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Adventure, survival co-op Board Game set in unique grim world inspired by Arthurian Legends. Unforgettable experience for 1-4 players
Adventure, survival co-op Board Game set in unique grim world inspired by Arthurian Legends. Unforgettable experience for 1-4 players
41,939 backers pledged £4,940,030 to help bring this project to life.

Last 48 hours!

Posted by Awaken Realms (Creator)

Hey guys! 

We are back after a short brake and boy oh boy, we just bursted through 5 000 000 USD! You guys are just amazing! 

That's an incredible amount we could have never anticipated. We did not thought that Narrative game with deep story would find so many recipients . But Tainted Grail did it - and it's great to see that there's a place on the market for games we ourselves would very much want to play. It also makes us really hopeful for the future, as we now clearly see that even more non-standard concepts can - with good executions and ideas - gather thousands of interested backers.

Right nowe we are at last 48 hours rush! Last Stretch Goals wait to be unlocked! This is final call! 

Final Age of Legends character chosen!

We can also announce the winner of our fourth character vote - though we're a bit sad that it was the last round of voting, and that this awesome community collaboration is now nearing conclusion.

As for the result, our pagan witch (concept 2) earned approximately 34% of the votes, with the alchemist coming in second at 19%. Thus, the witch will complete the Age of Legends team.

It's interesting to see that despite the often chaotic process of community votes we ended up with a great and matching line-up for this expansion. Naazer, Thebalt, Caolin and our fourth character are clearly distinct from previous teams. They explore some new territories, and are slightly more "heroic", but they still fit the "B" team trope. Though no one can deny their skills (after all, Naazer traveled half a world, Thebalt overcame the plague and survived a bloody campaign, while Caolin befriended an enormous beast and traversed the wilds of Avalon) those aren't guys and gals who were meant to unlock the riddles of Avalon. No one would bet on them. Yet, they're in for an incredible, tense adventure.

Thank you for your votes and for giving us such an interesting roster of characters to work with!

Oh, and don't worry about all those who lost. We never let good work go to waste. You're likely to see these other characters in various parts of the game as colorful, interesting NPCs, with their own agendas and cool backstories.

All in all, it was a really interesting experience to design a part of our game in such a close cooperation with the community. We plan to continue doing this in future AR campaigns and after them too, during future development! 

And now, for another community-oriented topic.

Final 24 hours mini Q&A

We know many of you had questions that were not yet answered. Though we did our best, the number of comments (37 000 at the moment of writing), FB posts, forum threads and direct e-mails our team has received during this stellar campaign was simply too large to process. Even during his last live stream, Marcin could only scrape the top of a mountain of messages that swelled the chat.

We know many of you have some issues or question you want to discuss before the Kickstarter campaign concludes. That's why we'll have an entire Q&A update that will go live no later than 24 hours before the end of the campaign.

If you have any questions, please post them in the comments under this update! We'll gather as many as we can and answer them in bulk.

In the meantime - see you soon! We'll return tomorrow with the art & background of our final character as well as the promised Q&A. \

This is our final stand, last 48 hours! Lets spread the word about Tainted Grail and lets make this campaign finish amazing!

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    1. Philly Cashion on

      In the Pledge manager I'm assuming that we can add the add ons?
      I couldn't afford to up my pledge level right now, but in a bit of time I should be able to afford an the other add ons xD

    2. Missing avatar

      Dave Angrisani on

      the witch is an awesome choice, the artwork reminds me of the witch in the 13th warrior.

    3. Robert Groeneveld on

      Python lore would indeed be great (@ snon).
      The witch (burn her; she turned me into a newt).
      The quest to find a shrubbery.
      Getting past the black knight (though he has no arms or legs anymore).
      The riddle bridge. (What is your favorite colour?)
      Tim the sorceror.
      Castle Anthrax. (The hero having to spend time with the maidens).
      I could go on forever...

    4. Missing avatar

      snon on

      See update 23 -currently English only-

    5. claumoe

      You said that there will be an “app for Tainted Grail Board Game with tons of amazing content such as full professional OST or the voice-over narration”

      In what language will the voice-over-narration be available?

      This is of interest when choosing a language other than English for the physical game.

    6. Missing avatar

      snon on

      Any chances for -as credit/deep bow to english culture ;-)-:
      -Killer rabbit (caerbannog?) and "Knights who say ni" companions
      -Holy grenade (antioch?) item
      -+ of course some coconut shells for easier/faster travelling ;-)
      I do hope at english original they are named this also (monty python...holy grail)

    7. Missing avatar

      Shingen on

      Anyone there? You dissapeared... Did not update anything and it is last 24 hours! :) Be with us, backers please during this last call of this awesome campaign! : D

    8. Missing avatar

      Maycon Lacôrte on

      I still wait for portuguese version....

    9. aZbest on

      When will you post pictures with miniatures?

    10. Missing avatar

      snon on

      Do you have planned some "Will o the wisp" encounters for shuffling/replacing locations because of wandering off?

    11. Missing avatar

      Ned*Henri on

      Oh, forgot.
      Can you confirm the Monster Pdf thing?

      5M euros on the way...

    12. Missing avatar

      Ned*Henri on

      Hope you all had a nice Christmas.
      Congrats for what's is likely to be a great ks campaign

      For QA:
      Would you consider/manage making the echoes of the past part relative to first campaign be shipped in first wave? Would make sense not to wait for the 2nd wave

      Non QA:
      yep, an alchemist "time traveller" with or without pet would be awesome


    13. Doomtrooper on

      For Q&A: Will Echoes be wave 1 or wave 2?

    14. METADNA

      red death rats could be added at least to the red death extension

    15. Missing avatar

      F Lennon on

      Could the characters who did not win the vote turn up as NPC's for the real characters to find/recruit in game? They wouldn't be fully fledged characters but could have some stats and be able to aid the main characters a bit. They could even have their own mini for the mini fans : )

    16. airbag42 on

      The pledge "Gameplay All-In 153 GBP" has a wrong prize.
      So, the Group Pledge "Gameplay All-In 826 GBP" has a wrong prize, too!
      The prize has to be 820,80GBP ... (6 x 152 GBP - 10%)

      Is the sundrop for "Red Death" automatical in the 35 GBP sundrop-Addon?

      How much is the shipping for AddOns?

    17. METADNA

      a army of tiny red death rats that will grow on the map ;)
      adding dangers, a kind of known encounter, moving like the monsters, weak alone but strong when grouped (need tiny rats minis)

    18. METADNA

      @AR-Jordan can you add some cards for the donkey in case he get red death ;P

    19. Amarice on

      Most voted/liked companions seem to be: a turtle and a time traveler squirrel.

    20. Chad Allen Solloway on

      There was no 24 hr. update.

    21. Missing avatar

      Tyler Ringdahl on

      Wondering if we are expecting a shipping delay based on huge number of supporters?

    22. Jason Unck

      Q&A: Why would an "All-in" pledge not include all the materials in the game? I saw some flimsy excuse that people said they didn't want it in there, but that screams un-genuine. If anyone doesn't want it included, it seems likely they were an early backer who simply wants exclusivity. All-in, generally means ALL-in.

    23. METADNA

      Is it possible ti havve future PnP at least based the video game feedbacks & evolution (dlc/extensions...) ? this will garantee fresh & updated contents for the board game

    24. Missing avatar

      vanquish on

      Q&A : The game has 4 decks of encounter , i assume it will be shuffle and the encounter will be draw randomly , so at some point of the story, is it has any boss encounter ? i mean the boss players must defeat to progress, or the character just wander to do quest , reveal map, has some random encounter ( even guardian can be randomly draw from deck right ? ) without any BOSS in game ?.

    25. SuperQuintastic on

      Less than £7k left for last stretch goal

    26. Missing avatar

      Daniel Marzian

      Q&A: Will it be possible to pick up the game or components at fairs (e.g. Essen Spiel 2019 wave 1/2020 wave 2)? Maybe the playmat is already available at Essen Spiel 2019 or for shipment with wave 1 for language editions?

    27. Kalayna Nicole

      Will the Red Death expansion release in retail or is it a kick starter exclusive? (is anything KS exclusive?) This close to the holidays money is tight and I’m having to choose which items I can and cannot squeeze into my pledge.

    28. Missing avatar

      Al Caholic on

      a witch... ::rolls eyes::

      please please please do not ruin this with some scantily clad chick... make her a real outcast, some old hag everyone has abandoned. Try to remember she's supposed to be an unlikely hero, not 'miss popularity' 14-year-old boy crush

    29. Missing avatar

      David Beguin on

      For Q&A :
      About the sleeves, I know you already said you will try to make them fit into the boxes but, personnally, I can't take any decision based on that answer. I really want to protect this awesome game but if the all the sleeved cards really do not fit into the boxes, I won't buy the sleeves because I don't want to put part of them into another separate box or something.. this would ne really inconvenient for me.
      So, with all the Amazing, and you said it, unexpected amount offre money you raised, could you please promise us that you will make the boxes welcome all your wondeful work in protected (I mean sleeved) mode!?

    30. Nicolas Tea on

      Is the game going to be shipping friendly to Canada? Thanks

    31. Igor Jeremic on

      Sleeves are just for core+goals. How can we order complete package? I want ALL my cards to be sleeved (all gameplay stuff). It would be bad if i have different types of sleeves in the same game.

    32. N.C. on

      +1 for Amarice's turtle.
      (-1 for the bear; i want squirrels!!!)

    33. Amarice on

      Since we are unlocking everything by the last 24 hours mark, this is my petition for completing the whole Tainted Grail experience...
      - 2 more playable animal companions: a bear and a turtle.
      - Unique models for each Menhir: head looking right/left/to the grail.

    34. Missing avatar

      snon on

      -Artbook: Will it also contain art from both add-ons + donkey of course (and not Act 1-3 only)?
      Do you consider page upgrading or at least a special art section at digital version for all your beautiful stuff?

    35. Missing avatar

      snon on

      Card will charged more or less directly after Campaign ends
      -but current charging surely will take some hours (or maybe at this number of backers even days?)

    36. ExSheex Vanale on

      Congrats tk AR for surpassing $5 mil USD and to the voters for the witch, who have snagged us another female character (I went with the dwarf merchant just for that extra B-Team variety, but figured the witch would win; lots of people love witches, myself included). We're almost done fully unlocking her too, so woohoo on that front.

    37. Missing avatar

      Panda on

      How long will it be after the end of the project to recharge the cards for the payment?

    38. Mike Witteman on

      I think Kickstarter is the main place to pitch non-standard concepts. So please continue to do so in the future :) .

      Question which multiple people already asked. The Monsters of Avalon is an add-on, which probably won't make it to retail. So if you just have the regular version of the game, how does it work without having the monster miniatures?

    39. Missing avatar

      Panda on

      There will be custom duties for europeans (Italy) buyers??

    40. Missing avatar

      Panda on

      There will be custom fees for uropeans (Italy) buyers?

    41. Missing avatar

      José Bermúdez on

      Oh well... I really wanted Merlin's apprentice...
      Now that the witch won I would like her to be at least older, not another hot chick please

    42. Mathew G Somers on

      Also, the 4 maps that come with the first act, do they serve any purpose outside of giving you an overview of the island? For instance, while I would have no interest in 'spoiling' the reveal of things over the course of the game, I would definitely reconsider my stance if using the map to discern certain information was baked into the experience, so to speak. I mean, if you were meant to use it to know to go from point A to point B or if there were hidden things or clues to certain mysteries, potential inaccuracies, et cetera, you know? Is the map meant for me the player, or would it have been provided to the travelers -- That's the question, perhaps. And by the way, can this not be made into one sheet of paper? Haha... The 4 sheets feels rather underwhelming and breaks the immersion where it should add more to it.

    43. Iliuthenin on

      For Q&A:

      1. Can you tell us more about the miniatures gameplay? How often should we expect to see them on the board and can there be multiple guardians on the board at the same time? Are you still going to make guardians spawn less often for solo players? If miniatures see an hour or two gameplay on board in 30-40 hours campaign I could easily justify using proxy as a solo player.

      2. Are all miniatures 50mm tall or should we expect animal types to be shorter? Are there any larger (than 50mm) minis in the add on box?

      3. How much are the dials used? Does the metallic dials offer any advantage to plastic ones?

    44. Mathew G Somers on

      For Q&A:
      1) Can you vaguely explain how 60 items will suffice over 45 chapters? Red Death comes with 20 (assuming Ancient Items are the equivalent) and that is only 8 chapters, so I do worry about the items for the three acts becoming rather stale.
      2) Similar to my previous question, Act 2 and 3 come with 30 secrets, as does the Red Death -- Will adding some of the base secrets to them be enough in the long run? Or is Red Death simply meant to be more replayable in some ways?
      3) At this early date, will the Red Death expansion provide a different enough experience to warrant it being played after each act or is it meant to be played only once per campaign?
      4) Given that there are 15 cards to upgrade both combat and diplomacy decks, will the two be equivalent to some degree in their appearance? I ask because from what I’ve heard, I feel that combat was implied to be a bit more common, which just seems like there would be more of a reason to upgrade it and therefore more of a reason for it to have more cards, I guess.
      5) Of the 15 upgrade cards for the combat and diplomacy decks, do you consider all these to be strictly better than the base cards, or are you trying to give the players more choice, in the sense that certain cards may be viewed as worse to some players/travelers but better to others, thereby reducing the overall times one might want to upgrade either deck -- Does that make sense? Like if certain cards feed into my style of play while other cards go against that style, then I’ll not want to go and upgrade my deck entirely, meaning I’ll be more limited in my upgrading options, but I’ll also be given more say over the structure of this or that deck, right? How is this being handled, I guess, haha…
      6) Something was said that made me think maybe the tougher monsters would appear less, and as I’d assume guardians to be among them, I was curious as to how often you feel one may need to run from a guardian -- You know, to warrant the need to represent them in any way.
      7) How feasible is it to run from a guardian and prepare enough to return and take it on before it leaves the map?
      8) The three minis in the Red Death are guardians or…?
      9) Will the Red Death journal contain entries for all 12 travelers and whatever’s planned to take place for Niamh, since it sounds like she may be handled differently?
      10) I think I read one letter, and it seemed to spark the idea of being a mini side quests for one of the travelers, but I was wondering if that was at all true, or is it merely flavor?
      11) Speaking of flavor, what’s to happen with all the background information we’ve been given on each of the characters thus far, since the letters seem of a slightly different nature, perhaps the individual stories will be added elsewhere? Is there anything on the back of the travelers’ boards?
      12) And… Well, to simply share a critical opinion, I have to say that the bowmaiden mini is a bit awkward in her stance it seems, and just generally lackluster all around, especially if compared to all the other offerings. Am I alone in this feeling? Is there any plan to tweak her in some way? Eh, I might as well also mention Niamh’s mini, which doesn’t quite seem to capture the feel of the artwork, but maybe it’s just the angle? Her chest seems to be stuck out on the mini but high up in the art almost as though it were captured at the height of inhalation or something.
      13) The save sheets shown have a number of checkboxes on them, but will there be many more in the actual release of the game?
      14) In what way are the quest markers used? Not sure I’ve heard their purpose…
      15) Currently, it sounds like each traveler will be assigned an archetype which will use the same exact base combat and diplomacy decks, yes? Given this then, I wonder if the universal abilities will offer much choice within each of those archetypes, like if I play type A in Act 1 and type A in Act 2, will my options play out much the same, or will there be a reason to explore within each archetype the way I assume there will be across the different archetypes?

    45. Missing avatar

      Kinson on

      I like very much the idea and how to look this game, but I would like to see a more Arturian feeling, something like the film Excalibur. I think that miss at least one great male character, they seems only support characters, no one has the charisma that make you say " wow this is my choice!", while the females are too much cool to be "the losers"...Maybe i little bit of courage could make this game even better

    46. Gabriel C on

      For Q&A:

      - Will the Playmat be sent in First or Second Wave??? I think it's a very interesting addition, but I feel it is less interesting if it will be shipped in the Second Wave, one year after receiving the Core Game

      - Is there any chance to purchase an additional "World Deck" from PM?? (from core game, or any of the expansions) It would be awesome to be able to create a composition to enlighten my living room with it. I feel it's rarely possible, but it's worthy to ask.

      Thank you so much in advance!

    47. Tristanovich on

      For Q&A:
      -could it be possible to buy as an add on during the PM the standees of monster if we don't want plastic minis?

      -could you think to modify a bit the menhir minis in order to add an insert slot for the timer coins, allowing them to rotate?

      -will the digital content translated as well? At least the companion app with narrative voices?

      Congrats and thank you for this such nice game!

    48. Missing avatar

      Slick on

      App with Voice-over - Are you committed to making an app with voice-over for the whole journal of the first campaign, all campaigns or is it unlikely to happen at all?

      This was only briefly mentioned in the TG digital update but if it were really happening I would have thought this would make the campaign page. This is a literal game changer for my group, who is still on the fence.

      I can see myself backing this game for the group, but I don't particularly want to read out large blocks of fantasy text to them and I can see them giving up on the game if they had to do so. It would be an entirely different experience having the story play out in front of the whole group via an app.

    49. Missing avatar

      Alan Webster on

      Can we buy extra dice sets

    50. Missing avatar

      Paweł Dudzik on


      Questions for Q&A:
      1. WIll boxes in "addons" section be available in retail afterwards or should we treat them as Kickstarter Exclusives ?
      2. Will Monsters of Avalone, not mentioned in "addons", as well Stretch Goal Expansions, will be available later in retail ?
      3. Is there any option in Core Set to find place for additional cardboards tokens ? Purpose of them in my idea is to place one marker on encounter card, second in the same color on board itself - for wandering mosnters, instead of miniatures. This solution was working perfectly in This War of Mine for heroes figures.
      4. WIll Core Set box in any other language than English, will be available in retail ?

      Thank you