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A semi-cooperative SF horror game where you and other crewmembers desperately fight to survive - and fulfill conflicting objectives.
A semi-cooperative SF horror game where you and other crewmembers desperately fight to survive - and fulfill conflicting objectives.
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USA and Canada shipping update / Language editions update / Aftermath

Posted by Awaken Realms (Creator)

Hey guys! 

Welcome in a new and hopefully quite amazing year! We wish you all the best in 2019, a lot of passion and adventures in everyday life! 

Today we have for you: 

  • USA / Canada shipping updage (first part of 2st wave shipping, English edition)  
  • Language editions update 
  • First insight from Aftermath expansion 
  • 2018 and 2019 for Awaken Realms

Lets get into it! 

USA / Canada shipping update 

First of all - whenever we are updating about shipping a lot of people who have 1-wave shipping that post a lot of question to our Customer Service. To make our CS life easier, before asking "where is my game" - please check at your GameFound account ( if you have 2-wave shipping. 

So, many of you from US have received shipping notification or your games at this point. Canada shipping should start next week (2 weeks worst case scenario). Generally, everything seems to be going in accordance to a plan and by 15th of January all English edition backers with 2-wave shipping should have Core Boxes. But we will confirm that with yet another shipping update. 

Language editions update 

Ok guys, so for everyone waiting for language edition we owe you an update on things. Unfortunately, we have a bad news - due to Chinese new year (yup, this again...) there will be around 1-1,5 month delay. 

We really hoped to finish translations a month before Chinese new year (which is in Febuary and our factory closes for almost whole month. This is happening everywhere in China.) so that we will manage to produce language editions before CNY. Unfortunately, Christmas time proved to be a really busy period of time for retail partners. We probably could have plan it better, but at some point it becomes chain reaction - English edition got delayed 2 month, translation process gets shifted into pre-Christmas,  then we have CNY. 

Overall, currently we estimate with big probability that production of paper components (plastic components are already produced)  will start in March and take 30 days, then we will have around 30 days on transportation - so Language editions should be delivered early in May. 

We know that this is not the news you would like to hear and we know it is disappointing as you would like your games earlier. We are sorry for that. But we are pretty sure that our language edition partners that prepares language edition of Core Box will be able to create a great translation and overall quality of your games will be worth the wait! 

First insight from Aftermath expansion 

On the same note, we are really close at finishing Aftermath expansions and presenting it to all of you guys. Today we will make a small spotlight of one of the totally new hero! 

First of all each of the new characters from Aftermath you will be able to use not only in Aftermath, but also in basic game - those characters again are color coded, thanks to which you will be able to correctly switch archetype (for example Convict for Soldier). 

All new characters from Aftermath are more advanced (harder to play) then characters from basic game. it will be recommended for advanced players. They are VERY diverse and charactersitic - thanks to an additional special "Trait" card, that adds totally new, more advance "basic rule" for every Aftermath character (like a passive skill or a set of additional rules for this character). All of those were created to highlight characters thematically through the game. 

Example - Convict

Prisoner, who is being transported to prison. 

He ALWAYS starts the game in handcuffs - this is his "starting item" and it covers one of his "heavy item" slots, so he can carry only 1 heavy item. He cannot normally discard the handcuffs - but there is a way! One of the other Character (Bounty Hunter if he's in the game, or other random character if BH is not in the game) have a special electronic key to those handcuffs. At any point, this character can use it to free you from those handcuffs, but you will have to convince that player first! 

Another way to free yourself from handcuffs is that any other character can do it for you, BUT only if you are 4 rooms away from Bounty Hunter (the character with a key). This mechanic lead to TONS of really interesting interactions in our test games. 

Convicts Quest Items are also really unique - firs one is.... a pipe. Normal pipe. He can take it out from the wall of any Room. You have seen some things in the prison, so with this pipe, you can even try to fight Intruder. It is not really that effective, but if you will miss, it will not hurt you as much as normal character. 

But this pipe have also another brillant use - you have a special action card "Noise maker", that with the drop of 1 heavy item (pipe is quite good for it) will let you run from combat without any wounds. 

What happens with dropped pipe...? It changes back into the Quest Item, you can take out another one from any Room. There is quite a lot of pipes on Nemesis  ;) 

Another Quest Item is artificial hand - you can repair it in the Surgery Room. Once activated, it will change you into a true cyborg - you will be able to take 1 Heavy Wound more.

Ok, few more examples of special Actions from the card deck: 

Our Convict is quite a talented person in hard situation - you can join any other character leaving the room and escape with him/her or once you are in the room where other character is searching, you can take the other "discarded" item.  Nothing can be wasted! 

You questionable morality also helps you in playing not fair. You can make noise in a Room  you are in (probably not alone) - how does this end on Nemesis ship, you probably know by now. Wait, so someone just said about no hard "arguments" in for freeing Convict from handcuffs? Well, this will give you a leverage ;) 

At  the very end, something that makes you really respected by other - you can hit hard. In hand to hand combat, before normal rules, you can give automatically 1 wound, using special action card. Looks much better then it is in reality, as hand to hand combat with Intruders is not a good idea for a sane mind - but sometimes it can let you do some epic comebacks. 

This is it from Aftermath today, but you can expect more (probably full print and play) really soon! 

 2018 rewind 

2018 was an amazing year for us – but also extremely busy. We have doubled our team and it resulted on more quality games we were able to publish. In this year we were delivering Lords of Hellas, The Edge: Dawnfall and Nemesis. All those games were critically acclaimed by reviewers – and most importantly for us – positively received by majority of backers. Those are the best moments we value, when we ship a game to our amazing community and it brings you a lot of great moments above the table! 

We have also created Awaken Realms Lite, smaller publishing team, that started strong with SiegeStorm campaign and will continue to create smaller games next to main Awaken Realms line.

We did huge structural changes at GameFound (, our Pledge Manager, that right now makes managing projects much, much easier! We have joined all accounts into one, so that you can intuitively manage all your projects at one place, as well as change your shipping addresses and even add more things to your order at later time. Finally, at December we have also totally changed the look of the website and logotype, enhancing user experience. 

 We made quite a lot of mistakes too and we continue to learn from them. Shipping orders with Sundrop for Lords of Hellas was very slow and we learned a great deal about making overall Sundrop process much faster and better. There were also delays, while something to be expected at Kickstarter, we still want to make our project management much better in terms of deadlines. There was also “Melted Soldier” problem with Nemesis that taught us, that outside of few QC in Chinese factory and checking personally first few thousand of copies, we need our own representative through whole process. 

We were able to create multiple teams, that simultaneously work on few projects and we are really proud of their work - everyone is working really hard and puts a lot of heart into what they do. 

As we said in the beginning – it was an amazing and extremely busy year for the whole company. We would like to take a moment to thank you all for being with us on this journey. You guys are the reason we exists as a company and were able to be where we are right now. 

 2019 plans and focus 

We definitely want to follow up in our biggest focus – creating amazing games. This was and continues to be the biggest focus of ours and we believe that every game to be great needs to stand on 3 fillers:  gameplay, story / theme and presentation (art / miniatures). We want to master each of this aspect in order to provide better and better experience for all of you.

But producing Board Games is a huge process that also involves project managing, logistics, Hr, accountancy, business management etc. – while often in the shadows on updates, there are extremely important for a healthy company. Since we have grown quite substantially, we need to make sure everything will work together well and everyone in the team will head up same direction with clear target. So this year we want to make sure, that with the company growth we will rise the quality and execution of our games.

We also have big plans for developing GameFound as a great tool for connecting creators and community and providing really amazing tools for creators to help manage their projects. We will share those tools, just as we are doing right now – free for backers and creators – so spread the world about this Pledge Manager to creators!

We also have started our first small computer game project (Tainted Grail digital) – while being an indie project, we are quite excited about it. It is not an 1:1 Board Game adaptation, but totally new experience we will create making use of this whole new medium.

We hope you will have an amazing 2019 year and we wish you all the best! 

This is it for now, we will be getting back to more standard update rate (once every 2-3 weeks). But every week on Monday, 5pm GMT+1 time zone, Marcin (owner of Awaken Realms) will be on Kickstarter Live to answer any questions you might have. Since it needs to be connected to one project (we can't make it for AR channel in general) - we will host it under our most recent project (Tainted Grail) but you are welcome to ask any question regarding all our games! 

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    1. Andreas Micheel about 1 hour ago

      I guess this is asked a lot, but when will the 1 wave shipping reach the backers? Especially those who chose a german version. I´m happy to wait a bit more but the estimated time was april. Is this the same for localized versions (as the base game is already localized)?

    2. Tony Dougherty on

      @Kethrian Roger roger. Thanks for the explanation. I *suppose* I'll be patient for add-on goodies.

    3. Missing avatar

      Kyle on

      Got my copy! the actual game looks great (despite the botched soldier), though the box had not insignificant damage (one of the corners torn half way to the bottom of the box) when I got it :/ imagine a shipping issue.

      Regardless looking forward to trying it out!

    4. Jean-Sébastien Dulong on

      @Freddy forgot to mention but it was english edition, otherwise i wouldn't have asked ;)

      @Pablo yeah im also wondering tho i have core - yellow on my end.

    5. Kethrian on

      @Tony, you still get a bunch of extras on top of just the core box (Voidseekers expansion, turret room & turrets, Spacecat, Aftermath expansion). If you were willing to give up all that free stuff, you might be able to convince them to ship it now. Maybe.

    6. Tony Dougherty on

      I get that single wave shipment cost is cheaper and and understand why it's later - so that when things are created at different times you can send them all out at the end, when they're all ready. However, I only ordered the core box so why am I being penalized by being lumped into the much later shipping, when the core boxes are already ready and being shipped out? Can I have my core box now?

    7. Pablo Grazziotin on

      Got delivery notice for Canada, but what is the meaning of "Nemesis - Green"?

    8. Freddy

      @Jean-Sébastien Dulong - did you buy the English or the French version? If the French version, then see the Update above for info on the Language Editions!

    9. Jean-Sébastien Dulong on

      Hey guys. I live in canada and i have split shipping but i haven't received any tracking. I did take the sundrop all in tho. When can i expect a status update ?

    10. AR_Jordan Collaborator on

      @Daniel All I can add to Gordon's very thorough explanation is the link to gamefound!

    11. Gordon Williamson on

      @ Daniel Burns

      You should be able to check on which one you paid for (if you can't remember) if you can still access your backerkit survey (or however Awakened Realms handled it).

      The waves weren't assigned, you chose them when you filled out your surveys and paid for your shipping... the less expensive option was to get everything delivered at once when it is all ready (additional expansions, Medic character, etc.) which were originally scheduled for an April 2019 delivery (but is likely to be closer to August or September with all the delays that have happened).

      The more expensive option was to get your pledge in two waves... the first being just the Core game with the second wave being everything else that was part of your pledge. The first wave of these items are being delivered now. The second wave (along with those backers who chose to have everything delivered in one shipment) will be sometime around April to August (possibly September) of 2019.

    12. Daniel Burns on

      I must have missed the part where we were assigned a wave. How do we know if we're 1st or 2nd wave shipping?

    13. Daniel Shessel on

      I was so excited to play this game but watching this shipping nightmare drag on is really killing it for me. I do appreciate all the attention towards Canada on this Kickstater. I really hope that they don't repeat this going forward.

    14. Gordon Williamson on

      Just received an e-mail with tracking information for Nemesis... it should hopefully arrive within 8 business days. It has been a long wait... and the end of the first tunnel is near. As frustrating as the waiting has been at times, I am confident that it will be worth it all once the game is in my hands. 😁😁😁😁😁

    15. Missing avatar

      Colin Berney

      Victor, log back in to and check your orders. Mobile browsers don't like the website, try on a computer.

    16. Missing avatar

      Colin Berney

      Canadian Hub will be done by Snakes and Lattes. S&L confirmed to me on fbook messenger. No idea when they will start. Their routine for past campaigns i have seen done by them is first we get an email to confirm or change our address. Then 1-2 weeks after that we get the "it has shipped" email with fedex tracking.

    17. Victor Kasprzak

      How to check which wave shipping I have?

    18. Missing avatar

      Rob on

      Anyone else from Canada still waiting on a shipping number?

    19. Gordon Williamson on

      Any idea when backers in Canada are likely to have their games shipped? Will it be directly from the States or is there a Canadian Hub they will be shipped from (like Snakes and Lattes in Toronto... where a number of my Kickstarters have shipped from here in Canada)?

      Hopping to get an update or (ideally) tracking information soon.

    20. AR_Jordan Collaborator on

      Hey we have reached the point where only Canada is left to ship. So if you selected 2 wave shipping, and do not have it yet, you should contact customer service:

    21. AR_Jordan Collaborator on

      @Greg - you should contact customer service here:

    22. Gordon Williamson on

      January 15th now... still no tracking information or game (got 2 wave shipping)... hoping to get an update soon to tell us where things currently stand. Hoping to get the game very soon... or at least word that it is on its way.

    23. Greg Spanier

      HI there, I received a base game, but I ordered 'all in' sundropped. Do I need to return this game to receive the sundropped version?

    24. John Lacy

      have yet to receive any form of information, any updates on this?

    25. Missing avatar

      Nicholas on

      Hi! United States customer here! I have yet to receive any kind of notification about the game being shipped? And its honestly starting to get worrying/frustrating for me because i hope the order wasn't screwed up in some way

    26. Dave Quillen on

      Received mine and am very pleased with the quality. I'm very excited to get into the game after being able to play a few rounds of co-op with my wife. Very promising and appears to be something my gaming group will really enjoy!

    27. AR_Jordan Collaborator on

      @Paul yes, there is a 3 month delay on each wave.

    28. AR_Jordan Collaborator on

      @Joel &Pierre The shipments are moving from US customs to Canada now (have been since last week), so it shouldn't be much longer.

    29. AR_Jordan Collaborator on

      Samael 3 days ago Report spam
      Hello. so what about the one wave shipping? any idea of the delay?

      - generally, about the same as the delay on this wave - so 2-3 months.

    30. Missing avatar

      Joel Hill on

      Still no tracking number and it's January 11 when the update said the game would arrive to Canada by January 15. Did another delay happen? Let's not say dates if they can't be honored.

    31. Paul on

      Hi! I pledge the french version of the game. I am ok for may but i took the 2 waves shipping, will i get the second wave an other 3 month after the english version so someware in october 19?

    32. Pierre Colette on

      Hey There,
      I'm from Canada, Québec Province, close to Montréal!
      Is it normal that at this date of the 10 of January, I still didn't received any new about tracking!
      I paid for too way shipping and the English edition.
      I'm starting to wonder if you take costumer satisfaction seriously?
      Because this waiting and the "Chines" excuse, is really starting to getting pretty annoying.....

      This is a excellant reason why I have dropped off your Kickstarter Pledge (The tinted Grail)!

    33. Missing avatar

      Nick Driver on

      I got the bigger cards to fit fine while sleeved, but the little ones required a bit of force to fit right next to them. The farther "small card" spot fit them fine. Maybe the plastic got a little warped?

    34. Missing avatar

      Travis ward on

      I just got my nemesis game. I immediately sleeved all my cards and they don’t fit back in the box?:-/ even the spaces say “empty for sleeved cards”.

    35. Missing avatar

      Tory True on

      Just got the game. Played a game. Really great. Thanks so much for your hard work guys. Can't wait for the Expansion!!!

    36. Missing avatar

      Samael on

      Hello. so what about the one wave shipping? any idea of the delay?

    37. Maddawg on

      OK, just leaving this here... not happy at all about the shipping delays. I was expecting mine around XMas, but I have to wait longer apparantly.

    38. Missing avatar


      Why is it that I can't upgrade my plain pledge to a Sundrop pledge but I can buy a whole new Sundrop pledge in the pledge manager?

    39. AR_Jordan Collaborator on

      @Onsen It is too late to change.

    40. AR_Jordan Collaborator on

      @marcss Superbacker 3 days ago Report spam
      Hey Jordan, when pledge manager opens, will I be able to upgrade a 1gbp to two gamer all-in pledges? Thanks!

      - I believe so, because you are a current backer. It is just not opening for new pledges.

    41. Missing avatar

      Onsen on

      I didn't see answer anywhere so I will ask one more time, is it possible to change language version to English one and obtain game earlier?

    42. Shaun Doré on

      @Jean-Philippe : ça aucun sens... je me demande pourquoi j'ai payé plus pour la livraison wave1/2. :-(

    43. Missing avatar

      Jean-Philippe Tremblay on

      Going like that, Canada will receive wave 2 and wave 1 at the same time!

    44. Randolph Streich

      I'm in Canada, my birthday is coming up shortly. Hoping this game arrives before my birthday. Gotta love buying presents for myself! I plan to play this at my party! Fingers crossed for luck!

    45. Emmerikku on

      1 wave shipping in French ... If I have it in 2019 I will be happy... -__-

    46. UltraBenji on

      I'm starting to be really disappointed in this kickstarter. I am French and I was hype to receive this game, but the longer I wait, the more I feel that the reception times are getting longer and longer. Some friends who use kickstarter for board games tell me it's getting ridiculous. So in addition when you see the printing errors.... Anyway, I'd just like to say that I'm not going to ask for a refund because I'm really waiting for this game, but I think it's (too) badly managed in terms of deadlines for me. It's just my opinion.

    47. DanWolf on

      Why? because of the riduculous fife Months? For me the language edit makes the difference between playing solo or with my Kids. I prefer the Coop, so I don't have a Problem with waiting. No bad Thing, I got several other games to sweeten the waiting-time :)

    48. Missing avatar

      neodruid on

      For the future never to take language edition, over 5 months difference between the English and langue edition. Really bed thing.

    49. DanWolf on

      Ha, it's really always the same with the funny Chinese NY! :)
      But see, I waited once for This War of Mine for a year or more and look what a great game it emerged to be! So I expect to be flashed by an awesome Nemesis in May, no problem to wait a little for it ;)

    50. Matthias Bonnici on

      Got my copy! It's really beautiful, can't wait to play it with my friends! Looking forward to the rest of it later this year!