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Adventure, survival co-op Board Game set in unique grim world inspired by Arthurian Legends. Unforgettable experience for 1-4 players
Adventure, survival co-op Board Game set in unique grim world inspired by Arthurian Legends. Unforgettable experience for 1-4 players
41,939 backers pledged £4,940,030 to help bring this project to life.

Tainted Grail digital! Free gift for all backers!

Posted by Awaken Realms (Creator)


This campaign is an exhilarating experience for our whole team! Thank you for that.

Lets just start with a trailer and then talk a little more about it later! ;) 

First, we were floored by your response to the Tainted Grail. To be honest, we shared some of the concern people had about the start date of the campaign, and the general trend in board gaming Kickstarters. But now, we’ve breezed past our previous record-breaker Nemesis, and we’re heading straight for the Top 5 of the tabletop Kickstarters.

Now, the time has finally come to share with you something we started working on a few months ago. Tainted Grail will go digital (PC)! Not as a simple board game port, but a totally new experience crafted from grounds up for the digital medium. This is a huge step for us and we cannot imagine it any other way than for you to participate in this journey with us!

Each backer of Tainted Grail will receive an early access code and - obviously - a final game, when its ready! While we know and understand, that some of you just enjoy tabletop experience much more – we have great news on that field too!

Thanks to the production of the digital version, we will be able to also provide an awesome app for Tainted Grail Board Game with tons of amazing content such as full professional OST or the voice-over narration!

This is a very important moment for all of us at Awaken Realms. Just a few years ago we were a modest miniature painting studio, and now we are entering yet another segment of entertainment, where we will again direct ourselves according to our core values: community, passion and inspiration (plus daily grind and coffee addiction)

The story of a digital Grail

We were planning to enter a digital market for a long time and were waiting for the right game to do that. Tainted Grail – with its tight exploration and survival systems, sprawling cRPG-like narrative, strong solo experience, and unique art direction, was a great candidate. As soon as the early board game prototypes started to gather great feedback, we’ve pulled the trigger on a parallel digital production.

We decided not to use a 3-rd party studio, but instead created a new in-house team of talented, passionate people. The game is handled by a separate group of video game developers and artists who joined Awaken Realms specifically for this project - so if you’re worried that it will somehow slow down the development of the tabletop edition, you can stop now. In fact, the idea that a lot of writing and art would also be used in a digital project was one of the factors that encouraged us to promise sooo much content in the tabletop campaign.

While the video game borrows a general feel, ideas, art, writing, and design from the tabletop game, we’re not aiming for a straight digital conversion. Instead, Tainted Grail for PC will be an adaptation that makes full use of strengths of its new medium, expanding some mechanics and changing core systems in a way that would introduce too much upkeep and too many components for a board game to handle.

The aim is to capture the desperate struggle for survival, the thrill of exploration, and the immersive, non-linear story of the tabletop Tainted Grail using gameplay language more suited to a cRPG. In short, our developers work hard to make the digital Grail stand on its own legs.

Oh, and one more important thing: despite this reveal, we remain firm believers in tabletop games! Most of our team are real board game fans, and we still plan to focus mainly on these sorts of games. But we’ve also worked hard to gather a team of excellent artists, gameplay designers, 3D sculptors, and writers. It makes sense to offer their creative output across as many channels as possible! 

World of Tainted Grail

One of the most exciting things in the digital project is that we’re able to translate the world of Tainted Grail from 2D maps into a breathing 3D environment. We have huge faith in our art team and we believe that they were able to create a unique universe that will be amazing to travel through.

Tainted Grail OST

We have already picked the composer for Tainted Grail OST and we could not be happier with how working with him turned out! Adam Harvey is an experienced creator and you can see an example of his work in the Lord Inquisitor fan-made Warhammer 40k movie.

First effects of our cooperation can be heard in the trailer, so you can count on a really thematic OST to accompany you during board game session!

Best part: you get it for free!

As mentioned in the introduction, thanks to the outstanding success of the tabletop Tainted Grail, we have decided to give each of our backers a free digital edition of the game!

The activation codes will arrive as soon as the game is playable enough to allow for Early Access, which may still take some time. But we hope that not long from now, you will be able to explore Avalon at your convenience: either by your gaming table or in front of your PC.

As always, we’d love to have a lasting discussion and feedback from you – from the general ideas (like what would you like to see in the digital edition) up to detailed votes we will be making on a dedicated FB group!

New pledge level: Digital

With this announcement comes a new pledge level. If some of you are interested only in Digital Edition, you can gain access with a 15 GBP pledge.

Other news – silly Kings Pledge math mistake

As many of you have noticed, we made a small mistake in King’s Pledge (gameplay all-in). This is 100% my fault (Marcin here) – throughout the campaign, I was pushing myself a bit to the limit, and in the past few days I additionally got sick. Probably my brain did not work as intended :)

Price for this pledge should be 1 GBP smaller (the intended discount was indeed 5 GBP). Problem is, we can no longer edit the pledge level. BUT we will change the price in the Pledge Manager, and you will be able to use that 1 GBP towards shipping costs / other add-ons.

Sorry for a very un-professional mistake!

Final days! Let’s go!

We have now fully unlocked Caolin in amazing tempo! (please note that the art is still WIP! We will definitely need to correct the hips and few other details ;) ) 

We are entering the final days of campaign and boy oh boy, did the last 2 days speed things up! Fully unlocking “Age of Legends” is within our reach, and with it, you guys will have a monster of a Pledge that triples the value and gameplay content of the Core Box! 

We have one last character vote left, that will happen tomorrow, and with the fourth Age of Legends traveler you pick our team will be complete!


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    1. Freddy

      Okay, that did it. I'm in. That digital game pulled me over the line. I'm hoping for a really good main storyline, interesting side quests, and good options for character progression and customization. Also, would be great if it's not just on Steam... I'd especially love to see a DRM-free option through GoG!

    2. Missing avatar

      Shingen on

      It would so much more awesome if you could port it for iOS! And even sell for a premium price for non backers. Will you have voice over reading the text in the electronic version?

    3. Missing avatar

      vojtech tuma on

      great idea! There are some good semi-digitalized board games out there already -- Lord of the Rings LCG or Witcher -- I'm very much looking forward to this one

      having the game run on Linux or Mac would be really cool

    4. Clocky on

      This is incredible, thank you!

    5. Dejan Holmstrand on

      Cool with a digital app for the board game <3

    6. Jonathan Lim on

      Kudos to Awaken Realms! It is seldom to give a free gift to backers and you have earned a spot in my heart. Unselfishly thinking and giving back to all your supporters. More power. Merry Christmas.

    7. Bill the Raven on

      BTW... my platform vote for the future would be either PS4 or iOS. :)

    8. Bill the Raven on

      I suspect AR will try to initially keep the costs down to release the game solely on steam for PC. If it is a success, maybe they might consider porting it (or hiring someone to port it).

      AR, please make sure your lead game programming architect captures all the PC specific API calls in a more generic class (or set of generic classes) that the game code base calls. This will make porting an easy job in the future.

    9. Missing avatar


      I think it would be cool to have the narrative in digital form, an option to not have the book out for those that have a harder time reading.
      The options perhaps be left without narrative, the rest be punch in numbers and point'n click, then listen.

    10. Missing avatar

      Alex S on

      Thanks for the free extra Christmas present. I consider this to be a "surprise bonus" like the Pack Mule. But potentially worth far more to me.

      Other boardgames that made it to PC would be the likes of Talisman. Turning a tabletop RPG into a PC game is fairly simple, and nothing like the challenge of making an RTS shooter. Graphics are all pre-scripted, not coping with your WASD input.
      I see lots of solo play potential there, too.
      Good luck!

      However, I really, really, REALLY hope it isn't going to be a Steam exclusive. Any chance of Or some other policeman-client-free offering? I mean, I'd love to play the PC version, but after some bad experiences, Steam is never going to touch my gaming PC again.

    11. Chris Baylis on

      Sounds like a great deal to me. Great looking boardgame with lots of extras and goals reached plus a free PC version to play online.
      Just hoping it is a free to play game and not an MMO with monthly fees expected.
      Looking forward to next August already

    12. Missing avatar


      Please, please make the digital game compatible with Linux.

    13. Federico Facchinelli on

      Thanks a lot for this additional gift. Still more interested in the board game itself, but they could still be some interesting stuff (both the app and the videogame itself).
      So do not listen to the complainers and just go for it!

    14. Mike Witteman on

      Personally I'm more of a gamer, then a board gamer. So really interesting to see how you guys tackle this project. Especially the kind of a genre you're aiming at. The development will not be easy, so all the luck to you!

    15. Jen Midori_washi on

      Awesome 🤩🎉🎉🤩🎉🤩🎉🤩🎉
      Thank you for the extra effort and this amazing gift 👏
      Happy Holidays 🎄


      Now THAT is what the community is all about. THAT is how great teams respect their bakers!!!! Well done. Extra Extra bonus for you. looking forward for it :-)

    17. Missing avatar

      G on

      Audio soundtrack will be a great addition! :D

      Great to hear regards the free gifts, nice to be part of another adventure with AR. Please make the digital game a Mac friendly experience also.

    18. LudoDictator on

      LOVE IT!!

    19. Missing avatar

      Rob Grant on

      Very excited about ost and digital aspect to the board game.
      Also super excited about the 💻 game.
      Crack on people.

    20. Missing avatar

      Hyperion on

      Amazing gift. Love that.
      Cant understand The people's complaints
      Thanks awaken!!!!

    21. Dennis HeroBiX Thisner on

      I am super excited for the digital game :D
      I would love to know more, is it coming out for PC and Mac?
      Does it have a website? :)

    22. Missing avatar


      If you *look* at the growing pledges

    23. Missing avatar


      Nice update! Like I said before, ignore the noise from the vocal naysayers but if you at the growing pledges, most of us are with you!

    24. Missing avatar

      Jean-Baptiste Tune on

      Hi team! I'm following this campaign since almost the beginning and I finally joined this huge event!
      Now, about the Digital version, I like the idea a lot, I already have a few digital versions of tabletop, and that lead me to my question...
      What about a Tabletop Simulator official DLC? I really love the simulator, it's a great tool, I own some of the DLCs and also some mods made by players, I even worked myself on the code lines for some mods.
      Anyway, I'm really excited about your whole project.

    25. Blangis

      This is a cool SG, but not a gift for all : it will make happy only PC users. Why not at least an App for IPad?

    26. Bruno Prestes de Sousa on

      Awesome news!!! Nice surprise! Love the app idea.
      Thank you guys for the great work and effort you are putting on this project!

    27. Rob @ Monster Crossing Studio on

      Awesome news! I'm excited especially for the app, but being a dev myself, I wish all the best to AR on the digital front, and hope that they not only succed but also thrive and grow on this area too - as long as they dont stop making kickass board games! Looking forward to this!

    28. kerys on

      <3 I’m excited to see the digital version and DELIGHTED about the app! Thanks & good luck on this new endeavor!

    29. Missing avatar

      Jana Boysen on

      Thank you for this really nice gift. I am really excited about the game and really like the idea to also have the story incorporated into a PC game.
      I hope, there will be a multiplayer included, so my partner and I can discover Avalon together :-)

    30. Bill the Raven on

      Marcin and AR,

      Thank you for taking the time to clarify the scope of your video game development (small employing 3-8 people), and the source of the funding (profits from previous kickstarters). This truly shows you have a great financially sound strategy to try to expand into digital games. I greatly appreciate that you are both following your passions AND being incredibly responsible with your funds.

      This answers all of my questions, and I am humbled by the articulate answers. Good show, AR!

    31. Missing avatar

      Gionata on

      Thanks a lot it looks the cherry on the cake. It is an unexpected surprise (digital version)

    32. Missing avatar

      Hyperion on

      MANY Thanks, awaken!!!!
      Love The idea

    33. Missing avatar

      Obsidian Lance on

      I will admit I am glad to see from your newest update that the funds for this digital game are coming from other, previous profits, not from funds dedicated to this game.

      I think it is a cool inclusion, and I look forward to seeing it develop. I also look forward to any beta or early game access testing that could take place in the future.

      It was good to hear more of your passion and dedication in your newest post.

      Blessings to you and your entire studio this Christmas/New Years season.

    34. Peter Burke on

      Thank you for the free gift of the digital game, I think it will add a huge amount to my gaming pleasure, so keep up the good work.

    35. Jon Phillips on

      I just wanted to say thank you for this. I love your campaigns and what you do for us backers along the way. This is an exciting and appreciated surprise. :)

    36. Missing avatar

      Brian Gaboury

      I am very grateful for the gift of the video game and wish you much success with it.
      Thank you!

    37. Tommie Zetterlund on

      A question. When you say "awesome app for Tainted Grail Board Game with tons of amazing content such as full professional OST or the voice-over narration!" does that mean that we wil get an app that reads all the entrys and dreams ans so on in the journals? If so, that would be sooo awesome! :D

    38. Missing avatar

      Trevor Barrus

      Thank you for the gift of the digital version and the OST/ voice overs! While I previously wasn't sold on a voiceover element in board games, Fireteam Zero made me a believer. It really sets the tone for thematic games in a way you wouldn't expect, and amplifies the overall experience.

    39. Missing avatar

      MalicStorm on

      This is a nice surprise. Quite curious what you'll be able to make. What style are you going for? Any type of game you're using as example?
      Got a big backlog of pc games, but I'll make sure to make time to try this out.

    40. Michael Caldwell

      Cool, go ahead and drop your pledge. Maybe enough will drop (about 200 of you) and I can get my free traveler.

    41. Missing avatar

      Nathaniel Ruby on

      Thank you guys so much for the additional free digital content. As much as I love board games, integrating other mediums (without being a detriment to the table top experience!) is very cool. More experience in this awesome world you’ve created is appreciated, and giving it to us for free as thanks for the support of your current project is very generous of you.

      Please don’t be discouraged by those that didn’t read your post / misunderstood the message. For every person that overreacted and downgraded their pledge (hopefully they’ll see the error in their ways), there are those like me that chose to lock in at a higher level (and is considering the collector’s all-in). You guys are awesome and I wish I could invest in your previous projects still in progress.

    42. Missing avatar

      Omnale on

      @snon (and so many others) : no they will not use the money from this KS, as they have said in this update and have said again in the #21. Why people always assume they know better ? And adding word like "surely" do not make your statement truer. It just indicates how ignorant you are.

    43. Creoterra on

      @GamerF the funny part about the self entitled whiners downgrading their pledge to 1£ is that AR has already said no funds from the KS are going to the digital game, yet by downgrading their pledge they'll get less board game stretch goals lol ... way to think it through guys!

    44. Drew on

      @GamerF- It isn't about receiving something for free and not liking it- it is about confidence that Awakened Realms can pull it all off. At least, that's the reasonable version of the story (I remember people getting REALLY upset that a Kickstarter was going to turn some of their art into a tiny coloring book- people were convinced that this would add to shipping or something).

      Video games are riskier than board games on Kickstarter- from what I can tell, it is really easy to accidentally go WAY over budget on a videogame- they are often cancelled or run many years late.

      Kickstarter is always something of a risk, and I can definitely see this digital side project putting all of Tainted Grail over some people's risk threshold.

    45. Rhys Brett-Bowen on

      This is awesome. Not that fused by the video game, but I might give it a look in. The app would be great for immersion though. I know some people don't like apps with video games, but if it has someone reading the book and options then that will greatly improved my experience of solo play.

    46. Missing avatar

      Jerry T on

      Why di people keep saying it is seperate, part of the team is but inthis update in their own words:- "But we’ve also worked hard to gather a team of excellent artists, gameplay designers, 3D sculptors, and writers. It makes sense to offer their creative output across as many channels as possible! "

      One company and shared resources, now the genie is out of the bottle it can't be put back. Mar in said tbis is his dream so if its a choice the boardgame will not be a priority, you cant stop someone following a dream and it is his company.

    47. Missing avatar

      snon on

      AR will surely use money from this KS - they are using all the art/mini/text a 2nd time & will compose a soundtrack & spoken dialogue
      But hey, that's a very nice moody expansion for this text "burdened" Moloch/juggernaut of game ;-)
      The only 2 real problems I do see is the delivery date
      - & to find good narrators for spoken text in all the languages, who will give them the right amount of mood/tension/....
      - of digital game for a developer newbie even for English version only.
      If they can "split" spoken dialogue/OST from real digital game & deliver this stuff with 1st/2nd wave that would be awesome (& same language versions as board game would be a dream come true).

    48. Missing avatar

      Dominik Schwarz on

      The board game and the video game seem tied together, as AR added a digital pledge lvl. And I just can't pretend that this makes me all too happy, because I want none of my funds going towards the digital game. If I want to play computer games, I play them, but I wouldn't back a physical board game. If there was another campaign for a digital release, that would be something completely different and totally agreeable.