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Adventure, survival co-op Board Game set in unique grim world inspired by Arthurian Legends. Unforgettable experience for 1-4 players
Adventure, survival co-op Board Game set in unique grim world inspired by Arthurian Legends. Unforgettable experience for 1-4 players
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Sundrop pre-shading

Posted by Awaken Realms (Creator)

Hey guys! 

It is a slow weekend here at Awaken Realms, just to catch a little breath before one last sprint! Today we have an different kind of update. 

We will leave the stage to Adrian, one of the founders of Awaken Realms (he started as miniature painter) to elaborate a little bit about Sundrop - our original version of pre-painted Minaitures. We have prepared a very interested version for Tainted Grail, so we hope those of you who enjoy they miniatures a little bit better.


We took liberty to steal some of my sundrop update from Nemesis campaign so if it sounds familiar to some - it is ;)


Sundrop is painting technique combining preshade and wash. We even referred to it most of the time as “Sundrop preshade”. In order to have a shaded mini it needs to be contrasted from white to black or from darker to brighter color. Some parts need to be white, some black, and everything in between grey or colored.  

All Sundrop models as boardgame pieces are painted in a way they would look best on table, they are supposed to be looked at from above. So if you pick your sundrop model to your eye level and you can see some grey or black parts its because they are meant to be there in order to create contrast. If you look at model directly from above it should be all bright, directly from below all black, and when placed on board it should look as intended.



One Sundrop set can be easily done by most of painter in one to few hours with similar or better results. The whole difficulty comes from making it fast and cheap. We offer Sundrop corebox for 13gbp, for that kind of price you can get in hobby store one base coat primer and maybe one paint. Thanks to such big scale we can squeeze painting all models for that price as well, so it is a really efficient way to get mass quantity of miniatures painted! 

Final quality  

Sundrop models are supposed to look better than unpainted plastic and we believe that we achieved that - it is something we developed for people who do not paint / don't have time for it but want something better then raw plastic. In our opinion models look very well on board and much more interesting than raw plastic and this is what really counts for us.  

We have learned a lot from Lords of Hellas and Nemesis sundrop and we continue to try finding new ways to improve it.  

This time we decided to go with new paint scheme. All models in Tainted grail (including monsters) will be painted with beige paint and brown wash. 


Please note that all models in this update are hand cast resin and final models will be in PVC with ABS bases.

Possible problems  

Despite our efforts, there are always some possible issues that may arise during sundrop process. We have specially left those on sample pictures: such as small unwashed patches on bases or slightly grainy texture of the paint. If these are too big issues for you we recommend not to take it. We will however do our best to minimize or completly eliminate them.


Additional effects on heroes and monsters

We want to also add some other effects to models like small blood effects or red accents to monsters to represent Wyrdness, but we still have a lot of testing to do. 

More info will be provided in pledge manager after the campaign.

Can I paint over sundrop models?  

If you are a painter and want to upgrade your Sundrop models by painting details you can easily paint over them but if you want to paint different color scheme or prime them we would recommend not to take sundrop addon.  

Is sundrop for me?  

If you are satisfied with pictures we have provided and want to get cheap painted versions then go for it. If you have doubts that it will not meet your expectations then don’t. If you are not sure about final color and quality of models then we suggest to wait for final samples that will be published before pledge manager.  

We have done 2 sundrop add-ons - for Core Box + All Stretchals and Excalibur pledge. You can add them simply by increasing your pledge by this amount and later on Pledge Manager you will be able to choose it! 

That is it for today. Have a great weekend! 

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    1. Missing avatar

      Damsse on

      Est-ce que le pack Sundrop à 35 comprend le pack de miniature et la peinture du pack de miniature, core boxe et des stretch goals?
      Ou bien ce n'est que la peinture de toute les figurines?

    2. Missing avatar

      Daniel L Locke on

      I really want to see final versions because right now these look like someone spilled their can of coke on all the minis, hopefully finals will be more detailed and be on par with Nemesis.

    3. Andrew Hurwitz

      @BlasphemerTDM, your pledge total will be 110 for Excalibur plus all the add-ons you want added together, so 118 BPS for Excalibur plus 5th character.

    4. Missing avatar

      BlasphemerTDM on

      I am a little confused on the add-on pledging. I am new to Kickstarter.
      The pledge box already shows 110 for the Excalibur pledge. So if I wanted something additional, do I change that to 118 and select continue to add the 5th character for example? Or do you just enter the amount you are adding, by only putting 8 in the box?
      Thank you in advance!

    5. Missing avatar

      Bene on

      Oliver Lenaghan makes a good point - the sundrop effect will look much better with textured bases (cobblestone / rocks and soil) and even for painters like me it is a welcome benefit if the models come "pre-based" would improve the overall look of the iniatures as well.
      Please think about it as an upcoming stretchgoal :-)

    6. Missing avatar

      Oliver Lenaghan on

      regarding the sundrop on the base... is it possible on all the character models to have a textured base like nemesis? But like rocks and soil, grass etc that would make it a little less noticeable than if it's not coloured correctly on the sundrop effect

    7. Missing avatar

      Gophergamer on

      Done, added Sunshade to my order. Working full time job and raising kids, I just don't have time to paint minis, most my games are unpainted, and I don't have time to do the "power drill" army painting quick shade thing. So Thanks for offering this option!

    8. vaanguard on

      +1 sundropping travelers in their respective colors. I think making the travelers look different from the monsters will make the game more interesting and visually pleasing.

      #Creator - Is the add-on mini included in the sundrop?

    9. Bruno Gaia

      SUndrop for Nemesis is... Just wow. Really. I wouldn't touch an intruder (alien monster of Nemesis) with a brush myself (and I'm not an AWFUL painter) if I was PAID to do it. They are so good as they are with the sundrop that they need to stay exactly as they are.
      In a word, as a Nemesis fan and backer I'd HIGHLY recommend taking sundrop!

    10. Missing avatar

      York Cheung on

      Agreed the opinion that painting the miniatures is 50% the fun why i back this. Could it be an additional buy, instead of replacing the original miniatures?

    11. Tim Pedersen on

      I must admit, the miniatures is 50% of why I backed this. So ain't nobody going to take away the joy of painting them myself.

      Otherwise, a very nice concept.

    12. Marko Radosevic on

      Sundrop looks good as it is...Will save me plethora of time for priming and black coating.

    13. Vondodo on

      @justin color scheme is nice… the problem is ugly execution. They have access to resources most people don't have to (airbrush) and i bet they used them on old KS... Yet they choose a route anyone (even people who never touched a brush) can do themselves better and fast. Since i have no time a sundrop with airbrush (like nemesis) would be awesome since its a factory work and i like statue like appearance but plain wash on primer its not.. it also looks dirty plastic.

    14. Missing avatar

      Martin Lebduška on

      When ordering Sundrop addon, can I still have 2 wave shipping, or will I have to wait until 2020 for pre-painted minis?

    15. DocMcJansen

      Would also like to see more color variation / examples. I am not really sold on it...yet ;)

    16. Hal9000 on

      Nice addition!

    17. Justin Boehm

      @theGunslinger nope, they will all be brown with beige wash, every single one, then they may add some red highlights to enemies and some blood splatter. Point is, it would be much nicer if they weren't all beige! The travelers would be much, much better in their respective colors as their base and wash.

    18. Missing avatar

      dande48 on

      Not sure exactly what your plan is for the wash, but washes never go well with flat surfaces. Any chance you'll be redoing the bases? Adding in some texture or something?

    19. Missing avatar

      keepitroyal on

      I support the idea of individual colors for the heroes. Or as an alternative, what about showing prototypes of different color themes and having a community vote on the color? I'm not painting myself, so I'm happy you offer the sundrop option and for Nemesis it looks great. The overall theme in Tainted Grail may support brown, but to me it's currently not appealing and looks like the minis are covered with coffee. I think brown is difficult to work with in mass production as it easily looks dirty instead of cool.

    20. theGunslinger

      For those of you complaining about the color concepts they posted, please RE-READ the update as they plan on testing additional color effects to enhance the sun drop effect.

      If you don't like it, no one is forcing it on you. Good luck enhancing your own game the way you would like it.

      Freedom of choice is a beautiful thing.....

    21. Mini Mee

      I am new to painting (done about a dozen figures) and have an awesome KS airbrush coming in January. I would like to believe I can learn to achieve this Sundrop effect on my own without too much trouble and also enhance it even further. I think this game deserves miniature attention.

    22. Realarete on

      Yeah 16 bucks to sundrop ... out of box right into play! Boom, and all for half the price of a martini .... good deal.

    23. Robbie Nijdam on

      Love how honest and transparent they are. Thumbs up AR!

    24. Missing avatar

      Szymon on

      With variable colour scheme I'd get a sundrop, but if it's all uniform then it's a big ol' NOPE.

    25. Missing avatar

      Andrew on

      @DocMcJansen The minis from Nemesis with sundrop look about the same. It is just different colors instead of a beige. Unless I am blind I'd say these don't look bad at all for the price. Fully painted minis costs a lot more in comparison anywhere.

    26. Claudio C on

      This sundrop is pretty bad, especially compared with the Nemesis one.

    27. DocMcJansen

      I went all in with the Nemesis Kickstarter and chose the sundrop variant. I am glad I did, but I do have to say, that the monster from tainted grail displayed here in the new update look...well...quite bad. They just look like you poured some wash/shader over them. Intruder from Nemesis look MUCH better.

    28. Christian on

      Just to be sure: for 13 GBP the whole corebox as well as the stretchgoals will be "sundropped"?

    29. John C

      and @Laszlo about 11 hours ago.

      Minis are nearly always either plain gray or plain brown/beige. The comparison showing gray next to sundrop is the correct compare/contrast.

      Can you now see why us non-painters are actually EXCITED for the sundrop? We have boxes of flat, dull, gray minis from other games.

    30. Captain Kirk on

      @AR_Jordan, good answers

    31. AR_Jordan Collaborator on

      Enrique about 10 hours ago Report spam
      If I want sundrop, can I choose 2 waves shipping?

      - yep

    32. AR_Jordan Collaborator on

      Don Jotacé about 8 hours ago Report spam
      The minis shown in the campaign are made of pvc or resin?

      Can you show us the minis that really will get with the game? (With and without sundrop)

      - They will be PVC, and once we have them yes you will see them. : )

    33. AR_Jordan Collaborator on

      Arnianor about 16 hours ago Report spam
      Do we get an additional set of minis with that?

      - No, the Sundrop is applied to the minis you would normally get.

    34. AR_Jordan Collaborator on

      Pawel Daruk about 18 hours ago Report spam
      How much would sundrop delay shipping?

      - It doesn't

    35. AR_Jordan Collaborator on

      EisenSUN about 6 hours ago Report spam
      I assumed the Minis have to be assembled, will they come assembled when u take the sundrop addon?

      - Everything is assembled either way

    36. AR_Jordan Collaborator on

      Olivier Peter about 2 hours ago Report spam
      Does someone know the price of a full painted version ?

      - Not yet. It probably won't show up till near the end of the campaign or even until the pledge manager.

    37. Missing avatar

      Daniel Guilliard on

      Having the Monsters painted adds neary twice as much as Core Game plus streach Goals? Thought the Monster Pack itself was a Hugh increase in price since it dosent add Rules etc....

    38. Crabby on

      I love this add-on! I'm a painter but I'm so behind on my miniature painting, and it'll be great to be able to get this game to the table without having to worry about unpainted minis!

    39. Olivier Peter on

      Does someone know the price of a full painted version ?

    40. Missing avatar

      Ryan Rowland on

      After missing the boat on Nemesis sundrop I'll be going for it this time around.

    41. Missing avatar

      Eatos on

      Could You provide to us a comparison of those figures before and after sun-drop paiting?
      I must say althou this is only the Add-On,it gets quite expensive and still 12 days to go :). But I do not buy anything at that price very often (maybe once two yers) so I'm commited to get the full, 100% Epic game which I never had have!

      I told myself that my upper bound is 1000 PLN. Well, it is not enought so with a heavy heart I had to update those limit up to 1500 (half cost of my current laptop ^^)

    42. Igor Jeremic on

      side by side comparison would be nice

    43. Amarice on

      @Jasper, I think so because Nemesis EB mini got it, if I recall correctly. In any case, what happened in Nemesis will happen here.

    44. Thomas Simmel on

      Nice idea, but I'd like to paint it myself.

    45. Missing avatar

      Alcarin on

      Niamh is considered an add-on, not part of either core, stretch goals or Monsters of Avalon expansion. Will she get a sundrop treatment in either/both the £13/35 sundrop add-ons or not? It would be a shame if she were the only plain mini.

    46. Missing avatar

      Andrea Benazzato on

      bad sundrop compared to the rpevious games :(

    47. Missing avatar

      Williamsii on

      Yeah definetly we need a comparison between non coloured VS sundrop

    48. Missing avatar

      Jimbob on

      Can you please show a side-to-side comparison of Sundrop vs. non-painted, thank you

    49. Missing avatar

      Bart on

      I decided to have sundrop on my Nemesis minis and while monsters look really nice I find that quality of heroes has been diminished quite a lot by sundrop paint compared to footage of unpainted miniatures I’ve seen.It might be that I’ve been unlucky and just got a bad lot but my heroes miniatures lack details seen on unpainted minis so much that I have thought about returning them.Hence my question : will the paint not spill over the tiny bits of the minis covering them?

    50. Missing avatar

      Bart on

      I decided to have sundrop on my Nemesis minis and while monsters look really nice I find that quality of heroes has been diminished quite a lot by sundrop paint compared to footage of unpainted miniatures I’ve seen.It might be that I’ve been unlucky and just got a bad lot but my heroes miniatures lack details seen on unpainted minis so much that I have thought about returning them.Hence my question : will the paint not spill over the tiny bits of the minis covering them?