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Adventure, survival co-op Board Game set in unique grim world inspired by Arthurian Legends. Unforgettable experience for 1-4 players
Adventure, survival co-op Board Game set in unique grim world inspired by Arthurian Legends. Unforgettable experience for 1-4 players
41,939 backers pledged £4,940,030 to help bring this project to life.

All-in pledges / group pledges / 3rd character

Posted by Awaken Realms (Creator)

Hey guys! 

Today we have quite an update! We will talk about:

  • Caolin, 3rd character from Age of Legends campaign 
  • All-in and Collectors all-in pledges 
  • Group Pledges
  • Surprise that is coming tomorrow ;) 

Lets get to it! 

3rd Character - Caolin

As usual, we have counted all the votes and it was one of the most obvious vote we had with nr 1 leading 85-90% of the votes. We implemented also one of the most common feedback: adding a bow. 

Piotr have put quite an awesome concept, while still being work in progress, we really like it and want to share it with you. Let us know what you think! 

Soon Krzysztof will give Caoil a nice story that we will share with you guys, but for now we can already starts unlocking this next Stretch Goal! 

Gameplay all-in

Since we have shared with you yesterday final gameplay add-on we can created a commonly requested gameplay all-in pledge! 

After much thought, we decided to add to this bundle "Monsters of Avalon" miniature expansion, while it is not strictly gameplay add-on - due to its high popularity we decided to add it to the pack. 

Please note that this pledge does not include Niamh 24h bonus character (as too many people already have her being day1 backer)

Collectors all-in

Another pledge that we have added is Collectors all-in, that will include everything that Kickstarter campaign for Tainted Grail have to offer. 

This bundle includes also one new highly-requested cosmetic add-on that we have decided to offer at this stage - neoprene playmat, 68x68 cm!  

Here is full Collectors all-in pledge, please note that it includes Sundrop - prepaint for all the models! 

Please note that this pledge does not include Niamh 24h bonus character (as too many people already have her being day1 backer)

 Group Pledges 

We have also added a highly requested group pledges for Core Box and Gameplay All-in boxes. They have 10% discount and they offer also another discount on shipping (please see newly updated shipping section).

Small surprise 

Tomorrow Marcin will be doing a Kickstarter Live with a small introduction to small secret prize for all backers we have prepared at the end of campaign. Update with it will follow soon after! 

This is it for today, lets make those final days of campaign worth remembering! 

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    1. Robert Groeneveld on

      The hoodie on Thebalt is meh, I would prefer a full facial expression to highlight his demeanor.

    2. StevieZ on

      All these different pledge options now after initially kickstarting, along with notes that certain things are not included.... has me really confused. Does changing pledge now drop items I would have gotten? Ugh.

    3. Philly Cashion on

      I hope that the add ons will still be available as add ons at a later date :) I can't afford to up my reward level this month, but I was hoping to add more add ons (ha) later on! Preferably post Christmas.

      This year has been bonkers, having my house blow up and ensuing maddness, but I pushed to get this because it sounds Amazing! And since getting nerve damage in my arms I've been shy of painting.... Those minis made me want to crack out my painting kit!

      This kickstarter has given me drive to do more physical therapy, as painful as it can be so I can paint these and enjoy this game!

    4. Missing avatar

      Kara Roncin

      Sorry if this has already been asked - will there be an option to upgrade to all in in the pledge manager? Thanks.

    5. Christy Burge on

      I get that you are listening to the calls for a bow, but that seems to make her a hunter right out of wow with pet, rather than a druidess?

    6. Thomas M

      @AR - If possible, give Caolin a quiver of arrows on her back, when you update her!

    7. Missing avatar

      Brady on

      Would love to see the artwork on the playmat resemble something of an old world map theme. Something that supports the art of the cards and exploration theme.

    8. Simon Lahme on

      @John C:
      As i tried to explain, we might not be able to get the things you want individually, if we want to have sundrop.
      During the Nemesis pledge-manager you could only choose between Core-Sundrop or All-In-Sundrop!
      So everyone had to pick the All-In-pledge, if they wanted the gameplay-addons (carnomorphs) with sundrop. So you had to pay for the Terrain expansion, Script comic book and Art book.

      Even now it says only: "Core Box + Stretch Goals" and "+ Monsters of Avalon Pack", so it don't necessarily includes Niamh or The Red Death-miniatures.

      So i really hope for an real gameplay-sundrop-pledge!

    9. Dagda

      Wow, Caolin looks awesome. Please don't change too much, especially not her age or her clothes.

    10. Missing avatar

      m. on

      Regarding the neoprene mat: Just wondering - will the final product only have 5 x 5 rows for the location cards? Since there are 64 location cards per game, shouldn't it have 8 x 8 rows instead to be able to hold all location cards?

    11. Missing avatar

      Janik Müller on

      I would love to see a truly all-in-gameplay without the miniature pack. It would be amazing if you could add this option, with corrected math ;)

      Either way, you guys do an incredible job. Simply stunning!
      Keep it up and thank you so much

    12. Mascalian on

      Why not an Excalibur Group pledge?

    13. Missing avatar

      Matthew Tillett on

      I do agree that Caolin needs more clothing, she's not quite looking the part - but she is work in progress. Maybe Ageing her a small amount and adding a little more muscular definition?

    14. Missing avatar

      Jakub Schneider on

      Caolin looks great as she is, just some arrows would be helpful. And thank you that you didn't add the crossbow as many suggested druid with a crossbow just doesn't seem right.
      PS: To me, it doesn't seem probable that a druid would have problems with mosquitos. :-)

    15. Missing avatar

      John N on

      Well, firstly, thanks for putting up the all-in-pledges, it helped my clarify what I wanted and got my pledge back from £1 - you really could have done with doing this at the start, I was hyped as our colonials friends might say, then the uncertainty of the final cost really bummed me out (to keep stateside) and I would have preferred to have remained excited.

      As for the character choice, it looks great too, well the wolf needs work but I'd be amazed if that wasn't fixed.

      To those that say stick wool on it... lol, well the less said the better :D

    16. F.S.P.

      The wolf need some wok to seem real...

    17. F.S.P.

      Caolin needs arrows on her back...

    18. TheAwaitedKing on

      I like the fact she is young. This is B team. Someone who has not even completed the training but has a wolf to balance it makes for an interesting character. Maybe she could be even younger like 10yo? That would be awesome to have a character like this.

    19. John C

      @haters - you can all paint her, glue chain mail to her, wrap her in wool or fur, whatever you must do to feel that it is YOUR art being displayed in the game. Most love the way she looks and give props to the artist for actually creating the art for the game.

    20. John C

      @Teowulff - when you get your mini, you can put leather on her if you like; most of us think she's terrific as is.

    21. Missing avatar

      Satanski on

      Don't change anything about new girl. She's perfect.

    22. Teowulff

      I love te hunter/ranger style ..
      But .. can she have leather armour, please?

    23. Missing avatar

      Seamus Patrick Glewwe on

      Honestly, this is disappointing, she went from a bad ass with a wolf to a scantily clad high elf facsimile who is allergic to clothes, put her in breeches and give her leather armor! Give her a functioning bracer for firing her bow. Nothing about her seems cool to me. She looks like a level 12 elf hunter from WoW that someone is keeping as barely dressed as possible.

    24. David Hladky on

      Sorry for the typos. But anyway.

    25. David Hladky on

      If the intention of the authors to have a pregnant kid in the game, they managed to do it. But I suggest them trying to wear only few pieces of silk and go to woods and harwest some mushrooms or berries. I bet it would be a painful experience. But ticks and moskitos will love them.

    26. Missing avatar

      HilHell on

      I'm disappointed about the character, i thought the blue archetype had heavy attack but leave you wide open but with two characters, the wolf hit hard and the elve can protect herself i don't really get it, and it's a bit too heroic fantaisy since you said you want "realistic" Avalon without magic. For me N°4 archetype was a good idea since we already had a great hammer and a polearm.
      It's only my opinion, great job and great artwork; I'm looking to be in 2020
      (sorry for my poor english ^^' )

    27. Missing avatar

      RidRay on

      Hey guys, I am interested in coloured miniatures. But I don't know if the sundrop addon will be the bettet option for me.
      Will be there an option for full coloured miniatures (and if yes what is the prize) or is the sundrop addon the only coloured addon?

      Like to compare these addons (if there will be a full coloured addon) with pictures.

      Thanks for your help

    28. Vascariz on

      Love the character!!!! Woot!

    29. Nicholas on

      The game play all in is exactly what I wanted to get, happito see it bundled.

    30. Missing avatar

      Jazzcat on

      For the playmat I would prefer a less gruesome artwork. I would like if the location area would be a bit different from the card deck area. Maybe something like a slightly transparent layer to have one area a bit lighter/darker than the other. Or possibly have a different style at all? Anyhow, just separate different playing areas a bit optically.

      I like the clothing of the characters. I leave it to the miniature folks to comment on the implementation of the miniatures. They see things I did not even notice.

      Maybe it would be a good idea to have the wolf as separate miniature. That would open up some design space and it would not matter so much that one mini is in movement and the other is not. The Wulf is just running around. I like the idea that the wolf is not always around or can do something somewhere else, maybe support other chars in fights.

    31. Emjay

      The wolf's anatomy looks incredibly weird.

    32. Missing avatar

      Dean Gamble

      My small idea about the wolf. I've seen some people mention it being uncontrollable which is cool, but still makes the character rather strong. Maybe the wolf only has 3 of its legs, losing one to... red death/ bear trap/ hunters keeping it alive while they intended to chop off limbs for 'fresh' sustenance but the girl rescued him etc etc. And maybe during some of his attacks miss due to him trying to swipe at enemies with his phantom paw. I dunno, just an idea. :)

    33. Clinton D on

      Next time back on day 1

    34. Miguel Caña on

      In my opinion Niamh should also be added to the two All-in-Pledges.
      First, it is why you called it an All-In pledge. Such a pledge should contain every gameplay content. And Niamh seems to be a very great character which plays in a very different way. So if people are willing to spend that amount of money for one of the two all-in-pledges it would be great if they will get these little expansion for free, too. Because these people add a lot of help to this campaign in addition to those backers from Day 1.
      And as a second thing you´ve told that a lot of people are already having these Day 1 bonus for free. So it won´t be a big deal to offer Niamh for free to a few more people who came later and are willing to make this campaign more successfull.

    35. T1tusGr0an on

      As far as I can tell there were a dozen or so calls for this poor woman to have more clothes and zero saying keep her "scantily-clad". I don't buy that AR listen to their backers at all

    36. Missing avatar

      Craig Wagstaffe on

      Will there be an "all in" but without sundrop?

    37. Missing avatar on

      I didn't expect the bow on Caolin, I thought she would seem more like a druid, with a staff or a dagger. I don't actually dislike the bow, I just expected something different: let's see how it evolves, but in this case I'd like to see something more moon-related!

    38. Missing avatar

      Jochem van Dijk on

      So feedback on the Caolin in Progress.

      -I like the youthful teenage look.
      -The bow arm seems overstretched. (prolly from replacing the sword)
      -The quiver seems missing but i get that requires more of a remake
      -Her pose is like she is sliding of the back of the wolf slowly while watching something to her left, which is a nice pose for the camera, but the wolfs legs are in full sprint making it unnatural for her to be that static while the wolf dashes on. Slow down the wolf or make her pose more of a jumping of in a haste?
      -I think the legs of the wolf remind me of a horse, not sure that's right. And the snout seems somewhat in a V shape, while pictures of wolves show more of a U shape and the widening abrupt when the face starts, hope you get what i mean.
      -The clothes are fine as they are, I would ask my daughter to wear a longer skirt i guess. But i would envision a teenager picking it short.
      -And don't give her caution stats going around "unprepared" for the dangers in the world, no satchel or backpack etc :)
      -I like the colors very much, and even though I'm commenting a lot, i like the drawing in general!

    39. Alaa Mohssen Nassef on

      @Foxwhisperer look more closely. It's her stomach alright with a navel :)

    40. Missing avatar

      Mauro Tiozzo on

      I would not find anything wrong with a pregnant character, indeed it would be an interesting variant.

    41. Missing avatar

      Dorian on

      Vote for the playmat art?

    42. Foxwhisperer on

      Caolin looks pregnant? Lol! That is her hip, not her stomach...

    43. Missing avatar

      Mauro Tiozzo on

      Collector All-in it's too expensive!
      I waiting for a Gameplay all-in with sundrop at about 190£ !!
      I also hope for a revision of the Caolin+Wolf graphic, but her clothes for me are Ok :)

    44. Alaa Mohssen Nassef on

      I’ve gone through most comments, and would like to reply to some (and add my own)

      - Want to change pledge but don’t want to lose 24h status: Already answered several times. If you just change pledge type without cancelling it and you’re good to go
      - Want Niamh in all collectors/all gameplay: Just mange your pledge and add 8GBP and you’ll be able to get her. Won’t make sense to make more than half the backers (19k+ people) pay for an extra one, and by the way it’s not just another mini, she’s a character with her own diplomacy and combat cards, so for the one who said just add another mini to the 24h backers, it’s not the same (I’m not a 24h backer and I’m paying for Niamh myself)
      - The discount for all gameplay is 4GBP not 5: seems that they got their math wrong, so if you’ll take this pledge and buying more addons, make sure you put the correct value in your pledge.
      - Want all gameplay without monsters: this pledge has a mere 4GBP discount on the collection including monsters pack. You can get the core box and add your addons value to the pledge.
      - Want collectors pack without sundrop: I have to agree with that. A lot of true collectors would prefer to paint their own minis. @AR, you already added this, so there’s no turning back, but I would love to see a collectors pledge without the sundrop.
      - Caolin looks pregnant: she does
      - Wolf pose is unnatural: agree
      - Where are the arrows?
      - Needs more clothes/modesty: I agree to that. However, as a side note, she’s not as scantily clad as Niamh

    45. Missing avatar

      snon on

      2nd art option for playmat please
      - some dark (wood/sea) landscape with a small beacon of hope
      So at least still moody but not gruesome
      Or is this your hint that the game is mainly about some older battlefield/slaugtherhouse?

    46. Manolis [BGS] on

      The wolf seems like it is retarded. Dont like it much. I hope it becomes better eith some changes.

    47. sanjuro on

      Alternative art for the playmat, please!

    48. Missing avatar

      Len on

      Thank you Mountain you described it was better

    49. Missing avatar

      Len on

      I'm sorry but i don't like the Charakter concept that much... the body proportions look odd to me she seems to have a very long stomach/side. And she looks like a Ranger or hunter to me. Not much of a druid ...

    50. Missing avatar

      Mountain Mammoth

      Concerning the wolf, I know that this picture was done in a rush, but it’s anatomy/gait seems incorrect. In general quadruped locomotion front limbs bent backwards and back limbs driving forward is indicative if a full run/gallop. That posture doesn’t make any sense with the wolf’s position relative to Caolin (she would be slapping it on the head as he darts past rather than petting him). Even if a running gait was the desired effect, the position of the wolf’s head and spine looks more like a horse galloping rather than a canine running. Canines, felines and rodents tend to have their snout extended forward (to breath better) and more of a bend in their spine as they dive their hind legs forward. To put it in human terms, imagine Thebalt’s drawing from the waist up (with the cane and the sword in a resting position) and from the waist down on leg driving back and the other knee bent forward in a full sprint. It would look off.

      The art for this project is amazing over all and is a major selling point for this game. I hope when Piotr has more time to do some research he will see the difference between a running posture and a trotting posture for canines. Trotting/walking might make more sense in this instance.