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A semi-cooperative SF horror game where you and other crewmembers desperately fight to survive - and fulfill conflicting objectives.
A semi-cooperative SF horror game where you and other crewmembers desperately fight to survive - and fulfill conflicting objectives.
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Shipping update! / Surprise gift #4!

Posted by Awaken Realms (Creator)

Hey guys! 

Another quick update from the delivery front and today mystery of the surprise box will be revealed completely - last surprise is upon us! 

Shipping update

First of all we would like to thank everyone who shares the word about the Nemesis via social media and BGG - you guys are AMAZING! 

So far your rating of the game is great and we are so, so happy! We feel that all the effort that we put into the game was well spent, since you enjoy it! 

We have also some first awesome game reports! 

Thanks you guys! 

Now to the shipping update! 

USA & Canada

Pretty much nothing new - containers are on the sea, you can track them here:

Long Beach Trader  



Today 4th container reached shipping HUB and all the parcels form it will be dispatched today / tomorrow. Last container should reach shipping HUB at 12th and be dispatched by the same day and that would conclude Nemesis 1st wave of English game shipping for Europe! 

If you will not recieve tracking by 15th of December (and you are sure you have 2 wave shipping and ENG copy) - make sure to open a ticket! 


All 2-wave backers with English version of the game should already recieve game / or tracking for Major Asia countries. 

There are few orders left that while being in Asia are treated by us as "rest of the world" and they will be dispatched by 15th of December as well! 

Australia and Oceania  

Shipping started this week and today we have received information that almost all orders (7 orders are waiting for information from backers) are dispatched and should be deliver within few next day! 

If you will not recieve tracking (and you are sure you have 2 wave shipping and ENG copy) - make sure to open a ticket!

Rest of the World  

Some of the location we have already shipped games from Europe with UPS (like Saudi Arabia) but others must be shipped with National post office (for you guys not to pay extremely high customs, that was our previous experience with UPS - like for example Israel) - they should be shipped by the 15th of December as well!

Surprise #4! 

Ok, time for some goodies ;) Let us just start with confirming something, that we did not market during the Kickstarter campaign - Core Box in retail will be more expensive then on Kickstarter (and you also get all the SGs!) due to the how huge the game is and how much components it have. We do not know the final price yet, but we just wanted to give you guys heads up that you got yourself quite a deal here on Kickstarter ;) 

Now the final surprise in the box that each and every you will find (including language editions and 1-wave backers) - Tainted Grail: Fall of Avalon HARDCOVER artbook! 

This is something that we were really excited to add - we feel like both Nemesis and Tainted Grail have some of the best artworks we have ever done in our games and adding an artbook for Tainted Grail is something that will give you an insight on the concept process from our artists and let you dive a little bit into Tainted Grail grim-dark world. 

Check out some of the pictures! 

 So Surprise box includes: 

  • - Tainted Grail metal coin
  • - Untold Stories #1 comic book (80 pages!) 
  • - Untold Stories punchboard
  • - Etherfields playing cards deck
  • - Tainted Grail hardcover art book! 

We hope you will enjoy it! ;) 

Tainted Grail is live on Kickstarter! 

...Which is obviously pretty convenient , since Tainted Grail just launched on Kickstarter  :D 

If you guys enjoy story driven, exploration, full-cop games with a characters that you develop during the game you might want to take a look at Tainted Grail Kickstarter - we are really, really proud of this project and extremely excited about it. This is totally new adventure that we would like to invite you on! 

Also - not only we are excited about the game - reviewers give quite a high praiz for the prototype! 

"I love this game.(...) If you like exploration games, if you like narrative games, this is something you really, really need to back.” - Man vs Meeple (Click for full review)

“An absolutely phenomenal game!(...) The story sticks with you and you feel your characters troubles and encounters along the journey.” - The McGuire Review (Click for full review)

“The Exploration Journal has so much hidden magnificence it’s going to blow you away(...) I don’t even want to call this a game. This is an experience.” - Crabbok (Click for full review)

“This game is a lot of fun. Production quality is off the charts – and this is a prototype! (...) I liked the character building, I liked the combat mechanic. All of that together made for a very rich experience.” - Ant Lab Games (Click for full review) 

“I’m so intrigued about this story. It made me want to come back (...) It got me so hooked!” - Ready Steady Play (Click for full review)

There is a special bonus for Day 1 backers so we are giving you guys heads up, so that you can make it! 

Ok guys! This is it for todays update! In the next one we will probably have more info on Language edition and expansions! As Always Marcin will be also here Monday to answer all the question you might have on Kickstarter Live! Stay tuned! 

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    1. Missing avatar

      Andrew Smith on

      Backed the project with the addons and sundrop. Not received the core box or tracking number even though I'm on two wave shipping. Logged a case with gamefound and have heard nothing.

    2. BernieTime

      "the coin, deck of cards, and art book are probably ending up in a giveaway bin."

      I plan on setting these on fire and sharing the video on YouTube.

    3. Missing avatar

      Victor Peralta on

      I'm from Spain, I didn't receive nothing and I think I will receive the game in Spanish. how many time will take receive my game copy?


    4. Missing avatar

      Chris Pulliam on

      @Alexander. Thats fine, but these surprises were explained that they would be promotional for other things a long long while ago. Plus its a tradition of theirs to do this so stop complaining over free stuff and pay attention when things are first talked about so you wont be assuming anything else in the future.

    5. Alexander Wilkinson on

      I'm sorry, but when you kept talking about surprises, I assumed you were talking about surprises for this game. You know, the one we backed and supported. Instead I'm getting one actual comic book campaign supplement to the game (Which is awesome) and 3 advertisements for your next campaign that I'm uninterested in. Sorry, but the coin, deck of cards, and art book are probably ending up in a giveaway bin.

    6. Missing avatar

      Alexandre Cavalcante Machado Newton on

      Hello. Im from brazil, will you guys send the tracking number by email?

    7. Søren Storbank Hansen on


      I love this game so much. Really like to play it...But i can se what´s written in my contamination cards...? That kind of sucks that i dont need my scanner to see what´s written... Keep up the good work :)


      Søren Storbank Hansen

    8. Freddy

      @Robert Lucas - no, this is just the core box. All the other stretch goals and add-ons will come in wave 2 (June-July 2019).

    9. Missing avatar

      Shawna LaDelpha

      Any update on pictures for the painted character miniatures?

    10. Missing avatar

      CrowJenkins on

      Yay!!! The Long Beach Trader docked this morning!!! One step closer to getting my beauty!!!! I hope we get an update with ETA on unloading and the like....

    11. Michael on

      Still no tracking for 2 wave in eu. I am worry

    12. Missing avatar

      Marcelo Meza on

      Will tracking numbers be provided for South American countries? and when do you think you will start shipping to us? thanks!

    13. Missing avatar

      Robert Partridge on

      Is the artbook in this surprise the same as the one with the game?

    14. Michael on

      still no tracking number for 2 Wave eng. Pledge. I am worry slowly

    15. Missing avatar

      kirk99 on

      bonjour, j'ai pris la formule de livraison en deux vagues et en version française, est ce que je vais recevoir la première vague en décembre en version anglaise puis 3 mois après la version française ? merci pour votre réponse.

    16. Missing avatar

      Robert Lucas on

      This will sound so dumb, I've got my core Box.. I opted for the core box pledge.. is all the streach goals stuff I'm getting in the box? Sorry if this has been answered I was just reading the page and got very confused :(

    17. Aarón Sánchez on

      They could give us more information about the version in other languages. Specifically in Spanish. They have not given information about it.

    18. Missing avatar

      Adam French on

      FYI guys, the dates on the container ships is to Panama Canal - not to Florida, USA. The first ship has made it today to Panama Canal, and has to now sail to Florida. It has to leave the Panama Canal, which sometimes can take several days. Then it has to go to Jacksonville Florida, which takes about 4-5 days.

    19. Missing avatar

      Jeroen Bauwen on

      Any Belgian backers with 2 wave shipping that have not received a tracking yet? Still waiting for mine

    20. Michael on

      Are games from the last container ready to ship to the backers?

    21. AR_Jordan Collaborator on

      Jonathan Stark 3 days ago Report spam
      I have suddenly had to relocate and I need to change my shipping address for this product. It is, unfortunately, already past the point where I can change my shipping location online. Is there any way to contact the developers so I can make this change?

      - Right below:

    22. AR_Jordan Collaborator on

      yann 3 days ago Report spam
      Hi, I didn't follow all the coms, but the last news yes... I'm wondering one thing. I pledged for a core box in French version. When I could hope receive my box ?

      - The language version have a 3 month delay from the english ones (the time it takes to be translated).

    23. Missing avatar

      Fjuri on

      Got it, played it, loved it.
      Question about the Tainted Grail artwork booklet: There are some sections double in my book, how many pages are supposed to be in there (So, am I missing some due to doubles).

    24. Chicken & Waffles

      Very excited! Although I did choose one wave shipping so I get to let that suspense build for a little while longer lol. Tainted Grail also looks amazing, can't wait to get that one too =)

    25. Missing avatar

      Jamie Abbruzzese on

      So im in Australia and still havent received my copy yet, my friends brother got his copy on Friday and im sad that i havent got mine yet and still no tracking number or anything for the matte (and yes i did requested a tracking number but didnt really help in that department)

    26. Missing avatar

      Patrik Vågehed on

      I had the game for about 2 weeks. One single play and one 5 player. Great game. Great atmosphere. Benefits greatly of more players.

      That said. The gifts are great quality but poor decisions if you ask me. I see it only as a form on marketing which I paid for. If there was marginal for the artbook (great quality) that should have been an artbook for nemesis not TG. All TG stuff were immediately left in box and will never been looked at again.
      Not the game I want, not the game I backed.

    27. Missing avatar

      yann on

      Hi, I didn't follow all the coms, but the last news yes... I'm wondering one thing. I pledged for a core box in French version. When I could hope receive my box ?

    28. Jonathan Stark on

      I have suddenly had to relocate and I need to change my shipping address for this product. It is, unfortunately, already past the point where I can change my shipping location online. Is there any way to contact the developers so I can make this change?

    29. Olive74 on

      What about french version ?

    30. Missing avatar

      thiswayz on

      Anything about the availability of the translated versions?

    31. Erik on

      Awsome! Thanks for the additional content! I am backing Tainted Grail as well, game looks awsome and I am sure Awaken Realms will deliver a great game.

    32. Blaze1616

      US Backer, so I haven't seen the art book yet, but I'm hyped about it! Tainted Grails looks amazing, so count me as thrilled with this surprise!

    33. Missing avatar

      Gozilla2121 on

      The Art book is promotional material.
      Many other companies put a promotional sheet in their retail games and you cannot opt out of that too. Awaken Realms just does it on a higher quality scale.
      And the money they spend on it is theirs.
      We backers already have got what we paid for and more.
      Since the additional Art book does not impact on shipping fee (which has already been billed), I'm fine with whatever goodie AR decides to crank in the box.

    34. Missing avatar

      Mark Davis on

      Just wanted to say thank you very much to Adam, Marcin and everyone at Rebel & Awaken Realms for producing and shipping such a fantastic looking game.
      Mine arrived yesterday and it was a joy to open up and dig through all the wonderful contents.
      Read through the rules last night and really looking forward to stepping out of the cryo chamber this weekend. :D

    35. Mårten Carlzon on

      Ohh cool! Looking forward to the artbook, love to see the work going on and... already backed tainted grail XD
      Now I am just waiting for the game to arrive... seems to be in the last batch in EU but soon! :)

    36. Florian Urbanek

      How do I find out what wave I am in?
      I am in Germany and backed the Captain's Edition, however I have not recieved anything where all my friends who have also backed, are already playing.....

    37. LUCCHINI on

      @awakenrealms does this mean the current shipping is only for english versions of the game ? The translated versions will arrived later ? Do you have an idea when approximatively ? Thanks a lot

    38. Missing avatar

      Tom Janssen on

      @BernieTime I agree, all of the promo material that doesn't belong to this game (except for the deck of playing cards) is not usefull imo

    39. Sebastien Maerten on

      Hi - i just wanted to know if there is any update about the language editions (at least the german ones) - any estimated date?

    40. Adi Raut on

      My question was answered in comments of previous update: For those who paid for comic book will get extra book with different content somehow.

    41. Missing avatar

      ragnarady on

      Should I look under Europe section or under Rest of the World section to find out shipping estimates for Ukraine?

    42. Missing avatar

      Maggus on

      I`m so excited to get my Nemesis and since 5 minutes i am excited to get my Tainted Grail too :) thanks 4 your work!!

    43. BernieTime

      We all love a surprise, so thanks. Not sure that more than 20% of your backers would have wanted an art book (didn't want the one for Nemesis either). Personally would have rather seen that money used for something else, but that's just me.

    44. Adi Raut on

      What is the different between the "Untold Stories Comic book" surprise gift and the one which was offered in the campaign as addon? I paid for the addon so I am wondering what I paid for.

    45. Missing avatar

      Justin Blackwell

      Received my copy today, UK. Looks great and can't wait to play. Thanks!

    46. Filipa Tato

      Wooow, you guys are constantly surprising me. You're the best. Thank you for giving us a hardcover artbook, I love artbooks!

    47. Thomas on

      Everybody around me (in EU) is cuddling with with their Nemesis boxes and mine is still "ready for shipping" ;(

    48. Kaladin on

      Sow North American ships. :/

    49. Missing avatar

      Alan Scouller on

      Wow! I am sooooo excited to get the game! And the surprise gifts are awesome! I love art books 😁