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A semi-cooperative SF horror game where you and other crewmembers desperately fight to survive - and fulfill conflicting objectives.
A semi-cooperative SF horror game where you and other crewmembers desperately fight to survive - and fulfill conflicting objectives.
30,553 backers pledged £3,080,833 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Erik on

      Thanks Awaken Realms, I really enjoyed this campaign and will be supporting future projects as well!

    2. Petr Nový on

      Hi there,
      I receieved my copy last week and I had 1st game at Sunday.

      The game is entertaining (and quite hard for newbie). I have few technical complains which AR could address:

      1) Miniatures have quite big mold lines. Possibly sue to higher pressure which is needed for more details. I have ordered fully painted Intruder pledge, so I would like to make sure that such thinks will be addressed prior painting. I will be impossible to fix that afterwards without damaging paint job.
      2) Contamination card values are quite visible, so I know when I am infected or not even without scanner. My friend did not believed me, so I have asked him to pick a card and line. Then I was able to tell him what exactly is there. We have checked it with scanner and it was 100% accurate. I do not think I have some kind of superpower, instead it is because there is given font which is monospaced. Therefore it is very helpful in determining, because I know exact position and exact shape. Could you please consider something better?
      I can imagine that it will be there will be something like captcha - random font, size and orientation and possibly some foreground/background blending? Maybe add more ballast colors to confuse tricksters like me? I would pay for such alternate deck, players could decide if they want to have basic or advanced contamination.
      3) I miss index in rulebook. I know I could say that when there was public beta, but I have realized that only when we constantly searched for something. some things are still unclear to me (like should be place doors on board during setup)?
      4) Will be there some big sorter/box package/transport for full intruder pledge so I can carry all that nice stretch goals and expansions easily together?

      Thanks in advance for answer!

    3. AR_Jordan Collaborator on

      @Fabio It is a single standard playing card deck yes.

    4. AR_Jordan Collaborator on

      @neodruid I know it is at times confusing - there are dates everywhere, campaign, updates, gamefound. If I can help in anyway, never hesitate to ask. : )

    5. Fabio Paulotto on

      Great design for the playing cards deck! It's a single deck? I ask because a lot of italian card games requires 2 decks to be played... ;)

    6. Missing avatar

      neodruid on

      Thank You for info. I missed that info(3 months later). I was confused by the info in gamefound prediction date of send, which states on date of this year.

    7. AR_Jordan Collaborator on

      @neodruid I'm sorry you feel this way. We have always said language versions take an extra 3 months. It is even on the main campaign page.

    8. AR_Jordan Collaborator on

      @All - All shipping info is in the updates, and/or the comments section. As any other info is available, this is where it will be.

    9. Missing avatar

      neodruid on

      On gamfound faq there is information about language versions of game will be shipped 2-3 months later than English. This is very bad news. On project itself when I took language game the was no info on delay. In this case I would take English version. It is poor approach from awaken realms that they give opportunity to take language version but this people are in bad situation to get game so late. Bad PR for Awaken Realms. Never take language version.

    10. Missing avatar

      Mitcharello on

      I have the English version of the game, but it's still "Placed and Paid".
      Dunno really what to think.

    11. Missing avatar

      Gyula Berke on

      mine is in the "Ready for shipping" status from 11/13/2018 8:56:45 PM.
      Does it mean the package is on the way? If yes, can I also get the tracking number?
      We really really cant wait to try this beast out :)
      Cheers, Gyula (from Hungary)

    12. peter farsang

      @AR_Jordan, I called the UPS Hungary, they said they can't provide information without the tracking number and their website don't send out a notice whitout tracking number.
      So, send me my package's tracking number. Thanks!

    13. Tamas Gajdo on

      @AR_Jordan any news on the delayed container?

    14. peter farsang

      @AR_Jordan, i did. But te UPS asking the tracking number
      I'm from Hungary

    15. Missing avatar

      Thelsborg on

      Received the game and it looks great. I especially like the insert that actually works and has room for everything (unlike most board games). I haven't checked everything yet, but at least one if the minis has been broken during transportation (the "shoulder claw" of a sitting adult intruder has fallen off). I will try to glue it and otherwise send a ticket.
      Thanks for what looks like a great game 🙂

    16. Mike Frenchik

      Ok. That deck is pretty cool. Thanks!!

    17. AR_Jordan Collaborator on

      @Peter It depends a little where you are, but for UPS, you can sign up for a free account and they notify you when something is on it's way to you.

    18. peter farsang

      How can I get the tracking number?

    19. Missing avatar

      Sean Chuhan on

      Received my UPS tracking number today in UK. Very excited to get my hands on the game!

    20. Missing avatar

      Steven Griffith on

      It does seem another Kickstarter is a lot plates to juggle. It's also difficult to want to back more till I have some more of what I paid for in hand. A card game, a reprint and now a new game when I'm still waiting on two games is a lot to ask. If you wanted till either nemsis base game or Hellas second wave delivered I would back another but as is I don't see myself doing so.

    21. Missing avatar

      Steven Griffith on

      It does seem another Kickstarter is a lot plates to juggle. It's also difficult to want to back more till I have some more of what I paid for in hand. A card game, a reprint and now a new game when I'm still waiting on two games is a lot to ask. If you wanted till either nemsis base game or Hellas second wave delivered I would back another but as is I don't see myself doing so.

    22. Missing avatar

      Alberto Pellucco on

      I just got my Nemesis sundrop copy. Everything look amazing!! Thanks for your amazing work!!

    23. Missing avatar

      Nacho Bustamante on

      Did the 3rd container for Europe already arrived? Did anyone received shipping email already from that batch?

    24. Phillip Knapp on

      I wish the boaties would update their position so I can see them go vroom vroom

    25. Missing avatar

      Tomáš Karas on

      dont cry babies. delay is 2 weeks. The rest is just because you cried over the language tiny problems in rules => 4 weeks delay. So WHAT DO YOU WANT? AR try to satisfy you but the tears are probably so sweet...?

    26. Missing avatar

      Carson Adams on

      @Eddie Gonzalez they probably ship to florida because it is cheaper than the west coast.

    27. Kaladin on

      @Nuulstaladt don’t speak too early. Who knows how long it will take for the 2nd wave to come. AR’s Lords of Hellas hasn’t delivered their 2nd wave and it’s been a year since their initial estimated shipment date.

    28. Nuulstalädt

      Well, at least it's not the Steamforged Games method of delays which is, ship in 2-4 waves a year and a half after expected completion date. Same goes for Kingdom Death. This is tame as hell by comparison.

    29. Kaladin on

      @Olomat they said it should be June 2019 before the other stuff starts shipping (other language versions and English stretch goals).

      @Expat I agree. I’d trade all the “surprise gifts” if it meant a faster production on the actual game I ordered (though I doubt there’s much if any correlation). I’ll probably be pitching the deck of cards if it’s pinup model art.

    30. Missing avatar

      Jaroslav Fabian on

      @Expat Mike: I think this happens to many companies (even most I believe) here on KS. We all experienced quite a delay, but there is nothing we can do about it. It is always a risk we choose to accept. And if this is about Europeans getting their games sooner then Americans, then although I can understand the feeling, I believe this is quite normal too. I usually don't see US companies delivering their games to Europe first...

      Now, you can say they could have made better estimates and advertise delivering dates as such, but that wouldn't help. We would all end up getting games in January/February. It is not easy to handle projects of such magnitude, one would need to try to understand I suppose. Still, I believe AR might get better at this in the future and I really think their ideas are fresh and bringing something new to the genre and for me it is worth the wait. I heard about much worse delays, so this is not that critical. I can imagine you are an enthusiast and have a pile of games to be played during Christmas anyway :).

      Btw., originally I was expecting delivery by the end of the year, which was almost accurate assumption...

    31. Max on

      Just need to confirm if there is any posibility that my copy had arrived to Argentina from Belgium. I received a notification from my local post office (a box of 3 kg from belgium)
      Thanks for any info!

    32. Antaar Garcia Avila on

      Just received mine and I love it. I was wondering if I still can buy add ons for them to ship with wave 2.

    33. Re-pat Mike on

      Genuinely disappointed in the US. So pardon the rant, but this has been building for a while.

      Post Christmas? Really? The one world region (US/Canada) comprising over one third of all your backers and its going to be delayed over a month after first backers receive their pledge? And ya I'm playing the special consideration card b/c we represent the largest chunk of your investors. I can understand the typical length of shipping and even a delay of a week or two- so we aren't going to ever be the first, I get that, but come on AR...

      I like your games (I've backed 3- and all three are still incomplete), but I'm done backing your stuff until I get all my pledges... in full. And then after that, you are gonna have to blow my socks off for me to back your delay machine. This is THEE ONLY REASON I didn't back The Edge: Dawnfall. I think the game looks great all around, but I need to see more return for what I have already invested in before I join up again. I keep feeling like I'm stuck in a pyramid scheme. I would easily trade your artistic cards(which from the looks of things I can't even use- I got kids) and the art book from your next project for you devoting more time on getting pledges fulfilled in a timely manner for your backers.

    34. Missing avatar

      Timo Järvinen on

      Thanks for your great game. Got it yesterday.
      Unfortunately the rulebook is missing pages 13-16.
      How I get full rulebook? Thanks.

    35. Max Kielland

      Got the Box today!!! (Sweden)
      Looks amazing...

    36. Missing avatar

      Gozilla2121 on

      Thank you for the thank you gift !
      You got me intrigued by this future game of yours....

    37. Olomat on

      So if everything is on track with the Language Versions they will be delivered in around 3 Month?

    38. Missing avatar

      Michael Taylor

      Received my game yesterday here in Germany, looks awesome!

      I hope to get a play in this weekend.

    39. Missing avatar

      Diego on

      Maybe a very tiny detail
      But immensely important
      I will back your next project

    40. Missing avatar

      Che'wee on


      Did you just assume there are ONLY 4 queens in a deck ?????!

      I just hope our SJW friend kittylady won't die when she will open this surprise gift :(

    41. Georg Varlamis

      @Deriman: The fact that language Editions would come later were communicated during campaign (yes it hurts!!!! - but it was clear from start)

    42. DD on

      WOW! That's beautiful. Thank you so much. :)

    43. WinPin

      @Deriman Franco: Sorry but....Good Morning :-D

    44. Missing avatar

      karlstiefel on

      Good to hear that you're partnering with Asmodee Germany! The german translation is in good hands with them.

    45. Kaladin on

      I was planning on going all in on Tainted Grail (loves what I saw) but the awful timing of it means that I’ll only be able to do is $1

    46. Deriman Franco on

      I didn't realize language editions will ship separately from the english editions. I thought they were simultaneous. Are they still divided in 2 waves? Or are they all part of Wave 2? In which case I made the mistake of dividing it. Are the expansions also translated?

    47. CK Lai on

      @Rackar... I had to go in and burn a hole in my wallet to get 2 wave shipping ... originally was 1 wave :-P

      But AR surprised me by managing to stick so close to their projected time line, so...

    48. Missing avatar

      Antonio Jiménez Jiménez on

      Hello @AwakenRealms!!!

      Any assumption on when we will get 1st wave in spanish? Thanks in advance for your time replying!

    49. Rackar

      @CK Lai
      Lucky man, I have to wait 6 months more...

    50. CK Lai on

      Have just received my game!!! Very excited and hope all is complete and no errors. Thanks AR!