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Adventure, survival co-op Board Game set in unique grim world inspired by Arthurian Legends. Unforgettable experience for 1-4 players
Adventure, survival co-op Board Game set in unique grim world inspired by Arthurian Legends. Unforgettable experience for 1-4 players
41,939 backers pledged £4,940,030 to help bring this project to life.

Amazing day 1! The Age of Legends!

Posted by Awaken Realms (Creator)

Hey guys! 

Ok, day 1 is over! What a day it was indeed! Over 19 000 backers, over 2 000 000 USD in funding. Crazy! Crazy! 

Before we will get into main topic of the update - lets just make a very short FAQ about our 5th Character 24 hours bonus. 

24 hours bonus

If your backer number is lower than 19330 you have got your free 24h reward!

To check your backer number check your KS confirmaition email or 1. go to your KS info. 2. clicked Backed Projects 3. Click on white and blue "+" symbol next to Tainted Grail project 4. Scroll to bottom of window to see it.

If I backed for 1gbp and will upgrade my pledge will I still get free 24h model?

Yes, as long as you upgrade later in kickstarter to full pledge you will get it for free.

If I am first 24h backer and I order more than one corebox will i get more free 24h models?

Yes, as long as you are 24h backer you will get as many free 24h models as coreboxes you take.

Can I lower or increase my pledge and still get it?

Yes as long as you don't cancel your pledge (that way you lose your backer number)

If I missed it can I still somehow get it?

Yes you can always buy it as addon (just increase your pledge by 8 GBP and that will do it!) 

Thank you to all of you who believed in us and this project and are here with us from the very beginning! Kudos to you - it will be an amazing journey and we are happy to be in such an awesome company! 

The Age of Legends

Having said that, time to reveal that once we will fully unlock "The Last Knight" campaign (and it's quite close!), we will work towards a whole new campaign, "The Age of Legends" with the totally new team, additional 30-40 hours of Gameplay and entire stand-alone new story to discover! 

Lets get some basic idea about it! 

Story concept 

This third Tainted Grail campaign completes the full circle and takes you back 1000 years, to the legendary age of conquest when humans first set foot on Avalon!

Your heroes were aboard one of the first ships to drop anchor at the shores of the island – back then almost entirely covered in Wyrdness and ruled by the Fore-dwellers.

In the very first Chapter of this Campaign, they are the sole survivors of a catastrophic military expedition that tried to enlarge the human holdings with the help of archdruid Merlin. Cut off far from human settlements, they make a startling discovery that can shift the balance of powers.

Some further highlights of this adventure (without spoilers ;) ):

  • Complete the full circle. Go back 1000 years before the events of "The Last Knight", to the legendary age of conquest!  
  • Be one of the first humans to set foot on Avalon.  
  • Traverse the island covered in Wyrdness and ruled by the Fore-dwellers at the height of their power. 
  • Unlock the final mysteries of their eternal empire.  
  • Stand side by side with the original knights of the round table and see how much truth there is to their legends.
  • Find out how Guardian Menhirs came to be. Speak with the Fore-dwellers. Go insane. See how the time twists upon itself and how future events can shape the past.Learn more about the heritage of your characters from previous campaigns. 
  • Discover the truth behind myths and places from previous campaigns.

After this campaign, once you will decide to re-play 1st campaign you will have much deeper understanding of some of the stories! This will add A LOT to overall replayability with 1-st play through estimated for 90-120 hours across 3 campaigns! 

Krzysztof Piskorski planned a lot of amazing twists and surprising moments that you will encounter during this whole new adventure! 


This expansion will bring a different tone and theme. If you followed all the art we’ve posted for this game, you might have probably noticed that in the Fall of Avalon the island is in a state of unnaturally prolonged autumn, while the Last Knight takes you into a cold and unforgiving post-apocalyptic winter.

With the Age of Legends, you will see the lands of Avalon in the middle of a bright summer – blooming meadows and lush plains sharply contrasting with the walls of Wyrdness.

The design of most enemies also changes – this includes various menacing Fore-dweller units (such as the Reclaimer from the Monsters of Avalon pack) and many beasts of legend that are already extinct by the time Fall of Avalon comes (remember this enormous, sacred skull to the north of Cuanach?).


Now, we will need your help to unlock this campaign - we are after first 24 hours rush and now campaign will naturally slow down. This is the time where we can spread the word and reach to people that did not heard about Tainted Grail but might enjoy this kind of Adventure! 

BUT! We will also CREATE this expansion with you guys, from the team of brand new heroes to cover art and some of the encounters! 

Community votes starting NOW

This new story campaign will require four new Travelers! And just like during the Nemesis Kickstarter, we will let our community decide what heroes (or heroines) will take part in the events.

Our concept artists are ready to start flooding you with concept drawings to vote on. But first, we need to hear what types of characters would you love to see in the first place!

Let us know in the comments what characters you’d like to see in the “Age of Legends”. We are open to all of your ideas with the exception of "original" heroes from the Arthurian stories - they story is already drafted and you as a team will be witnessing it and taking part in it. 

Show us what you got! We are really excited to hear your ideas! 







And as a minor spoiler of next SG to come... ;) 

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    1. Hal9000 on

      30k backers in sight!

    2. METADNA


      Please vote here and let's us delve Tainted Grails lore together

      with the LOCATION JOURNAL this addition will add huge immersion and replayability

    3. Colin on

      We should have a GAMER. Not necessarily someone who plays games, and has meeples, and boards, cards, and dice falling out of his pockets, but someone who is in the spirit of games, just a slight nod to the community. Someone who is proficient with card or dice "magic" or chance/luck "magic". Doesn't matter how he/she/it is incarnated, they could be a court jester, a wandering entertainment act, a vagabond, a cheat/ con artist, an advisor to the king (maybe why Arthur was so successful, he always had "luck" on his side), etc, etc. Although I am partial to the idea of a vagabond archetype character and have them able to be used in any three acts, rather than as part of the Age of Legends expansion.

    4. Missing avatar

      Aaron morell on

      Any character with a a huge chain mace would be cool too

    5. Missing avatar

      Aaron morell on

      What about a elk antlered centaur ARCHER? Good mobility and range...

    6. Amarice on

      - Traveler: Harvester of Sorrow.
      - Monster: The Thing that Should not Be.

    7. Missing avatar

      Andreas P on

      just another nice idea would be an animal tamer. Which has more solidarity to animals and nature than to humans

    8. Missing avatar

      Andreas P on

      a researcher or looter who only reaches into a strange land to find hidden ancient treasures of the forefathers

    9. Samga Lemurien on

      a lancer monk equipped with a crucifix halberd.

    10. Missing avatar

      Nils Steckler on

      - A non-Human Character “Spirit of the Land” committed to fighting the Wyrdness and saving nature/the land
      - A stonemason who took part in building or maintaining the menhirs. He gets bonuses when discovering a menhir (e.g. light burns one day longer) or spending a night at a menhirs.
      + 1 for Roman Legionary/Gladiator/former Slave

    11. Option on

      This KS campaign is unstoppable!

    12. Missing avatar

      Oliver Rabut on

      As a new character I could imagine some kind of Time Traveller. He may have knowledge from the distant past and future. He also could have been bionically enhanced to help him adventuring. But he has some severe mental illness due to time travels and he has lost the ability to travel more then a short period of time. Even worse, each new timetravel will pull him deeper into his mental illness. There might be also a good reason why he has come to this time. But it may also be just by accident.

    13. Johnny Freedom

      I would really love to see a Druid character. Since Merlin was said to come from Druidic teachings, it would be a nice tie in.

    14. Missing avatar

      m. on

      A more sinister (but still lighthearted) character. Like a trickster, a rogue, a thief. Someone with a sharp tongue, who prefers empathy (diplomacy) over aggression, caution over courage, practical... maybe wanted back from where he came from, forced to flee, and now looking for an opportunity in the new lands. A silver-tongued conman and trickster by day, a backstabbing thief and burglar by night. Someone where you never know if he or she is really on your side - or just pursuing his own agenda.

    15. Reaven on

      Since age of legends is supposed to take place on a more positive period of time for Avalon and early into the expedition, I imagine the expedition parties and immigrants of Avalon would have entertainers with them. I'm thinking a minstrel or a bard would be nice (I'm instantly thinking of Thom Merrilin from Wheel of Time).

    16. Samga Lemurien on

      We need a monkey master, like a thief acrobat who entertains his public while its monkeys rob purses of the onlookers

    17. Missing avatar

      Start the Kick on

      A hermit, who seeks a place to be alone (but somehow never really manages to do so). He wants to be alone but at the same time he cannot NOT help people or try to save the place from approaching wyrdness. Maybe at the end of the campaign the reason for his wanting to be alone is resolved somehow (as a part of the story) and thus no longer valid. He is good at surviving and he has empathy, maybe spirituality, but he is not sociable, doesn't like to talk,..

    18. Edgar Matos on

      As a throw in to the new Characters suggestion: "Llard was a fisherman, and a great one at that it would seem to all you who did not know him. He would always catch the bigger fish, bring home the biggest haul. Some would say he thrived on his skill, others would say he was just lucky. Maybe even too lucky some one also dare say, I mean it's not everyday that someone survives a shipwcreck, let alone 2 in a year. But Llard knew as soon has he gulfed out water from his lungs that something was off. Right there lying on the sand, after surviving his third shipwreck he knew some sort of special luck had to be on his side. He wasn't even that good at fishing, but his boasting got him through the most suspicious of his townsfolk. As he looked around, all alone he realized that again, no one else survived but him, and his luck started to weight heavy on his heart. This..this wasn't natural And others thought so too. And so Llard was driven out, only to return begging to a ravaged and raided village. Everyone around was dead again. He questioned his can someone who is surronded by death, bound to be alone be considered lucky? So it was that Llard the Unlucky grabbed his largest fishing hooks, attached them to heavy chains and set off. Armed and alone searching for the raiders, Llard seeks to find some luck in this world and hopefully be able to die one day, looking into friendly eyes."

    19. Robert Groeneveld on

      True to the timeframe, a marooned Roman Legionary would be interesting material. Or even the usurped Roman Emperor-boy Augustulus himself! (from the movie The Last Legion which dealt with the Arthur legend very well). In the movie they took the fabled sword of Julius Caesar with them to Britain where it got stuck in a rock and became Excalibur and Augustulus’ son was to become Arthur.

    20. Missing avatar


      some ideas:
      1. Must he/she be a human? How about an alien from a distant planet, crash landed on the beach? The yellow summer sun grants him/her strength above other humans, or he/she has a hammer that can return to him/her after being thrown, or maybe the force is just strong with this one :)

      2. Someone from the year 4029AD manages to create an interdimensional gate and steps into avalon

      3. Shaman from the jungle of Borneo running away from the horrors of his/her world

    21. Missing avatar


      My mind goes back to the books i read as a kid and there are 2 elements id love to see. I remember Sir Kay, who tried to claim he had pulled the sword, and I wonder at a gilderoy lockhart type, or someone who has gained acclaim or reputation and honor undeservedly. As they move forward they might search for redemption or just to maintain the facade.

      The second is the lady of the lake. Im fearful of spoilers so i havent dug through all the available mythos, but to translate the character im imagining a blacksmith of sorts. Someone who can create, maybe someone with more of a support role? Blacksmiths usually end up associated with the fire of the forge so one associated instead wifth the cooling of the blade, water, all that sorta opposite elemental stuff? Could be kinda cool too.

    22. Mel On KS

      Axel - The tattooed woodcutter that is nifty with his axes. Slight limp, but able bodied. Knows the Kingdom forests and woodland areas like the back of his hand.

    23. Mel On KS

      Intuitive Animal Whisperer.

    24. Abraham

      Romans! Deserters from Julius Caesars army and maybe some Germanic warriors like the Gauls/Iceni forced to work together. Persian Greek Egyptian there are so many exotics that could of come up as slaves with the Roman armies

    25. J Dean

      a Viking Longship was caught in a storm, either a Shield Maiden or Viking Warrior, was washed up on the shore. Broken leg has never healed properly and they have had to learn to adapt to survive in this new land.

    26. Jean-Nicolas Gagnon on

      the Legendary Green Knight

    27. Amarice on

      - Character: Leper Messiah.
      - Monster: Billygoat (crossover with "The Faceless" board game).

    28. Missing avatar

      Dale Bartholomew Cooper on

      I’ve seen a handful of suggestions for a squire or orphan who has suffered much in his/her short life. I’d love to see a squire who was injured and left for dead after one of Arthur’s unsuccessful military campaigns. He has had to learn to fend for himself in the wilds of Avalon but has gained an animal companion. @Nakano and @Fraid both suggested the idea of a character with a tamed wolf. @Fraid had some great ideas about how the wolf could operate in the game: “Combats will include combo moves between him and his beast. He can also send his beast to scout other areas and bring items or food. When away no combo in combat.”

      Perhaps the squire/orphan lost a leg in battle or his body is starting to be corrupted by the wyrdness. Due to his illness/disability, he has to spend two energies to move on the map unless he’s in the same area as his trusty wolf, who can offer him a ride.

      Others have had great suggestions about the negative and positive game mechanics that could be built around a character who is slowly succumbing to the wyrdness. Over on the Tainted Grail Facebook page, Jakob Uhren noted that “at random times or when performing certain actions you roll on a Wyrdness table (or something like that) and different effects take place depending on what you roll, some really good, some really bad.”

      I want to thank the Tainted Grail team for involving their backers in the design of the game! I can’t wait to see how AR responds to the hundreds of suggestions that they’ve received!

    29. Missing avatar

      Thomas on

      Some tranforming abilty / downside would be awesome, e.g. werewolf, jekyll & hide like character. Or someone tainted by the holy grail or the sword, maybe even an insane fanatic or cultust or ... a rogue priest ...

    30. Mel On KS


    31. Mel On KS

      KIP - A young one-eyed multi-skilled Peddler with the gift of the gab and ability to charm a snake. He can read and decipher almost anything and communicate with all living creatures whether animal, human or other. Well traveled and knowledgeable - so some of his wares hold secrets, mystery, potential doom and...

    32. Missing avatar

      Derek Bowen on

      I really like some of the ideas already mentioned. A fore-creature that sides with humans would give a fantastic opportunity for tragedy in the story. A young squire whose knight died on the journey that tries to honor the knight by completing their quest. Also if one of the playable characters or a character in the story could turn out to be Sloan's ancestor that would be cool.

    33. Alexander Kermani on

      Still pulling for the dark irony of an undead doctor/monk/priest character.

    34. Missing avatar

      Praehotec on

      Ok, I just realized that I want to have the King Leoric (Diablo reference) looking guy from the artwork above under the, ‘age of legends,’ section, as a playable character. He looks really cool! Why don’t any of the player characters look like that? =D

    35. Missing avatar

      Michał 'Kumo' Misztal on

      Another ideas:

      A wise old man and a young boy - his pupil or grandson. They may be one miniature or two that can be connected. The old manis blind, and the boy, serves as his eyes - maybe even literally, allowing the old man to actually see through his eyes, even allowing him to use adistance weapons like javelins?

      A Roman legionnaire - armored, trained and gritty. As a tactician and commander, he could draw some help by training locals (for a cost in Energy?) or just deal better with human dangers from grey deck. From the other hand, he is a "stranger in a strange land", too proud to see local people as his equals.

    36. Missing avatar

      Y. Daigneault on

      For the characters, maybe some sort of Cartographer that would help discover the land or some sort of zoologist that is there to describe the creatures of this new land.

    37. Missing avatar

      John Austin on

      I'd love to see a 'raised by wolves' character; after her village was destroyed by the read death, she lived in the woods with the wolves for several years, before being found by the knights of the round table.
      Now she fights with blade and bow, but her ferocity is still that of an animal tearing at its foe with tooth and claw.

    38. Rand Chua TL on

      Since our heroes, they are the sole survivors of a catastrophic military expedition that tried to enlarge the human holdings with the help of archdruid Merlin. But now Cut off far from human settlements on the main land.

      I was wondering are they part of the Romans invasion forces that fail.
      Romans in the century since Julius Caesar's expeditions in 55 and 54BC.

      They come equipped with Romans weapons and armour.

    39. Missing avatar

      Jack on

      A Boy similar to Heath Ledger in a Knight' s tale...
      A peasent who woke up on the beach next to a knight, he is strong and agile but fighting with all the heavy and fancy equipment he stole of the corpse, he will have damage reduced by 2. For 5 expierience he can remove 1 minuspoint and for another 10 he can grow into his full fighting Potential.
      And his lying should be obvious for people.

    40. QuorumOf4 on

      A Non-Human Local Traitor - Character didn't arrive with the humans, but is instead a non-human local who has sided with the humans over it's own kind.

    41. Missing avatar

      Bruce MacArthur on

      Fated Twins - The lore can be created, but what if there was a unique character(s) that was actually twins intertwined through Spirit or soul. That way the health pool can just be one, because without one the other can't live. Might bring unique mechanic to the gameplay; one twin has a small set of abilities, while the other has a different set of abilities, but using both together completes a full set of skills / abilities.

    42. Missing avatar

      Gustavo Luiz Ferreira

      A broken one legged kid, The only survival of his village destruction. Lost his leg in the falling of the house, but that ended up saving him, cause he ended up hiding in the debris. Manage to survive with the help of the family Pig (big boar, fanged like, massive Pig) that always stood by his side protecting the kid and managing to Hunt food for them bouth. The kid is slow weak and afraid, but has an iron Will to survive.

    43. Missing avatar

      Marcus Ekman on

      Former tax collector, fired and punished for collecting a bit extra for himself. Can be very "persuasive". Avoids fighting but if he does fight he fights dirty. Weakness can be greed or bad reputation or maby some sort of injury from his punishment. Skill can be manipulation or intimidation. Bit of a thief/rogue.

    44. Mel On KS

      LITTLE SNITCH - An agile scrawny lad that is not your likely informantt , but he is just that and so much more! . He will take on any type of believable character if need be and put himself in danger and peril as he fears nothing . Be careful what you want to know because with him it could be to your absolute advantage or totally not.

    45. Mel On KS

      ROWENA - An old peasant woman with Gypsy origins that is blind during the day, but can see quite perfectly at night. Like an owl hunting its prey. Gifted with extra sensory abilities she can sense danger from miles away and see events unfold like a ripple effect.

      Enough to aid or hinder other fellow travellers.

    46. Horfrost3 on

      Female brute or fighter or beserker, she’s big and strong and can hold her own against the guys. Maybe a loner type.

      Female wild child - she grew up in the woods, very poor social skills but scrappy, cunning, quick - kindof rogue-like but pushed even further. Doesn’t have to be a kid, maybe a young adult/early 20’s but she spent the bulk of her life in the wild.

      Also +1 to what others said for a Jeanne d’arc type hero - someone who hears voices and is called to a higher purpose but who is probably actually a little insane.

    47. CthulhuStoleChristmas on

      My suggestion is to have somekind of a dream-related character; dreamwalker, dreamseer or somesuch. Innate ability / disadvantage would naturally revolve around resting and sleeping... Dreamwalker could for example make a move action during rest. Or maybe Dreamseer could add some kind of a bonus if (s)he or another character has a dream in the space (analyzing the dream predicting the future in a fortune-teller way).

    48. Shawn VanHuss on

      I agree with a few, I would love to see some diversity in the character mix. I love the idea of an African tribesman who found his way up north through some dark story, left by the Roman army or something like that and was being used for his strength in the settlement, or being used as a fighter or warrior, but is now being relied upon for his strength and Cunning going along with the B team concept. I also like "wise old man" concept a lot. Super high in diplomacy, weaker in combat but uses stall tactics and maybe adds bonuses when fighting in a party.

    49. Sheijtan on

      I would like to see a dryad :).

    50. Missing avatar

      Paweł on

      Gravedigger ;)