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A semi-cooperative SF horror game where you and other crewmembers desperately fight to survive - and fulfill conflicting objectives.
A semi-cooperative SF horror game where you and other crewmembers desperately fight to survive - and fulfill conflicting objectives.
30,553 backers pledged £3,080,833 to help bring this project to life.

Expansions PU models / painted sets / new art

Posted by Awaken Realms (Creator)

Hey Everyone! 

Time for a new update and today we have a lot of pretty pictures to show you ;) 

We will start with resin pre-mold models for second wave (right now we have done some small adjustments and molds will be producing based on those models). Then we have pictures of painted miniatures together with some news on it and lastly, Ewa have created some new amazing art for Therapists. Lets get to it! 

Expansions models 

As you will see in the second, those are not all models from all expansions - second half will come in the next update! 

Overall we are extremely excited about how those models turned out, they will bring totally new visual quality to the game... and also those space cats are big :O

Painted models 

We also have some news from the painting studio, where painted Core Boxes and heroes are being worked on. Currently, we estimate that we will start shipping them to 2-wave backers in 1-2 months, as a separate shipping. 

Once they will be shipping, you will get an email notification about it! Here are some pictures of those painted models ;)

Therapists art 

Meanwhile, our 2D team continue to create some really amazing art for all the carts. We really want to keep up or even exceed the standard from the Core Box. We hope you will enjoy this new illustrations done by Ewa! 

Language editions update

As Chinese New Year is coming to an end, we will start printing language editions of Nemesis - so you can expect updates in that regards soon! So far, we have most translation already sent to us with only one being slightly delayed, but this should not affect the timeline. 

Overall, things are looking good so far and hopefully nothing surprising will happen. We will keep you in the loop! 

Ok, this is it for this update! While today we showed you mostly visual things, you can rest assured that work on the rest of the expansions is full on and we will be updating you about them soon enough! 

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    1. Phryno 1 day ago

      Any news about language editions? Almost a month from the last update. Thanks!

    2. AR_Jordan Collaborator 2 days ago

      @Jacob Please read through the last few updates.

    3. AR_Jordan Collaborator 2 days ago

      @Jan For split shipping orders, May is the estimate.

    4. Missing avatar

      Mikhail 4 days ago

      Voidseeders' minis are really cool. Wonderful art of therapist! Waiting for other Afrermath components!

    5. Jan Saladajczyk 5 days ago

      Hello, any info when the language editions are now planed to be shipped (German edition, Germany)?

    6. Missing avatar

      Robert 6 days ago

      Thank you David and Sonja - I will be posting a you tube video shortly and post a link, I will be reviewing the game as well and I have to say my peers and myself love this game!

    7. Jacob Spadt 7 days ago

      I have also not received mine in the US. I thought this was shipping

    8. AR_Jordan Collaborator on

      @darius.plato The next wave of shipping is estimated to be about July. this would be for everybody.

    9. Missing avatar

      darius.plato on

      Just wondering what the status is of shipping to Canada, 1-wave shipping, thanks.

      Not getting the painted minis, but I have to agree with the general sentiment that the aliens are too bright. Doesn't fit with the mood of the game.


      Language version delayed, really? a btw. those colors on Alien are horrible, sorry for those who paid for that and will have to repaint. Due to your delays, more info and updates would be nice.

    11. Thalar on

      - Green-blue color on aliens skin is horrible. I want it more darker.
      - Glow effects are too aggressive
      - Artworks are wonderful as usual

      3 Months delay for french version ? Really ?

    12. David on

      I don't like the green color on the aliens (more red), there are dead bodies torn apart eaten infected or whatever on the ship so I guess I'm expecting more blood maybe ...
      And the hero's Ehhhh almost got it...
      I like Mr.Roberts color themes really
      Good job buddy =D

    13. Stephen Walder on

      So, what is the estimate as to when shipping will start with people who just ordered the Sundrop finish on the miniatures? Last I heard it was March 2019, which is right about now. Has this been pushed back again?

    14. Eric

      Unfortunatly the french version was supposed to delayed 3 months after the original english one , that is not ..... gosh

    15. Akrythael on

      Nemesis and Awaken Realms: a game and a company to forget really quick.

      Will be glad to sell this game as soon as I get the rest of the KS items.

    16. Missing avatar

      Fishspeaker on

      On the topic of the paint scheme (the rest of the update's content is great):
      I am aware I may be late to the party with this comment, but I am one of the all-in pledge fully painted backers, and while I admit that overall the scheme does not deviate catastrophically from the samples in the pledge manager, it does seem a lot more aggressive and bright. I have to say that I would rather have them unpainted or sundropped instead if the latest images are the final.

      The Intruders are probably the least problematic (compared to the original reference), but they do give an impression of being over-decorated Christmas trees.
      The Heroes are the bigger problem, and on the images in the update above the pretty much completely blend-in with the Intruders, which seems to support the claim from some commentators that it does look like a cheap air-brush job and the colours look random, both in terms of choice and where they are applied.

      I understand that this has to fit a production line, and we cannot expect detail work, but the impressions from the post above are not good. Some of it, is probably (hopefully) down to photos not really representing the real look. Furthermore, having the Heroes together with the Intruders might also blur the impressions from the photos above.
      However, the Heroes should stand-out. These the unique characters of the setting, each with their strengths and weaknesses. If they blend-in, it undermines the otherwise awesome atmosphere that the game establishes.

      The campaign management and the game has otherwise been great and I am very happy to have pledged and followed it, which is why it didn't take much consideration invest in the fully painted option. Thus the comment above is mostly a reaction to something that seems a bit of a detour from an otherwise excellent project.

    17. Missing avatar

      Sonja Ljostveit

      @Robert: They were amazing :)

    18. Missing avatar

      Tronchon Robin on

      I haven't checked in detail all previous news but I know that the language editions had been delayed. Do we have any estimated date for the delivery (for France if we can be specific)?


    19. Petr Nový on

      Hello, I like overall job you done, but I have few objections.
      * Glowing effects are very aggressive
      * Heroes should have dominant color matching their cards and artworks.
      * Blood effects on Intruders could have use some blood color (for example Citadel "Blood for the Blood God")
      Scout looks great, but I would expect scientist to be toned to light blue/grey color.

      I would like to politely disagree that "The painted option is how it looked in the PM. " Original hero painting estimate shown on differently to pictures shown in this update. They do not have extensive glowing effects and they colors are clearly distinctive.

      Please do not consider this just as arguing for sake of arguing.

    20. Missing avatar

      daniel louis on

      @AR_Jordan, yes please. Lots of talking, changes are needed. The PM showed the Captain and Pilot and they looked "okay". The scientist paint scheme just doesn't make sense and the glow on the mechanics chest is far too excessive.

    21. AR_Jordan Collaborator on

      The painted option is how it looked in the PM. But we also want to take these new thoughts into consideration. So for people that purchased the painted option, we will talk a bit about any small changes.

    22. Missing avatar

      daniel louis on

      The scout and pilot look "okay" but the mechanic and the scientist are just awful. Please listen to your backers and don't go with this paint scheme. This is far below par for professionally painted minis.

    23. Missing avatar

      daniel louis on

      Please don't do this to the painted heroes. Way too much light blasting on them and they don't match the concept art. This is the first time I went in for painted miniatures and I'm worrying I'm going to regret it. The theme is dark and ominous, these figures look like they are reflecting light from a rave...

    24. AR_Jordan Collaborator on

      @Alexis The current estimate would be about July.

    25. Missing avatar

      Robert on

      Oh my gosh please do not paint these in a tropical resort theme. The game is so good and deserves better than that! Stick to the terrifying brooding impending doom that this game delivers so well!

    26. DCuniverse

      i have pledged sundrop for the aliens and painted heroes. I do like the picture of the painted heroes. Good Job.

    27. Alexis Maes

      Dumb questions, but when are you planning to ship the expansions ?

    28. Thomas on

      @Eijnew if she's real person, is she single? :)

    29. Eijnew on

      Why does the therapist look like a photo of a real person and then reprocessed in PS?

    30. Markee on

      @Epaka... The hairy arm is not the Therapists. This is most likely (IMHO) to be the art for the "Interrupt" Action, although I suppose it could be "Lend a Hand". Can't wait to see the final cards.

    31. Epaka on

      I could be wrong, but I think that the hairy arm in question does not belong to the Therapist. The sleeve and skin are a different color than the other arm visible in the image. It looks like it belongs to the bounty hunter, or someone else. Perhaps it is related to an action like helping out with research, or something like that?...

    32. Darin Deyoe on

      Still waiting on my delivery in the US so I guess I can get excited for expansions 🥴

    33. AR_Jordan Collaborator on

      The painted option is how it looked in the PM. But we also want to take these new thoughts into consideration. So for people that purchased the painted option, we will talk a bit about any small changes.

    34. jonathan on

      i will echo, the painted minis need help. keep it simple and they will be fine. too many colors. matching the previous art work would have been enough.

      also yes please again adjust the therapist art, make the clothes a bit more space related, it looks like she's going on a job interview for TJMAXX. and also as one commenter suggested...please take the hair off her arm in that 6th image...can't unsee. the art direction so far has been great, just keep up the quality and theme.

    35. Missing avatar

      Justin Smith on

      Could the brightly painted intruders be a way of deterring a possible cease and desist from 20th Century Fox? Just a thought........

    36. GP on

      The corpses are very good. And Ewa's art is excellent.


      Barry ... put down the crack pipe of +3 denial

    38. Missing avatar

      Terranaunt on

      sooo any intel on when Sundrop All-In pledges will be shipped?

    39. Gary Thomson

      The therapist artwork is really, really good. Thank you Ewa.

    40. Missing avatar

      Raphael Kien on

      Jesus! The therapist is a straight up babe!!!
      Though I also like Ewa's style immensely.
      Really good work!

    41. Zzool73 on

      Cross fingers for language edition!
      I‘m a backer of the italian one and i really want to play! I‘m looking pictures of playing guys and i want to play too...

    42. Tim Stobbe on

      I really like the Figures!
      For the Therapists art there are three things I would like correct:
      1: the first picture: the right hand look comic-like and the left hand more like oil painted...
      2: the picture with the soldier: the view of the Therapists isn’t full of fear an the view isn’t in the same direction like the soldier ... if I was the therapist, I would like to the were the soldier is looking at too...
      3: the picture with the two programming hands: the left hand has lots of bodyhair ? Maybe a little bit less ?

    43. Missing avatar

      Kris Thompson on

      @Jason Boone: Ah, that makes sense. Since I can't remember them, probably means I didn't order them. Too bad, heh.

    44. Kaladin on

      Yeah, that tropic Green/yellow is awful. Glad I painted mine myself

    45. Barry Duran

      @Keltickope - they made all 4 cats available as an add-on.

    46. Barry Duran

      I'm a full backer of the painted models - and they look JUST like what they showed in the pictures for that pledge in the PM ... soooooooooo, sorry to say, but you really only have yourself to blame if you don't like them. I'm assuming the feedback on them are ONLY coming from those of us who backed this pledge level? Not sure how valuable opinions from those not backing is ( in my not so humble opinion, I would say ZERO ). For me, I love them and that's why I went all in fully painted, all add-on's painted - I think they look awesome! Great job, AR!

    47. Missing avatar

      narls on

      @Keltickope Read further down and you will see that they are a paid add-on for those who want them.

    48. Missing avatar

      Keltickope on

      Are we getting the intruder cat??! I voted for that, and it lost, did I miss some announcement saying we were getting it??

    49. Art D

      These painted minis are getting the same reception as Will Smith's blue Genie. And rightfully so.
      Did nobody at Awaken Realms look at these painted minis and say, "What the hell is up with that paint job? This game takes place in deep space... not Hawaii!"
      Hope AR does right by the people that paid some serious money to have their games "professionally" painted.
      Good luck.