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Adventure, survival co-op Board Game set in unique grim world inspired by Arthurian Legends. Unforgettable experience for 1-4 players
Adventure, survival co-op Board Game set in unique grim world inspired by Arthurian Legends. Unforgettable experience for 1-4 players
41,939 backers pledged £4,940,030 to help bring this project to life.

Red Death (gameplay add-on)

Posted by Awaken Realms (Creator)

Greetings Travelers!

Today we will share with you bigger and last gameplay add-on for Tainted Grail in this campaign. We are really excited about this one.

Some answers cannot be found on Avalon. 

Some things were left behind in the lands engulfed by Red Death. 

Some challenges are meant only for those who have already proven themselves.  

After each of our three campaigns (Fall of Avalon, Last Knight, Age of Legends) you have to say goodbye to your leveled and equipped characters. By the end of their journey, they are not exactly a “B” team anymore. Though still tormented and afflicted, they have transformed the world around them in meaningful ways. Their legacy will live on, while the characters themselves fade into history, leaving place for another team of unlikely heroes from another age.

Or do they?

Red Death campaign 

 With the “Red Death” add-on campaign, you now have another option. You may play it after finishing any of the other thee large campaigns, and take your favorite heroes on a last, one-way mission to mysterious Homelands. Their ship will slip into the mists separating Avalon from our reality, and spend many weeks traversing the border between the worlds. Finally, it will emerge back in Homelands, many years after the plague, where answers to some ultimate questions lie buried under the rubble of desolated cities.

  • What happened here after most humans departed for Avalon?  
  • Is it safe to return?  
  • What caused the plague?  
  • How did Arthur learn about the island of Fore-dwellers?  
  • What secrets did he leave behind? 

“Red Death” is an expert-level expansion campaign for Tainted Grail. It contains 32 dangerous Location cards that allow you to visit a part of a kingdom ravaged by plague, where unspeakable horrors still lurk among the ruins. These horrors won’t be your only problem! The ancient undersea empire of Fomoria already surveys the lands abandoned by humans, while brutish Picts of the north, who somehow built resistance to the disease, raid the ruins looking for treasure, magic – and something more sinister. Then, there are solitary survivors who outlasted the plague. They’re often mad and dangerous, but their knowledge may help heroes survive.

Pick your allies and enemies, solve difficult riddles, navigate ruins of the old world and face some of the hardest Encounters created for Tainted Grail. And if you survive, learn things that will put the main storyline of three campaigns in a new light.

This add-on campaign will contain approximately 15-30 hours of gameplay grouped into an 8-chatper story. Just like our base campaigns it offers multiple endings and branching paths, so you can try to solve it in a different way multiple times! 

Extended Character Advancement

Naturally, a large amount of additional gameplay meant we had to extend the Character progression. That’s why the box also includes new and exciting Advanced Abilities that can help you upgrade your Attributes even further!

Not to mention that many artifacts or items found in Homelands are much more powerful than anything found on Avalon.

What comes in the box?

In total, Red Death contains:

  • An Exploration Journal with 120 pages of choices, interactions and involving story.
  • 3 new large miniatures: an unspeakable horror haunting the streets of dead cities, a bloated beast transformed by the plague, and a sentinel of an ancient, undersea empire that looks for new lands to claim.
  • 16 new Advanced Ability cards (containing 32 new Abilities) that expand Character Advancement system, allowing you to take your experienced characters even further.
  • 20 Items - as Characters explore the abandoned Homelands, they discover many objects that were never found on Avalon.
  • 30 new Secrets, some of which are very difficult to acquire.
  • 40 new Encounters, including some of the hardest Combat and Diplomatic challenges in the entire Tainted Grail.
  • 40 new Events, including story events for 8 new Chapters and some unique random disasters that will challenge your group.  
  • 3 intro letters for teams from 3 different campaigns

Red Death inspirations

We also want to tell you about the historical and mythological inspirations for this expansion. And I think you already know which event we’re going to mention first!

The Black Death plague that decimated Europe in the middle of 14th century was the closest thing to an apocalypse this world has ever seen. In some parts of the continent, as much as 75-80% of people died throughout four years.

That’s far worse than Thanos’s snap! No family remained unaffected, many towns and villages were wiped off the map.

Reactions to the plague were just as dire as the sickness itself: people turned on each other, and anyone they could blame for the calamity (from medical practitioners to unfortunate Jewish communities). Some sunk into a life of debauchery, thinking the world is ending anyway. Some fell into religious fervor… The Black Death and its results are an extremely interesting topic, that inspired some really memorable scenes and dramatic moments you can find in the Red Death expansion. Not to mention that Danse Macabre, the morbid procession of the dancing dead that became a symbol of the plague, is something we always wanted to put a cool fantasy spin on.

This expansion was also a perfect opportunity to explore mythical tropes that we couldn’t fit into regular campaigns. For example, Fomorians. They’re quite important in Celtic mythology and were often depicted as giants or undersea creatures that ruled the land before the arrival of men. Some of their mythology found its way to our Fore-dwellers, but Fomorians themselves were a bit too much to have on Avalon. But with this additional story, we were able to flesh them out, create incredible concepts inspired by ancient Rome, and even build some haunting undersea locations.

Nothing in “Red Death” happens without reason…

“Red Death” is the last gameplay add-on for Tainted Grail that we wanted to present you. We are extremely excited about the story it will come with and we hope you will really enjoy it too! 

Let us know how you like this new adventure! 

OK guys! This is it, final days of campaigns are ahead of us - already this campaign is officially the most backed campaign from Awaken Realms and we have still 48 hours rush in front of us! thank you so much! 

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    1. Missing avatar

      Raul Semoloni on

      +1 for cheaper version of the Red Death expansion without minis.

    2. jhockaday on

      I think it is important for people to express their ideas and concerns. If you don't express yourself the creators will not get your input. It is up to them to decide if and how they will use it.

      This is one of the great things about Kickstarters in general and this particular creator in particular!

      I applaud all of you that have contributed to the comments, and thanks for breaking down the cost per hour, and comparing it to the base game, it is helpful for my decision making.

    3. METADNA

      This box cover is piece of art

    4. Mike Küsters on

      This addon makes me start i should cancel my pledge...
      milk the cow till dry? don´t see enough content for the money.

    5. Kaladin on

      I do wish there was different Red Death box art that more matched the theme of the other art. While I like this art, it's kinda "meh" compared to the rest of the box art.

    6. William on

      The "zombies" look very black death inspired with all the red boils- seems theme appropriate to me. I do prefer the designs that look more monster than man, but have no qualms otherwise.

    7. Missing avatar

      Zucchini Giacomo on

      Zombies, fatty zombies everywhere.. Please some little bit originality

    8. Jamie Rowley on

      This add-on is a lot pricier than what I have come to expect from this kickstarter. It is still a solid value to me though. With all the game-play add-ons that I'm backing, this game is coming to a steep price for me but it's still no Kingdom Death: Monster level of expensive. Plus I'm confident on this company's track record for quality and deadlines so I'll keep backing this project including the Red Death add-on.

    9. METADNA

      I hope AR will at least remove zombie 1, 2 and 4 ugly not scary too much alien alike, i love the main monster thema from the core box, woul love to see more like this here.
      +1 for tha aqua-Fomorians (but i agree maybe add some celtique alike fomorian too
      +1 for undead like dance macaber specially if strongly inspired from middle age artworks
      in synthesis we wants new and unseen things & creatures

    10. Missing avatar

      Delia Volpi on

      I added the second add-on for the campaign...the monster minis are a bit farther now...we will see in the last 24hours...if I will launch myself on them...

    11. William on

      I think my two questions are: 1) Will this expansion be available via retail at some point? 2) (maybe the writers don't know at this point) - Does the true arc of the story conclude in this expansion or is it safely side material. If the story here contains revelations that cast the "trilogy" in a different light, it would be hard not to pledge for that. Then again, given that this can be played after any act, it sounds like it truly is side content.

    12. Paul Cartwright

      Why are people comparing the core box to the add on. Add ons are always more expensive, it's the same in pretty much every single game. The price is fine for the the components and the huge amount of work in the art, design and story, especially a 120 page book full of writing.

    13. METADNA

      I prefer to see skeletal beast plague (which suggests the famine of the time) rather than chubby zombies insect alike (totally saturated with zombies in the games please something original)

    14. Missing avatar

      Derek on

      +1 for cheaper version without minis

      Not considering all the other content included in the core box (character sheets, decks, etc) and assuming you would only play through the story once.

      $90 / (3 Acts * 40 Hours) = $0.75/hour
      $45 / 25 hours = $1.8/hour 240% more expensive

      Unless the story changes dramatically depending on the characters taken I don't think I would play this after the end of each act as it would be repetitive. And there is already 120 hours of unique content in the core box that I want to explore. So as of right now I am leaning more towards skipping this addon and maybe waiting to buy it at retail or second hand after I have finished the main story arch.

    15. Missing avatar

      Asta on

      Lots of you forgot this Add-on was announced in first days of the campaign (without details, they just talked about one small -EotP - and one big gameplay expension), it did not appear from nowhere to take your money...
      Before whining be sure you know what you are talking about. Also if you were happy with the campaign so far, keep your pledge were it was, this is optional buy.
      This is a side story (NOT PART OF MAIN STORY), you won't miss it if you only get core game.

      As for the price, I think it is appropriate.
      With the 2 gameplay add-on you have :
      Core for 70£ which is a lot of money for a game but worth it because of huge work needed for it (also interesting gameplay, great artwork, nice lifetime, ...).
      2 campaign expensions for free (For me they should worth around 50-60£ each because they have as much story but less content than core - common stuff such as 3 Menhirs mini, Fore-dweller mini, dials, items cards, archetype cards, ...)
      Side quests for all travellers with personnal story and special actions (12£ - it is less than 1£ per traveller - not expensive)
      One shorter campaign without new traveller but with the ability to play it with any group of travellers from previous campaign (35£ seems ok, half core box price for a little more than half story content with little less than half of other elements while adding gameplay for the 3 other campaign). I'm not sure if the 3 new monsters act like Fore-dweller or like monsters of Avalon but if as I think they are like Fore-dweller, it is consistent to have the mini in the box.

      Let's do some maths (some values are approximation)
      So 70 + 12 + 35 + shipping (ex : two waves for europe 25£ + let's say 5£ for add-on ?) + VAT (if applicable : full rate, France is 20%) ?
      117£ + 20% + 30£ = 117 + 23,4 + 30 = 170,4£ (187,44 €) including all fees for all of this content which is the minimum retail price I expect to see for only core + the 2 campaign expensions.

      Value wise I think this is a good deal while looking at the big picture (unless game is sold half ks price at retail).
      You cannot expect everything to be free, I'm sure AR would gladly make it all free if they could but at some point they have to pay to make the game. If they give too much for free, they will be unable to deliver (or at least in time) because of running out of money to complete the game (like the mess with Project: ELITE from Artipia Games).

      Anyway, I'm getting it, seems really interesting.

      @AR : I really hope you have planned different points of view and different ways of telling the story in The Red Death regarding which team of traveller we use. Because travellers from Age of Legends and ones from The Last Knight do not have the same experience nor same vision of the world and might digg on different aspect of the story. I'm not sure I'm clear, but to say it differently : each of the 3 team should discover the story but with a different perspective (and potentially few different secrets). So it will make sense to play it at least once per time periode but will not be an obligation, we could learn what happened with only one time period without feeling like we miss something while not really knowing everything.
      Also can we mix travellers from different time period (like if The Red Death is out of Avalon time) on this campaign ?

    16. Missing avatar

      Smeeks on

      For those asking about how to get the add-ons, simply select manage your pledge and increase your pledge by the cost of the add-on. For example if you have just the core set and you want the art book, you would increase your pledge from £70 to £90 (or whatever currency you are using).

    17. Missing avatar

      Smeeks on

      @Andre Schaupp I totally agree!

    18. Missing avatar

      Jan Witt on

      @Thomas Simmel,

      .. for all the addons?... how many did I miss / whats the sum I'd need to spend to get all of them?

    19. Lars-Jørgen Gorgas on

      @ Gustavo I see your point and its pricey for an already expensive game BUT: I read the last update such as you can send every Hero from every act on their final voyage in the Red Death and see how the motherland evolves though 1000years not just the finale(or first) heroes in act3. In my head Red Death is hardcore mode 1.5,2.5 and 3.5 of the acts in another country :=) If it's worth it is another question..And do you loose anything if you dont have a relationship with the motherland and dont buy the expancion ?

    20. Missing avatar

      Gustavo Escaleira on

      Yeah, the idea seems cool but I'm passing this one. I'm here thinking if I'll ever finish the hole content on core game (which seems a lot of hours of gameplay) before being able to access this extra and more difficult content.

      I was expecting something that could give us more diversity to the base game, maybe more characters, companions (like the donkey, wolf), areas to explore or something like that.. I'm hopping to see new stretch goals on those lines!

    21. METADNA

      @AR_Jordan can you add some kind of ancient ghosts to read death i just feel the y fit there. Also a giant menhir mini (could be done in multiple part like mini for hands, a mini for the face coming out from earth...)

    22. Thomas Simmel on

      @Szymon Koralewski

      The guys from Awaken Realms make us an additional offer, which they think we will like in the form. They have equipped it with certain features and have offered it to us as an additional, purchasable addon. The price they called is not unreasonable or inappropriate, it is an offer that can be accepted or rejected.

    23. Thomas Simmel on

      @Jan Witt

      If you have provided support for £110 you can go to the "Manage Your Pledge" section. Click in the field "Make a pledge without a reward" and enter the total amount, the Excalibur Package plus the sum of all your desired AddOns.

      ALL Important: Do not change your original Package Support.

    24. METADNA

      @AR i hope some kind of ancient ghosts here

    25. Missing avatar

      stormrider on

      @andre maybe you are right but AR should give us the opportunity to choose with or without minis (for core box backers)

    26. Andre Schaupp on

      I'm a little bit confused why everybody compares the price of the core set to the one of this expansion. Yes, in relation to the core set it looks expensive. But this comes from the really low price of the core box, given the contents. In fact you pay about 78 Euro on Kickstarter and I would guess a retail value of at least 120 Euro (with all known stretch goals).

      If you compare Red Death to expansions of other games with similar contents, 39 Euro seems like a normal price. Not great, no super-deal, just an "OK" price.

      On the other hand I was fighting with myself if I want to get this box. Not because of the money, but because of the play-time the first three campaigns already offer. My gaming group meets about every two weeks and you need the same four persons to go on with the campaign. I doubt that we will get to open this box ;-) So I think it is merely an add-on you don't really need and I'm cool with it not being a stretch goal.

    27. Matt on

      I mean, I've already decided to go all-in because the game and pitch looks amazing...

      But I'd be lying if I didn't say all this "add-on" content wasn't annoying. I pledged Excalibur for a reason. Next time just make a $200 pledge level for the "all-in" backers.

    28. Missing avatar

      Jan Witt on

      So, how do I upgrade to red death version? Can't find any additional pledge levels yet

    29. Szymon Koralewski on

      You wanted to collect 50589 $, you have collected almost 4 million to this moment. Expansions at such a price are inappropriate. In addition, in this add-on you impose figurines, which I do not want, and which should be in expansion with the figurines.

    30. Missing avatar

      Smeeks on

      @Mike Daneman I agree. I think they spoilt us too much early on so people expect the same going through. They need to cover costs and invest in pushing the game further. I feel with this add on it has made the game the price I would expect to pay for 4 campaigns and the length of play time we are getting.

    31. Szymon Koralewski on

      +1 for cheaper version of the Red Death expansion without minis.

    32. Missing avatar

      Smeeks on

      I'm in. I think the core set is such good value I don't mind paying for this expansion. It's a completely optional hard mode except instead of playing the same game with an increased difficulty we have the option of some extra history and background. I like this idea.

    33. Missing avatar

      ADK on

      No, the value isn‘t half to the base game.
      In Base you get for 70£
      Over 700 cards
      8 Minis
      4 Charakter-boards
      Over 100 Tokens
      Storybook (220)

      In RD you get for 35£
      About 170 Cards
      3 Minis
      Storybook (120)

      I already told that this is AR‘s baby, so they can tag it with every price they want. But i won‘t purchase this add-on now, because i don‘t see the value and i‘m cool with it. 😉

    34. Gauthier D.

      I agree it seems quite expensive. But that Fomorian Sentinel mini looks awesome!
      Maybe a solution would have been to move those 3 minis to the miniatures addon pack, thus making it more interesting and lowering the price of the Red Death expansion. It's indeed strange that people who chose not to get miniatures for the wandering monsters are forced to get the ones for this expansion.

    35. Missing avatar

      Richard Sands on

      I very much like the idea of the expansion, and have increased my pledge for it, but I do feel a little weird about paying for three minis (which look like guardians) after I've made the decision not to get the guardian minis for the main game...
      It just feels like they should have been separate, though I do understand that if not many people took the minis, there would be a risk of AR losing money on them. I'd still prefer a mini-less version, however.
      Perhaps there could be a mini-less all-in pledge for core and the two add-ons?

    36. Gökmen Bahadir

      Compared to everything else this feels too expensive.

    37. Missing avatar

      TM on

      I'm not really sure if Red Death is overpriced (on the other hand I will be sad if there is no one called Prince Prospero in play, or speaking about reckoning being at hand ;) ). Note, that when we compare the base game only (and that is what we should compare, because that is what the MSRP will get you, I think) it is very similar to about half a game, which seems to be the correct value. Only when you take into account the free acts 2 and 3 the price seems high.
      Now, quite a lot comments are aimed at minis in the add-on box that you don't really need. It would be a good PR move to "listen to the vox populi and offer a mini-less version of Red Death", but even as it is now, I think quite a lot of backers are satisfied with the add-on. It is just that people are usulally more eager to voice their disconcern than praise.

    38. Ernesto Reig

      +1 for an All-In pledge with a discount

    39. Nicolò on

      Everybody already said it but yes, this expansion (although it sounds really interesting) is objectively quite overpiced for the content it provides, in relation to the rest of the project at least.

    40. Amarice on

      @Iwaki, sorry, it is not going to happen.

    41. Missing avatar

      Iwaki on

      +1 for cheaper version of the Red Death expansion without minis.

    42. Missing avatar

      Stephan on

      Will there be the same/similar runthrough for every character from the DIFFERENT boxes?
      So will Beor run through the same Chapters as Sloan? (Character-individual events not included) or will it be fixed Chapters for every Campaign (2+3+3=8 Chapters?)

    43. Missing avatar

      Kampi on

      Hi, will the 3 Minis also be sundrop preshaded if I select this option?
      Currently it is only stated that the base game and the monster expansion will be sundrop preshaded with that add-on.

      Thanks in advance for clarification.

      KR, Christian

    44. Missing avatar

      snon on

      PM will surely stay open some time, so just add each add-on once a month
      regarding discount:
      The base game + Acts are already that much discounted
      So for all-in packages it should only marginal (except the hugest one e.g. also with sleeves for all cards -the price for these is quite high-)

    45. KS Huntress (in Deep Madness)

      You don´t need to stretch yourself before christmas. You can decide what you want now and add the rest during PM. No problem at all!

    46. Steven Crane

      Hmmm yeah I thought it had been said that there wouldn't be huge add-ons but I may well be mistaken. The first one was ok for £12 but wow £35 for another expansion? I expect a third will appear too if not a fourth and it's Christmas. Can't say I have the available cash for that too

      I think it would be appreciated if there was an All-In pledge that offered a good discount for those willing to back all gameplay content at least. What do other folks think?

    47. Missing avatar

      Alcarin on

      Everything together is becoming too much for me too. I'm a completionist, but in this case unfortunately that means adding the Red Death gameplay add-on and letting go of the Monsters of Avalon expansion which looks really nice, but doesn't add any gameplay value. It's a shame, but i simply can't afford the whole package anymore now that it's this bloated.

    48. Missing avatar

      snon on

      Yes, at PM the 2 add-ons will also be available
      -otherwise AR should have mentioned this in BOLD ;-)-

    49. David Hladky on

      I hope there will be some gameplay bundle in the end, that would discount it. £35 is a lot. I would not think twice if it were £25, but with this price + unknown shipping increase...

    50. Justin van Grootveld on

      Still considering this add-on on top of my already large pledge. The Red Death sounds awesome but playing the core-game for one whole playthrough is going to take some time. Will the Red Death add-on be for sale this kickstart in, let's say after a year of release?