deliverables. Awesome campaign, super-exciting board game and add-ons.

    29. Minx on

      Thanks for answering almost all our questions, truly appreciate it as you did answer mine :D . Love Thebalt mini, the face mask is awesome idea, kinda of want a spooky mask now for the witch traveler. Really like that you made the witch older as well, perhaps a few more pagan symbols on her and she'll be perfect. Finally, a big thank you for the Menhir variants, super excited to get those and paint them up. Can't wait to see new playmat art in PM and additional unrevealed add-on minis. While browsing Nemesis I saw the different cat sculpts and omgosh sooo cute! We have to have some adorable twin leopard companions now, or a catprentice and catjester and catchemist.

    30. Missing avatar

      PsykOtaku23 on

      Looks soooo good! I hope there is an option for more Archetype decks. Would be fun to find out how more than four players work XD

    31. Missing avatar

      Michael Cameron on

      Thebalt looks amazing, very grim and imposing :D

    32. Chi-Hsuan Huang on

      Why rabbit can't be guardian? Look at the killer rabbit in Monty Python and the Holy Grail!

    33. Missing avatar

      Ivan on

      Thebalt looking pretty awesome.

    34. Missing avatar

      Paweł on

      Thebalt miniature - very good. Much better than first picture.

    35. Missing avatar

      Alessio Monti on

      From FAQ:
      1-2 months after KS campaign is finished we will open pledge manager. You will be able to pick your rewards there and your addons and add get more stuff if you want. You will be able to choose your language, add and change your shipping address, choose shipping option and pay for shipping. You can just pledge now 1gbp and still have access to pledge manager. Full info and biger FAQ will be published right before we will open it.

    36. Missing avatar

      Alessio Monti on


      Yes, if you update your pledge in the PM you’ll get every SGs!

    37. Missing avatar

      Alessio Monti on

      I think it’s necessary to praise AR for this amazing campaign..
      I loved the concept from the start, most of all the really immersive and original atmosphere of the game..
      The mechanic seems so far intriguing, and I expect this will change for the better, the more the game will be polished and refined..
      The cosmetic add-ons are also in my opinion really beautiful, and the gameplay add-on showed that this project was thought from the start as a whole.. if the final product will reflect everything we saw until now, it could easily become one of a kind game!!
      And I can’t wait to play it!

      Good job everyone.. I know some people underline the fact that the main a of the campaing, from AR’s point of view, it’s gonna be the revenue of it, but I for one think that the passion of the creators and artists behind the game is indisputable!
      You earned this huge success, and I’m sure it’ll gonna be a pleasure to try the finished work!!

    38. Missing avatar

      Bruno on

      I've got a question about pledge manager. This is my first kickstarted backing and I've read that you can give 1gbp now then later on when pledge manager kicks in you will add stuff you want. I wanted to pledge for core asap but I am tight with money as it was Christmas time. So question goes: When I pick up core or even bigger version of game with the pledge manager when it comes out, will I get the stretch rewards with it ? Since I backed the project here.

    39. Justin Boehm

      Although as someone mentioned, a couple extra metal dials as a final gift would be cool :)

    40. Justin Boehm

      I liked the idea of an additional universal character, but alas, such appears not to be the case. I am hopeful however that we may see them in a later campaign/expansion, particularly the northwoman and the alchemist and the quartermaster :)

    41. Marcin Jamiolkowski on

      Everything looks so amazing but hence the campaign appeared so successful I really do think you should think on some small surprise... maybe King Arthur miniature for all backers? This is the idea you're looking for... ;P

    42. Michael W on

      @a.j there will be no swapping items in pledges.

    43. Michael W on

      @Thomas you can play however you want up to 15 players. But it might not be very fun.

    44. Aeds on

      How come the game content is being created natively in English when most of the main writer’s books had never reached the English spoken audience due to the lack of an English version? Obviously Mr. Piskorski is writing in his native language and everything is going to be translated in English. And I’m fine with it. The provided answers don’t match, though.

    45. Missing avatar

      Thomas white on

      Is there a way to make the game more than 4 player or is 4 an absolute max?

    46. Marcel 'Arcubal' Claxton

      Whew. You left me speechless.

    47. Justin Boehm


      Some thoughts after reading comments: for Duana's power, perhaps the negative should allow loss of food, wealth, XP, or reputation, and failure to give one up, she should lose only 2 health, 3 seems like a bit too much.

      Also, I agree with some other comments that if you are going to make a hard mode, you should make an easier mode as well, perhaps with a longer timer etc.

    48. Justin Boehm

      @Chad I disagree, she's not an "Evil" character at all, she simply has a different way of life, not one that is necessarily evil or with bad intentions. Everything she did was to preserve her way of life and to help her people. In the end while their methods may be contradictory, her intentions prior to being exiled were good, and her saving those following arthur, while perhaps not known at the time, were also to help others. So, I don't consider her evil, just frustrated.

    49. Missing avatar

      Mira Barbian on

      how about to add the metal dials for free?

    50. Steven Tolhurst

      LOVE the artwork for the witch character and she offers some interesting gameplay options for you guys ! Great work from the team.
      Also good call on the SG's I think it's maxed out with three full campaigns that tell a great story. The new mini of the knight is also looking good. A fantastic artwork and a great last update. All the ebst for the final push and thanks