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Adventure, survival co-op Board Game set in unique grim world inspired by Arthurian Legends. Unforgettable experience for 1-4 players
Adventure, survival co-op Board Game set in unique grim world inspired by Arthurian Legends. Unforgettable experience for 1-4 players
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The Age of Legends box / additional comments FAQ

Posted by Awaken Realms (Creator)

Hey guys! 

First of all - you have almost done it! We are so, so close to unlock full content of "The Last Knight" campaign and with it, most probably tomorrow we will start unlocking "The Age of Legends"! 

Which is a good timing, as we are after a vote on 1st character from that whole new campaign. You’ve voted and we’ve counted (man, that was a lot of counting). In the end, the contest wasn’t even close.

Concept number three earned almost twice the number of votes received by the next contestant. So, that’s what we asked our illustrator to create. We also noted any feedback people had about this concept, and we slightly emphasized the tools of the cartographer’s trade (like the spyglass), and toned down the “assassin” look.

Tomorrow you will see the final look of this character and a first Stretch Goal connected with him! But today, you can learn a background of this character written by Krzysztof. 

Naazer the Cartographer

Naazer hails from a distant, more civilized land where geometry, mathematics, and medicine flourish just as well as deadly court intrigue. Manipulated by his sweetheart into aligning with one of the factions, he found himself on a losing side of a coup. Sentenced to death, Naazer had to run to the cold barbaric lands of the north, where his knowledge, his astrolabe, and his spyglass were marveled upon.

This voyage ended at Arthur’s court in now-abandoned Homelands. There, news of Red Death ravaging distant kingdoms reached Naazer. Not long after, Red Death came knocking to his new home as well. As humans were fleeing in desperation, King Arthur secured Naazer a place on one of the ships, hoping that a cartographer can be of use on a voyage of discovery. Unfortunately for Naazer, for the first three years on Avalon human forces barely moved beyond their initial foothold. Naazer was forgotten and neglected, though he did try to pass his time gathering knowledge about northern cultures and secrets of Avalon.

As the “Age of Legends” campaign begins, this educated and well-mannered man lands in the middle of hell. On the bright side, this is where his skills and knowledge can finally shine.

The main ability of Naazer, Pathfinding, lets him and his party perform diagonal Travels, opening up many new possibilities and bypassing some dangerous locations. However, due to his foreign look, Naazer is distrusted and often shunned by the simple folk of the north. Whenever Naazer is in a Diplomatic encounter, the Affinity track starts one point lower than usual!

We hope you like this founding member of an entirely new team. And in the latter part of this update, we address some more questions and concerns!

The Age of Legends box art

Its time to finally show you an art we have chosen to appropriately represent The Age of Legends - we wanted something that will highlight a true legend. A kings of kings. One and only Arthur (obviously in our original take on him ;) ) in the middle of his conquest. 

This are was created by Ewa and we hope you will like it! 

Most fequently asked questions from the comments 

As stated, we are quite frequently reading comment section, while we do not respond to every comment (that is unfortunately unrealistic) we have selected some of the most asked question and will be responding them in updates:

Guardians and Solo mode 

An interesting question popped up about the role of Guardians in Solo Mode. It is true that in the prototype games Guardians were not used when there was only one player on the board. We’ve simply found that a powerful Guardian jumping out on the first turn of the game and occupying a vital Location can be too punishing for a lone player.

In the final game, however, the Encounters will be tiered and added to the decks as you progress through Chapters. This means for Solo players Guardians will most likely start to arrive later than for groups. I’m writing “most probably”, as the final balancing of the entire campaign is still some time away. The arrival of guardians is one of the many knobs we need to use to balance things out, so it’s hard to say what the final “setting” will be.

To sum up, for 100% solo players, Guardian Encounter cards & miniatures will see a bit less use than for Coop groups, but they still be in the game and see a lot of action. 

Number of cards in the “Last Knight”

Some people were also wondering why the free Stretch Goals expansion “Last Knight” contains less cards than the core box version, yet has the same amount of playtime. 

The answer is simple. When you set up your “Last Knight” campaign, a starting card instructs you how to build your Events deck and Encounters deck – and they include some cards from the core box that will have an additional marking.

“The Last Knight” borrows the following components from the Core Box:  

  • Generic random Events (such as “Good Weather” or “Heavy Rainfall”).  
  • Some Encounter cards (after all, it makes sense that common wildlife and enemies such as “Glade Hare”, “Royal Elk”, “Clansman” or “Vagabond” can be found in Avalon regardless of time period).  
  • All basic Items (again, a coil of rope or a rusty sword make sense in all settings). 
  • Markers, dials, Menhirs and some other small pieces. 
  • Eight basic Combat & Diplomacy decks called archetype decks (see below). We hope that clears everything up!  

Most important components from the story perspectives are location cards and journal (220 pages!) and those components are totally new in each campaign. 

Archetype decks

Many of you have also wondered what are the Archetype decks and how do they work. That’s unsurprising, considering the change was made fairly recently, after the prototype, and in most playthroughs all cards still have a specific character name.

In the final game, there will be four different basic Combat decks and four different basic Diplomacy decks for four basic types each of our characters falls into. These decks will certainly not be signed with character names! For example, Beor and Dagan share the “brutal & hard-hitting” deck type, Arev and Fyul share the “cautions and inventive” type, and Aieli and Mabd share the “support” type. Characters of the same type also share the color & board theme (for example, both Ailei and Mabd have a green tint and leaves on their board).

Why did we do it? Well, few reasons. First of all, most obvious reason - component wise, we would need to add 80 cards with each new character and that would either made us introduce less characters as Strech Goals or took it from other decks. Secondly,  it actually makes a lot of sense, to start next campaign with something that you already know and then customize your deck up with new cards. This heap of cards also wouldn’t bring too much gameplay-wise, as the basic decks mostly contain basic maneuvers, and there are only so many ways to create a generic “Defend” or “Reposition” card - whole "thematic" cards connected to a characters will come from upgrade deck. 


A lot of you asks about different add-ons - from cosmetic ones (such us artbook), through practical ones (sleeves!) up to more gameplay content. 

We just wanted to confirm that we are reading this and we will be slowly introducing most popular requests. But don't worry - we will not be going for gazylion gameplay expansions. We have only 2 of them planned. One smaller and one bigger. We are quite excited about those ideas, but they require a bit more work before we can show them to you guys! 

Ok, this is it for today! We hope you had great weekend and see you tomorrow! 

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    1. Missing avatar

      John on

      I would like to see more item cards and a much larger combat upgrade deck in terms of card numbers 15 seems a little light

    2. Hal9000 on

      So much content its crazy!

    3. Missing avatar

      Marlon Marrison on

      Did we get to the bottom of the "can 2 characters use the same deck at once if same type" question? I don't want to have to trawl though all the "my mums bigger than your dad" posts...

    4. Josue on

      Guys, about the "Guardians and Solo mode" problem. If you find the game is somehow very different in solo mode (for valancing issues), just make the standard rule to play with 2 characters on solo mode. As the rules are right now, all information is open, so there is no difference in one player using 2 characters or 2 players using 1 each one.

      This might save you a lot of testing and valancing if you don't need the game to be played with one charter never ever.

    5. olerock on

      @oto without spoiling too much, the lady of the lake already has a place in the story, it's hinted at in the ready steady play playthrough.

    6. METADNA


      Please vote here and let's us delve Tainted Grails lore together

      with the LOCATION JOURNAL this addition will add huge immersion and replayability

    7. Realarete on

      Wow ... I feel like I'm reading the wrong forum .. thought this was a board GAME. Lighten up folks, less stress more positive vibes ... holy smokes. If your biggest complaint of the day are these details of a game character then lucky you .....

    8. Missing avatar

      Michael Lai

      Hmm... and here I thought arguing against Naazer #3 costume, and the Frank Miller Batman box cover art, are too nitpicky and burdensome to AR.

      Meanwhile, ppl are downright demanding that a character's sexual orientation be made text canon (you can't just house-rule it?), and that 40-50% of all playable heroes being female and being able to fight is not good enough (to the extent that they're going to argue that historically women fought in skirmishes and battles as much as men???).

      No, "this game has faeries and monsters" does not answer anything. The human player-characters are still human, not Dragonball fighters. Gender actually does make a difference in how you approach life physically. Do I mind if 1 of the female characters is 6'5" and able to bench press grown men? No. But even if the game doesn't have such a woman, how is it suddenly exclusionary?

    9. Missing avatar

      Enon on

      Per the male:female Traveller ration, it's also worth noting that the historical record is very vague on the gender composition of warriors in this era. Just recently we discovered a well known Viking tomb in Birka, Sweden, which contained a female warrior, despite long assumptions of the gender as male (search "Birka warrior" for more)... and this was from the 10th century (Arthur is assumed to have lived in the 5th or 6th)! We barely understand what Saxon life was like in England, let alone what the pre-Saxon tribes were like in thinking or composition.

    10. Missing avatar

      Enon on

      +1 female (anything)
      +1 doing what you want to do with orientation.

      As KS Huntress points out below, using historical rationales as a justification for any exclusionary decisions doesn't make a lot of sense in a game with magic and demon-monsters. Speaking as a bloke, I'd be perfectly fine having a balance in the male:female Traveller ratio.

      Per orientation, I'm indifferent. I can see some interesting encounter opportunities if you included them, but also find scripted romances in games tacky. In shot, I echo Chad Solloway's comment to a degree (allow the players to paint the characters as they wish).

    11. KS Huntress (in Deep Madness)

      We have an infertil noblemen. So why not a gay cartographer who had to flee because his sexual orientation led to prosecutions, forced him to leave his home country is tatally plausible. If sexual orientation has influenced the characters vita, why not. We´re happily not living in the middle ages...

    12. KS Huntress (in Deep Madness)

      +1 Female Artist beast master with two black panthers as next character to come

    13. Chad Allen Solloway on

      +1 no sexual orientation this is that kind of fantasy game. Keep orientations out of the back ground and the players can choice to role play it anyway they wish.

    14. Missing avatar

      Oto 'tapik' Buchta on

      Please stop discussion about sexual orientation of the travelers. I hope there is no F* in the plot. Am I right?
      Regarding warior maiden - take Hjalmar an Craite and Cerys an Craite as an excellent example. He always wins on a brute force, so she has to "cheat". The only cheating allowed to legendary knights is a magical armor/weapon.
      The more I think about warrior lady, the more I'm thinking about the Lady of the Lake. Should she be only an enchantress?

    15. Missing avatar

      Dobromir Uzunov on

      @Jonathan Holt I made a suggestion :) It's not about including every possible variety of everything. Technically, there's nothing wrong with whatever type of character. I also supported the suggestion with cultural and historical claims :) But if it's not your cup of tea, fair enough.

      @KS Huntresss Lol I love the idea of a lesbian female Percival. Remember, the names of the knights became titles in Act 1 :)

      And on Naazer himself: I'm not a huge fan of the hood and the overall style, although I love Piotr's art. However, I noticed they painted him in the green color palette, which I think means he's a support character. The green theme seems to be shared between Mabd, Ailei and Naazer

    16. Jan-Henrik Wilhelm

      Sorry for the word 'identity' if that goes in my direction. Didnt know people have an issue with diversity. It seems more people are offended by suggestions(!) of something than those who are marked as 'offended'.

      I like diverse characters, thats all I wish for and now I am out.

    17. KS Huntress (in Deep Madness)

      @Gordon Williamson: You excuse a lack of female characters in this game with supposed historical facts. Not the facts are backward! There is no reason that this game has to follow that path. It doesn´t have to be a reflection of the real historical world. Without the myth of Arthur and the Holy Grail and the immersing written visions of the Author, there wouldn’t remain much of this game. No need for not having at least equal number of female characters. There are at least equal numbers of female players. And ninja warrior cartographer doesn´t seem to follow your “historical correct” theory at all.
      +1 for lesbian female Percival

    18. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Holt on

      Please keep identity politics out of this game. I play games to escape all of the crazy of the world. The last thing that I want is to see it forced down my throat while I try to chill with this game.

      I always find it odd that less than 5% of America's population has made it 'offensive' to not include gay people in every form of entertainment.

    19. Jan-Henrik Wilhelm

      Jesus, I didnt want to get people furious. "Some sort of identity" meant just something refreshing new, nothing more. There is no 'politics' ,whatever that means, behind it.

    20. Missing avatar

      Dobromir Uzunov on


      Yeah exactly. And because it fits the theme, at least for anyone who's studied history, I'm proposing it :) I mean, when we mention Arev's wife, nobody is talking about identity politics or whatever. For me it's a bit like forced when I make a suggestion, which to me makes sense, and then someone just reduces everything to some political claim, or me to an "identity".

      I prefer more creative and diverse characters to trite tropes :) Which is also why I want a female knight or berserker. I want as much diversity as possible for this Act, since the other two were... well... mostly just Celts :) We got 8 characters that fit seamlessly. But now we're talking about people from the Old World coming to Avalon. Now that is a very different time

    21. Jorge Prado Casanovas on

      I like the Strong full armored female character idea #WarriorMaiden

      I was thinking on another type of character, comes to my mind the Seer from the serie Vikings…

      This character could have of course skills related to adivination, but also mind control toward not very intelligent rivals, or for summoning villagers to help him in combat.
      Being blind of course can make it easy to find it's weak spot (-.-)'
      It can be an old character (maybe female too to make it something new) and therefore had a lot of background history. I think it can be an awesome anti-hero.

      Praise the #GloomySeer

    22. Jessica

      I hate identity politics .... it is a poison that just spreads whinging and constant dissatisfaction. Make the game as it was designed that fits the theme and a Wyrd Britain.

    23. Missing avatar

      Dobromir Uzunov on

      ..... where's the politics coming from? o.O AS asked for character ideas from the community so... like.... ????
      I'm honestly kind of shocked someone is relegating an idea as political or some sort of a social justice discussion when it's literally an idea to make the setting more interesting, backed by inspiration from ancient cultures where this stuff was normal.

    24. Missing avatar

      Wiedun on

      Stretch Goal: Arthurian Social Justice Warrior-snowflake
      Let's not clutter this forum with politics,gender and other stuff that will only upset someone...

    25. Jan-Henrik Wilhelm

      Just one more thing to be clear: its not that I am not interested in history or I claim to ignore it or that I want to silent someone in the discussion. I am stuyding english philology (including the history of the germanic languages) myself and find the points made very interesting. I just dont see the point in those discussions. I get that there are different and subjective criteria for a 'good' and coherent story. But its a created story after all and we get a lot of, I mean really a lot. And the quality doesn't depend (for me) on how realistic some details are.
      (Just wanted to mention that in the case that someone felt offended by my previous comment.)

    26. Missing avatar

      Dobromir Uzunov on

      Apart from #QueerNaazer, I just got an idea: why not just a female Knight? What if one of the most elite knights in Arthur's army is actually a badass lady? I'm thinking a combination of Brienne of Tarth and Eowyn of Rohan. Although, of course, a berserker lady will fill my heart with joy as well.


    27. Missing avatar

      Dobromir Uzunov on

      @Jan-Henrik Wilhelm Agreed. This is a fictional universe, not historical fiction. It's not supposed to faithfully or fully represent a historical period.

      We need a badass woman, and I'd argue it'd be cool to have a gay or bi Naazer. His gear should also not be problematic: the setting is roughly based on 6th century Brtiain, but this should not restrict creativity and storytelling


    28. Jan-Henrik Wilhelm

      I cant really understand those discussions about games neither video nor board games. Its a bloody fiction with a strong fantasy part, at least for me.
      And yes, I would also love to have some sort of LGBTQ+ identity in the game as well as a badass female warrior. I mean if we can abstract to the level that we are facing 'Monsters' in all kind of manners, why cant we accept a guy with unrealistic gear? I dont get that. I would still be enjoying the game and the story if a gay female warrior fighted with a rocket launcher. Its just wyrd but if it is written well, its okay for me.

    29. Missing avatar

      Marlon Marrison on

      So the main question now is can character's using the same deck be played at the same time and if so how?

    30. Missing avatar

      Dobromir Uzunov on

      @Balloongineer Oh, I think you're right on that one, sorry. For some reason in my brain I subliminally associate Arthur with the Anglo-Saxons, you're right.

      You're also right about Islam, but I generally mean to say the ethnic areas where it rose from. In the ancient world love and sexual practices were considerably lax, or at least at certain points, especially ancient Greece and some periods of Rome. This would make even more sense now that you point out that Islam would be a young concept.

      I think the reason why I saw Naazer as a non-straight character is because there is such an emphasis on him being exotic and out-of-place with the local culture that it could be yet another facet, apart from his intelligence, etiquette, knowledge, appearance and culture, which sets him apart from the Arthurians. I think it would be one of the few cases where introducing such a story element could actually be quite believable.

      Europe of course always had LGBT people, but of course the idea of sexuality as an identity wasn't quite there. Northern cultures in particular had a lot of hot action, but the patriarchical society had very clear rules: masculinity was the definitive feature, and thus the role of a man as a "true man", whether he has a wife or has captured a slave and uses him as a male lover.

      @ AS I really really hope AS see this post and consider maybe diversifying the game a bit from that perspective, and Naazer, by virtue of his exoticism, looks to be a very natural fit for such a thing. I'd totally buy a gay or bi Naazer, especially since he comes from an unspecified Eastern/Southern culture. You could attach Arab, Greek or Byzantine qualities to him, and those societies had quite exotic ideas about love, marriage and sex compared to central-northern Europe.

      @Gordon Williamson Totally right about the Shield-Maidens. I guess what I'm trying to say is that it would be cool to see a woman warrior in full gear, so to speak. Shield, sword, some legit armor. She could still be a more protective or conservative warrior. The Age of Legends also seems to be a good setting to introduce rarer archetypes. Since it was the time of, well, legendary people.

    31. Gordon Williamson on

      @KS Huntress... how is the historic fact that women warriors being uncommon backwards? The number of women fighters throughout history is significantly smaller than the number of male warriors. I also never said that women stayed in kitchens behind stoves. I merely pointed out that overall, women had less reasons to become warriors than most men did... especially in times of war.

      Very few cultures would see women warriors as normal or common... even in cultures where there were few barriers to prevent such things. The main reason people want to see more women characters in games like this and others has more to do with a need to make things look equal.

      Let us look at our own cultures for a moment. The overall population of men to women in most developed nations can vary... but tend to be in the area of 40 to 45% male and 55 to 60% female. Now even in our society, there is very few barriers to women joining the military in most developed nations... yet the number of women in active duty is significantly smaller to the men serving. Why? Is it, as you claim I say because they are stuck behind a stove? Of course not. It is because there are other factors involved.

      This also applies to past cultures. Yes, in some of them, women had very few options other than to stay at home and produce children... but this wasn't universal around the world. Some cultures were not as repressive towards women, yet even in them, there simply wasn't as much motivation for women to take up a spear or a sword. It didn't mean they couldn't... just that it wasn't as common for them to do as it was for men.

      That is what people are missing here... the relative numbers of man and women interested in becoming warriors when compared to the overall population of both in a culture. Yes, it was more common for Celtic women to learn to fight... but not as common for them to go into battle... at least when compared to the number of men in those same cultures.

      Now lets put things into perspective in this game... at the moment, we have 9 (10 if you count Naazer) characters for this game. 4 of them... 40% are women. We still have 3 more characters to be revealed. At least one of them is likely to be female (possibly 2). That will bring the number of women characters in the game to about half (slightly less than that). Of these 5 or 6 women characters... one is definitely a warrior... and one can be if needed. So, already we have 33-40% of the women characters in the game as warriors (or at least can be). This will rise if we get another warrior woman in the game (around 50-66% of the women being warriors).

      I am not justifying any decision to not include more women warriors... or even making a case against them... just pointing out the overall number of women warriors (historically as well as in modern times) was no where close to being equal to the number of men... and that there were many factors (then and now) that keep these numbers from being equal.

    32. Gordon Williamson on

      @ Ballongineer... I never said that they were 4000 years old... just that making them isn't that difficult. Both the Greeks and Egyptians knew the properties of lenses as far back as 5th century BCE... if not further. It doesn't take a lot to put two lenses together to create a method to see distant objects.

      Now, in the 16th century, methods were developed to make lenses that were far more precise than the primitive ones available earlier and at less of a cost. Improvements were also made to alter the distance one could view at with the invention of telescoping tubes (allowing the distance between the lenses to be adjusted.

      Precise tools at the time of Arthur were rare and expensive... and not commonly available in Western Europe... but in the Eastern Roman Empire where a lot of knowledge had been preserved... it is possible to find all that is needed to make crude spyglasses that are accurate enough for even simple cartography.

      As for women warriors... I NEVER said they didn't exist... just that they weren't as common as people want to believe. They weren't unheard of, but common is a relative term that needs a reference point because even in these cultures, women warriors were significantly out numbered by male warriors. Yes, in less developed areas, they could get some basic instructions for fighting... but they were not commonly involved in major battles (some may have been in them, but fairly few in comparison to the number of men involved). This doesn't mean that they didn't exist... just that the majority didn't make a habit of joining war bands and such. Even in the cultures where they were more frequent, their style of combat would not be the same as the more aggressive and physically stronger men. There is a reason why there quite a few tails of Shield Maidens, but not many of female berserkers.

      Simply put, there are many reasons why there were much fewer women warriors even in these cultures than there were male warriors... as there were significant reasons why they may not choose to go into battle. The few who did (and I am using the term relatively compared to number of men who were dedicated warriors) tended to either be unwed, childless or without family (though even these are not universal reasons). Overall, women tended not to be as aggressive as men... which doesn't make them poor or ineffective warriors... just uncommon compared to the vast number of male warriors.

      To put it in terms one can more easily understand... the overall number of women able to fight in these cultures was significantly higher than in other parts of the world... when compared to the overall population. However, the number of women actually present in battles was far fewer when compared to the men in them.

      Now... on to another point you make... while Islam is indeed a fairly young religion, the cultures that gave rise to it have existed for quite some time. Arabic styles such as the one Naazer is depicted wearing was fairly common during the 6th century CE in the Middle Eastern portions of the Eastern Roman Empire that was still standing during the time Arthur is believed to have lived. The social structures seen in many Muslim nations now predates the introduction of Islam... though now the priests tend to have as much (and in some cases more) political power than the princes and caliphates of earlier dynasties.

    33. Max Milan on

      Will you be able to play only one Character of each type at the same time? So for example, Arev and Fyul cannot be played together?

    34. Missing avatar

      Dimi on

      NVM, I misread. ;)

    35. Missing avatar

      Dimi on

      @Justin You can't use 2 of the same archetype. We will only have 1 basic deck per archetype.

    36. Missing avatar

      Ignacio Da Riva on

      I'm with wacky and WeApOn: character based archetype decks and/or as add-ons!! Yes, please!!

    37. Balloongineer

      @Dobromir Uzunov: Arthurian culture would not have been Germanic at all. It was pre-Germanic. It would have been indigenous Britons influenced by generations of Roman occupation. After Rome pulled out of Britain, the Angles and Saxons started invading (leading to a brief period where they were held off by the mythic Arthur, before the anglo-saxon invasion pushed what was left of the Britons back to what is now modern day Wales).

      Further, as to your previous post about Nazaar's sweetheart, that is cool and all, but remember that Islam has only existed since the early 7th century, whereas Rome has been around since 500ish BC and Greece 1000-1500ish BC. I think a lot of folks don't realize that Islam isn't that old compared to other 'ancient' cultures.

    38. Balloongineer

      @Gordon Williamson: Respectfully, you are wrong on numerous points. Telescopes and spyglasses are not 4000 years old, and I challenge you to find a reference to them before the 1600s. Gemstones and crude lenses were used to magnify text and aid in poor eyesight as 'seeing stones' as early as the 1st century AD, but even early eyeglasses didn't exist until well into the middle ages (1100-1200+ AD).

      As for women warriors, in pre-Christian European cultures the ratio of women that fought in battles were believed to be fairly common. Vikings, Saxons, Picts (especially!), Scots, (not so much the Celts though)... all had women warriors. You are just wrong here.

    39. KS Huntress (in Deep Madness)

      @Gordon Williamson: trying to excuse a lack of female characters with such a level of backwardness is sad to ridiculous. Woman behind the stove isn´t really uo to date!

    40. Gordon Williamson on

      @Dobromir Uzunov, Yes, on the whole it was more common for a woman in Celtic tribes to have some martial training... but just because it was more common than in other cultures at the time does not mean that it was a common practice. Males were expected to become warriors for the most part, but while there was little stopping women from also doing so, there wasn't as much motivation for them to learn a lot of fighting skills.

      This is clearly represented in the different fighting decks. Ailei and Mabd can fight... they just are not as effective as Beor or Dagan. Women warriors are not likely to fight in the same way as these Beor... but will more likely, when trained to fight, will do so like Arev and Fyul. This doesn't mean that there aren't women warriors like Beor... as Niamh can fight that way if it is needed... just that they will be uncommon.

      Still... I think there is a misunderstanding of how the different combat styles play out with the different decks too. The brutal and aggressive deck seems to have a lot of cards that deal a significant amount of damage. I think this is why people see it as a superior combat deck. However, they fail to notice that a lot of those higher damage cards are harder to chain together... due to the stats one needs to do so and because of the special effects of the cards themselves. This balances the deck's style with the others... they will be able to do one or two high damage attacks each round of combat before having to wait until their next draw.

      Compare this to the more conservative and inventive style of combat that Arev and Fyul use. Yes, they have fewer high damage attacks, but their cards will tend to be easier to chain... allowing them to more likely use all the attacks they draw in combat. Overall, their damage output per card will be lower, but their combined damage is likely to be on par with what Beor and Dagan can do.

      This means that both the aggressive and the conservative styles of combat will likely be equally effective... just in different ways. Fyul may not be aggressive as Dagan... but she is still every bit as effective a warrior as he is... just in different ways.

      Now if we compare Ailei's combat deck to these two, we see that her deck is similar to the one that Fyul uses... in that there are more cards that do small amounts of damage. However, Ailei's main problem with using this deck are her combat stats. This is what keeps her from chaining her cards as effectively as Fyul can. With a little training, she can become more effective... but not as effective as Beor or Fyul would be.

      All in all, I don't see it as likely that we will see a female warrior character using the same style as Beor... but that doesn't mean we won't see female warriors with styles like Fyul or Arev. It really is only perspective that make us think that a powerful warrior like Dagan is better than a more cautious one like Arev... when both are likely to be just as effective. Besides, Niamh can use the aggressive style of Beor and Dagan if it is needed.

    41. Akryphjel on

      The art of the third campaigns box looks nice (great artist)... but... another Sauron? Couldn't it be a noble gold plate mail which is hit by much mud, blood and looks like it has taken much greater hits?

      And I would serious appreciate to get a Avalon with much more light and looking as there is no harm... slowly step by step getting longer shadows in the corners of the empire. So that, at the beginning, only the whishes of men and women are dark.

      Thanks for the great campaign and the immersive game

    42. Missing avatar

      Jean-Raphael Lavoie on

      QUESTION: I read somewhere that the number of player is flexible from session to session. Is that means that there's kind of a levelling system for the character of a player who missed one or two chapters for him to get back in the game without dragging?? And do I understand that NIAMH is kind of a character that anybody could take just to try for one session or to replace that other player who missed a session or two? If so, this is a very flexible campaign type game!! It will be really easier for people who wanna try a campaign but are not sure to have 4 regular players that can be there every week... I hope I understand right because my group is always kind of rotating so it would be so easier for me!!!

    43. Sharkey

      If you offer sleeves, please have them be good matte sleeves. Decks that slide around with non-matte sleeves are so annoying.

    44. Ray Dexter

      What about mixing the archetypes? i.e. Brutal / inventive or cautious / hard hitting etc.

    45. Justin Boehm

      Yeah you can't use2 of the same***

    46. Justin Boehm

      Yeah you can you use 2 of the same archetype. I would think maybe you could use any archetype with any character and then integrate their own personal cards, say us no Beor with the investigator archetype deck plus his own personal cards, making a bit of a hybrid build, but I'm not sure if they have designed it to allow for this.

    47. WeApOn on

      Tough position regarding the Archetype decks... I agree with all that seeing your character in your unique deck will be much more immersive, but I also agree that would be a ton more cards in every campaign box. Tons more... I think there would be a strong opinion against that as people who want to sleeve 100% will need to buy hundreds of more sleeves.

      I don't quite have a better idea here but I encourage that topic should stay open, someone might come up with a good idea.

      I think the questions about not being able to use two of the same characters is a very important one. How does this work? I assumed players could share a deck, but not if they are adding their own cards in...

    48. Horfrost3 on

      I would also like a brutal & hard-hitting female character

    49. Missing avatar

      Wacky on

      Will there be box inserts included or as Add-ons?

      Suggestion: Make additional Archetype decks as Add-ons, I'm sure there are those that wouldn't want to open up 2 or 3 boxes to hunt for these cards.

    50. Justin Boehm

      @Dobromir exactly, plus we could get a Shield Maiden also, there's a ton of viable option to have female warriors of any kind in this game, and I hope to see many more options for them.