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A semi-cooperative SF horror game where you and other crewmembers desperately fight to survive - and fulfill conflicting objectives.
A semi-cooperative SF horror game where you and other crewmembers desperately fight to survive - and fulfill conflicting objectives.
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2-wave ENG shipping update

Posted by Awaken Realms (Creator)

Hey guys! 

Today a shorter update to let you know how things are going. We know shipping is the culmination of the project and a lot of you want to know when the game is coming, so we will try to give you a weekly update of whats happening (even if not so much will change) just to give you a better insight into shipping process. 

We know we promised you names of our language partners, but we still didn't receive PR notes from Revel, so we will share it in the next update (should not be a long time, since they will be weekly now ;) ). 

Shipping tl;dr - everything going according to a plan so far 

First of all, we have changed status of orders to everyone with 2-wave shipping and English edition of the game to "ready for shipping" - this essentially means, that we are preparing shipping labels and so forth. 

If you are 100% sure that you picked 2-wave shipping and have english eddition of the game, but did not get order change to "ready for shipping" status - make sure to open a ticket at

Our customer service will investigate! 

Europe shipping status: 

First to containers are to reach Poland within 2-3 days, we already passed all the documentation to the customs in hopes of swift release. 

Once in our company history we had goods hold for around 3 weeks at customs (without any valid reason) - but we really hope this will not be the case and after 1 day goods will be freed and shipping could start full throttle! 

So we hope shipping will start next week and this include both sundrop / non sundrop editions of the game. 

Remaining 2 containers are on their way and will reach Poland very end of November. 

Asia shipping status: 

Asia Hub received container this week and are preparing for shipping. To be honest we hoped that shipping would start already, but that was not the case. Right now we are pushing for start of shipping early next week (around 20th) and got information that this will be the case. 

USA / Canada / ROW 

Our cargo carrier have insisted onto dividing the goods onto 2 ships, to minimize the risk that one of the ship can be overbooked and the goods would be rolled-out. This is what we did and so far first 3 containers (out of 5) were picked up 16th successfully, last 2 containers will be picked 19th (both ships have same delivery time in US). 

We should receive tracking for those containers next week as well and we will share it with you on the next update, so you can track them yourselves! 

 Australia and Oceania 

Container is coming to Australian hub and expected to reach it next week, with shipping starting as soon as it will reach the shipping hub! 

Overall update:

We are doing everything we can to push the delivery out to you guys. While speaking with our partners we insist onto delivery before Christmas (which is most problematic for US). We know that it is pretty much the worst timeline for shipping, but we are constantly on a hotline with our shipping partners to be sure we are doing everything we can on our part. 

Let us know you received the game! 

Thank you all so much for your patience and continuous support! It seems that some of you will be able to get your copies of the game next week and we couldn't be more excited about it! 

Please keep in mind that we will really, really appreciate you sharing your thoughts on received game!  Anything from:

- Sharing your game on social media (Facebook / instagram) 

- Writing a short review on BGG 

- Putting a comment on KS / droping us an email that all is good

Our whole team had put so much heart into this game and we really hope to see your feedback soon! 

BGG most anticipated game of 2019

One last thing - our two games were nominated for most anticipated games of 2019 at BoardGameGeek ranking! (while not sure if Nemesis should be there since a lot of you will have it this year, we will take it :) ). 

We would really appricaite if you will vote for those games! 


Tainted Grail: The Fall of Avalon 

Thanks everyone and we will keep you posted! 

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    1. David Higgins on

      Hello. There's been a problem getting my game delivered by UPS and they've said that they've returned it to yourselves. Apparently they were unable to read the address. How can I get it sent out again? Thanks

    2. Missing avatar

      Aki Riiheläinen on

      Yesterday I got game, I live in Finland

    3. Jamie Dobson on

      My UPS says tomorrow (UK) got mailed this morning with tracking info

    4. Richard Kuehnegutierrez on

      With the USA English version possibly not sending until after December should I be getting a tracking number soon or maybe already?

    5. AR_Jordan Collaborator on

      @Thomas The Gamefound status is necessarily related to actual shipping. If you have a my UPS account you should be notified.

    6. AR_Jordan Collaborator on

      @Michal Just the base game.

    7. Missing avatar

      Michał Lemiesz on

      I have a question:
      Does this shipment include Carnomorphs, Voidseeders and terrains?

    8. Missing avatar

      Konstantin on

      Got mine finally - feeling happy like a kid :-)
      Guys - will it be possible to receive Polish version of rules in PDF? (And if possible - for LoH also :-))
      My kids still having hardships with English in LoH, and I assume same will be with Nemesis.

    9. Missing avatar

      Thomas Dold on

      @AR_Jordan if our GameFound status is still ready for shipping does that mean it hasn't been sent yet? Should I expect a UPS notification before it is sent?

    10. Missing avatar

      Jon Allen on

      Any further updates guys? I’m based on the UK. So how are the EU shipments looking?

    11. Josh Montero on

      When are we getting the next update? Interested in US shipping. You hint you already have a delivery day for the ships in the update

    12. Missing avatar

      duncan mellonie on

      just realised I selected single shipping so no play at xmas :(

    13. Missing avatar

      Dark Elf on

      @AR_Jordan What should be the weight of the box? UPS says it is 3 Kg and previous update mentioned around 5 Kg. Btw so hyped to receive the game on monday.

    14. Missing avatar

      Petr on

      @Rafael Thank you

    15. Rafael on

      @Petr Tomicek: the medic will come with the second wave

    16. Missing avatar

      Petr on

      I've ordered MEDIC CHARACTER PACK on top of my pledge box, is the medic pack scheduled to come with strech goals in wave 2 or with the core box?

    17. Missing avatar

      Phunky Phantom on

      As long as wave 2 makes it unlike the Robotech RPG Tactics 2nd wave.

    18. Pontus on

      how is it looking for one-wave shipping? any estimates as to when it will be sent out?

    19. Missing avatar

      Michael Halpern-Nadel on

      Hey guys - can't wait for delivery.
      I ordered the whole package and the "light painting" (forgot the name for it) and delivery in 2 waves.
      I can't wait to try it :) (i'll also write reviews and if any parts might be missing, i'll let you know :) )

    20. Missing avatar

      Jie Hong Foo on

      Hi, i ordered the english corebox and 2 wave shipping, but when i click the gamefound link, i did not see any status. Want to ask where to see the status of my pledge?

    21. Missing avatar

      narls on

      @Mike the Knight. To be clear. If you paid the cheapest shipping option you will be wave two.

    22. AR_Jordan Collaborator on

      Here is the link for Gamefound, for those asking:

    23. AR_Jordan Collaborator on

      Marek Šťastný about 3 hours ago Report spam
      I have a question, nowhere i found it mentioned, but if i ordered version with painted heroes, does that affect the shipping in any way? Will i still get the game in the same time? I would not be surprised that there is a delay, but i would like to know about it. Thanks

      - You will get an unpainted copy of the game first, then your painted minis will come later - so you can start playing immediately if you want.

    24. AR_Jordan Collaborator on

      Mike the Knight about 16 hours ago Report spam
      All I got was the base game with the stretch goals so is that wave 1 or wave 2? I really have no idea. I picked the cheapest shipping option and I have no clue what wave it is in.

      - The cheaper shipping option would have been one wave (receiving everything at once).

    25. Missing avatar

      Xavier on

      @Marek If I remember correctly, they said you will get unpainted with the first wave sent out and the painted ones will come in the second wave

    26. Marek Šťastný on

      I have a question, nowhere i found it mentioned, but if i ordered version with painted heroes, does that affect the shipping in any way? Will i still get the game in the same time? I would not be surprised that there is a delay, but i would like to know about it. Thanks

    27. Missing avatar

      Mike Foy on

      Me and my friends can’t wait to review this. Thanks for the update

    28. Helge Haasler on

      Sorry to sax, but if i am not mistaken that would mean you get everything with One Shipping. As the Stretchgoals are not Part of this Shipping, you will have to wait.

      As For the Waves. There will be two Shipping Waves. Right now is the First Wave, wich you will only recive if you have decided For the two Wave Shippingoption.

    29. Nick Spring on

      Soooo excited. Is there a way to revisit our order status? I’m happy getting it when I get it, but I honestly don’t remember if I opted for 2 wave or not. I guess a review of the situation would be nice. 🙂

    30. Missing avatar

      Steven Mewett on

      Awesome news! I should have my copy by the end of the year, which works out for me quite nicely, as December is a bad time for my group to organise board game days. We make up for it by having a big session on new years eve/new years day and Nemesis is definitely coming along this year!

    31. Mike the Knight on

      All I got was the base game with the stretch goals so is that wave 1 or wave 2? I really have no idea. I picked the cheapest shipping option and I have no clue what wave it is in.

    32. John Fiala

      Well, my order hasn't been updated yet, so I opened a ticket.

    33. Missing avatar


      To check your status login at or you should be able to see your shipping status.

      So exited to receive my game soon

    34. MC on


      I don t understand. I have 2 waves shipping and french edition. Gamefound say shipping date 2018/11/22 and in this update you say first wave is only for english edition ????

    35. Rune on

      I cant wait to get the game and promo it on youtube and my facebook page :D

    36. Missing avatar

      Dessic on

      Got an email saying my game was on its way to the distribution center. Looking forward to playing it!

    37. AlexanderTF on

      Just in case, anywhere we can check our pledge manager picks and everything?

    38. Missing avatar


      Looking forward to the game which I like to describe as "like Alien the movie, but without the license (and that's great)"
      Can't wait to show this when it arrives.

    39. Caitlyn on

      I'll even show my painted miniatures when I have painted them

    40. Missing avatar

      NIcholas on

      Never mind I see your saying 2 wave shipping not 2nd wave.

    41. Battle Boar Allbrotnar on

      2 wave as in it goes out in two waves, as opposed to 2nd wave, which is... The second wave :D

      It is a bit confusing.

    42. Missing avatar

      NIcholas on

      I am a little confused. Your saying 2-wave but I think your still talking about the 1-wave shipping right? 2-wave was originally for the expansions that come next year right? (Along with 2-wave core boxes that people chose to have ship with the expansions.)

    43. Richard on

      Wish i had been more impatient and gone with two wave, Oh well March/april is not too far away I guess.
      Been looking into tainted grail, seems very promising, can't wait.

    44. Manuel Kellner on

      any news on language versions ?

    45. Travis Prebble

      The BGG 2019 list is mainly for retail releases, which is why you see some other Kickstarters that were fulfilled this year.

    46. Missing avatar

      Mike Collison

      So my password doesn’t work anymore and the reset is being slow... almost like I’ve never used gamefound before.

    47. Missing avatar

      Jorge Sarda Lopez on

      Waiting the Spanish Version!

    48. Walter Weasel, invader of the Earth on

      I'll add myself to the long list of people waiting for languages edition updates... :-(

    49. Missing avatar

      .GoetZ on

      Come on. Give us more information about the language editikns please...

    50. Adam Nelson on

      So friggin stoked